Dreams Panned-Out Series


Bonnie M. Wells


This "web site special" shall consist of a series of stories that contain dreams, which have "panned-out."

Some of the dreams are my own - some are not.

In some cases the full or correct names of the dreamers will not be listed due to privacy reasons.

In each case that the reader will discover in this series, I am the dream interpretor. In most cases the dream was given to me; I did the interpretation and sent the information on to a member of law enforcement.

Determining which branch of law enforcement, and where to send the dreams has always been my department. The dreamers have never interferred in this. Only rarely has a dreamer disagreed with my interpretation.

Possibly of even greator importance than "dream interpretation," is "dream identification."

Some dreams cannot be "interpreted" as such because they are not as symbolic as they are factual. There are different types of dreams, but the type that I work with the most, fit into one of two catagories.

First, we have the Prophetic Dream. This dream reveals things yet to come. There are also Prophetic Visions, and the reader will have the opportunity to see and understand some of these also. The next type of dream that I work with is the Revelation Dream. In this dream, and sometimes vision, we do not see that which "will" happen, but we get details of things that have already happened. An example might be a lost child. The child is alive, but cannot be located. A Revelation Dream may give much needed information as to his whereabouts. Another example might be a rapist or killer that has evaded police and detection for several years. A Revelation dream could pinpoint his house, his occupation, his name, his vehicle or all of the above! Both types of dreams are important.

Neither type of dream is of any value if someone ...the dreamer, the interpretor, a police officer, someone cannot identify the dream when it "pans-out." You will see at least one example of this within this series too.

Without further delay, I present to you some of the dreams that I have worked over the years. Although the stories appear in various books within the Pure Coincidence Series, I intend to place them all under the "Dreams Panned Out Series" on this web site so that reading and understanding them will be easier.

I will mark the stories as part of this series and then list the Pure Coincidence book in which the story appears as part of an ongoing drama. This will appear as .... *PC-{and the number of the book} where the story can be found.

In some instances the dreams and web site stories have not yet been made part of Pure Coincidence. This too will be noted:

Maybe someday, I will compile them all into a book of their own ..... someday. Meanwhile ... happy reading.


Bonnie M. Wells

Bonnie M. Wells

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