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Bonnie M. Wells

Tuesday, Oct 02, 2007


A Columbus firefighter was arrested last week, accused of assault and domestic violence.

According to Columbus Division of Fire Battalion Chief Doug Smith, firefighter Joseph Hillary was arrested on misdemeanor charges, NBC 4 reported.

Smith told NBC 4 that the arrest followed an incident at a family gathering, where Hillary was accused of disciplining a relatives child by spanking him with a belt.

Investigators said there were visible bruises on the 9-year-old boy.

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How Oddly Different The 'Law' Is For Some

A few years ago, there was a little two-year-old boy whose mother had begun living with an ex-con with a history of domestic violence, as well as other violent crimes.

The little boy was about as sweet and good natured as any child had ever been. Until his parents divorced, he'd never known anything about child abuse or anything of that nature, so when it began in his young life, he told his grandmother.

Grandmother immediately went to the police and reported the abuse - 'a beating with a belt and the buckle of the belt - which left the toddler black and blue.

Children's Services was called into the situation, and a case worker was assigned to look into the grandmother's 'allegations.'

The physical abuse wasn't all that the child was enduring. The perpetrator was using, buying and selling drugs in the child's presence - as well as locking the child in sections of the house by himself for several hours at a time.

Case worker Angela V. responded to the plea for help. She never spoke to the grandparent [ who not only had a video tape of drugs hidden in the child's home] but had eyewitnesses to other forms of neglect and abuse - never spoke to any witness - just had an hours conversation with the perpetrator - who admitted to using marijuana in the child's home and presence; admitted to beating the child with the belt and the buckle until he was bruised.

Angela V. filed her discovery report with the Children's Service unit she worked for in Washington County, Ohio and when the grandmother wanted to know what she had learned from her 'interview' with the man, Angela V. informed the woman that 'it was none of her business.'

Well, the grandmother was a stubborn woman - and that was her only grandchild, from her only daughter - only child - and there was no one going to destroy the child or his mother without a serious fight. So, the grandmother brushed up on Ohio law and realized she had a right to see the report. She went to the prosecuting attorney and sent him after it!

Angela V.'s handwritten report was quite revealing. The man admitted to everything the grandmother had reported -- and yet, Ms. V. said -- "in her opinion, the 'beating was not severe,' and she felt the grandmother was picking on the perpetrator because she didn't like him!

After a long, hard fight, the grandmother was eventually proven right. It took a special cop - one who actually listened to the grandmother, and then acted upon her concerns, to do it - but eventually the perpetrator was arrested for trafficking drugs - and NEVER did Children's Services or their agent Angela V. admit that they had been wrong. They never 'investigated' again, even after the man was arrested, never done anything to help the child in question, but actually aided and abetted the perpetrator as much as possible, even signing him up for a welfare check at one point so he could buy his drugs with taxpayer money!!!

Bonnie M. Wells

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