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The Flippin' Fish #1

The Dream


Bonnie M. Wells


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Date of dream: 4-17-96

Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

Dream Title ... The Flippin' Fish

The School

Dreamer is going away to some type of school. She thinks it has something to do with police work or training, but is not sure.

Her mother accompanies her on the trip and will be staying with her.

Upon arrival, the dreamer notices the remoteness of the area and remarks to her mother that it is more like a wilderness resort than a training area.

The Wrong Ticket

Tickets are issued to each person as they arrive. The dreamer receives hers and notices it is pink, and about 3 inches square. The ticket has numbers on it, but the dreamer does not recall what they are.

Dreamer and her mother begin walking toward a wooden foot bridge that they have to cross in order to reach their cabin off in the distance.

As the two women walk through the beautiful, heavily wooded area, the dreamer realizes she has the wrong color ticket. Hers should be orange, not pink.

Little China Doll

The dreamer tells her mother to go ahead to the cabin, unpack and get settled in, and she will speak to the authorities about changing the ticket.

Her mother carries a small travel bag of a woven, cloth material, and is dressed in a tan slack suit. The dreamer watches her cross the foot bridge and thinks to herself ..."she looks just like a little China doll with snow white hair."

{Note: At the time of this dream, my mother was 82 years old; was five foot tall; weighed 100 pounds and had snow white hair:}

I'll Take The Train

Dreamer speaks briefly with another student and then decides to follow her mother to their cabin.

But, after crossing about half of the wooden bridge, the dreamer discovers it suddenly drops down sharply and seems to continue far below her in a ravine. In order to follow her mother, she must go down extremely steep steps ... much too steep for her liking. She looks out across the ravine and sees her mother at their cabin on the other side.

How did she ever manage this, the dreamer wonders.

"I'll take the train," she mumbles to herself as she retraces her steps.

The Pink Ticket

The dreamer suddenly finds herself standing in line in a large cafeteria. She still has the pink ticket in her hand and wonders where she can get it exchanged for the right one.

As the dreamer moves through the cafeteria line, someone approaches her and tells her that she must call home immediately because "Mike cannot control the fish. It has flipped out of its tank and turned into ....

{Note: For the life of me, I cannot recall what I called the animal the fish turned into when it left its tank, so for the sake of this writing I shall refer to it as "the fuzzy critter."}

.... the fuzzy critter and is misbehaving something terrible. He cannot control it and you must come and take care of it."

What's Wrong With That man?

The dreamer makes her way toward the train, and mutters to herself .... "What the hell is wrong with that man? All he has to do is keep the damned lid shut on the tank and he will stay a fish. He knows that. Why can I control the "critter" but he can't?"

The Fuzzy Critter

Dreamer then finds herself on a train and thinking about the fuzzy critter.

He is so cute. When in water, he is a beautiful fish .... but when he flips out .... he becomes a black, furry critter that looks like a mixture of Guiana pig, Newfoundland puppy and squirrel!

"I hate to have to tell mom that we have to leave; she was looking forward to this trip so much. Why does everything have to get so messed up? The dreamer thinks as she rides along on the train and looks out the window.

Collision Course

The dreamer suddenly realizes there is another train on the same tracks and there seems to be nowhere to go to avoid a head on collision!

"Oh my God, we are going to crash head on. There are no other tracks ..... what can we do?"

But, to the frantic dreamer's surprise, the engineer doesn't seem to notice the oncoming train and doesn't appear the least concerned.

The dreamer continues to watch the distance between the two trains grow shorter and shorter.

Suddenly a wall of, what appears to be molten lava {as from a volcano} appears a short distance ahead of the train.

To the panicked dreamer's shock and dismay, the lava quickly seperates and cools. And is instantly converted to new tracks for the train to run on! The tracks are about six inches wide and several inches deep.

"Wow! Dad was a railroader most of his life, but I'll bet he never seen any tracks laid like that!" she thought as the two trains whizzed past each other without as much as a notice from the engineer.

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