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Written By: Bruce Owen

Winnipeg Free Press

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

WINNIPEG -- A former police officer who once warned a serial killer was at work in the Vancouver area -- but was ignored -- says the way the body of teen sex-trade worker Fonessa Lynn Bruyere was found dumped on Winnipeg's outskirts points to a possible serial killer at work.

Kim Rossmo, a former officer in the Vancouver Police Department and now an authority on "geographic profiling" at Texas State University, said the spot Bruyere was found may be a "cluster dump" for a serial killer.

"The odds of a different offender picking the same location is highly unlikely," Rossmo said.

The body of Bruyere, 17, was found last week in a field in northwest Winnipeg. Police spokesman Sgt. Kelly Dennison confirmed Bruyere was a street prostitute who was last seen by another prostitute getting into a vehicle early Aug. 9.

The bodies of two other women involved in the city's sex trade have also been dumped in the same area as Bruyere -- the woman were found within metres of one another, five years apart.

Winnipeg police said they are aware of the geographic similarities. But Insp. Tom Legge said there is no evidence the same killer is responsible for the deaths, nor that a serial killer is stalking Winnipeg's sex trade workers.

Nine people connected to the city's city trade have been found dead in the past 20 years in an area north and west of Winnipeg, between the city and Portage La Prairie.

Police have ruled two of the deaths as accidental, but cannot explain how the victims ended up in harm's way; one was hit by a train and the other a car.

What has raised the spectre of a serial killer in some minds is that Bruyere and two other known prostitutes were found dead in a small area in northwest Winnipeg. The body of Aynsley Kinch was found in July in a field just a short distance east of where Bruyere was found, which was within metres of where the remains of Therena Silva were found almost five years earlier.

Legge said women involved in the city's sex trade are extremely vulnerable, as they are addicted to drugs. Many prefer to sell sex close to a drug supplier, but will agree to go to remote locations unknown to them in exchange for money.

"They'll put themselves at a great deal of risk to get that $20," Legge said.

Police have also pinpointed how Bruyere died, but will not release that information as it is something only the killer or killers know.

Rossmo said if police get enough evidence to point towards a single killer, they will have to issue a public warning, even if it jeopardizes their investigation by releasing too much information.

"Ultimately, police are responsible for public safety," he said.


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