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The following article was sent to me: It has no date on it, but judging by the "age" of Rudolph .... as given in the article, I'm guessing it appeared in our news papers sometime in 1999:

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Psychic: Abilities Not Rare


Brett Dunlap / staff writer

People should not be afraid of the word "psychic," Georgia Rudolph says.

Rudolph, {51}, has been working for over 12 years to give people unique views of themselves and their places in the world. /BMW/ Rudolph's birth date - October 13th, 1948:

Just recently, she completed a book entitled ... *** "Yesterday Lives Forever," ... documenting her search for her past life, which revolves around a 12-year-old girl who lived near Newport at the turn of the century. /BMW/ Okay.... here's the same book "recently finished" again! Year in and year out, this same book is just recently completed. This is 2004 and no one that has contacted me has ever been able to locate this "recently finished" book! Another thing that strikes me as odd, is the number of times that Sandra Jenkins is referred to by various news reporters as a "12-year-old girl." It's my understanding that Jenkins committed suicide at the age of 19, so why isn't she referred to as a 19-year-old young woman?

Rudolph is a familiar face to many in this area. Her initial tips helped police find the body of Jenifer McCrady in the fall of 1996, which led to the arrest and murder conviction of the victim's husband, former Ohio state trooper Jackie D. McCrady. /BMW/ Well, here we are, at least 3 years past the McCrady case and finally a reporter says that Georgia Rudolph is a "familiar face" to many in this area.

The 30-year-old mother of two died from a single gunshot wound to the head and was found in a shallow grave near Little Hocking. /BMW/ Well, we're back to the "near Little Hocking" BS of earlier days. Jenifer's body was within sight of our grade school! She most assuredly was "in" Little Hocking, not "near" it. All this does is convince me that reporters and cops alike are trying to discredit one more piece of "my information" - information that was sent to Detective John Winstanley in 'advance' of Jenifer McCrady's disappearance. I said, "The killer is coming into Little Hocking John, he's coming right at me. I can feel his presence in Little Hocking. He will kill again, probably this month [September of 1996] if you don't stop him. Please get me some help out here." / Of course there was no response, no help, only typical silence, and approximately nine days after I sent this info to Winstanley Jenifer McCrady disappeared. Twelve days later she was found right here [in] Little Hocking, just like I said. One of the first things I noticed about the news coverage of the case was how everyone just kept repeating ...."near Little Hocking."

Rudolph now makes her living doing personal readings. /BMW/ Here we are again, a woman who says she is not a "card reader" is actually "making a living" from doing personal readings!

She has been living in Parkersburg recently while doing research on a number of projects, and plans to return soon to her long-time residence in Pittsburgh. /BMW/ This article was done {I estimate, according to the age given for Rudolph} in 1999. This is the year 2010, and ...... the woman is still "living in Parkersburg," and has moved two or three times ..... but never back to her "Pittsburgh" residence! / In one article, either on this page or page one, the reporter says Rudolph moved to Parkersburg to research her book .... the same one that was "recently finished" half a dozen times in half a dozen years now!!! Now, this reporter says she is doing research "on a number of projects." If she is making a living from personal readings, I don't see how she has time to do anything else!

For as long as she can, she said, she has always had a psychic ability which allowed her insight into the lives of other people. /BMW/ Yeah, and telephones and Marietta gossip boxes don't hurt none either!

"I have always been this way," she said. "I didn't just wake up one morning and decide I was going to go out there and be a psychic. I was born this way." /BMW/ Must have been a mighty slow thinker, because no one ever heard of her until the Unsolved Mysteries show of 1991, and actually I've seen no evidence of "psychic abilities .... much less dream identification & interpretation abilities.... prior to that show. / I guess I did say, many times that I was "born this way," ..... anyone who is interested can check out "The Early Years," .. one of the books in my Pure Coincidence series. There are numerous "examples of my abilities" documented on this web site, the first beginning when I was less than 2 years old. Many can be read from The Early Years. Others can be found sprinkled throughout the book series.

Rudolph was adopted at age 5 after spending most of her life in a children's home and a number of different foster homes. She grew up around Columbus and Medina Ohio. /BMW/ Columbus Ohio is only a 2 hour drive from Marietta, and Medina is even less.

