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This story is part of the Without A Trace Series, and can be found in # 23 of the Pure Coincidence Book Series:

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Dream Title:

The Snake

Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

Date of Dream: December 3rd, 2003:


I stood in my kitchen and looked out the window by the sink, and into the partially open doorway of an old building made of rough cut wooden planks. The doorway of the building appeared to be "ground level."

As I stood watching, a huge snake emerged from the building. He was light brown in color with darker brown markings across his back.

He slithered through the doorway and disappeared around the corner of the building as I said, "There he goes. I guess he woke up and decided to come out and get him something to eat." {I do not know who I said this to.}

Then my daughter was showing me a dove or pigeon with a very strange mark on it, located between the wing and the tail feathers ....

"This is how he marks them mom." She explained.

"How who marks what?" I questioned.

"She was slightly irritated with me as she replied ... "The snake. This is how he marks his next victim. He will come back and get this dove when he's hungry."

I studied the unusual mark. It was grayish in color, shiny, and circular but not a perfect circle .... sort of jagged. The only thing that came to my mind was the spot on the bird resembled chewing gum that had been stepped on! This seemed to irritate Christina even more!

"But, I don't understand," I said, "how does he catch the birds to mark them in the first place and why didn't he go ahead and eat the bird if he'd already caught it?"

"I don't know how he catches them," Christina replied, " but he didn't eat it because he wasn't hungry. When he gets hungry he will come back and get this bird." / end of dream:


How The Snake Dream Fits The Sjodin Case:


I've already established the fact that both Wild Bill and Alfonso Rodriguez are dangerous sexual offenders. One is classed as a sexual predator, and the other should have been classed as that years ago ....

Wild Bill and Rodriguez were both born in 1953 ... the Chinese Year Of The Snake!!!

I don't believe that Dru Sjodin was a "random" strike for Rodriguez, anymore than Wild Bill makes random strikes. I believe he'd been watching her and waiting his chance, just like the Sweet & Low dream revealed .... {the man driving back and forth and following us.}

Dru was a "dove" .... perhaps that's the "Sweet" part of the writing on the truck ..... because there is nothing any more gentle, loving and defenseless than a dove. I know, because I raise them and they are absolutely beautiful birds. They are also very symbolic birds, used many, many times within the pages of the Bible.

Perhaps the "Low" portion pertained to Rodriguez .... a "low-life" ...

I believe that he "marked Dru" {or her vehicle?} .... somehow, just as I've seen others in this area "marked" for murder according to their names, addresses, etc. But that's not important at this time .... and probably never will be.

Until I saw Rodriguez on tv .... saw him sitting in the court room ... I wasn't certain about my snake dream. But there he sat ... in that brown jacket with a darker brown fur collar ..... and I thought of the brown snake with the darker brown marking on its back ..... and then I saw Rodriguez lower his head ..... and there, for all the world to see was that shiny, grayish, jagged circular marking on top of his head !!! And I knew .....

I continue to hope and pray that Dru Sjodin is alive .... somewhere....perhaps protected in some way that we don't understand at this time .... but .... the dreams tell a different story.


Dream Title:

The White Towel

Dreamer: Sindee Davis

Date of Dream: December 12th, 2003:


After discussing the above dreams a little with Jim F., I told him I was going to pray for God to send another dream about Dru's case. He's the only one I told this to. I never warn my dreamers of what I need in any case, as this can subconsciously influence them. And, if after such a request, I'm the one who has the dream I usually write it down, but don't put a lot of emphasis on it unless I see it start to pan out in some way. Then I will add it to whatever case I'm working on because I can see that it actually fits the case. It is not uncommon for me to work several missing person or homicide cases at one time. And many times these cases are scattered all across the country, so I do have to be careful as to which case the dream pertains to.

On the night of December 12th, my sister's birthday. My sister is LeLanea's mother;, Sindee dreamed .....

"She was in a large building with many rooms, like a college dormitory. Suddenly she became aware that she had no clothes on and had to go to another room to get her clothes. "How can I get to my clothes without 'him' seeing me? she wondered."

She wrapped a large white towel around herself and slipped down the hallway as quietly as possible. At the end of the hall, there was a door with a silver release bar running across it. {Like one might see in schools, business, etc, but not in homes.} She hit the door release and entered a restroom that was like an exercise room with showers. The room was painted dark Pepsi blue. {PS: to determine this color, look at a Pepsi bottle. It's the darker of the two blues that are on the bottle.}

Suddenly she thought "he" was approaching, so she jumped into a shower stall, used a flip open, silver, cell phone to call someone, and told them....."He is following me."

