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Prior Life

By Louise Vernon

When Georgia Rudolph was [five years old, she began to have visions,] they were like a dream, but she was wide awake. At first she did not know what she was seeing. Voices, that she thought were her thoughts, told her that the scenes were from her prior life.

The first vision was of a very pretty girl in clothing of the Victorian era, a light green dress, with high neck, and long sleeves. Another vision was of a girl in a horse, and carriage.

She learned that she was born in 1895 to the owner of a riverboat company, and was named Sandra Jenkins. Her life had been simple, and sweet. Sandra often traveled up, and down, the river on the riverboat. When she was sixteen, she met a young man of twenty, a passenger. She saw him almost daily, and when she was eighteen, a wedding was planned for. The wedding was two months away, when Sandra heard that he had fallen overboard, off the riverboat. Several days passed, no trace of Bob could be found, Sandra was distraught.

Knowing that she was pregnant, Sandra walked down to the river, and mustering up her determination, she threw herself into the river, face down, until she could no longer breathe, and thus had taken her own life in 1914.

Another of Georgia's visions was of a girl, and a fellow, on a river boat, as described above.

Sandra reluctantly incarnated in 1947, to be born in 1948. She had not chosen her parents. [ The child was not called Georgia then. She was given into the care of an orphanage when she was four months old.] A couple [adopted her when she was two years old,] but the man died, and his wife, being distraught, [ took the child back to the orphanage. When Georgia was six years old, a couple took her into their home.] / BMW / In the previous news paper article Georgia Rudolph/Lee or whatever her name is claims that when she was 5 years old she visited a restaurant with her 'adopted family' in Columbus, Ohio and told a man he was going to die! Now we are told that when she was 5 years old she was still living in an orphanage, where she had originally been placed when she was [4 months old]; and claims to have been adopted 'again' when she was [six] years old! Wonder which it is folks?

The couple, although feeling love for the child, had a negative discipline that bordered on abusive cruelty. She left their home when she was seventeen to stay with a family who had moved to another village, and gave her a better philosophy of life.

Georgia remembers of having a vision, when she was fifteen, of a bride, in bridal gown, standing in front of a church. She walked in her gown to the nearby cemetery to a grave, in the vision, (it was the grave of Sandra).

Georgia married at the age of twenty-six, and a year later, had a little girl. The marriage ended in divorce in its second year, when he became physically abusive. To support herself, and her little girl, she began working in the local hospital.

[[ When Georgia was thirty-five years old, she decided to investigate the accuracy of these visions, and understandings. During her vacation time, she decided to go to Ohio. She followed the river until she came to Marietta, Ohio.]] The river boats were still in function on the river. She was led to the very home she had lived in as Sandra. / BMW / The McCrady trial was held in 1997: Mary Dye testified in that trial that Georgia Rudolph once 'lived' in this area. This statement would appear to support the preceding statement that she came to Marietta, Ohio in search of her 'past life.' However upon closer investigation, or just simple addition, lets see if the time period is correct .... This article claims that Georgia came to Marietta, Ohio when she was 35 years old, and it sounds as if this was her very first trip into Marietta....right? Okay, she was 'reincarnated/born' in 1948, or so this article claims. 1948 plus 35 gives us ... 1983, right? utohoo, we got a problem folks ... Mary Dye testified in a court room, under oath, that she had known and been friends with Georgia Rudolph since 1978! Okay, so maybe Mary Dye didn't live in this area in the late 70's .... Maybe she lived in the same area Georgia Rudolph lived in, and therefore that's how she knew her .... right? Wrong .... quoting from Mary Dye's court room testimony, which I have in front of me at this very moment ...../ Jim Schneider questioning Mary Dye: "What is your present address?" ... Mary replies " #__ O--- Drive, Williamstown. / Question - "How long have you lived at that address?" / Mary's answer..."Since 1973." / Now we got a real problem here folks, because this makes these two women friends and very familiar with this area, long before the February 14th, 1990 broadcasting of Unsolved Mysteries in which Rudolph claimed to have come to this area for the first time while the program was being filmed!

There was a woman in a very distressful situation. She decided to go to a psychiatrist for treatment. Part of the treatment included hypnosis. / BMW / Excuse me .... I am being called a damned nut and a lunatic; a mental case; a damned flake .... and here's the "champion" of the McCrady case undergoing psychiatric treatments!!!! Whew, that certainly takes some getting used to. And by the way, I've NEVER been treated by a psychiatrist in my entire life, and I have absolutely no trouble discerning between spiritual matters and matters of earthly nature; and no, I have never "heard voices." They tell me that's schizophrenia!!!