"When my parents got me, they thought they were getting this nice kid who was going to fit in nicely with their family and there I am talking to people they can't see," Rudolph said. "They had a real hard time with it." /BMW/ I've known of some people who "talked to people that no one else could see." The doctors said they were schizophrenic!

Early on, Rudolph drew pictures of a house and told her parents it was the house she used to live in, as well as pictures of a girl she said she used to be. /BMW/ I believe this is the first reference to Rudolph drawing pictures as a child of "a girl that she used to be." The article directly following this one reports an entirely different account ... why am I not surprised? ....Quoting from article below.... "As an adopted child, Georgia often drew pictures of the house she used to live in. Her adoptive family assumed it was a house of her early childhood. The name Marietta seemed to go with the house. / Standing by the river, she was flooded with memories of paddle boats and captains, her head filled with faces and names she had never known before. 'I didn't understand what was happening to me. It was frightening.' / She returned to Marietta and started researching old census reports from the 1800's. 'I found the names I remembered and traced them. Finally, I had to go meet the family descendants. We drove to their house. It was the house I have been drawing my whole life. They gave her a picture of Sandra taken in 1908. 'She looks like me. I even wear my hair the way she did.'/end quote / /BMW/ This trip to Marietta occurred when Rudolph was an adult .... in her 30's, or so she claims. From this report, it does not sound as if she was the least bit familiar with what Sandra Jenkins looked like. Strange how the story just keeps changing ..... ever so slightly ..... but always changing. / Sandra Jenkins was reportedly born in 1895 or 1896....depending on which story you want to believe. Regardless, in a picture taken in 1908, the girl would have been 12 or 13 years old. What 12 or 13 year old kid, back in the early 1900's looked like, and wore their hair like a 36 year old woman in today's world? My mother, who was born in 1914, ... the very year that Sandra {Cassandra } supposedly committed suicide certainly did not look like an adult woman when she was a twelve year old kid .... and yes, I do have pictures of her at that age. / Little bit of background info here ... Nancy Truesdal; Born May 6th, 1863; Married, James A. Jenkins; their children were - 1. Julia Jenkins; 2. Casssandra Jean Jenkins:

Her adoptive parents believed these incidents were the product of the overactive imagination of an impressionable little girl who had been passed between a number of homes during her short life, she said. They did not try to dissuade her.

The drawings were the beginning of her search for a connection to her previous life.

It was her adoptive grandmother, Lucille Smith, who was the first one who actually pointed out Rudolph's psychic abilities.

"She saw it in me," Rudolph said. "I was 10 years old and I was sitting on the porch with her one day and she said, 'I'm not going to be here forever and I want to talk to you about something serious. You know you are different."' Rudolph said she replied, "Yes, I know -- I'm adopted."

Her grandmother said, 'You have a special gift and one day you will discover what I am talking about. It is important for you to never allow anyone to make you feel different or strange or bad over this.'"

"At 10, I had no earthly idea what she was talking about," Rudolph said. /BMW/ Thought she was 'born this way' and had been having 'visions'; 'hearing voices'; pointing to people's chests and telling them they had something wrong with their heart when she was 5 years old; seeing houses and people she didn't know since she was an infant .... well, at least since she was 5 years old .... so why didn't she have any earthly idea what her grandmother was talking about when she was 10 years old? I knew what my grandmother, and mother, were talking about when they talked to me about some of the things I did when I was just a little kid .... I mean like 4 and 5 years old! / Please see "My Daddy" in Pure Coincidence Book No. 1 - The Early Years. See if this statement about a 'special gift' isn't almost a word for word quote! I told this story at a metaphysics meeting in Marietta, Ohio back in 1994./ You know, I've said this before, but I'm going to say it again .... only a complete moron steals from me...especially things that I have written well in advance of the theft. And I don't know how bad off the moron would have to be to bring the stolen things right into my home area and solicit the assistance of news reporters to flaunt it before my eyes.

It was around the age of 22 that Rudolph realized she should use her abilities.

"Up until that time I knew what it was, but I was like so many young psychics. I was afraid of it." she said of being able to tell when someone was going to die.

"I was like others in saying, 'I don't want this. I don't want this,'" she added.

Rudolph was educated as a nurse and had done a lot of work with pregnant women. She was able to tell if someone was with child and knew whether the baby was going to be a boy or a girl.

