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This page consists of 'clips' from news articles and

the portions of dreams that have been fulfilled by

the facts within those articles and the case.

This page is color coded for research & dream verification purposes:




By DAVE KOLPACK, Associated Press Writer


The body of University of North Dakota student Dru Sjodin was found Saturday,{April 17th}, revealed by the spring thaw in an area volunteers had searched several times during the five months she had been missing, searchers said Saturday.

Note the numbers {5 and 17} as predicted in the dreams: Also note that the body had been covered by a {blanket of snow}

Special Note: Wild Bill was arrested on April 17th 1994. We now can see why he was in the Sweet & Low dream.


Dru Sjodin Timeline (AP)

Sheriff Mark LeTexier sobbed as he told volunteers, "Dru is home."

Scores of volunteers had joined the search on Saturday for the 22-year-old University of North Dakota student, who had last been seen Nov. 22 at the Grand Forks, N.D., mall where she worked.

While a handful of Sjodin's relatives continued searching through the winter, official searches had been halted in December because of severe weather and resumed this month.

In the Sweet & Low dream 3 of the 4 people in Wild Bill's truck were relatives. We were 'searching for' my parents' home. Also of note is the fact that the area in which Dru was eventually found had been searched before, and several people commented that they had driven right past there on numerous occasions. In The S&L dream, we 'missed our turnoff,' and continued 'south' until we decided to 'rest' for the night. This shows a 'resting period'- winter' before we/those searching headed back northward.

Bob Heales, a private investigator who has coordinated search efforts for the Sjodin family, said the body was found in a ravine near a county road northwest of Crookston. Many thought Dru was "in water," but I never felt this and said repeatedly that she was "at ground level".....and she was. The road near which she was found has been described as a "dirt road, leading from a dirt road," and as a "county road." Both of these descriptions indicate "out in the country ... hunting, farming, territory, just like described in the Sweet & Low dream.

Volunteers had been near the ravine "probably a dozen times," but the area had been covered with snow, Heales said. Just as predicted in the "White Towel" dream. She was not buried. She was not under water, but the body had been "wrapped in snow" for several months. Also of some importance is the fact that within the dream, the dreamer had no clothes on so she wrapped a big towel around herself. This shows "not that Dru is naked, although she might be," but that she could have been 'seen ... she was exposed' before the towel/snow covered her.

Chris Lang, Sjodin's boyfriend, said he remembers searching the area, but "the drifts were five feet high." Once again we are shown 'snow' and the number 5.

Convicted sex offender Alfonso Rodriguez Jr., 51, of Crookston, has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping Sjodin, of Pequot Lakes, Minn. He was arrested in December and is jailed in Grand Forks, about 25 miles {northwest} of Crookston, on $5 million bail. Sure is a lot of "fives" in this picture. But then I said 5 in some form....5, 50, etc. I also said Dru's kidnapper headed 'south' but didn't go as far as 'Martin' County. I was right. Dru was abducted in Grand Forks, and found near Crookston, which is 25 miles 'south' of Grand Forks. In the Sweet & Low dream, I said I knew we were 'out in the country' and a long ways from my home - my parent's home. Dru's parents live in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota, which is 162 miles from where Dru was found. That's quite a ways. Oh, and by the way, Wild Bill was 'arrested in the month of December [1993] here in my home area! The dreams not only revealed the past, but the future as well!

Before the sheriff's announcement, Lang arrived in tears at the school where volunteers had gathered for the search. He and Allan Sjodin joined authorities in a "trailer" serving as a makeshift "command" post. Remember how my grandson appeared in the S&L dream and told me to lock the camping "trailer"? Told=command:

"Dru's coming home and that's what we've wanted from the beginning," he said. "We never wanted to go through life without knowing where she was."


'Dru is home'

Body found just outside Crookston is said to be Sjodin

By Stephen J. Lee / Herald Staff Writer


CROOKSTON -- Just off a county road in a steep ditch lined by trees west of Crookston, a body believed to be that of Dru Sjodin was found Saturday morning only an hour after nearly 300 searchers began walking across large sections of Polk County. The Sweet & Low dream revealed 'the sheriff's department from a county south of where my parents lived.

