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"First, the District Attorney's Office must be, and must be perceived as, a place of unquestioned integrity. Second, that office must be, and must be perceived as, a place of absolute fairness. Third, that office must be, and must be perceived as, a place of demonstrated competence. The mission of the District Attorney's Office is not simply to obtain convictions: it is to achieve justice, and to prevent injustice." Mike Nifong

Mike Nifong Should Be Investigated, Jones Says

Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2006

By: Associated Press

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) - A congressman asked the U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday to investigate whether the district attorney prosecuting three Duke lacrosse players charged with rape has violated the athletes' civil rights.

In a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Rep. Walter Jones also asked the Justice Department to review Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong's actions for possible prosecutorial misconduct.

"Over the past several months, many of my constituents and a growing number of mainstream media outlets have raised serious questions about the accuser's allegations and Mr. Nifong's prosecution," wrote Jones, R-N.C.

Jones' complaints to Gonzales repeat criticisms that defense attorneys and others have raised about Nifong's handling of the case.

A grand jury indicted three lacrosse players on charges they raped a stripper at a team party in March. All three have strongly proclaimed their innocence, and a trial isn't expected to start until spring.

There was no immediate response to a call to Nifong's office seeking comment. In an interview with The Associated Press in October, Nifong said he and the city's police department have not mishandled the case and that his only regret was granting so many interviews to reporters during the investigation's early days.

A few quotes from:The Conservative Voice / by - By Michael J. Gaynor

"Nifong initially suggested that he would build his case around DNA evidence, but when that fell through, he suggested that the suspects might have used condoms - when he knew the alleged victim said during her rape exam that they didn't. Assuming that that is factually correct, Nifong had to know that she said that, and when he said that they may have used condoms, he was, in fact, simply lying.

The comments about a date rape drug were illogical on their face (since she had a pretty distinct recollection of the alleged incident and said she fought back), but since it appears that neither Nifong nor the police requested a toxicology test, he surely knew that comments from 'a source close to the investigation' about the use of a sedative could not be proven. Quite simply, this is another lie, and an attempt to spin the media.

The attempt to interrogate players in their dorm room, without checking with their attorneys, as required by law, and the attempt to search without a warrant, was a shocking abuse of power."

""If the shaky evidence, the witness manipulation and the lies turn out to be merely a way for Nifong to gain elected office at the expense of young men who made stupid decisions and who exposed themselves to considerable risk, he deserves to be not just disbarred but to be indicted, because if that's what's happened here, his behavior is not just stupidly aggressive and unethical, it's criminal. And as horrible a crime as rape is, it is not nearly as dangerous as an instrument of the law who will not himself submit to it.

"And although the tendency for many people, unfortunately, is to say that well, it's just a bunch of rich white boys from Duke and their mommies and daddies will bail them out, why would anyone think an out-of-control prosecutor would limit his abuses to people who can actually fight back?

"Nifong may have used this case to get the black vote in Durham, but anyone who trusts this man not to turn this sort of abuse against the powerless is out of their minds. If you think the pattern we're seen here will be limited to prominent defendants, you need to reconsider, and quickly. " Mike Gaynor

And Now A Word Or Two From Me:

The above quotes from The Conservative Voice are but a small sampling of the entire article, which, in my opinion is well worth reading. Therefore I have included the address so people can go and read all of it.

Although I have watched the Duke situation from day one, and have been very verbal in my own belief that the lacrosse players were being 'framed,' that is really not the reason for this page.

The actual reason is because I have waited for almost eleven years now for something of this caliber to make national news. Why have I waited, you might ask. Because this is not the first time a situation like this has come up -- but it may be the only time it comes to public attention -- with the exception of my own meager attempts to get the American people to realize what's happening in our nation.

So far those attempts have gotten nothing except contempt for me. That's okay. I've got something to say, and I'm going to say it.

Back in 1996 [ an election year] In Parkersburg, West Virginia, a hooker was murdered, and her dead body was dumped on an old logging road off of Windy Ridge, near Elizabeth, West Virginia.

When the woman's picture appeared on tv - I recognized her! No, I'd never actually known the woman, and didn't even know her name until after she was dead -- but I recognized her. You see, I'd seen this woman out with a man whom I have referred to on this web site as Wild Bill. I'd seen them out together four and one half months earlier, and that night I had given the woman a nickname, since I didn't know who she was. I'd dubbed her - The Hootin' Honey. Her story is told in greater detail on my web site and will be presented on my February page.

But for now, I want to cut to the chase and say that I provided the state police [officer Max Henry, in particular] and the prosecuting attorney's office ample evidence and information on the case. And I asked to see some other pictures of the victim -- other than the one time it was shown on tv, and I was fortunate enough to see it for the few seconds they allowed the picture to stay on the screen.