Dreamer then peeked out from the stall and saw a man's bare feet. The man stayed only a few seconds and left the room, while the dreamer remained in the stall for several minutes longer just to make sure he was gone.

Upon leaving the stall, dreamer noticed two men lying on the counter top that ran along the wall of sinks in the room. One man had sandy blonde hair and was curled into a fetal position, while the other was dark haired and dark complected and appeared to be of Spanish decent. The blonde haired guy's feet were down by the dark haired guy's head and vice-versa. Both men wore jumpsuits, and the dreamer could not determine if they were dead or asleep, as she sneaked from the room.

Next, the dreamer stood, still wrapped in the large white towel, in a parking lot. A young woman walked past. She had short, blonde hair and had it tucked behind her ears. She wore an olive green coat and carried a tan purse. The woman paid no attention to the dreamer. The dreamer scanned the parking lot for "the killer," but didn't see him anywhere. / end of dream:


How The White Towel Dream Fits The Sjodin Case:


Believing this dream pertains to Dru Sjodin and Alfonso Rodriguez, I interpret it in the following manner .....

This dream indicates that Rodriguez may have somehow seen Dru at or around the UND campus, but she did not see him at that time. In the beginning of the dream, Mysde was simply concerned about some man "seeing" her {watching, stalking} but by the end of the dream, notice that she refers to him as a killer.

Notice that the dreamer, although standing inside a shower stall, was not "taking a shower." Therefore, I continue to believe that Dru is NOT in water, although her shoes may very well have been tossed off a bridge to make it look as if she was also thrown overboard.

The white towel is symbolic of a blanket of white ..... snow. I think Dru is covered with snow .... or....where she is .... is covered with snow. Possibly inside an old building or cabin or something that is now snow covered, but according to the "Snake" dream, she is ground level

Who are the two men who were either dead or asleep? If Rodriguez is the dark complected one, then who is the blonde? Did Rodriguez have a cell mate when he was in prison before? Was he a blonde? Both men in the dream wore jumpsuits, and Mysde said she thought of prison clothes when she woke up and wrote the dream down for me. Her boyfriend is in law enforcement, so she has a little info as to how inmates dress, etc. I too thought they may have been prison or "jail" clothing.

What does the sink symbolize - perhaps clean ..... Two men who "did their time," and are now "clean." Did Rodriguez have a cell mate who was released about the same time he was? {UPDATE!! Wait until you see who these two men actually were!! It's explained on page 5 of this series! Check it out!}

The woman in Sindee dream sounds like Dru. However, the clothing does not match what Dru was wearing, so....what does it symbolize? Olive green and tan? Sounds like National Guardsmen to me. Perhaps they will be the ones to find Dru.

I continue to believe that Dru was not a random strike. I believe that Rodriguez had selected her sometime earlier ... perhaps not a long time before he struck because he seems far more compulsive than some .... like Wild Bill for instance. However, I think he knew where she lived ..... what time she got ready for work, and had followed her for awhile before striking. This may never be proven, if he doesn't start talking.

I absolutely cannot figure out what the dark Pepsi blue is. This is the second dream in which this color has been presented. First it was the color of the truck in my dream, and now in Sindee's dream it's the color of walls. I have checked almost everything I can check ...... even did a search to determine UND colors, which are green and white. {remember the camping trailer from the Sweet & Low dream?}Both times this blue has been presented along with white. Could she be where the school colors are blue and white? Locally {Washington County, Ohio} that's Warren High School colors, and of course I live in the Warren school district, and my grandson Joshua attends Warren High School, but Dru certainly isn't here. This is also the second reference to a flip open, silver cell phone. Neither Sindee nor I have ever owned a cell phone like those presented in either dream. I have no idea what Dru's cell phone looked like.

Looking at the numbers that have been presented within the dreams, I find that the most common ones have been ... 5, or some form of 5.... 50, 500, etc. 7, or some form of 7 .... 70, 77, etc. 17, 22 and 8.

News reports have stated that Rodriguez was home with his mother within 3 hours of Dru's abduction. This means the most he could have driven was 1 and 1/2 hours one way. I don't think he even drove that far, but concede that the 70 or the 77 might require about this amount of time.




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