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Bonnie M. Wells


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The Pedra & Vax Puppies


Peter and Linda Subat came into my life through the German Shepherd Dogs that I'd raised for several years.

I'd just bred my solid black Pedra to an out of state champion named Vax von der Wienerau.

Vax was not only an American champion but was VA rated in Germany with a Schutzhund III and tracking and herding degrees. He was nice and I was after those old German qualities that I'd watched deteriorate from many of the American champions. I wanted dogs that a person could use for more than something else to feed and take care of. Many of my buyers wanted animals that could be used in security work or farm work as well as personal family protectors and pets. I was noted almost world wide for producing this exact type of dog and I wanted to continue the tradition. So, when I bred Pedra to Vax there was quite a stir within the "dog community" and I had a waiting list of people who wanted pups.

The Subat's added their name to that list and put a deposit on a male pup. I suppose this would seem peculiar to some, but not around here. Many of my buyers had returned several times to purchase pups from the same old bloodlines that their original dogs had come from. We had big, powerful, robust animals and satisfied customers. What more could any breeder hope for?

As luck would have it, Pedra delivered her Vax sired litter on the birthday of the lady who owned Vax. The lady's name was Virginia, and so, in honor of her and her dog, I included the name "Gin" in each puppy's registered name. My kennel name was Granville Shepherds, so nine bouncing beauties rolled out of here and to their new owners under such names as Granville's Sloe Gin Fizz (by the way, "Fizz" was purchased as a narcotics dog for the Texas/Mexico border!) and there was Granville's Just Ice And Gin, and seven others. Each had a "call name" and the one the Subat's purchased was known as "Booze." He was one beautiful dog and was ultimately destined to become the foundation for many police dogs in and around our area.

Meanwhile, when Booze was old enough Peter and Linda used him as the foundation dog for their own breeding kennel. Then along came another woman who also joined the ranks of we struggling breeders with some imported stock that went well with my old lines.

By 1990, I was glad that a few other people had stepped into the breeding business because I had another "mission" that was going to require a lot of my time over the next few years, and I'd have to lay down the business that I'd loved for many, many years. It was okay though. I was willing to lay it all on the line....and I did. And while I wasn't looking.....someone tried to pull the line out from under me! Didn't quite work though because I wasn't actually standing on the damned thing........I was skipping rope with it!

Peter and Linda divorced. Linda moved into a house owned by the other woman who had become involved in the breeding business. I gave the two of them my remaining breeding stock and handed them a set of canine center plans that I'd spent a year working on......and which required ten million dollars to build! Hey, when I did something, I did it big! The Canine Center would have put this area on the map and created well over a hundred new jobs for people......but....

I figured if Linda and the other woman wanted to build the training center, then who was I to try to stop them .... but there was one thing I didn't tell them when I handed over all the plans and drawings ..... if I can't do it ......then neither shall anyone else! And they didn't. They accomplished absolutely nothing. But, by that time I was deeply involved in the search for a stalker and a killer, and I just didn't have time to babysit a couple of women who obviously had very little sense to begin with.

I didn't keep in close contact with Linda or anyone from my "dog days" as I threw myself into the task at hand. Most sent me a Christmas card or called once in a while, but other than that they didn't hear much from me. One of my California pen pals eventually wrote and asked if I'd given up on my dogs and why I was no longer writing articles for The German Shepherd Quarterly where several of my articles had been published. I didn't have time to do both....not and give either job the attention it needed. I made the only choice I could make. My family was in danger. The dogs could not do the job, man would not do the job, so I had to! There was no other option available.


The Private Detectives


By 1995, while I was trying desperately to find out who was murdering people all around me, Linda Subat, her sister Nancy and their father Darrell Stephens had quietly become "private investigators," although no one breathed one word to me about it, even though I had supplied them with a lot of the information I'd gathered in the past 3 or so years.

Everyone who knew me knew I was "psychic," or something. None of us ever debated the issue, and my "talents" would not be challenged until I met a bunch of people who wouldn't know their butts from a hole in the ground about psychic abilities, and then it would become a major issue. Didn't matter to me. I was keeping close and accurate records.....because what I really done in this old world was write. Someday I intended to write it all down and feed it to the world!

Linda Subat had never shown herself to be psychic. She had never reported any dreams that were prophetic or revelationary in nature, and I had absolutely no record of her ever predicting anything at all. From what I could see, it didn't appear to me that she could manage her own life in her waking hours, much less take care of anyone else's life while she was asleep!

So I was amazed when Linda called and reported a dream that she considered important and probably connected to one of our murder cases. I wrote the dream down and discussed it with her, but felt it had nothing to do with the case she insisted it dealt with.