I even asked the accused's attorney if he would show me a picture of the woman. He said he would, but he lied too - just like all the others.

A man by the name of Sammy Davis was arrested, tried and convicted of the crime. Okay, so the system worked - right? No, the system didn't work folks, and FOX NEWS; The Conservative Voice; Dateline; and all the rest of the country could have cared less.

Sammy Davis wasn't a college student. He didn't have any money. In fact he didn't even have an education -- second grade level and can't read or write - that's what the news paper said. Besides that he's an alcoholic -- not that alcoholism or a lack of education excuses anything.

But, the facts are simple. Nothing matched. The DNA [semen] didn't belong to Sammy Davis; the tire tracks weren't from his vehicle, etc. Nothing matched, and that includes the testimony of the two men who "testified against him." One was his son, while the other was a so called friend of his.

The state claimed that Davis killed Roda Snyder because he had raped her, and she threatened to go to the police and report it. Now keep in mind, the woman was a hooker -- why else would she have been out with Wild Bill? !!

The testimony of the witnesses changed time and time again during the trial: First they didn't take part in the rape - then they did: They didn't see Davis kill the woman - then they did: She was dead when they got to the apartment - then they took her out to Windy Ridge and killed her there:

She was wrapped in a sheet and already dead -- only the witness saw scratches all over her [ ex-ray vision, I suppose]. Strange thing is - the coroner said there were no scratches on her body! They said the sheet was from Davis' bed -- then they said they tested the dirty sheets that hadn't been changed for a long time that were on his bed and found no evidence.

Roda was stabbed in the throat 4 times 'after' she was murdered. This is a very unusual thing for someone to do, and is rarely [if ever] seen in a case where the two people were once married, or lovers, etc. It does seem to occur with some serial killers though --

One witness testified that Roda had come to her house with some man who was driving a small gray car and wearing a red cap: The witness knew Sammy Davis and said it certainly wasn't him. She said Snyder told her she was going somewhere with her 'truck drivin' friend' and would be back in a few days. She was back alright -- dead.

Funny thing is - Wild Bill always started wearing his red cap just prior to some woman being murdered -- and he most assuredly had access to a small gray car right at the time that Roda was murdered.

I asked to be allowed to testify, as to what I'd seen 4 and 1/2 months earlier -- but I wasn't allowed to.

Roda Snyder was 4 and 1/2 months pregnant when she was murdered -- and no one cared that none of the evidence, including DNA matched the accused.

I pleaded for the fetus to be tested and see if they could determine who it belonged to -- but that never happened either.

When they were trying to match up the tire tracks found at the dump site, Wild Bill pulled the winter tread tires off his vehicle and slapped a set of tires on it that were as smooth as a baby's behind -- and no one cared.

His truck was damaged right at the time that Roda was killed, and there was something red on the fender that I believe was dried [or frozen] blood. {This happened in February, and it's pretty cold in this area in February.]

Every day I thought they would declare a mistrial -- but they didn't.

No one would listen -- not even his defense attorney, who I warned that there was another murder approaching and he was going to be needed. And he was -- but, that client is sitting in prison too!

So no, the situation in Durham, North Carolina is not new.

Now don't misunderstand me. I don't know or care anything about Sammy Davis on a personal level. What I care about is truth, honesty, integrity and justice. That's all I've ever cared about.

I always thought our laws were for all of us -- including judges, lawyers, prosecuting attorneys, and everyone.

I keep hearing people say that Judges, lawyers, prosecutors, etc. cannot be held liable/responsible for their 'mistakes.'

When a person refuses to hear the truth: When they choose to hide facts; ignore evidence and witnesses; and make it plain that they intend to 'win' in the court room no matter what they have to do ...... there is no 'mistake' about it folks.

It's premeditated; calculated and malicious, and no one [and I do mean NO ONE] is above our laws. We must start holding these people accountable for the things they do to others.

Rape Charges Dropped

December 22nd, 2006: FOX NEWS has just announced that Mike Nifong has dropped the 'rape' charges against the Duke Lacrosse players! This as a result of the fact that, yesterday [Dec. 21st] his investigators interviewed the woman who accused the guys of rape, and she [according to the prosecuting attorney] now claims that she cannot 'positively say' that a rape occurred!!!

Nifong has not given up though. He continues to charge the men involved with kidnapping and sexual assault!!!!

I repeat -- "It's premeditated; calculated and malicious."

Wake up America.

PS: The woman who recently gave false information in the Jodi Huisentruit case, and who claimed she witnessed Huisentruit's abduction and murder, has now been charged with providing bogus reports and lies to the police. Sounds to me as if the rest of our country could learn a thing or two from this experience.

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