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The McCrady case, and the attitude of local authorities during the case was one reason that I once again wrote to Detective Burke. The following letter was sent to Detective Garland Burke on October 29th, 1997.

At that same time I sent letters to various news papers in the southern West Virginia area. Those letters {and all responses} will also appear on this page. These letters appear in their entirety in book #16 of Pure Coincidence .... Book title is ... Letters Of Scarlet:}

October 29th, 1997:

Detective Garland Burke

Sheriff's department

P.O. Box 509

Fayetteville, West Virginia 25840

Dear Sir,

I originally contacted you by phone, on or about 12:45 AM, May 2nd, 1996.

I told you of a dream I'd had on 4-17-96 that I believed pertained to the murder case of Mrs. Cheryl Flippo, and I told you at that time I believed the husband (Michael) should be looked at more carefully as a suspect.

The following day I sent you a package of materials containing the dream, interpretation for the dream, and a detailed list of 35 clues within the dream.

There was no response from you, but I am assuming you received the info since it never came back to me.

I patiently awaited the arrest of Mr. Michael Flippo, which happened within hours of my phone call to you.

Then, I followed the case through news paper reports as closely as possible.

Late this month (October 97) I learned that Michael Flippo had been convicted of the murder of his wife.

Now that the case is over, I'd like to ask a favor of you.

If I contact your local news papers and tell them of my psychic work, can I send then to you for verification that I did work the case and send the information to you?

I'm not normally such a petty person detective Burke, but recent events in this area have upset me a great deal. I did an enormous amount of work on a murder case here, and had so many clues ... including name and address of the victim .. that it took several pages to list them all. I was "on the case" two years "before" it occurred, and worked it right into the court room.

And then I sat in silence and watched my work trashed and all credit given to two women who did not work the case, and had actually stolen work that I'd done.

These women received news paper and tv attention while I was ridiculed, criticized, slandered and lied upon. I tried to defend myself by sending a letter to the editor of our local paper, listing the clues I'd sent concerning the case. They printed the letter ... or parts of it. Actually it didn't make much sense when they got through with it, because they removed the entire clue list to the case, as well as the prediction I made at the end of the letter.{By the way, that prediction "panned-out" too!}

I've never thought of myself as a desperate person, and I've always tried to be proud of what little I could contribute to law enforcement in this world, but I'm about to the end of my rope around here. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, it's never good enough to give me credit for but is valuable enough to steal and give to someone else.

I tried to understand when I was told that I wasn't fit to serve as a volunteer with my local sheriff's department because I thought I was psychic, and the sheriff just didn't believe in psychics. I've never had as much as a parking ticket in my entire life. {still true in 2008}

Can you imagine how I felt when their very next murder case was based upon psychic information?

How would you feel if all the foot work and investigation you did in the Flippo case had suddenly been taken away from you and handed to someone who never turned his hands over on the case? How would you feel if you sat in the court room and listened as this same person was given credit for solving the case?

At least you'd still have your paycheck though, wouldn't you? I don't even have that. I've never charged for my assistance, and I'm not looking for glory, but a little credit where credit is due is only common decency and courtesy.

The sad fact is, some of the so called "psychic information" presented in the local case that I'm talking about, actually pertains to yet another murder case! It wasn't bad enough to steal my work, they couldn't understand it enough to make a logical presentation of it in the court room!

I want to congratulate you on the Flippo case, and to remind you that I have also worked the disappearance and murder of Kimberly Agent in your area.

I offered the information once. I'm offering it again. If the case remains unsolved, you might want to consider my assistance. After all, it's free.

Thank you for your time. I will ask the news papers to contact you. I guess what you tell them will determine if they ever come to interview me or not. However, I will give fair warning here and now.

The time comes when I will turn all my information over to the FBI .... and I do intend to write a book someday concerning the cases.


Bonnie M. Wells

{This was not actually the end of my letter to Det. Burke because I went on to make another prediction ..... about an approaching murder case. I will not list that information here because it pertains to another case, but I will say it panned-out just like everything else has! I will list it someday in the "Sandra Stump" story, because that's where it belongs:

Today, I want to say that I received no response to the above letter from Detective Burke. The Kimberly Agent case remains unsolved, and probably always will. And today, I want to say ..... I've now written that book that I talked about writing. It and a couple dozen more. There are 25 books within the Pure Coincidence series. Each contains several cases. On to the letter sent to the news papers.}

The Charleston Gazette & Daily Mail

The Fayetteville Register Herald

The Fayetteville Tribune

October 29th, 1997

Dear Editor,

Please find enclosed a copy of some psychic work I did pertaining to the recent murder case of Mr. Michael Flippo. (Sent all info that had previously been sent to Det. Burke.)

I am a psychic homicide detective who specializes in dream interpretation and other psychic phenomena.

