Dead Man Elected


Bonnie M. Wells

The Dream

I had the dream in early 1994. It didn't make much sense at that time .... I dreamed that ....

Mike Martin was elected mayor of Little Hocking .... and Lisha has our baby:

My main concern about my brother being elected to public office was the disturbing fact that he'd been dead since 1986.

I decided to go to Mike's friend Lee M. and see what he thought.

"What should I do Lee? Should I tell the people they have elected a dead man as their mayor? What should I do?" I asked Lee.

"Oh, Bonnie, you just worry too much," Lee scolded. "Mike can do just as good a job from where he is as he could do if he was right here."

.....end of dream ......

Some Background

Lisha is my husband's niece and lives in Tallahassee, Florida:

She only has one child...a son, who was about 13 years old when I had the dream.

To me ..."our baby" ..... indicated my husband and me. It made no sense because Mike and I have no "babies," in Florida or anywhere else.

Little Hocking is a rural area and doesn't have a mayor, a police force, city council, or anything except a fire department. Our area is patrolled by the sheriff's department since it lies outside all "city" boundaries.

Most of the people of Little Hocking grew up here, and know one another. Most are aware that Mike died in 1986, so even if there was an election held for mayor, I could not understand how Mike's name could have ever gotten on the ballot!

Other Dreams

I had a couple other dreams along about the same time that I had the Dead Man Elected Dream. One, I titled The Rick Walker Dream {recounted elsewhere on this site}:

I wrote all the dreams down and issued any "local warnings" that I felt they predicted. Then I put them away with all the other materials I'd been collecting for my book series that I intended to write "someday."

By the year 2000, that "someday" had arrived and I was well into the writing of the Pure Coincidence series, as well as trying to maintain this web site which had blossomed into yet another mammoth project. It seemed none of my projects could ever be small, simple affairs. I must be related to Donald Trump! Just wish I had his money!

I'd already started book number 22 by the time the debates for the national elections got underway, and although I continued to work on my books, I paid as much attention to the debates and political news as I could, while still trying to keep an eye on the "local" news, just in case any of our arsonists or killers went into action again!

One thing about it .... I was never idle and my life was anything but dull!

October 2000

Locally there had been a couple of arsons that alerted me to the fact that something unusual was happening.

On October 4th a woman by the name of Martin was almost killed when someone set her house on fire. Martin had been my maiden name, so naturally it attracted my attention.

Then came another fire on Stella Street, and I was convinced something weird was happening. My mother's name was Stella Martin!

That fire had been on October 16th. I'd already worked the "October 16th" crime back in 1996, so this new series of events put me on 'high alert.' {See All Tricks & No Treat for details}

However, there was another event that occurred on October 16th that now caught my attention.

Melvin Carnahan was the governor of Missouri and had been campaigning for the U.S. Senate.

Mr. Carnahan's airplane went down and he was killed on October 16th, 2000.

I was sorry to hear about the crash and his death, as well as several other people who were flying with him. But in all honesty, I must confess, I automatically assumed his "career" was over.

Now I know ..... a person would think, after all this time, that I .... above everyone on earth ... would know better than 'assume' anything!

November 7th, 2000

I suppose I was as "glued" to the tv set as anyone in the country on election day.

Perhaps my reasoning was a little different than most people's though. I knew "who" my work had said was to be the president and of course I'd already made my predictions known to several people .... including George Bush who was presently governor of Texas.

The last package of materials I'd sent had included my congratulations on his "win!" That had been a few days prior to the actual election. The man probably thought I was another nut case ... for awhile. Then he probably didn't know what to think of me!

The news media gave the states of West Virginia and Florida to Al Gore about 8 o'clock that evening.

"That's not correct. Al Gore doesn't get West Virginia and Florida. That's not correct," I told Mike as he walked past the kitchen table where I sat staring at the tv set.

"Well, why don't you just call them up and tell them that they made one hell of a mistake. Tell them Al Gore can't have those states because 'you' think they should go to George Bush?" Mike sneered.