Roda Snyder was murdered on or about February 5th, 1996. It would be the beginning of the "96" nightmare, but no one knew that in early February. I will not go into complete details here of the Roda Snyder case, but I do urge my readers to see "The Hootin' Honey" for some astonishing details of that case.(See link at bottom of this page:)

Roda had been dead a few days when Linda reported her so called "dream" to me. It might have been the first "suspicious dream" of the year.....but it sure wouldn't be the last! (See unit 18....The Clues)

Linda insisted that she dreamed about .....cops, guns, a wooded area, a dead person, and a guy named Shawn. She was absolutely convinced.....and tried her best to convince me......that the dream was about Roda Snyder. I disagreed. Roda had already been found. None of the details were correct. I saw no "cops" involved in Roda's death. There was no "guns" involved in the case as the woman had been strangled and then stabbed....and there was no one within the entire picture named Shawn. I didn't know what she had "dreamed" about but it was not the Roda Snyder case, and that I was sure of.

I'd already met Linda's father Darrell Stephens a few years earlier and learned that he was deeply involved in the "investigation" that involved a police officer who was not only allowing a Parkersburg hooker to operate in the city but who was actually soliciting sexual services from her himself! Shocking? Not around here. It's common here!

However, Darrell Stephens was instrumental in assisting the prosecuting attorney's office with information and evidence. I'm sure that by the time Linda had her "Snyder dream," her father had gotten his private detective license, as had her sister, Nancy Skinner. And, although I would not become aware of the fact for a couple more years, Linda also became a private detective! According to Linda, her two 'step-brothers' were cops in Wood County West Virginia, and a couple of years later, Linda's daughter would also decide to go into police work, while Linda's step mother continued to be a big name in the local TV media. Sounded like the entire family was well on their way ..... question was.....where were they all headed?

I had a pretty good idea. I'd talked to them about my "serial killer" theory, and in fact had hand delivered a mountain of information to Linda's sister who was supposed to take it to her friend......the prosecuting attorney.....and set up an appointment for me to come in and speak with the prosecutor. Funny, that meeting was never arranged and my information was never returned. I sure hoped they didn't think I gave them my aces!


Special Note: Please see guest book, where you will find a section where 'someone' informed me that Linda's daughter is 'not in law enforcement.' Also, I have changed the wording above from "her two brother's to her two step-brothers," since the unknown guestbook signer says Linda has no brothers.}

Additional Notes 2007: The 'guest book' no longer exists. It was offered on my old web site. I have not set a guest book up for this web site, and may decide not to. The old one was shut down by the host [] because of saturation with advertisements, which began shortly after I received the information from the know it all who didn't have guts enough to say who she/he was.

However, I did save all the messages from that old guest book - and some day, when I get around to it, I'll add a response page to this section so everyone can see what the know it all had to say, and what I said back to them. I don't care for secrets, and believe everything is better out in the open --- the good, the bad and everything in between.




Immediately following the arrest, and eventual release of Scott Hickman for the murders of Kimberly Fulton and her two-year old son Daniel, local law enforcement entered the home of Delbert Bonar to search for stolen guns and drugs that supposedly belonged to his son Albert who was staying with him at the time.

Something went terribly wrong and Delbert Bonar ended up dead, with eight bullets in him.

Family members who were there said the retired school custodian was reaching for the telephone, but cops involved said he was standing in the middle of the floor brandishing a shot gun at them. Turned out the gun was not loaded, and I wondered what kind of nut would confront some 14 officers with an unloaded gun. But, besides that the family insisted the man never moved from his recliner and had no weapons of any kind.

I was anxious to sit in on the case and really wanted to hear the truth of the matter, but that was not to be any more than any other case in this area. The family hired a former "Wood County/Parkersburg" prosecuting attorney as their lawyer, and wouldn't you know, it was eventually settled out of court, so there will never be an answer to the questions that remain.

And it is not my intent to rehash the case here and now. The only reason I mention it at all is because it leads to the next step in the "game plan."

Hot on the heels of Delbert Bonar's death came a phone call from Linda Subat. She was homeless. I offered her an efficiency apartment in my rental house where my daughter and her family lived. {That story can be read in its entirety by visiting .... The Task Force Farce.

Needless to say, the experience was anything and everything except pleasant. Many laws were broken, everything was reported in a timely manner, but local law enforcement [Washington County Sheriff Robert Schlicher] refused to do anything about it. Read the Task Force Farce. It's a real eye-opener, and a serious word to the wise.


"Snyder ?? ... Again"


In 1999 the family of 'Shawn Snyder' filed a wrongful death law suit against more than a dozen people. I read the news paper articles with considerable interest.

