The Dusty Horn

By: Bonnie M. Wells

While wondering and rambling one misty morn'

I came upon a town called Dusty Horn.

'Though never having heard this name before,

I knocked upon the first house door.

While waiting for answer, I did declare,

Something seemed mighty strange around there.

Tiny windows, doors and house tops that only came to my knees.

And the people, when they emerged, were the smallest I'd ever seen!

With pointed hats and little blue shoes,

They were friendly, and anxious to hear all my news.

We laughed and danced until the stars came out,

When all of a sudden, there was a great shout!

Everyone scattered ... off to their home,

And there I sat ... all alone.

I sat for a moment, and was about to arise,

When all at once, and much to my surprise,

Came a tooting sound... so forlorn.

It was a bugler, with a tiny horn!

He tooted and tooted ... and tooted again,

And as if by magic ... all was silent within.

Just as I settled upon a bed of leaves,

Came a pounding...thumping, breaking of trees!

Scrambling from my bed in fright,

I peered cautiously into the night.

The trees were all broken and trampled down.

Everything was a mess in the tiny town.

I crept and crawled, and did my best,

To see who had made this terrible mess.

And there he stood ... big as could be,

But of course, not nearly as big as me.

I marched right up and did demand,

Why he had destroyed this beautiful land.

He stomped and laughed ... and then he roared,

"I'm old mean Darance, and I am bored!"

"I've no one to talk to and I want to play,

But every time I try, these silly people run away!"

Now Darance was angry and ugly... a sight to view,

With red eyes, purple hair and skin that was blue!

And I heard him exclaim as he stomped out of sight,

"I sure had fun here tonight!"

Tired though I was, I did not sleep,

But from the tiny houses, came not a peep.

I sat till the sun was way up high,

And the little people and by.

I told them of Darance and all I'd seen.

They said they knew he was certainly mean.

They were frightened and knew not what to do,

But I'd given it thought...the whole night through.

Darance needed fun, and lots of laughter,

So old mean Darance, we went after!

We found him asleep in a cave, deep under ground,

Why, Darance had his days and nights turned 'round.

We circled and bound him...and dragged him out,

Before he awakened with a frightful shout!

He kicked and squirmed and tried to get free,

While the little people danced and clapped with glee.

We told jokes and danced all the day,

But old mean Darance's frown wouldn't go away.

In desperation, we tickled his ear, nose and chin,

We tickled his fingers, his toes and his skin.

He laughed and laughed, and his eyes began to wink,

So we tickled some more, till Darance turned pink!

Laughing and dancing....back to the village,

Everyone joined in and built Darance a cottage.

Now, all was the sun sank low,

So I dozed...and awaited the bugle blow.

I awoke with a home, safe as could be.

It was all a dream .... the little people and me!

Arising from the shady spot, I stepped upon a thorn.

Bending to pluck it out,

I noticed... nestled among the tall grass,

a very tiny, very old ... Dusty Horn!

Bonnie M. Wells

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