I glared at him. He could really tick me off at times. And if they didn't get it straightened out real quickly, I was very capable of calling them and telling them they were wrong! Wouldn't bother me in the least!

Dead Man Elected

I was still watching the election results when the reporter suddenly looked straight into the camera and with the most astonished look on his face that I have ever seen, announced....

"A dead man has just been elected to the United States Senate!"

I was on my feet in a heart beat and racing for my office!!! My dream was "panning-out" and this time, the entire world was going to get to see it! They might never be able to understand it or to explain it, but I didn't care anymore. I was absolutely thrilled!

It didn't matter that Melvin Carnahan was dead ... the people went right ahead and elected him to public office!

"Michael Martin" ... "dead man elected" ..... "Lisha has our baby" ....

The dream came flooding back.

A Dream Pans-Out

At the time I had the "Dead Man Elected" dream, my sister lived in Marietta, Ohio.

By the time Melvin Carnahan was elected senator, my sister was living in Tallahassee, Florida .... and so was my husband's brother. Both were the "babies of 'our' families" .... and I didn't have any trouble understanding "Lisha has our baby" anymore!

One of the two fires that had revealed my mother's complete name ... Stella Martin had also brought my deceased brother into the picture because the house number was 209, and 2-09 was Mike's birthday.

I wrote down the name Melvin Carnahan .... MELvIn ... CArnaHan.

I already saw "Martin" within the local events, and now I could see Michael within the name of Melvin Carnahan.

I looked at the letters that remained ....VARNANN, and I thought of Detective Vernon Castle who was running for sheriff of Athens County. I had encouraged Vern to run for the position, and had gone so far as to predict he'd win.

And win he did! Now I wondered if anyone else on earth thought of Vernon when they saw the letters remaining from Melvin Carnahan's name.

Florida Finally Gets It Straightened Out

By midnight the "political map" looked considerably different than it had at eight o'clock.

There seemed to be a problem of some kind in the state of Florida! Why was I not surprised?

Shortly after midnight the state of Florida went from "Gore blue" back to the undecided/undetermined gray of earlier in the evening! And I was impressed .... not to mention absolutely glued to that tv set!

Mike had gone to bed by the time all this happened, and I was actually tempted to wake the man up and lie to him!!! I wanted so badly to tell him that I called "them" and told them the states of West Virginia and Florida belonged to Bush! Better not .... that might be a bit much for him!

I don't recall what time West Virginia finally came in with their final results, but when it did, Bush had it! Once again, it was all I could do to refrain from waking Mike up.

At 2:18 am, the state of Florida finally came in with their vote count and George Bush was officially declared the president of the United States!

Florida Finally Gets It Straightened Out

There was no sense going to bed ..... I couldn't sleep.

Mike got up to get ready for work around 5:30 and I was still sitting at the kitchen table watching FOX News.

"Well, did you call anyone and tell them George Bush was supposed to get West Virginia and Florida?" Mike joked. I didn't answer .... God knows I wanted to, but I didn't. I was being as good as I possibly could ..... and waiting.... not patiently, but waiting. They had to show that map again any second ....

And they did .....

Mike was pouring milk over his Corn Flakes when the map came on tv again. He glanced at the tv .... stopped pouring milk.....and stared at the map .....

"What the hell .... they got Bush taking West Virginia and Florida! When ... what ..... did you do something?"

The man was actually stuttering and stammering!

"Told you they made a mistake," I smiled as I kissed him "goodnight" and walked into the bedroom and shut the door.

Not The End

Of course anyone who remembers the elections of 2000 also remembers that this was not the end of the election matter. It would ultimately end up in the U.S. Supreme Court before it was settled.

But that didn't concern me any either, because I'd already had a dream {The Rick Walker Dream} that revealed the final outcome.

And ... being the type of person that I am ... of course I'd already written to George Bush ['before the election'] and told him what the final results would be.

Congratulations "Mr. President" ....

Bonnie M. Wells

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