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This story is part of the Without A Trace Series, and can be found in # 23 of the Pure Coincidence Book Series:

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Dream Title:

The Brandtrems

Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

Date of Dream: 11-17 -03


My grandson had a table set up and was selling L shaped pieces of wood. All the pieces were cut so that the ends could be fit together. Each was the same width and looked identical as far as design was concerned. However, the pieces were of various sizes.

"Oh, what a neat idea Josh .... do it yourself picture frames." I said as I walked up to the table.

"They are called Brandtrems," Josh replied.

"Brandtrems? ..... aren't they picture frames that can be put together to form any size frame you'd want?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied, "but they are called Brandtrems, instead of picture frames."

end of dream:


Research & facts:

My grandson was born in the state of Kansas:

Rembrandt van Rijn was a famous artist who died in 1669:

An inverted/reversed L looks like a 7


How The Brandtrems Dream Fits The Sjodin Case:


The "Brandtrem Dream" came to me 5 days before Dru Sjodin disappeared, and may very well be the {5} I questioned in Sindee's dream which is listed above:

Why the name Rembrandt had been reversed and was now applied to pieces of wood which had to be put together before they could frame a picture, remained a puzzle to me for several days.

When Dru Sjodin disappeared from a North Dakota parking lot on November 22nd, and her vehicle was later found sitting in that parking lot, I began to see the importance of this dream as well as others.

Dru planned to graduate next year in graphic arts.

Emphasis was placed on "rem." / Dictionary = REM - "The periodic, rapid, jerky movement of the eyeballs under closed lids during stages of sleep associated with dreaming." This alerted me to the fact that this dream was going to be important, and I would have to "look back" at something involving my grandson.

Joshua was born in Kansas. I went there to see him when he was 4 days old. Kansas is due south of the Dakota's. Within 4 days after Dru Sjodin disappeared, I was working my way toward her ... at least mentally and spiritually.

The dream predicted something in which "pieces would have to be put together before we could see the entire picture." Hundreds, if not thousands of people continue to try to "put the pieces together," and find Dru Sjodin even as I work on this web page tonight.

Dictionary - Brandt = Does not exist:

Dictionary - brand = Name brand: An identifying mark as used on ... cattle, people:

Dictionary - brant = Small, dark, wild geese of North America and Europe

Dictionary - Brant = Mohawk Indian Chief:

The "Indians" in the area where Dru Sjodin disappeared are the "Dakota's" or the Sioux:


Dream Title:

Sweet & Low

Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

Date of Dream: 4:13 am Sunday, 30, November:


Wild Bill, my cousin Mary Jo and I were in Wild Bill's old Toyota truck and we were taking my niece, LeLanea down to my parent's home: My parent's were Dick & Stella Martin.

Wild Bill drove, Mary Jo sat in the middle and LeLanea sat on my lap next to the passenger door. LeLanea was approximately 3 years old:

We drove for some time and the roads were unfamiliar to me, and yet I knew we were heading south out of Washington County {Ohio}. We came to a road construction area and missed the turnoff that would have taken us to my parent's home.

Eventually, we came to an area that was out of town .... wooded area. We stopped at, what I thought was an all night restaurant and motel, only to discover the restaurant was more like an old fashioned country store and didn't have much prepared food to select from. I picked up a can with a pull off tab and realized it was a can of tuna fish. Most of the cans had the same type of pull off lids and appeared to be more suitable for camping or hunting trips where there would be no electricity with which to open cans. And the "motel" wasn't actually a motel after all, as there were no "rooms" for rent but instead were cabins, which, as the food, seemed more appropriate for hunters than travelers.

Wild Bill and Mary Jo went to rent a cabin while I decided to take LeLanea and walk up the street a short distance.

I noticed an old {green and white} camping trailer near the cabins. It was the type that fits inside the bed of a pickup truck. Suddenly, my grandson Joshua appeared in the dream and told me to be sure and lock the camper up before I left!

It was well after sundown and the area was very dark. I decided LeLanea and I should get back to where Bill and Mary was.

I was holding LeLanea's hand and we were walking back to the motel {cabin} when this large, blue truck with Sweet & Low painted on the side of it drove by.

Somehow I knew the driver intended harm to either me or LeLanea. I scooped LeLanea into my arms and began to run toward the cabins.

I saw the camping trailer and remembered Joshua telling me to lock it. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the blue truck slowing down and preparing to turn around. "I've got enough time to lock that camper," I said to LeLanea as I ran over to the door and flipped the latch over, put the pad lock on it and clamped it shut.

Just as I reached the porch area of the cabin Bill and Mary had rented for the night, the "landlady" {a dark haired, Spanish looking lady} showed up and began questioning us as to whether we were going to stay as planned. I said, "No, we have to go now and you have to lock your doors and call the sheriff's department because the guy in that truck is very dangerous."

She said she had seen him before and was concerned because she thought he was dangerous too.....

Then we were back in the Toyota truck with Wild Bill driving, me in the middle, still holding LeLanea on my lap and my cousin next to the passenger door.