Other cases that I have been involved in and worked based upon dreams have included, but are not limited to ... the O.J. Simpson case, the Sammy Davis case in Parkersburg, WV., the Jackie McCrady case in Marietta, Ohio, and the JonBenet Ramsey case.

I also worked the Una-bomber case and sent information to local detectives telling them to contact the FBI and pass the info on. Whether they did it or not is extremely doubtful, but I have copies of everything sent to them and can show that I named the general area, the wooded location, a man with a bushy beard who was from the mid-west, and even pinpointed the time of year (Easter) when he would be apprehended.

In the case of Lisa Burkhammer (another Marietta murder case) I gave advance warning of the time of year she would be found, described the location and area where she would be found, told the detectives what she would be wearing when found, and how she was killed.....even using the exact words her killer would state when captured!

I also work arson cases .... especially those in which people have lost their lives.

Although my work is predominantly based upon the murders of women and children, I have worked a few cases in which men were the victims.

At this time, it appears those cases involving men are cases that have been considered "accidental," when in fact they were murder.

Most of the dream work that I do is based on the dreams of other people. The Flippo case is an exception. That case was worked from one of my own dreams, and included roughly 35 clues.

I could not attend the trial since it was too far from my home but tried to follow it as closely as possible from tv and news paper articles. I believe most (if not all) of my clues "panned-out" to perfection.

The information was sent to Detective Garland Burke, and I did retain copies of everything. You are welcome to speak with the detective, and you are welcome to call me for an interview if you so desire.

I thank you for your time and consideration.

PS: If you have news paper friends in the Ashland, Kentucky area you might want to tell them they have a murder case coming. I can give details if they are interested.


Bonnie M. Wells

No Response:

There was never any response from any of the news papers that I contacted. Speaks pretty plainly for everyone involved as far as I'm concerned.

PS: The reference to another murder case in which "Ashland" Kentucky would be pinpointed is the same case that I mentioned to Det. Burke. In his letter I also warned of the numbers 6 and 13 / girl-woman / strangled / body moved / dark hair / the initials JD ... could be "jade" as in color or stone/rock / etc.

It appears I missed my "mark" in the case that arose because it did not involve Ashland, Kentucky at all. Instead, it involved a place called "Rock" West Virginia, just a short distance from "Ashland," West Virginia. It was a woman. Her body was moved. The numbers 6 and 13 were both prominent .... and now I know why I sent my warning to people in "West Virginia" instead of "Kentucky"!

2005 Note:

I haven't "bothered" Detective Burke or the West Virginia news papers anymore. I decided it wasn't "their" time that was being wasted. But, in recent years I've noticed that almost every "news paper" in this nation is losing customers, and their circulation has dropped dramatically. Figure I could explain that little phenomena to them - but I won't. I don't buy any of their papers anymore, and never will again, and that includes local papers.

But, beyond this decrease in sales, the past few years has seen a tremendous increase in kidnappings, murders, etc. - although law enforcement would have us believe otherwise! And the incidence in which these cases are being solved has plummeted also. It appears the more snobbish cops and reporters become, the more problems they are having and the fewer people step forward to "help" them - and Lord knows they all need help with everything they do!

Before leaving this story, I want to mention a 2005 murder case in - you got it - Kentucky! The victim's name was Misty Blu Gwinner, and she had a tattoo that said Jaden! Misty was found murdered on April [5th] and another woman was found [six] days later. Neither case has been solved - of course. And, I personally doubt that they will ever be solved, but that's just my opinion, so maybe they will surprise me - for once!

Misty Gwinner's birthday was July 15th - [7-15]. Add those number's folks - 7 plus 1 equals 8: 8 plus 5 equals [13] !!! Amazing, huh?

Misty Blu Gwinner was NOT killed by the same man who murdered Cheryl Flippo, but I won't say the same thing about the murder of Sandra Stump - a case that NO ONE speaks of. No one is interested in. No one cares about. Her killer continues to walk our streets and I'd almost guarantee he's the same man who murdered Misty Blu Gwinner - and all I can think is - I tried to help them. I tried to warn them. Nine years ago, I tried to tell them, and no one cared enough to even answer my letters. So be it.

Today, I don't care enough about them to bother writing a letter to them. Oh I still care about our serial killer, and I still care about our murdered and missing women and girls, but I have very little respect left for those who are paid to report and protect. My experience has been that they are the biggest group of using, taking, conniving, lying, treacherous people on the face of this earth. And I just don't "need" the likes of them in my life, so I choose to ignore them nowadays. I write up my cases - primarily so they can't "steal" my information and give it to some bitch that never done anything to help anyone in her stinking life - and I post my web pages so the people of our nation can read for themselves what has been said and done. If anyone within the news media or law enforcement is interested, then they can read the same pages the rest of the world reads. And if any of them wants to speak directly to me, then arrangements can be made - at my convenience - not theirs.

Bonnie M. Wells

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