March 17


The Green Stone

Two Dreams / Presented By

Bonnie M. Wells


Date of Dream: February 14th, 2009

Dreamer: SD625 / Southeastern Ohio

Dreamer was told that Wild Bill was involved in something pertaining to {3-17} March 17th // end of dream:

March 17th is my aunt Dorothy's birthday, and of course it is St. Patrick's Day. Other than that, I suppose we will all just have to watch and see what happens on March 17th ..... and of course, even if something happens then, it will be up to law enforcement to 'prove' who was involved in it.

Dreams can only serve as warnings and assistance for those who wish to heed, and this dream is no different than many others on this web site. Most have panned out, but of course some haven't.

If anything happens on 3-17, I will come back and do an update so my readers can see how this works.



Murder In Otway, Ohio

Meanwhile, the following dream appears to go along with this one, which is why I decided to put both of them on the same page.

The two dreamers involved are acquainted with each other but have not seen or spoken to each other for more than ten years. SD625 now lives more than an hours drive south of my home, and the other dreamer now resides in Virginia. Although I have spoken to both of them recently, I have seen neither of them for well over a year.


Date of Dream: February 15th, 2009

Dreamer: JKS613 / Virginia

Dreamer was in an old house that had been converted to a second-hand store. Old dinning tables lined the walls and held numerous items.

The dreamer purchased a large box of clothing items sight unseen ...... sort of a grab bag/box deal ..... and thought there would surely be several things in it that would be usable.

One table contained rocks and stones. The dreamer selected one that reminded her of Malachite, but was told that it was not Malachite, but was called Ixaunite {pronounced Zaunite}{*see anagram work on ixaunite}

I phoned the dreamer and told her that she had to give Wild Bill all her food because he needed it. She argued with me, and said she couldn't do that because she needed her food.

Then I was telling her that he needed clothing too. She said she'd just bought a large box of clothing items at a second hand store, but had not had time to look through the box. He was welcome to come and see if there was anything in the box that he could wear.

Next thing the dreamer knew, my husband Mike, Wild Bill and I were all at her house.

While the dreamer, Wild Bill and I went through the big box of clothing, Mike paraded around in the background mumbling about us 'picking on Wild Bill.'

Eventually I told Mike to 'shut the hell up, nobody was picking on Wild Bill!'

The big box contained dozens of 'pink teddies' and we began trying them on!

We each had three or more teddies on - over top of one another - Wild Bill was wearing them too!!!

Mike was the only one who didn't try the lingerie on!

End Of Dream:


I was working on a missing woman case when both of the above dreamers reported their dreams to me.

When JKS613 lived in this area, and knew Wild Bill, her address was 203 ------- Street in Marietta, Ohio.

The missing woman was last seen on February 3rd, 2009 {2-03}

Another oddity within this case is the fact that the missing woman's initials are 'scrambled,' but the same as the Green Rock dreamer JKS / KSJ

Even stranger is the fact that when I originally went to WTAP {tv station} to check on the story about the missing woman there was an advertisement right beside of her picture for the business which is located at 203 _______ Street in Marietta and owned by the brothers of JKS613! I found this very unusual, to say the least.

When I clicked on the video link at WTAP, the first commercial was one of Marietta Memorial Hospital -- which took me straight back to my own dream of February 7th, in which Wild Bill was showing me his new truck! That dream is told on this web site too, and a link to it will be provided on this page.

Both dreamers - SD625 and JKS-D613 were born in the month of June -- as was the missing woman.

Neither I, nor either dreamer knew the missing women -- had never met her, never heard of her until she was reported missing on my brother Mike's birthday, February 9th. { Mike passed away in 1986}.

JKS-D613 knew absolutely nothing about the missing woman when she reported her dream to me.

SD625 was aware of the missing woman prior to reporting her dream.

In my opinion, I believe the two dreams reported on this page, as well as possibly two of my own dreams, and a Native American Medicine Card reading done by A. Sue B. all come together to give us clues as to what happened to Kimberly Sue Jones, and possibly 'who' was responsible for whatever happened to her.

I will also provide a link to A. Sue B.'s card reading, and strongly urge those interested in following this work to read all pages concerned.

Also, there is one news article concerning a fire in the general area in which dreamer SD625 lives that I believe is also a spiritual indication involving this case. If nothing else, it's an incredibly strange coincidence. A link will be provided for that page also.


I did some research on 'teddies' but could find none without human bodies in them, so decided not to put any pictures up on this page! I figured the reader could do their own research on this topic if they were that interested.

Malachite is a carbonate mineral normally known as "copper carbonate" with the formula CuCO3.Cu(OH)2. This green-colored mineral crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system, and most often forms botryoidal, fibrous, or stalagmitic masses. Individual crystals are rare but do occur as slender to acicular prisms. Pseudomorphs after more tabular or blocky azurite crystals also occur.

Malachite is found in several countries as well as in the Southwestern United States especially in Arkansas and Arizona.

polished Malachite Malachite

*Anagram for Ixaunite: {{ Is. Extenuation }}

Anagram on Wild Bill's full {correct} name:

{{ him while barbaric dracula }}

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