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Search Agency May Operate Out Of Ohio

Tuesday, Sep 04, 2007

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A Texas based search agency might be moving part of their operations to Central Ohio.

Officials at Central Ohio Crime Stoppers said that Equusearch might use Columbus as a hub for their operations, NBC 4's Mikaela Hunt reported.

Equusearch wrapped up their search for Tony Luzio Jr. and Brian Shaffer last week. Along with Luzio and Shaffer, there are hundreds of missing adults in Ohio, Hunt reported.

"We have over 900 missing adults right now in Ohio," Kevin Miles of Central Ohio Crime Stoppers said. "We really don't know what happened to them."

Officials said the group was working with legal advisers to establish a corporation in Ohio.

"Our goal is to get either retired or active police officers to commit to volunteer their time," Miles said. "We are looking for private individuals as well."

Officials said that divers were a key component of search operations.

Columbus Fire Battalion Chief Doug Smith said that Central Ohio's dive team would be up to the task of volunteering. Smith is the Columbus Division of Fire's dive team organizer.

"Typically when firefighters leave their jobs they go home and sometimes volunteer for their hometowns," Smith said. "Without a doubt, I think our dive team would be very interested in trying to help out this type of situation."

The group said they would like to be incorporated by January 1. The Ohio-based chapter would work on cases in nearby states as well, Hunt reported.

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