Belpre PD Officer

Dave Garvey's

Interview With

Jackie D. McCrady

On 9/23/1996

Presented By

Bonnie M. Wells


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Garvey - Why don't you start with Thursday morning and tell me what has transpired, Walk me through it and tell me what has happened.

McCrady - Thursday morning I was in bed and I heard her take a shower as usual to go to work. I am a dead sleeper and I went back to sleep. And on Thursday, she usually has to be at work by 7:45 a.m. I don't know what time it was, I heard the shower, and went back to sleep. My oldest little boy got me up about 8:00 a.m., went through the whole normal routine -- watched cartoons; fixed breakfast.

I have a 15 month old -- got him up, got him ready for day care. On Tuesday and Thursday I take my 4 year old to St. Marks for preschool.

Garvey - OK

McCrady - My 15 month old goes to Ms. Peggy's house -- do you know where that is?

Garvey - I just heard about that today.

McCrady - My basic daily things, I went on the radio at about noon -- of course I was still sitting in the driveway.

Garvey - You have the oldest one at St. Marks by 9:00 a.m. is that what time school starts?

McCrady - He goes to school from 9:00 till 11:30.

Garvey - What did you do with the little one, did you take the little one; did you then take the little one to Miss Peggy's?

McCrady - I took the little one to Miss Peggy's first, then took the oldest one.

Garvey - Your oldest one is who?

McCrady - Bradley. He has to be there by 9:00 a.m.

Garvey - Between 9:00 and noon what did you do?

McCrady - Washed my car -- it was my first day back out on the road. I had a stroke over the summer and Wednesday was my first night back, but I had to go to Cambridge to qualify for my weapon.

So, from 9:00 til about a little after 11:00 I cleaned up the patrol car and took a shower and was running late, so I ran outside in my underwear and signed on the radio; went back inside and got my uniform on and took off for work.

I worked with Jeff Holbert. He is my partner on the drug team and it was about 1:30 when Cheryl --- a friend of Jenifer's that works at the plant....

Garvey - Cheryl W***?

McCrady - Yes, W***. They live - up Main Street, turn *** at X****, and it's the last house on the right - a gray house with a carport.

Garvey - OK, yea.

McCrady - Their number is 1547; she calls and asks me if Jenifer had stayed home. She thought maybe I was sick again. I told her no, as far as I knew, she went to work. Another thing -- my little boy -- the oldest one, Bradley, was upset because Mommy didn't kiss him goodbye. She always gives him a kiss because he gets up at the crack of dawn to watch cartoons. I asked him if he heard her leave... didn't you ------ . So, I asked Cheryl, I had called Jenifer before I left.... It was about 11:00 .... to see if she wanted me to leave early and eat lunch. She usually eats lunch about noon. I got her voice mail; call in. She never returned the call, so I went to work at noon and at 1:30 Cheryl called and says "where is Jenifer?" I said, "I suppose at work." She advised that she didn't show up. She advised she was supposed to be at a meeting at the Lafayette which I didn't know about .... she said she {Jenifer} didn't show up.

Garvey - Was that through work?

McCrady - Yes, it had to do with work. There was people from work there and they didn't see her. She {Cheryl} could tell you more about the people. That's when I called you guys to go by the house. I tried to call the house. There was no answer. I think {Officer} King went by the house. So, me and Jeff {Holbert} came down, and I went into the house. The first thing I noticed, I had an empty two liter of Pepsi on the kitchen counter. I had drank it that morning; and her wedding rings were laying there -- they still are. I didn't touch them. I didn't even move them.

Garvey - Two of them ... one ... or what?

McCrady - She has a band like this and then she also has a solitaire with a nugget. I started looking around. Her Guicchi bag was missing. It was blue and gray. She has so many clothes but I did notice that all her blue-jeans were gone and her favorite dress, which is a brown and white checkered dress ... is gone. Her Reebok tennis shoes were gone and her watch. I went into the bathroom -- her make-up; clothes; dryer, and some kind of a moisturizer that she put on at night was gone. Her shampoo and conditioner was gone.

Garvey - Would all these items fit inside the Guicchi bag?

McCrady - No, there was another bag missing too. I went upstairs -- we had just went to California and we bought new luggage at JC Penney's Outlet in Columbus. One of those -- the biggest one is missing -- along with the Guicchi bag.