The big blue truck pulled alongside us and I looked at the driver ..... nice looking guy, not black but dark complected. He appeared to be in his mid to late twenties, clean shaven with neatly trimmed, very dark hair. And very dark brown eyes .... but eyes so cold.

"We have to get to mom and dad's house," I said as I got out my black and silver cell phone, flipped it open and began trying to call the Athens County sheriff department. / end of dream:


How The Sweet & Low Dream Fits The Sjodin Case:


Those who have followed my stories and are somewhat familiar with my work will already know a lot about my Wild Bill character. They will know he's been arrested and done time for sexual offenses against women and girls in this area. And that I'm convinced he's done even worse things, but was not arrested for those crimes.

The niece that appeared in the dream LeLanea is now an adult who will be 22 years old this month. I found it strange that she is about the same age as Dru. But even stranger is the fact that she is a model .... a blond haired, blue eyed model, who models for various things .... commercials, fashion shows, etc. She is no longer living in my home state, but when she did, she modeled for Victoria's Secret stores in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Today {Dec. 8th} is Wild Bill's birthday. He is 50 years old .... as is the man who was arrested in Dru's case. And I am reminded of the 50/50 of Sindee dream:

In the dream, I thought the driver of the blue truck looked as if he was in his mid to late twenties. According to news reports, Alfonso Rodriguez, Jr. spent 23 years in prison for crimes committed against women. He was released on May 1st, 2003. I believe I was shown Rodriguez as a young man "before" he entered prison the first time!

{Note: In later news reports I saw a photo of Rodriguez when he went to prison the first time. It was the same young man who I saw driving the blue truck in the dream! Did he own a blue truck back in those days .... back in the late 70's or early 80's?? I don't know ... and have no way of finding out.}

Rodriguez is described as ...5' 4" tall, 165 pounds, dark complected, brown eyes, and gray hair { hair that I would guarantee was very dark when he was in his mid to late twenties}. His birthday is 2/18/53, making him an Aquarian. It also makes him the same age as Wild Bill, although several months older than Wild Bill since his birthday is today...December 8th.

I have mentioned Joshua a time or two as I've worked my way through the dreams listed above, and I have mentioned Kansas. I find it very unusual that Kansas is where Josh was born, is the home of "Toto," in the Land Of Oz movie. I was shocked to see that Alfonso Rodriguez's alias was "Tito," .... can you get any closer to Toto?

But, probably the greatest surprise of all was learning the name of Rodriguez's sister ... Ileana .... can you get any closer to LeLanea?

It didn't take me too long to understand Wild Bill as the driver in my dream, especially when I learned his age was the same as Rodriguez's age and that both had served time for committing sex offenses against women. However, until I saw Rodriguez's car on tv, I could not understand what my cousin was doing in the dream. The license number on his vehicle is KKY 105 .... and 10-5 is my cousin's birthday! Reverse it, and you have the day he was released from prison... May first....5-01! And I was impressed!

In the dream, we headed south and for the Martin household. We never got there. I believe, no, I know, that Rodriguez kidnapped Dru Sjodin and headed south, but they didn't go as far south as Martin County. In the dream, I was using a black and silver, flip open, cell phone and trying to call the Athens County Sheriff's Department. I do not own, nor have I ever owned a cell phone like the one in my dream. My cell phone is black and does not flip open. I don't know if this fits the description of Dru's phone or not. Athens County is the next county south of Washington County. I know there is a Washington County in Minnesota, but it is located quite a distance to the east of where Dru lived. I don't believe that Washington County has anything to do with the case, because even in the dream, I knew we were far away from my home and out in the country ... woods ..... hunting territory.

At this time I cannot determine what the blue truck symbolized. I have no way of knowing if Rodriguez ever worked as a tow truck driver or not ... I do not understand the words Sweet & Low written across the side of the truck ..... if in fact that's what it said. I have analyzed this to death, and still cannot honestly say I'm sure it said that, nor can I say for certain that the truck was a tow truck. It just seems like it was. I do know there were large tool boxes along the sides of the truck. If Rodriguez had access to any such vehicles, I strongly urge everyone to check them out thoroughly.

But, there is one thing that has jumped out at me from recent news reports .... Authorities found Dru's blood splattered against the passenger door in Rodriguez's vehicle. I find it amazing that the Sweet & Low dream not only pinpointed "the man's" vehicle but also drew special attention to the passenger door of that vehicle!

December 8th, 2003: I have just read and posted the article about Rodriguez's sister .... quote -

"Rodriguez's sister, Ileana, called Sgt. Gerry Moreno several times following her brother's completion of a 23-year prison term for stabbing and trying to kidnap a woman. She asked Moreno to keep her brother, who had previously pleaded guilty to rape, locked up or away from the community. Moreno told The Forum of Fargo, N.D., that he wasn't in a position to help her."

And I am reminded that my last name is Wells, and that my husband goes by Fargo on the computer! And again, I am absolutely amazed at how many clues the dreams have revealed thus far. The kicker is coming up!


My niece LeLanea, on modeling assignment:




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