According to news reports, Shawn Snyder had been killed with a gun that had been stolen from the vehicle of the principal of a Parkersburg, West Virginia school!

The killing had occurred back in 1996, right after Roda Snyder was murdered and Linda Subat reported her "dream" to me! Why had I not heard of this? The question kept coming back to me as I read the article. What was I doing in 1996 that was so important that I missed this case?

Well, I wasn't the only one who missed it. It seemed we all missed it! That's because someone kept it all covered up and they would have, (and probably still will) gotten by with it, if Shawn's parents had not filed the wrongful death law suit!

According to news reports, School Principle Dave Stephens took a gun and extra ammunition to school with him, and left the gun and the ammo in his 'unlocked vehicle.' The gun and ammunition were 'stolen' from the vehicle. However, upon discovery of this fact, Stephens failed to report the incident to anyone! Stephens' gun was later used by a student from his school to kill a boy named Shawn Snyder from another school!

The school board was upset...for a very short time....because they had not been informed of the incident. However, they recovered quickly because it wasn't long until letters began appearing in the news papers saying that we lived in a "hunting community," and if Mr. Stephens wanted to do a little hunting on his way home from work / school, then there was nothing wrong with that.

I for one had a real problem with "that." First of all, no one....and I mean no allowed to take a gun on school property. We have seen kids all over this country hauled out in hand cuffs because they took a weapon to school, and in most cases they didn't even have any bullets for the damned thing. Here we had an adult, a principal, in charge of the safety and education of the students, and he takes not only the gun but the bullets too? Something mighty wrong here. Besides that, it's against the law to "hunt" within city limits. What could he have been hunting for? And then there's the little matter of "time." In February, at least in this area, it is dark by 5:00 pm. It's illegal to "hunt" after the sun goes down!

Darryl Stephens' friend - the same person Nancy Skinner was supposed to set up an appointment for me to speak with - Wood County Prosecuting Attorney, Ginny Conley failed to find anything "criminal" in the case so no charges were brought against Dave Stephens!

I wondered if she ever heard the term "felony?" Taking a gun onto school property is a felony offense. If a felony is not "criminal," then I'd like to know what the hell is.

In my opinion, a prosecuting attorney who refuses to bring felony charges against a supervisory / custodial adult who not only violated every law by taking the gun and ammunition onto school property, and by leaving both in an unlocked vehicle, and who failed to report it stolen, and then says there is nothing he/she can do, is not worthy of the title Prosecuting Attorney, and should be removed from office immediately ...... if not prosecuted themselves on the grounds of neglect of duty.... among other charges that I'm sure I could come up with in a few seconds!


On With The Show


Dave Stephens continues his job as principal of the school.

Shawn Snyder is dead. His parents are now being forced to spend money and try to do a job that the American taxpayer has already paid a prosecuting attorney to do, but which she refuses to do.

Darrell Stephens is dead. His private detective daughter [Nancy] continues to "investigate".....even "investigated" the Roda Snyder case for Sammy Davis' attorney, Bill Kiger ....(and by the way, Sammy Davis is now sitting in prison for that murder while that same "investigating woman" continues to hold a large packet of information about a serial killer that is operating in our midst.....and yes, she knows his name!)

Linda Subat has lost her "private detective" license, due to a little trouble she managed to get into.... with a little help from her friends! Even so, she has been somewhat beneficial to the Wood County, West Virginia, Task Force ..... then again, perhaps she will eventually be their greatest liability...(Be sure and see The Task Force Farce!)

The American taxpayer continues to pay the educated titles of this world to teach our children, protect them and to represent them when a crime has been committed against them. The American taxpayer is being systematically destroyed by the very people who are in charge of protecting them.

And there is something that everyone should know. These people hide behind one simple clause in our laws, and why it has been allowed to continue, I do not know. That clause reads something like this ..... "Any person within law enforcement, custodial positions, schools, etc, etc shall not be held liable and accountable if death or injury results to an innocent person while they are performing their duties."

Now this is not a direct quote, but I think everyone understands what it means. Example, if a police officer is attacked, and he returns fire, and an innocent bystander gets caught in the crossfire and is killed, then the officer can not be prosecuted for the accident. This is fair and reasonable, and I would have it no other way. Same thing applies to schools and principals, teachers, etc. If a child is injured accidentally on the playground or anywhere on school property, then no one is responsible for the injury. But, if that same child is injured as a result of the supervisor's negligence, then the parents can hold that person responsible .... and should hold them responsible. The law does not protect these people when they have failed to perform their duties. A cop cannot just randomly shoot a person just because he has a gun! A doctor cannot walk out in the middle of surgery because he's late for a dinner date, etc., etc.