While under hypnosis, she related some very interesting things. When she came out of the effect, the physician began telling her what she had told him.

She said this had nothing to do with her present life. They were both confused. In future sessions the same thing occurred.

She decided to investigate the stories heard in these sessions. A trip to Ireland was feasible and the investigation ensued.

The name of the person she had related to, while under hypnosis, was found on a gravestone, and found that she was the grand-daughter to this woman.

She saw many buildings and homes just as they had been visualized by her while under hypnosis. Fortunate for her the Irish don't meddle with the landscape very often.

Back at the psychiatrists office, she was put under hypnosis again, and asked more questions. This time, it was related that she had lived the life of her grandmother in Ireland almost 200 years before.

The name on the tombstone was Mabel ** Murphy, called 'Bridey' by her family and friends. Many of you have heard, or read this story. /BMW / Talk about a "personality disorder!" How does she know "who" she is? Well, obviously she doesn't, as she refers to herself by several different names! Isn't it strange that her "visions of reincarnation" involved a woman called "Bridey" while her other "visions" involved a "bride?" However, I did notice Sandra Jenkins, the woman she is also supposed to be a reincarnate of, was never a 'bride' ..... odd, isn't it? [ 2006: Murphy? Yeah, I caught it...]

End of article:

Please remember - words in "pink" are my words and are not part of the above article. Words appearing in 'this' color are direct quotes from prosecuting attorney Jim Schneider during the 1997 McCrady trial: And words appearing in 'this' color are direct quotes from Mary Dye and are taken directly from court room transcripts of the McCrady trial:

A Message from Bonnie M. Wells

Again, my comments will appear in 'pink.' Before going any further, I want to tell my readers that the following emails are real. I have made nothing up, and I have printed out copies of each email stored in a very safe place: I will protect the identity of those who sent the emails to me by either XXXing out words,names, relationship, etc. or I will change or remove words, names, relationship, etc. But even so, I think there is a message here that the readers of this page and this web site need to read. On with the show.....

Email 2/5/04

Hi! I would very much like to read the story "Gloria". I am especially interested in finding out about Georgia Rudolph.

Thank you for your consideration.

***** end of email*****

Thank you for your quick response. No, ma'am. I am not a local resident. My name is Xxx and I live in ________. I know this is going to sound strange and like I'm some kind of lunatic or something, but I can assure you that I am not. I have no reason to lie so I will just tell you the best that I can the honest truth. Georgia Rudolph is [ related to me, via ] I have never met her. I talked to her very briefly once or twice on the phone. The one time is when she called asking about [ person directly related to Georgia Rudolph ]. I don't know the whole story and have no interest in finding it out. I do know that [ Georgia and her brothers and sisters ] where taken away from [ Georgia's mother, who's name was Rose ] when Georgia was about 4 years old. / /BMW/ Whoops, seems we have another statement here concerning age that contradicts everything said in the above article! Read on ... it gets a lot better!

[ Someone in the family ] kept a baby picture of Georgia [somewhere] when I was a kid ------ I would always look at that picture and felt so drawn to it. I still am not sure why. A little more than 20 years ago is when I answered the call from Georgia asking about [ relative ] and if she had ever mentioned her. Georgia, [ and her sisters ] (the only one I know by name is Xxxxx) all got together in Texas to see their mother [ portions removed ]. Rose has since passed away. ------ I don't know what happened or why but for some reason they don't really have any contact with each other that I am aware of. My [ relatives ] name is Xxx. My interest in Georgia isn't the family ties. My interest is I want to know more about her and her story. How she found out that she is the reincarnation of Sandra Jenkins and about her psychic abilities. I didn't even know she had psychic abilities until I started looking for info on the internet. /BMW/ Georgia and her sisters all got together in 'TEXAS' !!! Now this is a real interesting remark, all things considered. Read on. It gets even better .... or worse, depending on 'who' you are and what you're trying to pull.