One day a woman came into the doctor's office where Rudolph worked, complaining of pain around her lower abdomen. The doctor diagnosed the problem as a cyst on one of her ovaries and was about to send her home when Rudolph sensed something else. She convinced the doctor to run more tests on the woman's appendix, which turned out to be inflamed and about to burst.

"If he would have sent her home, she probably would have died," Rudolph said. /BMW/ What nurse out there could not tell a similar story? My own mother was no nurse, but I recall the time that Dad came home from work and Mom informed him that he had to take my brother Charlie back to town, and to the hospital because his appendix was about to burst! Like I said, Mom was no nurse, but Dad immediately headed for the hospital with Charlie. And it's a real good thing he did because by the time they got there, Charlie's appendix had indeed ruptured/burst, and he was rushed into emergency surgery. This happened at Camden Clark Hospital in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and Charlie still carries the scar .... in case anyone wants to "verify" my word.

In the years after that, she said, the doctors learned to listen to her "gut feelings."

Rudolph explained psychic powers as such:each and every person has his or her own aura, like a force field around the body. Each person's aura vibrates in a specific pattern, which Rudolph says she is able to "tune in" to. The vibration pattern of someone's aura is different when he or she is ill, she said.

"You are not going to hear it. I am not going to hear it. I am going to feel it. It is a knowledge that comes from inside," she said of her special sense.

Rudolph said she believes everyone is born psychic.

"Everyone has these abilities," she said. /BMW/ So why did her grandmother tell her she had a special gift?

"I liken sensitivity to an open window with a shutter or a blind. When we come, we come in a pure form; that window is open. As we grow up, some of us close that blind a little, halfway or completely."

"Mine was left open," she said./BMW/ So was this before or after she was saying...."I don't want this. I don't want this?"

With the Jenifer McCrady murder, Rudolph was told the police were originally looking for a missing person.

"I told them Jenifer did not feel alive," she said. "She felt 'in spirit.' I told the police the reason they could not find this woman. She was not alive." /BMW/ Duh .... ya mean we can only find 'em if they are 'alive'??? Golly gee ...

The information she provided the police was not a true vision, but something she saw through her mind's eye, Rudolph said. /BMW/ Another new version:

In addition to the McCrady case, Rudolph has done work with police departments in Chicago and Pittsburgh as well as other agencies in New Jersey, Indiana and Georgia. In Ohio she has worked with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department and a number of agencies in Washington County:

In Chicago, a female officer approached her about a particular case.

The officer's daughter had been attacked and raped the night before. Rudolph said the police would catch the man either right in the act or right after and they would catch him soon. Although the daughter could not remember what her attacker looked like, Rudolph said she was able to describe him and knew his name was Jerry. The next morning she got a phone call from the officer. Police believed they had caught the culprit and she was going with her daughter to a lineup. The man eventually was convicted of the crime. /BMW/ Well, I'm going to ask another stupid question here ... If a person cannot remember what her attacker looked like, then what good would it do to go to a lineup? And was his name Jerry? Strange that she didn't brag that she was correct about his name. Oh well, probably an oversight on the reporters part.

Rudolph never takes any money in return for her work with police. She said it is her way of being able to give something back. /BMW/ I've never heard of any police departments that ever paid anyone .... unless the person was a well known drug addict, hooker or other habitual criminal! They will pay them, but not an honest citizen.

Over the years Rudolph has met with some skepticism.

"Whether in a church or organization, people are where they are supposed to be," she said. "If that is their viewpoint, I am not going to knock my head against the wall and try to change it."

"The best way I can make them understand true psychic sensitivity is to present myself in a way the good Lord would want me to. I know there is a reason for me to use this."

Rudolph said she will never do anything wrong with her abilities and does not engage in the "boogie-woogie." She does not use chicken bones or dance around in the moonlight. /BMW/ Does not engage in the "boogie-woogie"??? What is she talking about now? Witchcraft? Wonder why she didn't just say she didn't engage in witchcraft??

"When I sit down to do a private reading or working on a case, I keep in mind that I am responsible for the soul of that person and for myself," she said. /BMW/ Oh boy .... "responsible for the soul of the person she is 'reading' for?? Good lands .... not even the Pope is "responsible for the souls of the people who come to him!"