Linda Subat has NEVER proven herself to be anything other than a thief and a liar. She is not a prophetic dreamer, never has been and never will be.

As to whether she had 'inside information' before Shawn Snyder was killed or not, I can't say that she did .... However, the cops, the gun, the dead person, the name, Shawn, the name Snyder and the word "case," all came from Linda Subat's mouth "before" Shawn Snyder's death.

I have shown each one of these "elements" within Linda Subat's personal life and immediate family, and continue to was no dream that she reported to me.....any more than it would be a dream her father "tipped" me off to a short time later!

Me? .... I continue to write.... to you, to the news papers, to my congressman and senators, and to the president of the United States of America!

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. We shall see.


Interesting Article


November 2001:

A recent event here in Ohio has captured the alert attention of the Parkersburg, West Virginia news media.

It seems a fifteen or sixteen year old boy recently took a gun to school with him. The school is most definitely located outside city limits, and is definitely in the heart of "hunting" territory.

However, taking a gun on school property is illegal none the less, so the student was apprehended and hauled away, even though the gun was inside his locker and had no ammunition for it.

I couldn't help but notice how quickly the news media attacked this boy and the situation. They went so far as to state that "if he had been an adult he would be charged with a felony, since bringing a gun on school property is a felony." How interesting that this same news media has done everything they can do to cover up for Dave Stephens and the situation that he created.

Do you suppose that this same news media has a woman working right there.....a big shot within their midst....that is very closely connected to Darrell Stephens, Linda Subat and all the others? Don't suppose this would have anything to do with any of this stuff, do you?

I wish Shawn Snyder's family success in their wrongful death case, but I will not be surprised to discover it is settled out of court {that's so no one will ever know the facts folks} or if it ends in a hung jury, or if the jury finds no fault of those being sued. There is a mind set in this area. I saw it back in 1990, and I don't believe it's changed much. We seem to stand in awe of those in uniform or those who have a title before their name. For some reason we have convinced ourselves that these people are better than most of us ..... wiser, of higher caliber and character, with more integrity and ethics. Personally, I disagree.


A Letter To



Dear Sirs,

After watching the evening news, I continued to think about the reporters saying if anyone had comments, suggestions, questions, etc. concerning the rash of school shootings in our nation, they could send an e-mail.

You know, we are into the third generation of people who have grown up with what I call the "Wild West Syndrome and the Mob-Mentality." .....Small children given "toy guns," and permitted to stick them in people's faces and pull the little toy triggers. Older kids taught that it's okay to shoot birds, cats, rats and anything else they don't personally like, while the other side of the coin is saying ..."sissy, pansy, wimp" to those who do not wish to participate. And should those kids try to tell what's happening, they are told "don't be a snitch. No one likes a tattle-tale, or a rat."

I believe this attitude has done great damage to our country and our people. And yet, there is something that has probably done even more damage, and that is the double standards that have gone on year in and year out for generations.

February 1996, in Wood County (West Virginia) a school principal brought a 9mm handgun to school. He left the gun in his unlocked vehicle along with an ample supply of ammunition. That gun was stolen, and although the principal knew it had been removed from his vehicle, he failed to report this to anyone. A short time later, that very gun was used by a boy to kill Shawn Snyder from another school. Still, the principal never breathed a word, and neither did anyone news papers picked up on it, no tv stations, no radio stations. Silence was the code by which we lived.........and died. And, had the parents of Shawn Snyder not filed a civil law suit a year ago, I don't think anyone would have ever known about their son. But I was just certain.....after the news came out .....that there would be charges brought against an adult, in a professional position that would even take a gun upon school property ..... but I was wrong. There were no charges brought and the Wood County Prosecuting Attorney decided none were due.

What message was sent to our people?

People with titles and degrees are more important than those who do not have them. Their jobs and positions are more important than even a human life.

It's not a new message. I've seen it all along, and so have the kids of our nation. One of their friends disappears or is found murdered and it's no big deal. It makes the news for a day or so, and that's the end of it. "News" of the city council, the mayor, sports, anything and everything is far more important than a human life that has been snuffed out before its time. We put more value on a new pair of shoes or a fancy vehicle than on a human life, and we wonder what's wrong with our children! Well, I for one do not wonder what's wrong. I know what's wrong and I just thought I'd write and get it off my chest.

When you have time, check out my web site and see what I am doing on my own to fight crime. I work alone because no one on earth is interested. No one cares who murdered our women and girls ..... but I care. I care because he'll be back, sooner or later, he'll be back and snatch another one from under our noses and she won't even be worth mentioning on the evening news.

Thank you for listening.


Bonnie M. Wells



Bonnie M. Wells



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Starlight Inner-Prizes


The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls (Exodus 23:20).


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