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Bonnie M. Wells

Bible Quote For February

The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls (Exodus 23:20).


The Twins Death Threat

The Organized Sexual Psychopath Serial Killer


Kimberly Sue Jones: Parkersburg, West Virginia


The Border Fence

The New Stamp

Dead Girl, Pennsylvania

The 124 Trio

Skeleton Found In Virginia 2-13-11

Valerie Butler {2010}

Billy DiSilvestro / Feb. 7,2011 {OH}

Mama's Brown-Eyed Boy

You Took My Place

Deputy Ray Clark

Granvilles' Wells Fargo

The Hootin' Honey / Roda Snyder Case

The Hootin' Honey; page 2

The Hootin' Honey; page 3

Don't Take Your Gun To School / Shawn Snyder case

Charlotte Russell

Tamara Susan Seay

The Old House

Tracy Thompson & John Nestor

Mahalia Xiong / Brian's Predictions / News

Brian's Predictions / Marietta School / Guns

Judith Petty {2-07}

Strike 2-26-08, As Predicted?


A BMW Dream: Joshua's Woman

A BMW Dream: Wild Bill's New Truck

A BMW Dream: The Pancake Makin' Sheriff!

A SD Dream: March 17

A JKS-D Dream: The Green Stone

A Sue B. Card Reading

Doubles Anyone?

Mexican Eggs

Chief Of Police Arrested For Drunk Driving {2-09}

Web Site Special:

Arkansas Trio

Amanda Tusing [2000]

Tracy Jean Hayes [2005]

Teresa Butler [2006]

Stories/Articles By Others:

Never Cold, by Michael Connelly

The Justice Withheld Series:

N.C. News & Observer:

"Innocent people wrongfully and often deliberately convicted of crimes: Should be a red flag to every American, and well worth the time to read" - BMW

State Bar Accuses Two Of Misconduct

Bar Calls Ex-DA's Actions Felonies

Death & Doubt

Woman Robbed Of Freedom, Love

Truth, Love Trump Injustice

Cheating Prosecutors Ruin Lives

Ex-Prosecutors Fight Sanctions

A Rape Case Totters; A Marines Life Falls Apart

A Deal That Cut

Withheld Info Leads To New Trial

Former State Lawyers Cleared

Multiple Misdeeds

Should DA Have To Tell All?

Da Turned Blind Eye To Evidence

Union County Prosecutor To Resign

N.C. Prosecutors Stiffled Evidence

Investigator Blames Prosecutor

Reprimands In Gell Case

Bar Panel To Review Hoak, Groves Case

Gell Files Suit Over Prosecution

Lawyers Plead For Clemency

Key Vote Expected On Executions

Black Plans Death Penalty Pannel

Black Delays Vote To Hault Executions

SPECIAL: From the same region of our nation as the above series, comes yet another bizarre situation:

The Duke Lacrosse Team


Bonnie M. Wells


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