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Bonnie M. Wells

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There has been some confusion about my Memorial Race dream. Perhaps I can clarify things a little bit:

In the dream, my husband and I were apparently at a race track. However, there was no race actually taking place at that time.

It was as if they were parading the cars out, one by one, so the audience could see the names [and numbers, I presume] on the side of each car. There were other cars, stock cars, and I remember seeing them, but cannot recall the numbers or the names that were on them.

However, there must have been some type of announcement that told me it was a "Memorial Race," and that each stock car bore the name of a dead person.

I remember the grandstands/bleachers where people sat, and yet I recall seeing no other people, so I assume the important part was the car itself. I was not sitting in the stands, but was standing somewhere near the entrance to the track.

The number 025 car came rolling past me, driven by a stocky built, blue eyed, sandy haired guy who appeared to be 30 something in age.

As the driver looked my way, I was surprised to realize that the name on the side of the car was "Mike Martin."

That's when I told my husband that the number should have been 209, because February 9th [2-09] had been my brother's birthday.

I don't recall seeing an actual track for these cars to run on. Instead, as the Mike Martin car continued in a straight line, and I watched it drive past me, I could see [in the background] a white dragster, with the long, skinny nose, and the high rear end where a parachute is usually stashed to help slow and stop the vehicle. It was not moving. Not racing. Simply sitting in the background of the stock cars as they paraded past me......and I assume headed for the race track.

Therefore I drew the conclusions that I put on page 12. Also, of considerable interest to me is the fact that the drag strip that my husband and I went to is located at Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

A map search can show the distance between Point Pleasant and Huntington, West Virginia. It is not very far between the two, and I believe that's what was being shown - "Down in that area where we went to watch our friend Dennis Copeland drag race his Camero, - off a short distance is the name of a dead person."

I believe other pages on the Burns/Donovan story show how Samantha Burns' name was presented in several ways. I believe the dream was just another indicator that Samantha Burns is in fact in the Huntington area.

Now, the kicker comes in when one realizes that "Jim Brown" and I met due to Alice's case: Jim has race cars: His wedding anniversary is Mike Martin's birthday; the 2005 paint job on the 32 car is in fact the car in my dream.

The 025 was symbolic of the day on which I would obtain information pertaining to "dead people" - not Mike Martin, but others that are either still missing, or whose cases remain unsolved. This is demonstrated by the fact that there were many other cars - each bearing the name of a dead person, each with a different number. The fact that I cannot recall the other colors/names or numbers shows that I should concentrate on the details that were revealed.

Jim Brown fulfilled those details approximately 11 days later.

I also believe it had a lot to do with Alice's case because in the next instant of the dream, we were no longer at a race track, but were talking to some woman who had dark hair [whether it was Alice or not, I cannot say.]

The woman had a car for sale, and my husband Mike and I were looking at it. I have no idea what Alice's BMW looked like - except it is blue.

The car in the dream was "brown." This was an "identifying" characteristic as Jim's last name is "Brown!"

I believe the car might have been a BMW, but cannot say for certain. I do know it was a very nice, expensive sports car of some type, with leather interior. There again, I believe this was "symbolic" of - BMW and Brown:

Therefore, at this point and time, I conclude the clues are as follows:


Race cars:

Blue and white race car driven by blue eyed, sandy haired man in the 30 something age group, kind of stocky built guy: {Jim confirmed that the driver of the number 32 car does in fact fit this description...."He really does have light sandy brown hair."]

The number 209:

The number 025, 25, 520, 250, 205, etc.

A drag strip:

A dark haired woman and a sports car that might have been a BMW:

The word, name, or color Brown:

The state of West Virginia:

A "memorial race":

The month of "November" [since that's when I had the dream and that's when I met Jim Brown, and that's when Burns and Donovan disappeared:

I had the dream the night of November 11th [2005]; it was 11 days between the dream and the first time Jim Brown contacted me, and Samantha Burns disappeared on November 11th.


Jim Explains:

The memorial race was the Myrtle Beach 400. Roy Gore memorial 250 late model stock race. [Please note the 250]

Many people believe Alice is still in the area:

When the two killers came back to Myrtle Beach to be with their girlfriends before leaving for Va or Indiana, they would not have left Alice in the car. So, thus they think Alice would have been left in the Shallotte, N.C. area, because that is where a witness saw the BMW with two men and a lady in it.

The reason it was strange to this witness was that this is a large hunting area. To see a BMW cruising around dirt roads instead of a pick up truck was quite odd.


Bonnie M. Wells



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