I have looked - searched the house all over to see what else is missing. Nothing of the kids' is missing, and I don't see anything of mine missing.

Garvey - How about photographs?

McCrady - Photographs we took in California are missing.

Garvey - Where are they missing from?

McCrady - They were on the table.

Garvey - Like a coffee table?

McCrady - Well, we have the kitchen table and, my wife is a Longer burger Basket nut, and she has a big Longer burger basket on the table that she puts papers and pictures in. I talked to her friend in California -- Mary, who we visited in California... Her last name is C****. I have been keeping in contact with her every night.

Garvey - How do you spell her name?

McCrady - C****. She also asked me if any pictures were missing and I started to look around, and I noticed the pictures we took in California were missing.

Garvey - What did you take pictures of?

McCrady - The desert. We went to Sea World and to the San Diego Zoo ... why she would take them, I don't know.

Garvey - Scenery type pictures?

McCrady - Yes, I went through the photo albums and I don't see any pictures missing.

Garvey - Any of the kids?

McCrady - No ... of course she had umteen pictures in her purse.

Garvey - Typical mom?

McCrady - Yes. That's about all I see missing. It was about 2:00 in the morning ... I called the Lt. and Sgt. and they came down. I was worried because the car was gone, so we drove around. Sgt. Johnson called me that night about 2:00. I have not slept for about 4 days. He told me to call Belpre {Police Dept} because they found the blazer.

I called the Belpre Police and they said they found it, and I asked them if I could leave it set there tonight, as I don't have any keys. There was only 2. She had one and keeps the other one in her purse.

So, I went down the next day and had Jerry come down. Jerry's Auto ... he unlocked it. I looked through it -- under the seats. Her nurse uniform -- which consists of like burgundy pants and a scrub top, and work shoes were in the back seat. The suitcases were gone; no receipt, the car is all messed up because I went through it. I had Jerry tow it to his place because I couldn't call McClinton's to get the key code. Somehow, Jerry got the key code to it and made keys. Charged me ..... for that ... to make 4 keys.

I have called everyone that she is close to. Another thing that bothers me -- she has a phone book thing -- black that she has all her friends addresses and phone numbers in ----

Garvey - List for me three of her best friends.

McCrady - Mary C****. She is her best friend.

Garvey - Talk to Mary a lot?

McCrady - Yes.

Garvey - Talk to her monthly?

McCrady - Yes.

Garvey - Who is her next best friend?

McCrady - That would be Cheryl W***.

Garvey - And number three?

McCrady - That would be -- well, most of her best friends have moved away. Those two are her best friends.

Garvey - When the day care center is closed, and you want to go out in the evening, who watches the children?

McCrady - Mr. and Mrs. Barrett.

Garvey - How about if they are not available -- your parents?

McCrady - Her and my mother don't get along. We had problems -- what was it - about 2 years ago -- that's where that started from.

We were doing great. That's why this is such a shock. We went to the Yankee Festival with Cheryl W*** and her husband D. She had been wanting a fireplace set with the hooks and all. I paid $300.00 for the damn thing.

There is someone else -- a friend. She got married and moved away. And she saw her in the grocery store. Her name is M******.

Garvey - Was that her first name?

McCrady - Yes, but I don't know her last name.

Garvey - Was she from around here?

McCrady - She used to live -- if you go down Walnut Street, there is a street -- if you turn down it to the left, it dead-ends.

Garvey - 4th street dead-ends -- but it turns.

McCrady - Turns to the right?

Garvey - Yes.

McCrady - That's it then. It was her mother's house, there at the end. She is married so she may not live there now .... She used to live in the apartment up above. I remember she {Jenifer} said that she saw M****** because M****** has a baby that has Down Syndrome.

Garvey - One of the officers relayed about a phone call that she may have received from Pennsylvania?

McCrady - It was -- she had cake decorating class on Tuesday with Cheryl -- so it was either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Garvey - Of last week?

McCrady - Yes, I think it was Wednesday.

Garvey - Was it after her class?

McCrady - Well, her class was on Tuesday from 7 till 9 at J.C. Penney's.

Garvey - So, you think it might have been Wednesday?