For five months, the search for the UND student has gone around and right by the site where her body was found Saturday. The site is near and north of Polk County Road 61, about a mile west of U.S. Highway 75, not much more than two miles northwest of where Sjodin's shoe was found under the bridge over the Red Lake River three days after investigators say she was abducted Nov. 22 from a Columbia Mall parking lot in Grand Forks. S&L dream ... "we came to a construction site and missed our turnoff.... went around it, past it, whatever."

Polk County Sheriff Mark LeTexier said the body was found shortly after 10 a.m. Saturday but would give few details. At a brief news conference shortly after noon, LeTexier said "Dru is home," and then broke into tears and left the room.The Snake dream ... "the dove had a 'mark' on it. My daughter became 'upset' when I saw the mark and questioned her about it. I explained how the dove is a very gentle bird. For this sheriff to become visibly upset and cry shows what a gentle and caring person he is. I admire him, and wish he was here!"

He and other law enforcement officials would say little about how finding Sjodin's body would affect the case against the man charged with abducting her from Grand Forks.

Alfonso Rodriguez Jr., 51, a convicted sex offender who grew up in Crookston but has spent half of his life behind bars for sexual crimes against women, is in the Grand Forks jail awaiting trial on the abduction charge in Grand Forks District Court. He pleaded innocent to the charge last month at his preliminary hearing and arraignment. Investigators testified at the hearing that Rodriguez admitted he was in Columbia Mall at the time Sjodin disappeared and that blood matching Sjodin's DNA was found in his car. On page 1 of the Dru Series, I talked about a man in "Columbus," Ohio. Granted it's not Columbia but it's awfully close.

Lt. Dennis Eggebraaten of the Grand Forks Police Department has said investigators have continued to work to see if the abduction case would become a homicide.

And the top federal prosecutors in Minnesota and North Dakota hurried to Crookston for a late afternoon news conference to emphasize their close involvement and interest in the case.

Eggebraaten, head of detectives for the Grand Forks Police Department, and Sgt. Jim Remer, who ramrodded the investigation that involved more than 1,600 leads at one point, up to 200 law enforcement officers from more than 20 federal, state and local agencies, came to speak to the Sjodin family and discuss what Saturday's find means for the case. Brandtrems!!! Duh! I'm 'almost' speechless! My grandson 'was in charge' ... was making 'picture frames' that had to be 'put together' in order to actually form a picture frame, and here we have two cops that 'come together' to 'head up, be in charge of' the search for Dru. From Dennis Eggebraaten comes ... branDt and from the other comes...Rem !!! BranDtRems... I am impressed!! I didn't understand why Rembrandt had been 'reversed' when I had the dream, but I do now. Eggebraaten is a lieutenant, and Remer is a sergeant!

"For us, it's easier now," Eggebraaten said. "The unknown is answered." I'll just second that and let it go at that!

But this case was different from any other, even for veteran cops such as Eggebraaten, he acknowledged.

"It became personal," he said. "Our whole community was involved, our whole area."

LeTexier said a retired Polk County deputy and a Crookston police reservist discovered the body in the ditch shortly after 10 a.m. Saturday. Oh boy! Remember the White Towel dream? Remember the two guys who the dreamer didn't know if they were dead or asleep, but they had 'jumpsuits' on and she thought they were inmates/prisoners? Looks like one was a sleeper {reservist} while the other one was dead {retired} but both were 'inmates' in a matter of speaking since both were 'cops' and worked around jails. Remember how I said the sink might indicate 'clean?' Well, I'm pretty sure the two guys who found Dru had 'clean records.' And by the way, I saw several green and tan, camouflage jackets being worn by those searching for Dru. Another thing pertaining to the green and tan is the fact that there is still a lot of dead grass {tan} in the area she was found in, but also some of the grass is now turning 'green.'

A member of the Polk County Mounted Posse said he was nearby when two members of the Posse -- which searched on foot Saturday -- found the body in the ditch described as a ravine by several people familiar with it.

