The Flippin' Fish - #2

Phone Call & Info To A Cop


Bonnie M. Wells


After I had the "Flippin' Fish" dream, I vowed to stop laughing at what I thought were "silly dreams." It seemed every time I thought the dream had no meaning and was unimportant, it was no time at all until I was clobbered over the head with the realization that it was another prophetic dream and that I had best get my butt in gear and find out who needed it. Invariably, it was some cop who had never heard of me ... and who, in all honesty, probably ended up wishing he had never heard of me! My messages were strange, to say the least.

Actually, I'd wondered about the Flippin' Fish dream since I'd had it on April 17th. That was the anniversary of when Wild Bill was arrested in 1994. Anniversary dates continued to play an important role in today's crime world but for some reason no one else seemed to notice.

The TV News said that Cheryl Flippo was murdered on April 29th, 1996.

I just caught the tail end of the announcement .... heard it was not in my immediate area .... and didn't think any more about it for a day or so.

Then, I caught another news report about the murder, and this time I saw the entire broadcast, including the area where the woman had been staying with her husband.

Speaking of husband's ..... sooner or later mine is bound to have a nervous breakdown! Or, he's going to start refusing to be in the same room with me when the news is on!

Even he had to agree that there certainly were a lot of similarities between what was shown on tv and what I'd dreamed only a few nights earlier. My mother and several of my friends saw the report also and all agreed that my dream was important and needed to be sent to the police in the Fayetteville, West Virginia area.

And so ... never being one to disobey my mother, ....

At 12:45 AM, May 2nd, 1996, I was on the telephone talking to a cop in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

The rest of the night was spent typing up the dream and all the info that I'd obtained at that point. Which, looking back, was not a lot. There were many, many things about the Flippo case that I did not know at that time, but which, to my dismay were revealed within the Flippin' Fish dream.

A Letter To Detective Garland Burke:


Detective Garland Burke

Fayette Co. Sheriff's Dept.

P.O.Box 509

Fayetteville, WV 25840

Dear Sir,

As agreed to over the phone, I am sending you a copy of the dream I had and an interpretation of the dream. It is my belief that the dream reveals details concerning a murder case that you are working on. I sincerely hope it is beneficial to you in your work, and helps get the answers that you need.

A copy of this correspondence and enclosed information will be sent to Detective John Winstanley, Washington County Sheriff's Department, Homicide Division, 309 4th Street, Marietta, Ohio 45750 .... and .... Lt. Vernon Castle, Athens County Sheriff's Department, Homicide/Detective Division, 13 West Washington, Suite 100, Athens, Ohio 45701.


Mrs. Bonnie M. Wells

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