The Flippin' Fish - #3

A Dream Pans-Out


Bonnie M. Wells


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Along with the letter that appears in Flippin' Fish # 2, I sent the following list of clues to Detective Burke.

The packet of materials was mailed to Burke on 5-02-96: By the time he received them, Michael Flippo had been arrested for the murder of his wife.

Following this page, I will show the reader some news articles that have appeared in various papers. In these articles, I will highlight the areas that were emphasized within the dream and the clue list that I sent to Burke:

1. My mother's name was Stella Martin: {Stella means "of the heavens or stars."}

2. Martin.....reversed .... Nitram / Nitra .... The Flippo's were from {"Nitro,"} West Virginia:

3. Husband ...Michael / Mike: Name of my {husband as well as Mr. Flippo:}

4. Tracks ....switching tracks; laying new tracks: Michael {Flippo borrowed a vehicle for their trip:}

5. Molten Lava ....indicates red or hot: It was not "hot" weather in April, however,the {car that Michael Flippo borrowed was red!} Molten lava also indicates "fire" and I was shocked to realize how many "fires" the Flippo family had been around! See news clippings for more info:

6. Lava cooling and converting to new tracks .... The red car that Flippo borrowed was a {convertible!}

7. Cabin / Woods / Remote Area / Resort Area: {All of these were 100% correct:} The Flippo's were staying at a {secluded cabin in the heavily wooded area of Babcock State Park in West Virginia.}

8. Wooden walk-way / bridge over valley or ravine: {This was shown on the news:}

9. Head on encounter .... {Cheryl Flippo died of 'head' injuries.}

10. Flippin' Fish ....Dual / Fish = Pisces, which my mother was, and symbol for "Christian" which Michael {Flippo was a preacher}: Flippin = most amazing part of the dream .... better part of victim and suspects last name ....{Flippo} So now we have {Michael Flipp} and of course the word " O "ut.

11. Ticket / color of ticket / wrong ticket ..... 12. Cafeteria .... 13. School / training center ....

14. Call / Mike / police .... {Mike, was able to escape from the cabin they were staying in and go to a nearby phone and call the police.}

15. Tracks / width of tracks .... {car tracks.} And of course, it was car tracks that the police checked out in the Flippo case, not train tracks. However, the vehicle that Mr. Flippo borrowed for their trip had been seen in the park just a day or so before the murder .... thus we see the "approaching train" but on the same set of tracks that my train was on. This was an indication that there would only be {one set of tracks}, and so there was.

16. Going home ... In the dream, I said I hated to tell mom that we had to go home. In reality, the Flippo home (as shown on tv) was constructed of the same pattern and design of bricks as my own home! I was amazed that even {home} was so accurately portrayed through the dream.

17. Date of dream ... The date of the Flippin' Fish dream reminded me of "Bill," ..... and "county cops" since Wild Bill was arrested by the "sheriff's" department on 4-17 (94): In 1996, the {sheriff} of Fayette County, West Virginia was {Bill} Laird.

18. Speak to authorities about my ticket .... Here again, "ticket" indicates something I was concerned about. In reality, it was Michael Flippo who {spoke to authorities just a week or so before Mrs. Flippo was murdered and informed them that he thought he and his wife had a stalker.}

19. Small travel bag / cloth .... I'm not sure about this one, except the Flippo's didn't take much luggage with them for their trip.

20. Slacks / tan, light brown ..... Here again, I do not know what color clothing the Flippo's were wearing. However, I'd venture to guess Mr. Flippo wore light brown/tan pants to the park that day.

21. Speaks with another student .... I speculated that Cheryl Flippo might have spoken to someone at school about her concerns or fears.

22. Dad .... This was a really cute portion of the dream. I thought of my dad who had been a railroader most of his life. Dad passed away in 1994. His birthday was {May 9th ... 509}. The entire time we lived in Little Hocking and we children were growing up, we lived in an area known as {Burke} Hollow: My information was sent to Detective Garland (a "gar" is a fish, by the way!! The cop's name indicates a "fish on land!!){Burke} whose address is {509} Fayetteville, West Virginia!

23. Beautiful fish .... Indicates someone who appears to be a {good, beautiful, mellow, Christian.} Michael Flippo fit the "ticket."

24. Dark, black, bad critter ..... Michael Flippo had {dark, black hair and a beard} and after his arrest as the killer of his wife, a lot of evidence came out that he had been leading a "double life" so to speak, and was perhaps a very {bad critter,} when he was {out of his "tank"} and out of sight of those who should have been watching him a little closer...especially where money matters were concerned.

25. Tank / fish tank .... Well, the "fish tank" for a preacher would naturally be his church. That's where he is "viewed" by church members. That's where he "swims back and forth" in front of them, and where he appears to be most comfortable and "at home."

26. Keep lid shut on tank .... According to news articles, Michael Flippo was in control of every aspect of the church's money matters. This was something many members wished they had been a little more involved in after they learned the disastrous results of his being allowed to {keep the lid closed on church matters.} However, as long as he kept that lid closed, he appeared to be a fine upstanding citizen and above reproach. See news stories for more info.

27. He cannot control it .... This indicates that {Mike cannot control the monster.} I believe this was indicating Michael Flippo.

28. What the hell is wrong with that man? .... Well, after the Flippo case unraveled, it appeared that what was wrong with "that man ....Michael," was perhaps a little jealousy and a lot of greed.

29. Panic increases / lava separates and cools .... There was some indication that Cheryl Flippo tried to defend herself from the crushing blows that someone inflicted upon her as she lay sleeping. Michael Flippo was accused and ultimately convicted of being the person who inflicted those blows. Police said there was evidence that the crime scene had been "staged," or {after the rage killing of his wife, Flippo had calmly and coolly arranged the scene to look as if there had been a break in and both had been attacked. He "left / separated himself from" the crime scene and called police.

30. Tracks / one set of tracks .... This not only indicates that there was only one vehicle involved, but that {Michael Flippo's "tracks" ... finger prints, evidence .... would be the only ones found at the crime scene.}

31. How did things get so messed up, she wonders ..... This indicates that "Mrs. Flippo" was concerned or worried about something that didn't appear right or correct to her. See news clippings for more info:

This pretty much concludes the list of clues that I sent to Detective Garland Burke at the time of Cheryl Flippo's murder.

From what I know now ..... and what I didn't know then ..... the clues were bulls eye strikes as far as identification was concerned.

Later ... when the case was all over, and Michael Flippo had been convicted of the crime, I would again write to Detective Burke, as well as some news papers in the Fayetteville area. Those items will be posted after the news clippings on this case and will appear on page #4d.

I made a promise long ago .... I promised to never forget .... and I shall never forget. And when it is all said and done, neither shall the world ever forget.

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