I have always had a high interest in things like that and I guess I am even more intrigued since I am related to Georgia. I really can't explain the reason that I am so curious about her. I don't think I know myself. I just know that I would like to know more about her and her abilities, how she came to realize them and things of that nature. I know she wrote a book called "Yesterday Lives Forever". I don't know if it was published or not but I would love to read it. I was hoping I could learn more about her from your website. All I really want to know is how or where I can look to read more about her story of reincarnation and her psychic abilities. I was hoping to find an email address so I could write to her and ask her about it but I haven't had any luck. If you know where I might look to read more about her experiences, any direction you can point me in would be greatly appreciated. Like I said, I don't know why I am so drawn to Georgia but I really would like to know about her abilities. Thanks again for your quick response and if you can just give me some pointers on how or where I can learn more about Georgia's story, please let me know. Once again, I'm not a lunatic or looking to drag up the past. My only interest is reading about Georgia's abilities.

***** end of email*****

Hi, Bonnie!

Thank you very much for allowing me to read through some of your pages pertaining to Georgia. I found the answers to a lot of the questions I had roaming around in my head.

I wondered if Georgia was anything like [relative]. I found out that she definitely isn't. In fact, Georgia is everything [she] detests. Georgia is a liar, deceitful, deceiving, and a cheat. I am so sorry that she did you the way she did. I wouldn't doubt if that doesn't play a part in why after all those years of wondering about her family my [relative] quickly disconnected herself from Georgia after being reunited after all of those years. Georgia must have either told some lie or [she] just sensed that she was bad news and didn't want any part of her. I don't know if that's true or not but it does make sense.

I know that everything you wrote about Georgia is true because of one simple key word. "Gloria".

Georgia didn't randomly pull that name out of the air. That is a name that she is very familiar with. "Gloria" is in fact one of Georgia's sisters. That is why that name came so quickly to her. You would have no way of knowing that or where that name came from and that is what makes me sure that all that you said about Georgia is true. When I read that part, I could hear the "click" in my head! / Georgia Rudolph's family all gathered in "Texas" ... One of her sister's is named "Gloria" ... another 'coincidence,' I suppose:

Another small thing that turns me off about Georgia is that I came across a small article about her and she mentioned a memory that she had that to other people might not seem important or like a big deal. She mentioned remembering sitting on the steps and "snapping" beans while talking to her grandmother about her "special gift". If you only knew how many times I have heard that same "snapping beans" memory. It came from [relative ] before her and Georgia where reunited. To this day she still talks about the memory of "snapping beans". I realize that is such a small little detail to latch on to and pick up on but that is also what makes it seem like more than just a coincidence. I honestly believe that somewhere along the line, she heard my [relative] speak of that memory and she picked up on it and used it in her story of reincarnation. I could be totally wrong but I have learned to trust that "gut instinct" and that is what my gut tells me. I know it's trivial and have no idea why that bothers me so much. It just does!

Many times it's the 'little things' that attract our attention and alert us to the 'bigger' things ..... and so it was with me: A woman that asked me for help, suddenly bursts upon the scene as the dream interpretor, the psychic, the psychic detective, the murder case solver .... doesn't sound just right, does it? Where are all the crime solving stories "before" the McCrady case? I've produced mine. It doesn't matter that law enforcement didn't believe in psychics until she came along. The evidence is posted on this web site. Page after page of evidence ..... far more than was present in the McCrady case.

Anyway, I thank you once again for allowing me to read through your pages and find out some of the things I have wondered about. I don't know when I will understand why I was so curious to learn more about Georgia but I do sincerely thank you for the opportunity that you gave to me. I don't know how or why all of this fits into my life but it does for some reason. Like I said, someday it will all fall into place.

One more small thing before I let you go. In your reply you said these words .... "But, you know something [person's name], sometimes the Lord leads us in directions for reasons that we don't understand. But always, above everything else, I think he wants us to know the truth, and to test all matters, so we can determine if they be of God or Satan."

I have had those very same thoughts. It's almost as if you pulled them right out of my head. I will remember that for the rest of my life. I don't know why but it's important for some reason. One of the questions I had about Georgia was if she has this "gift" how does she know if it is a gift from God and not a gift coming from Satan. That thought must be pretty important and fits in somewhere with all of my other questions about life and why things happen so I will hang on to that and tuck it away for sometime in the future.

Once again, thanks for all of your help and your honesty. I believe I have read enough from your pages to satisfy my curiosity and if you want to block those pages off again, I just wanted to let you know that I have read them. There's a reason the arrows somehow led me to you but I don't know what that is either!! Maybe you are right about the McCrady case. They may have the wrong man behind those bars. Maybe there is something there that you have missed or haven't pieced together. I don't know and won't pretend to. That too, will all fall into place sometime.