McCrady - Had to have been Wednesday -- she was home.

Garvey - Did the call --- {question stopped by Jack}

McCrady - We have Caller-ID. It's in the kitchen. I walked by and saw 412. I don't remember the other numbers. They asked for Jenifer McCrady, so I gave her the phone. She went back to the bedroom and closed the door.

Garvey - Was it a female on the phone?

McCrady - Female. It was a female on the phone.

Garvey - Did they ask for her by first and last name?

McCrady - Yes, which leads me to believe that it was a catalog or someone trying to sell her something.

Garvey - How long was she on the phone?

McCrady - 20 minutes or so.

Garvey - Is that common for her -- when she answers the phone, is it common for her to go in the bedroom?

McCrady - No.

Garvey - Would she talk right out in front of you?

McCrady - Yes.

She did that last week with a phone call. The past week she has been really depressed, not real depressed, but quite. She doesn't like to play Nintendo, but she and my 4 year old play it all the time and I don't remember when it was she sat in there and played it for 5 hours straight.

Another thing that I brought up to -- I think Kapple -- was that I go to counseling. It was Thursday before last -- what it is for, is to help me get through where I had this stroke .... she goes with me. Before that it had been brought up -- see Jenifer has a twin brother. They are both adopted, and then she has an older brother who is adopted .... S***.

Jenifer told me -- October 14th would be our 7th year anniversary -- so we were married about 5 years when she told me that S*** had molested her till she was age 14.

Garvey - How old is S***, do you have any idea?

McCrady - S*** is around -- let's see -- Jenny will be 31 so S*** would be about 32 or 33.

Garvey - Where does he live?

McCrady - L********. I told Jeff about it. I didn't know Jeff knew about it.

Garvey - Who is Jeff?

McCrady - Jeff is her other brother.

Garvey - Where is he?

McCrady - He lives in T****, but he is here.

Garvey - OK, is he older or younger?

McCrady - He is a twin. They don't look alike, but he's her twin. He's a lot bigger.

Garvey - You told that to Jeff?

McCrady - I told that to Jeff --- I told him when we left her. I told him I was sorry that I had to tell him but she made me promise not to tell. The only person she ever told was Mary. He said he suspected it and told S*** if he ever touched her again that he would kill him.

Garvey - -----------

McCrady - No, her parents do not know that.

Garvey - How did this come about? Is this something you just found out about yourself in the past month or two, or what?

McCrady - About what?

Garvey - About her being molested.

McCrady - No, I found out about 2 years ago.

Garvey - Have you guys been talking about it in the last 30 days, or 60 days?

McCrady - Yea, when we went to our last counseling meeting Thursday before last, my counselor more or less focused on her and brought a lot of that out. She broke down in tears, and I thin that was a lot of her being quiet, and being depressed. She said, when she got home that night, that there were other things that S*** did, but right now I can't tell you what he did. I left it at that. I didn't push it.

Garvey - Does she have a relationship with S***?

McCrady - They talk. But, I told her myself, that you don't ever leave my children alone with him. That's what kind of stuns me ..... when she told me, they still have a relationship. They exchange gifts at Christmas.

Garvey - Would be hard to be in the same room with him.

McCrady - Oh, I can't stand the man. When he touches one of my boys, it takes all I've got to hold back, but it's not worth losing my job over.

Garvey - I understand that. One of the officers told me about a conversation that she may have had with someone down by the Redwood Restaurant named P****.

McCrady - Yes, Jenifer used to live in those apartments --- in the far end one when I met her.

Garvey - OK.

McCrady - P***'s husband W*** I believe, they still live in the **** one.

Last night -- me and Jeff, her brother Jeff -- took photo's of Jenifer and went down to the park because of the walkers down there -- to see if they saw the blazer down there or to see if they saw her. Kapple said we probably were not going to see the right ----

Garvey - Yeah, you need to be down there at 7:30 in the morning.

McCrady - P*** had called her.... I think it was Wednesday.

Garvey - Wednesday before she disappeared?

McCrady - I think it was Wednesday. They talked for a long time.... at least an hour. So I went to see W****, P***'s ex-husband. She up and left him and got married. She lives over --- well, I've got her phone number at the house if you want it. It's somewhere over in Washington because it's a 863 number.