She averages about 60-70 readings a month. She insists people record their readings, as her predictions cover a three to five year time frame./BMW/ The last account I had of Rudolph, she was charging $35.00 per reading {and yes, she was reading Tarot cards}. Let's see ..... 35 x 60 would be $2,150.00 per month. Not bad. 70 x 35 would be $2,450.00 per month. That's even better. No wonder she doesn't charge for her help. Hell, her taxes alone could be used as a reward fund! Then again, perhaps she is exempt from paying taxes .... hum, I wonder! [2006 note: I was recently informed that Rudolph demands 200.00 per hour to do 'over the phone' work on missing person cases, and yes, I remember who told me, and am sure the person will verify this if need be!!!]

[I do not say if they are going to die] / See: Snapping Green Beans section of page one; done in yellow: / or if someone in their family is going to die," Rudolph said. /BMW/[2006 note: Please see the following email before we go any further with this interview:


Ms. Wells,

You don't know me but I have a question. I saw on the computer a story where you and Georgia Rudolph made two different predictions about a murder case. Well I got a reading from her that said my mother's life will be over in a relatively short time. I am distressed about it, and would like to know if you think she is not accurate or could tell me of any other past mistakes, or someone who would know.

I greatly appreciate your comment, God bless and thanks.



Back to the above interview:

"I believe we come into this earth for a reason. Those things are between you and your maker. I won't touch it." /BMW/ Well so much for prevention. Me? Oh I'm not nearly as 'sensitive' as Rudolph. If I could have found a cop to work with, and to listen to me; and if I'd been given the information that there was a Belpre cop who was a highway patrol officer who had a nurse wife, who was the daughter of my veterinarian; a cop who was once the partner of the very trooper that took Wild Bill's ass down when he ran that stop sign back in 93, you can bet your bottom dollar I would have been knocking on the doors of Jackie and Jenifer McCrady, Doctor and Mrs. Barrett; Mr. and Mrs. McCrady (Sr.), and anyone else that I could have laid my hands on. I would personally have gone to each one and warned them of what was approaching. God knows I tried anyway. I thought that's what I was doing when I sent the information to the Washington County Sheriff's Department. I honestly thought that's what I was doing. Now I learn that while they snickered and sneered, called me crazy and said they didn't believe in 'psychics," and snubbed their noses at me, they worked with Rudolph repeatedly: But I'll tell you this here and now, this "don't tell" policy must be fairly new for Rudolph because there are stories on one of these three pages in which she tells of going up to a gray haired man when she was but five years old and pointing at his chest and telling him he was going to die {see page one / Snapping Green Beans section}. And I remember her pointing to a woman driving across the Shoney's parking lot one night and saying .... "See that woman, she'll be dead in a month. She's going to be murdered." I never done anything like that myself. There have been a few instances in which I knew that people close to me were going to have a heart attack and possibly die. I went to those people each time and expressed my concern over their health. I would never stand in silence if I knew something was going to happen to someone ....anyone....even a stranger. I'm not responsible for their souls ..... or their lives ..... but if God sees fit to give me the warning, he knows me well enough to know I'll certainly pass it on. Always have .... always will.

"You need to concentrate on the positive aspects of life. I teach people to use their abilities to the fullest."

From time to time if she senses something, she will tell people she used to be a nurse, that she sees signs of potential problems and will suggest they go to a doctor.

Rudolph says going to a psychic should be like going to a doctor or a lawyer: potential clients should check them out first. /BMW/ I'll certainly second that! And if you can't 'check them out' first, well, just keep watching them later, see if they are a person of their word. If not, run, and don't contribute to their filthy lies by giving them your money.

"Check out their record, their accuracy and their background," she said. "Just don't go because someone said they are psychic."

Rudolph invites people to check her background with the documented police cases she helped with as well as research with Duke University and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

She warns to avoid so-called psychics who try to pick lottery numbers.

"If they give you numbers, get up and run," Rudolph said. "If we could pick lotto numbers, we wouldn't be working."

Over the years, Rudolph never forgot the images she was drawing as a child. Through continuing dreams she saw places she had not been, but were very familiar to her, walking down a particular path or in a graveyard.

At that point she had never been to Marietta, but the name was always in her mind. She never asked about anything until she was 30, when she was diagnosed with epilepsy.

Rudolph met with her natural mother, Rose, and found out that she had spent two years in jail for beating on her, causing Rudolph's condition.