The body was found only a few yards north of County Road 61, said a searcher with knowledge of the site, who asked not to be identified.

It was a place that had been passed by and passed over several times by searchers over the past months and as recently as days ago, a place that had been hidden by snow until recently.

"Allan and I walked right by there on the top of that ravine just two week ago," said Bob Heales, the Denver private investigator who has been leading the Sjodin family's search for Dru. "But there was still snow down there. We've driven by there dozens of times."

It's also a place that is only a mile or so from the site on the bank of the Red Lake River where Rodriguez once lived as a youth with his family, Heales said. I was taking LeLanea back home to my family in the Sweet & Low dream:

Heales and Allan Sjodin have searched that area, too, several times, and only an empty foundation and abandoned stove mark the former rural home, Heales said. Sweet & Low dream - Out in the country; old cabins; restaurant, but no foods to cook {represented by the old stove, not to mention the Egg portion of Eggebraaten's name!}

But it would have been a place familiar to Rodriguez, who liked to fish in the Red Lake River nearby, Heales said. I said the area and the store in the S&L dream were more suited to hunters, fishermen, etc, than to travelers looking for a place to spend the night.

H.D. Ross farms much of the land between the ditch and the bridge where a shoe that might have been Sjodin's was found Nov. 25. The Lottery dream: Jackson County, Ohio is "next door" to Ross County. Do a map search and see it for yourself.

Ross said he didn't really expect anyone to find a body so near his home, considering how many searchers combed the area last fall. But he wasn't entirely surprised. And his coffee partners had warned him of the possibility.

"They said, ‘you're going to find her when you're seeding, Ross said. "They figured she was in this area.

"I just said I hope not."

At a news conference late Saturday afternoon, Allan Sjodin, a quiet man who has drawn so many people to him through the grace he's shown in this hardship, thanked everyone who had helped in the search.

"It's been five months of insanity for us as a family," he said. "Everyone has really suffered with us, and their efforts to continue working with us has been just astounding. I want to thank everyone in law enforcement. Then I can go on to all of the people that have prayer chains, who have sent thank yous and condolences and volunteered so much of their time to keep our spirits up and our shoulders back. All the volunteers in Grand Forks, Crookston, I want to thank everyone again for coming out. And on behalf of my family and my darling daughter Dru, we just want to thank anyone."

Sjodin said he doesn't see it as "closure" when asked by a TV reporter. "I don't know what that word means."

Linda Walker, Dru's mother, early in the morning, thanked all the volunteers before the search began.

"Your legs will be our legs today," she said. After her daughter was found, Walker hugged and cried and talked with many friends and family but declined to comment to news media.

She returned to her Pequot Lakes, Minn., home Saturday afternoon.

Allan Sjodin remained in Crookston into the evening.

An attorney at the news conference Saturday said Rodriguez's attorney, Dave Dusek, was in Las Vegas this weekend for a convention.

Joanne Brunelle of Crookston helped feed volunteer searchers Saturday and comforted the Sjodin family.

She also feels for the family of the man charged with abducting her.

"My daughter worked with Rodriguez's mother at the college and said she's a very nice woman. I feel sorry for them, too," she said. The Towel dream: I said it was possible that Rodriguez saw Dru at the college. Did his mother work at the same college Dru attended? I do not know the answer to that question, but if she did, then I'd almost guarantee that's where he first saw Dru, and his abduction of her was not spur of the moment or unplanned. He selected his 'dove,' 'marked her' and then came back and got her when he got hungry, just like the Snake dream said he would!!!

Rodriguez's sister, who lives near Crookston and attended his court hearings with their mother, declined to comment Saturday.


There is a lot more to the above articles than I have copied here, but there is not room on this page to have them in their entirety. There are also several other articles that I found on the net that were excellent coverage of the case. I'm listing one reporter and his email address in case anyone wants to write to him. But my main reason for doing this page was to show how the dreams did in fact contain many valuable clues to the whereabouts of Dru Sjodin.

The Reporter - Lee can be reached at (800) 477-6572, extension 237, or (701) 780-1237; e-mail him at




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