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Bonnie M. Wells

What Do Psychics Know?

I read the story about the so-called “psychics” who met with investigators in Oakridge (Democrat-Herald, Aug. 7), regarding the deaths of two campers in 2005. The fact these people seem to be part of the Discovery Channel, a channel which promotes learning through science and nature, is somewhat of a shock. After all, so-called psychics have not prevented any calamity.

There is a foundation associated with the Amazing Randi, which offers a $1 million prize for anyone claiming supernatural powers. I imagine these “psychic investigators” could use that money? Or maybe they aren’t calling themselves psychics, but use the term “medium”?

It’s too bad none of these people has ever solved the Natalie Holloway case or found the remains of Brooke Wilberger. The families would be so relieved and the money offered in rewards could go a long way if given to a needy charity!

The article stated the so-called psychics “interviewed investigators” (in Oakridge), then offered some apparent “clues.”

Why would they need to ask anything about the case? They are psychic, aren’t they?

Lately, I have heard the word “medium” used much more than psychic. That’s what I assumed psychics now called themselves because psychic somehow implies the ability to predict. And they cannot predict anything.

Psychics dropped the ball and did not warn golfer Paine Stewart of his ill-fated plane trip. They did not warn Indonesia of the terrible tsunami. Or warn New York City about Sept. 11, 2001.

Should there be a sudden upsurge in psychics preventing crimes or disasters, or solving cold cases, I may change my mind. But the only intelligent conclusion is, whether you call them “psychics” or “mediums,” they cannot do as they claim.

Richard L. Smith, Albany

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Editor's mailbag

We Psychics Get Ignored

Richard L. Smith from Albany, asks, “What do psychics know?” Then he goes on to bash every one he can think of. I'd like Mr. Smith to know — we aren't gods; we aren't all knowing and we can't warn about everything everywhere, but he's wrong about psychics not warning of crimes before they happen. It's not our fault if no one wants to listen.

My web site is filled with warnings that were issued well in advance of the crime, but there are too many Mr. Smiths in the world, and they don't heed the warning. Then, instead of admitting that they were wrong, they turn and attack the messenger, as usual.

Mr. Smith might want to keep an ear to the ground for some real interesting news that will soon be coming out of Springfield, Mo. And when it comes, he and others like him should remember that psychics, or mediums, or whatever the world chooses to call us, almost always work without pay, without credit, without media coverage or thanks. Most of us are not wealthy people, and yet, we give and give and give of ourselves to help others.

I personally am fed up with the rude, arrogant criticism from people who have never turned their own hands over to help anyone, and I've designed my own web site on which I tell about the cases that I’m working and what I'm doing. I am working the Brooke Wilberger case, and I worked the Dru Sjodin case, and was amazingly correct in what I said.

At any given moment I am working between 20 and 30 missing-person or murder-victim cases, strung from one end of this nation to the other, while at the same time maintaining one of the largest web sites in the nation — singlehandedly — and tracking a serial killer — and getting in ahead of the serial killer and issuing warnings to law enforcement. It is not my fault, nor my problem that they choose to ignore me, but Mr. Smith needs to know that there are in fact psychics that most assuredly can predict events before they occur.

Bonnie M. Wells,

Little Hocking, Ohio

2007 Special Note:

The 'news' in Springfield, Missouri that I mentioned in the above letter, is still 'sitting in Springfield, Missouri!' There are several people who have been working diligently for well over a year now to 'get the news out' - however, there seems to be a block of some sort, making it almost impossible.

So, as I've done many, many other times, I'm releasing the 'news' myself, and if they ever get around to it in Springfield, the world will know just how long they stood in silence and actually tried to silence others.

We have good reason to believe that the remains of Sherrill Levitt, Suzanne Streeter and Stacey McCall have been located. Based upon 'psychic work,' a team was sent to Springfield in April of 2006, and located something in the rear parking garage of Cox Hospital. A second test was conducted in June of 2006 by Mr. Rick Norland. His results confirmed our own.

The stonewalling has been tremendous in Springfield, Missouri, with police officer Mike Owen calling everyone involved liars -- with absolutely nothing to support [his] claim, while refusing to examine the indicated area any further.

I have designed an online petition to Gov. Matt Blunt, in hopes of getting this situation resolved. Anyone wishing to sign my petition can do so at

Click Here To Read &/or Sign My Petition To Gov. Matt Blunt

Bonnie M. Wells

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