Rudolph also found out she had five sisters. / BMW / One of which is in Texas! One of which is named GLORIA!! Oh yeah.... the plot thickens.]

"I asked them all if they knew someone named Marietta," she said, at one time believing it was her mother's name.

"No one knew. I woke up one morning and realized it was a place, not a person. I knew it was in Ohio, because I have never left the state as a child."

She found the city, traveled there and began searching for familiar landmarks.

"I thought, 'I have been here before,'" she said. "I didn't believe in reincarnation. It wasn't me trying to prove it. I started researching and finding things."

She found connections to a riverboat captain named Tom Green, his family and to a 12-year-old girl to which the Green family was related. /BMW/ Charles H. Green married Temyrous Truesdale; their children were - John; James; Martha; Charles & Luther [twins]; Nancy and Nellie: Nancy Green married James A. Jenkins: The "twelve year old girl's mother was Nancy Green-Jenkins, that's how the family was "related."

Rudolph went to a hypno-therapist. Through her sessions, she regressed back to the time she was adopted, in the foster homes, the children's home and even before.

Eventually, she said her name was Sandra Jenkins, and she lived on a farm near Marietta, Ohio. Her birthday was May 7th, [1894] and her parents names were James and Nancy "Nannie" Jenkins.

My birthday is [ October 15,] Rudolph said. "It scared me. I said 'I am nuts, put me in the hospital.' A few more tests were done and they determined there was nothing wrong with me."

She continued to see other therapists from Duke University and other places, going under hypnosis to attempt to unearth more information.

"When I came out of it I still didn't know what to believe," she said.

Finally, she got to see a picture of Jenkins.

"It was me looking back at me," she said of the girl, who she claims looks exactly the way she did at that age. /BMW/ This has changed slightly since the last article I read in which she talked about this picture. In that one she stated 'I even wear my hair like she did,' which indicates present tense. Now she has introduced the "age" thing and says they looked alike when she was the girl in the picture's age .... which was somewhere between 9 and 13....depending on which year you want to believe the girl was born in. I believe we now have 1894, 1895 and 1896:

Her research into this life is detailed in her book and was the subject of a segment on television's "Unsolved Mysteries."

Rudolph said the soul has the ability to move between time and space. When people die they return to the energy force from which everything comes. Each time we return, we have other pieces of that energy in new life.

"I hate the term 'new age.' I prefer to think of it as 'old age' as God intended us to rely on our instincts," she said. "We all come from the same supreme energy force. We have to give each other the same respect we would give that supreme energy because what you are dealing with is the physical representation of that energy.

"I think that people in this world can look inside themselves and understand that we are all a part of the same universe." /BMW/ That's certainly an astute observation and conclusion .... we're all part of the same universe. Wow, that's amazing.

A Woman's View / Vol. 1, Issue 9 / December 2001:

BMW Note: This is a small, pamphlet type news paper, very much like the Washington County News that I once wrote for: It is distributed free of charge to several businesses in our area: My comments will appear in "pink" so as not to be confused as part of the article:

Yesterday, Today And Forever


Pat Lawrence

Some people live in the past, some live only for the present and others live for the future. Georgia Rudolph has a life in each of them.

She is a psychic. It wasn't what she wanted to be, but as Georgia knows, times change.

As an adopted child, Georgia often drew pictures of the house she used to live in. Her adoptive family assumed it was a house of her early childhood. The name Marietta seemed to go with the house.

Georgia thought it was her mother's name. Growing up near Columbus {Ohio}, she went to nursing school in Cleveland, [Ohio] then married and moved to [ Houston, Texas,] where she worked for 18 years as a labor and delivery nurse.

Diagnosed in her late thirties with a form of epilepsy, doctors could not tell her if the condition was genetic or caused by early abuse.

Because she had been adopted at five, Georgia had no medical history of her mother or father. She began a search for her biological parents, for her grand children's sake.

Georgia found her genetic mother in [Ohio] and learned ...'I am the youngest of six girls.'

Georgia had been one too many for the woman whose name was Rose. 'I asked her who Marietta was and why I remembered the name. She didn't know. Back home in [Houston], I woke up one morning thinking, "It's a place, not a person. I found it on the map. I had to find out why it felt so important to me."/ BMW / Wonder how many cities there are in the United States named Marietta? A five minute search on the computer revealed ... Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and Oklahoma: There may be dozens more, for all I know. / So, she came to Marietta [Ohio.]