Garvey - Was that a casual conversation? Was she sitting in the living room talking?

McCrady - No, she went to the bedroom .... and it's very rare that P*** calls her. They used to work together at a store in the mall. I went to W***'s house yesterday. He got P*** on the phone and I talked to her ..... I said, "P***, I know you talked to her {Jenifer} the other night. Did she say anything to you? Is there something that I am doing wrong?" She said no, that "all we talked about was you having the stroke." And that she {Jenifer} was worried about me. She said that was basically all they talked about.

P*** called me last night, asked if I found her passport, because when Jenifer graduated from nursing school, her parents sent her to Europe for her graduation present. That was in June of -----. I have searched the house -- I haven't seen it, but that doesn't mean it's not there. It's hard to tell where it was. She told me that Jenifer really wanted to go to Greece. She {Jenifer} has told me that she would love to take me to Greece. I would not know where to begin to look for it {the passport.}

I have called all the people that I can think of. I even called Rich Oil -- that is where she buys her cigarettes. I checked there to see if she had been in to buy any cigarettes.

Garvey - Did she take any medicine?

McCrady - That was another thing that was missing -- her sinus medicine.

Garvey - Do you know what kind that is?

McCrady - Intex.

Garvey - Intex?

McCrady - Yea, Intex.

Garvey - Which doctor?

McCrady - Dr. C*****, well, I don't know if Dr. E**** prescribed it or not. Dr. C**** E**** is her doctor now.

Garvey - Where does she get that filled?

McCrady - Fruith. That's where we get all our medicine.

Garvey - Does she have to have it?

McCrady - Well, it helps her sinus headaches.

Garvey - Was the bottle missing from the house -- was that the new one, you think?

McCrady - I don't know --- she does take birth control also.

Garvey - Does she have any other problems?

McCrady - She had a menstrual cycle two weeks ago, and was complaining about cramps in her stomach. Other than that -- I don't know.

Garvey - You guys been recently talking about having any more kids?

McCrady - I told her I would like to have another child -- to try to have a little girl. She didn't want to. Back in 1993 she had an abortion because we were ----- and felt like it was an accident, so we went to Charleston and got her an abortion. She brought that up a couple of weeks ago. She said that could of been our little girl right then.

Garvey - Does she blame you for that?

McCrady - I think in some ways she does, and in some ways I feel it is my fault that she did have the abortion because I didn't want the child. I didn't feel like it was a good time to have a child. No body knows about this ...... her parents ..... no one.

Garvey - Do you think because you are both Catholic, do you think she is having an affair? {PS: NOTE: Jackie was not Catholic, but Jenifer was.}

McCrady - I haven't seen any indication. I was home all summer.

Garvey - Before your stroke, did you work the noon till eight shift?

McCrady - I was working the 2 till 10 shift.

Garvey - Would you stop by for dinner?

McCrady - Me and Jeff {his partner} would usually eat somewhere.

Garvey - Back while you were home in the summer, is there anything that stands out that might lead you to believe that she had a boyfriend?

McCrady - Ummm?

Garvey - Did she go to the park and walk or go bike riding or go to an exercise class? I am trying to think of a reason for her to get out of the house.

McCrady - She would go to nurses meetings.

Garvey - In the evening?

McCrady - Yes.

Garvey - Would that be through work?

McCrady - Yes, in fact she was supposed to have one Thursday night. I was working noon till eight. Cheryl was going to babysit the kids because her Mom and dad were going out to dinner.

Garvey - If you were working noon to eight, and Jenifer was at work, how would Cheryl get the kids? Would she go to Miss Peggy's and pick the kids up?

McCrady - No, I didn't even know Cheryl was going to watch them till Thursday, no, Wednesday -- the day before. Jenifer was going to pick the boys up and take them to Cheryl and then go to the meeting.

Garvey - Tell me about the money deal. King told me there was some money missing.

McCrady - Yea, she had $4,000.00 -- well, almost $4,000.00 hid in a closet. I found it accidentally. It was where we keep our deeds and titles, and I was thinking about selling the 68 Mustang. I looked for the title and found it in the pocketbook.

Garvey - When did you find it, during the summer?

