Quotes From: Dark Dreams

Sexual Violence, Homicide And The Criminal Mind

Written by Roy Hazelwood w/Stephen G. Michaud:

"The most resourceful, destructive, and elusive of all deviant offenders is the ritualistic sexual sadist."

"The sexual sadist is a meticulous planner, spending inordinate amounts of time inside his own head. He may devote months or even years imagining his intended crime, turning it over in his mind, playing with it, as one might examine a prism in a sunbeam, studying all the different ways it refracts the light."

"This talent for planning is an important reason why police agencies try to learn whether a sexual sadist is responsible for any crime under investigation."

"Sexual sadists are sexually voracious, indiscriminate, capable in many instances of coupling with humans of either sex or any age, as well as animals and inanimate objects as the opportunity presents itself."

"The vast majority of sexual sadists in our study - twenty-nine out of thirty - were whites of European descent."

"the key to" (one sexual sadists) "success was patient and obsessive planning. In some cases he invested up to two years in preparation before carrying out an assault."

"These offenders also tended to come from middle-class or higher families."

"The fact that some of the most heinous offenders operating in North America had no arrest history is a strong testament to their planning and intelligence."

"Thirteen" (of the study group) "were married and fifteen were fathers. Nine of them committed incest with their children.

One of the men in the survey, Gerald Gallego, is believed responsible for ten murders. In addition to his crimes against strangers, Gallego reportedly forced himself on his daughter from her childhood well into her teens. On one occasion he allegedly assaulted her anally as a birthday present! Another time he is said to have sexually assaulted both his daughter and a female friend who was visiting."

(Some of the study group)"had a history of voyeurism, obscene phone calls and exhibitionism."

"The longer a sexual offender fantasizes prior to committing his crimes, the more specific his desired victim's characteristics will be."

"As a result of the great amount of time" (the ritualistic criminal) "spends in fantasizing, this imaginative offender develops highly specific selection standards for his victims."

"He may seek out an aberrant, albeit noncriminal, sexual experience even as he is committing rapes and murders."

"The sexual offender is never fully inactive. He may not be acting out against a specific victim, but he will be making plans, selecting new targets, acting out against other victims, or gathering materials. He is never dormant."

"Like most law enforcement officers, I tend to title my more intriguing cases."

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