Standing by the river, she was flooded with memories of paddle boats and captains, her head filled with faces and names she had never known before. 'I didn't understand what was happening to me. It was frightening.'

Back in Houston, friends suggested a hypnotist. 'They said I might be remembering a past life. I told them I didn't believe in that.' But, with no other ideas and a growing sense of urgency, she made an appointment. 'Under hypnosis, I became Sandra Jenkins. I was twelve, born in [*1894,] and I told him all about my favorite cousin, the steamship captain, and my life in Marietta.'

Disturbed by the assurance of her remarks, the hypnotist sent her to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation and testing. She was referred to a psychic researcher from Duke University. Under hypnosis again, she gave the researcher the names and dates of Sandra Jenkins. 'I relived her life and her death at 19.'

She returned to Marietta and started researching old census reports from the 1800's. 'I found the names I remembered and traced them. Finally, I had to go meet the family descendants. We drove to their house. It was the [house I have been drawing] my whole life.

They gave her a picture of Sandra taken in 1908. 'She looks like me. I even wear my hair the way she did.

Georgia has stood over her grave, the grave of an unmarried young woman, who took her own life and that of her unborn child.

Georgia's story was featured on television's Unsolved Mysteries in 1991. 'It is the first time we have the memories, the pictures and the records that support it all.' Her journey of self discovery is the subject of her recently completed book - Yesterday Lives Forever. / BMW / Keep in mind, this is a 2001 interview. She had just completed her book at that time: Just remember this:

In the book, she presents the careful research, interviews and documents that proved to her that she was Sandra Jenkins. /BMW/ Oh really? Well, it's posted in its entirety on my web site as of September 2006, so you all just go on over to that page and see for yourself what Georgia has to say! What A Book It Is!

Getting there changed her life. 'I always had a kind of knowing about things, like if a baby was a boy or girl, or if a patient had something minor or acute appendicitis. I used it a lot when I was a nurse, but I had it when I was a child, too. It wasn't something to mention, it was just there, the sixth sense.

Georgia says following the road to Marietta, forced her to accept that what she had was more than intuition. "There were so many times that I was terrified. I tried to find scientific reasons for what was happening. I couldn't. / BMW / Sounds like paranoia to me!

Georgia moved to Parkersburg {West Virginia - just across the river from Belpre/Marietta, Ohio} to finish the research and write her book. She has come to terms with her gift and her previous life. Her psychic abilities have helped solve crimes across the country and her work with the police on the McCrady case brought her national attention.

"I was in Pittsburgh when they called about a missing woman in a case that had no clues. I told them she had been killed, shot in the head by a man called Jack who was a cop. I didn't know where she was, but I told them how to get there."

Jack McCrady, a state highway patrolman, was convicted, his wife's body found where Georgia said it would be. / "Jack" McCrady is the father of the man convicted. His son's name is not Jack. It is Jackie. Jack McCrady 'was' a cop in Parkersburg before he retired.

She helped the sheriff of Monroe County solve a case that had bothered him for 16 years. Speculation was that the missing young woman had gone with a Hare Krishna group. The sheriff didn't buy it. Georgia told him ... "Her husband killed her," and drew a picture of where she died. The man confessed and was convicted. / BMW / I still have a copy of the letter I sent to the sheriff on this case. The woman disappeared from a shopping mall; her husband's name was Chris; and I told the sheriff he murdered her!

Georgia thinks everyone has psychic ability, "like a window - some people leave it open a little, some slam it shut, some can leave it wide open. I believe God intended us to have these gifts and man has lost them."

Georgia has never accepted any reward for her help in solving crimes, but she does personal readings almost every day. She talks with clients about spiritual, emotional and physical issues, telling them ... "I'm a psychic, 'not a card reader.' I don't take your hand. I can't tell you what to do, but I can show you what is there." / BMW / She does "readings" every day, but she's not a card "reader" ?? What the hell is she reading? I know entirely too many people who have gone to her for "card readings," so she might as well hang this bullshit on the first nail she comes to and leave it there. Check out my guest book; read the comments section.