McCrady - Yea, during the summer. I asked her -- "what is this?" and she said well, we are going to --- well her dad gave me an old junkie tractor that doesn't run -- she was going to use that to fix the tractor. Of course, when I saw all the stuff missing, I figured the money was missing too.

Garvey - How was the money?

McCrady - Hundred's; fifty's; some twenty's -- there might have been a couple of fives.

Garvey - When you get paid, what do you do with your check?

McCrady - I give it to her and she puts it in the bank. In fact, if I signed my check right now they would think it's forged!

Garvey - How about hers?

McCrady - Her check gets direct deposit, so I never see her check. She takes care of all the bills, in fact, she paid bills.

Garvey - Are you the kind of guy that goes around the house, do you know where the checkbook is? I would like to go buy something ....

McCrady - Yea, I don't even buy shirts. Usually she goes out and buys my clothes.

Garvey - So, it would be easy for her, over a period, to bank and save some money?

McCrady - Yea, I had to search to find checks. She paid all the bills. She would sit down and write all the bills, and give them to me and I would take them to the post office.

Garvey - Do you have a savings account?

McCrady - I have a credit union. She may have one also.

Garvey - Strikes me odd that she would keep $4000.00. That doesn't strike me odd, but ----

McCrady - Well, I saved up twelve hundred dollars for our trip to California.

Garvey - Does it seem odd that she would save $4,000.00 to fix your tractor?

McCrady - Yea, I didn't believe her.

Garvey - From the time she told you until her disappearance, did you check to see if the money was there?

McCrady -No.

Garvey - You guys have a cell phone?

McCrady - Yea, it's usually in her car, but she didn't charge it up so I took it out and plugged it up to charge it.

Garvey - How long has it been since she has been without it?

McCrady - I found it was dead Saturday, so Sunday I plugged it in.

Garvey - Who is the carry company?

McCrady - Cell One.

Garvey - Do you know the number for the cell phone?

McCrady - It's 350-0**0

Garvey - I just wanted to see if there was any odd phone calls on it.

McCrady - That is the only bill that I look at each month.

Garvey - Is it usually over the deal you have set up, like a certain amount each month?

McCrady - It's $19.00 a month for 20 minutes of air time. When Kapple came up to get the credit card slips I looked at the cell phone bill; the recent one. There was calls to her Mom and to the house and to Linda S*** who she deals with on baskets. She sells baskets.

Garvey - Is that the one on ---

McCrady - She lives at Lowell.

Garvey - There was a woman on top of L** Street there .... does she make those baskets?

McCrady - Yea, those are not Longer burger baskets. In fact, I let her buy a $140.00 basket there about a month ago. In fact, I talked to Steve W*** .... his wife sells these baskets .... because her birthday is December 4, and every birthday I buy her a Christmas basket, and this year I was going to buy her a Longer burger purse. She had been wanting one of those. When I saw Steve Wednesday at training, I asked him if he could have his wife get me the information on .....

None of this makes any sense .....

Garvey - Tell me about it.

McCrady - We were doing good as far as I knew, we were doing good. I mean she hasn't even called to check on her 15 month old son and her 4 year old son. I just want to hear that she is alright.

Garvey - She has written down on her calender at work for a hearing next Thursday at Zanesville.

McCrady - That's my workman's comp hearing, because comp. denied my thing so I have to go up there Thursday.

Garvey - Were you going to have lunch with her Thursday -- or were you going to try to have lunch with her?

McCrady - This past Thursday, yes.

Garvey - Was this pre-planned?

McCrady - No, I called to see if she wanted to have lunch. I got her voice mail, or whatever you call it.

Garvey - Have you guys ever rented any cars?

McCrady - No.

Garvey - Never had yours in the shop?

McCrady - I just had hers in the shop but we didn't rent a car.

Garvey - A lot of times people use the deal when they fly --- to like California. You flew Delta?

McCrady - Yes.

Garvey - I called Delta because a lot of times to see because people will use the same deal. Like if you had rented a car in the past like 3-4 times you always went to the same car rental place -- sometimes in the heat if you decide I am getting out of town you decide to go back to the same company.

McCrady - We never rented a car when we went to California. They drove us around.

Garvey - Do you have an answering machine at the house?

McCrady -Yes, I never use it.

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