She seems to have special insight into health issues, which may have led her to nursing in the first place. / BMW / There are several nurses in my family. They too seem to have "special insight into health issues," and none of them are "psychic!" You don't suppose 4 years of nursing school and then 18 years of practicing nursing has anything what so ever to do with her "special insight," do you?

She doesn't help other people find their past lives because, she says ruefully, "I'm not very good at it." But, she knows that "You reap what you sow. In her lifetime, Sandra Jenkins was self serving and egotistical. I have to be especially sensitive and helpful in this life to make up for it." / BMW / Sandra Jenkins was a kid .... living in a time when illegitimate babies were a disgrace to the entire family. A time when there was no "welfare system" to 'support, encourage and educate' them at taxpayer's expense. I can only imagine the despair and heartache Sandra Jenkins suffered; how depressed she must have been in order to take her own life. But I sure hope Rudolph is right about a person reaping what they sow ..... yes sir, I sure hope she is right.

She believes that "not being able to remember past lives is protective, so that we can concentrate on living this one."

"The body is important, but the soul goes on forever." / BMW / Not exactly what my Bible tells me. Sounds more like what the serpent told Eve! [2006: Here's a quote from Yesterday Lives Forever -- in fact, it's the 'only' thing in the 'book' that has Georgia Rudolph's name on it!!! Here it is folks -- "The body is as significant in the realm of time in the universe as is a grain of sand on a beach,"....: This woman is nothing but a walking, breathing contradiction to herself and everything around her! What a mess, and to think a man went to prison for the rest of his life based upon the word of such confusion.]

Georgia Rudolph will answer personal questions in her new column..Psychic Insight, ... beginning in the January Issue {2002} of A Woman's View. Email your questions to ...georgia@awomansviews.com . Please include your date of birth and the birth date of anyone that you are asking about. To make an appointment for a full reading call.... 304-428-1929: / BMW / Well, what can I say folks? This is now September of 2006. Georgia's "column" never seemed to materialize and I couldn't tell you how many people have written to me to say that the phone number is incorrect! Why am I not surprised? However, being the especially helpful and sensitive person that I am, {not to mention psychic} I can hear and feel the sadness of the world when it cannot reach this wonderful woman who wishes only to help people, so I've gone that extra mile for all the strangers that "need her help," and I've discovered that she has moved again! I don't think she's changed her name lately, but I honestly couldn't tell you if she is going by Georgia or Gloria, or, for that matter .... Rudolph or Lee..... then again, perhaps it's now Gloria Rudolph. Oh well, if big sister doesn't care, why should I? But I did manage to get her phone number for all those people who want to call her. You can try 304-428-1929. I figure it will work for a few days anyhow. After that, well, I don't know what to tell you. Don't call the Belpre police department though. They called me asking if I had her number, so apparently they don't have it either! Good luck.... and may God be with you .. Best Always, Bonnie M. Wells.

I Corinthians 14:33

"For God is not the author of confusion."

2011: Comments From Sitcoms Online Message Board:


Post Number 21: Poster: Egswanso:

While belief in reincarnation is essentially a matter of faith, the segment presents enough verifiable facts that can be shown to be true or untrue. A couple of basic facts/assumptions:

1. If records, etc. are found substantiating Rudolph’s story, it doesn’t really prove it one way or the other since very little can’t be discovered from historical records, old newspapers, etc.

2. The opposite, however, is not the case. If no records can be found substantiating her story, it must be a fatal flaw. While, of course, records are not perfect, only those totally ignorant of American history and genealogy can make the absurd claims that all records are “destroyed” or “covered-up.” For instance, state-wide vital records begin in Ohio in 1867, so the births, marriages, and deaths of at least some of the individuals named should be easily discoverable. The census began in 1790 and with the exception of the 1890 census and a few states in the earlier years, fully complete. Sure, not every person and not every thing was recorded, but most every American family can be traced back, albeit with different levels of ease and completion.

It must be stated that if Rudolph is able (through hypnosis) to give detailed accounts of Sandra Jean’s life, she certainly should be able to give many specific details – birthdates, names, places, etc. that should be easily verifiable. It doesn’t appear from the segment, at least, that this kind of questioning was done (which must be regarded as suspect, since if the story is true, you’d think those promoting it would want it to be verified). Nonetheless, certain information is presented as facts: her name was Sandra Jean JENKINS. She lived in Newport, Washington Co. OH. Her grandmother was Mary Bevan GREENE, lived 1862 to 1939. Her grandfather was James R. GREENE, lived 1857 to 1947. The GREENE family was prosperous. Sandra Jean was engaged to Tommy HICKS, son of Tom and Jenny HICKS, who also lived in Newport. Tommy died in a riverboat accident in 1914. Sandra Jean committed suicide shortly thereafter. Her exact age was never stated, but she and Tommy were both in their late teens.

Right off the bat, certain things just don’t seem to add up. The riverboat culture and atmosphere Rudolph described is anachronistic. By the “turn of the century” Marietta was an industrial boomtown, with oil, iron mills, and railroads the main industries. It likely would have been dirty, polluted, and hectic, not the idealized image presented in the segment. Tommy’s “death” would have clearly made the newspapers. A well-to-do family such as the GREENEs would be much more likely to leave records. Lastly, as pointed out by others, the dates don’t make sense – it’s hard to believe Mary Bevan GREENE was a grandmother in her early 30s (and she certainly wouldn’t be the “older lady” described by Rudolph.

So, to the records. Since Sandra and Tommy both died in 1914, they’d last be in the 1910 census, aged in their early teens, and living in Newport.

There is no JENKINS family living in 1910 Newport. In fact, there is no Sandra Jean JENKINS enumerated anywhere in the United States, in any census, that even remotely matches the information provided.

There is no Tommy HICKS in the 1910 Census for Newport. In fact, there is no HICKS family in Newport, ever. There is a HICKS family living in Marietta, however this family again does not remotely match the information provided.

This is all the more striking when we return to reality; specifically to the only person in Rudolph’s tale who certainly existed, “grandmother” Mary Bevan GREENE. In sharp contrast to the lack of records for “Sandra” and “Tommy,” Mary was quite easy to trace:

Mary BEVAN was born 14 August 1862 in Newport, Washington Co. OH. Her parents were John H. and Sarah A. (HINMAN) BEVAN. She married James R. GREENE, 30 December 1879, in Newport, Washington Co. OH. The couple had nine children – Olive (b. 1880), William (b. 1882), Myrtle (b. 1884), Glenna (b. 1887), Haskell (b. 22 August 1889), Maris (b. 1892), Howard (b. 1896), Luther (b. 1898), Lillian (b. 1900), and Estella (b. 1903), all born in Ohio, presumably in Newport. The family did not apparently own any paddleboats. James’s occupation in 1880 is given as “Huckster,” in 1900, he was an “oil pumper.” In 1910, the family was living in Texas! Specifically in Goodlett, Hardeman Co. where James was apparently trying his hand at farming. In 1920, they lived in Osage, Benton Co. AR, where James was still farming. I can’t find the family in the 1930 census. They could have come back to Ohio, where they have tombstones, however, this appears unlikely, as Mary died 27 March 1939 in Benton Co. AR (Centerton, acording to one source).

No one with the name Sandra Jean or surname Jenkins ever appears living with this GREENE family and the fact that the family moved from Newport before 1910 puts Rudolph’s story seriously in doubt.

Just to play devil’s advocate, however, Mary’s oldest daughter, Olive, WAS, biologically, old enough to have a daughter born about the turn of the century. There is, however, nothing I could find indicating she had done so. In 1900, Olive (aged 20) was still unmarried, living at home with her parents in Newport, and working as a teacher. She was no longer with them in 1910 and a quick search did not find her enumerated as “Olive Greene,” so the presumption would be she got married between 1900 and 1910, although I cannot find a marriage record or any family history for her on-line.

From this brief exercise and based on the actual information I was able to find (and this was a couple of hours spent on a day off – I’m absolutely positive that someone really researching this family could flesh it out fairly quickly, especially since Mary has actual grandchildren living), I must conclude that the tales told by Rudolph regarding Sandra Jean JENKINS have no basis in reality.

To expose someone like Georgia Rudolph, however, you don't need to go there (especially since arguing on matters of faith is almost always a pointless task). The simple fact that the verifiable information she claims is false means she is false. Reincarnation may or may not be real, but that's not really the question that should be asked: Georgia Rudolph is not the reincarnation of Sandra Jean Jenkins because Sandra Jean Jenkins did not exist.

Bonnie M. Wells

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