Take care and you have been a great help. I am very sorry that Georgia duped you the way she did. Maybe you saved me from being duped by her also. Thanks so much, [Signature]

....... end of email .....

There are no 'coincidences' within this situation, and if the authorities in this area were worth their pay checks, there would already have been a full fledged investigation into the background of the so called witnesses in the McCrady case. There is something awfully wrong with this picture. It appears to me that Jackie McCrady's attorney ..... the same one who didn't want to deal with me, because Marietta consensus was that I was a damned 'flake' ..... was right about one thing ..... "His client had been framed."

And the girl who wrote me this email is right about several things ... but she is also 'wrong' about one thing in particular ..... Georgia Rudolph did NOT dupe me .... not for one minute, not one second. I knew she was coming back, and I knew I would be stomped into the dirt by the very people that I'd been trying to help. I knew the lies would be tremendous, and that it would take me a long, long time to reveal those lies to the world, and yet, here I am, [2006 / nine] years later, and the truth is pouring forth like a giant water fountain from Heaven. So be it, "let'er pour Lord, just let 'er pour! I am Aquarius...."The Water Bearer," and I can just hear Winstanley yelling ..... "Hey little water girl .... bring the buc-buc-bucket down!!!" And I will, God help me, I will.

However, as far as 'duping' is concerned ..... {I} am NOT the important person here. The cops, the prosecuting attorneys, the jury ..... the McCrady family ..... the Barrett family .... here's your "important" people. And there are four other people who are of even greater importance than any of these .... Jenifer McCrady and her husband Jackie, and their two little children. If the man did not kill her, then her killer still walks our streets. Who he is, is anybodies guess. He may be a low life that's killed before; he may be someone of 'importance' that figured out a way of getting rid of a cop that he didn't want hanging around. Perhaps neither of these are the answer. Maybe it's something entirely different.

All I know is when we walk into a court room and step up to that witness stand, we vow and promise to tell the 'truth' .... the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have uncovered so many lies and misrepresentations of the truth in the McCrady case that I have lost count of them. And in my humble opinion, that alone should merit the man a new trial. I'm not saying turn the man loose, no questions asked. I'm saying give him what every American is guaranteed .... " a fair trial " because I sat through the last one and I'm telling everyone .... and have been for nine years now .... Jackie McCrady did NOT receive a fair trial!

February 2004:

National Show Features Local Psychic

By Pat Lawrence

The pilot program of Psychic Detectives produced for cable network Court TV last march was so well received, another thirteen episodes are being filmed. Local psychic Georgia Rudolph is being featured in the first episode for her assistance in solving the 1997 murder of Jennifer McCrady in Belpre, OH. / / BMW / Jenifer McCrady was murdered in September of 1996. The case came to court in August of 1997:

Lisa Jackson, co-producer and director for Super Fine Films, the New York based independent production company producing the show, says they chose the McCrady case because it was recent and well documented. / BMW / Sure am glad they saw all the 'documentation.' Beyond Chance saw a lot of it too, as has Unsolved Mysteries!

Georgia Rudolph’s personal story was featured on television’s Unsolved Mysteries in 1991. Her journey of self-discovery is the subject of a recently completed book, "Yesterday Lives Forever." Georgia moved to Parkersburg to research and finish writing the book, which chronicles her early efforts to come to terms with her psychic ability and the evidence of a previous life in Marietta. / / BMW / Not to mention being her own grandmother in Ireland!!! This is a 2004 article, and once again she 'just finished writing' - "Yesterday Lives Forever." Wonder how many endings that same book has! Maybe she heard about "Pure Coincidence" .... but didn't hear it was a book series! I've written 25 books while she was playing around with one! Oh, you just gotta see Georgia's 'book' --- What A Book It Is!

Georgia’s psychic abilities have helped solve crimes across the country and her work with police on the McCrady case brought national attention. “I was in Pittsburgh when they called about a missing woman in a case that had no clues. I told them she had been killed, shot in the head by a man called Jack who was a cop. I didn't’t know where she was, but I told them how to get there.” / BMW / The story just keeps changing. She adds more and more every time she retells it to a different reporter. Apparently none of the reporters have brains enough to do some background work either. Am I the only one who can remember what they have read? Better shut down the tv sets for awhile and pull the old books back out.

Jack McCrady, a state highway patrolman, was convicted, his wife’s body found where Georgia said it would be. During her conversation with the investigating officer, Georgia had asked, “What is pink? I see pink all around her.” The young woman was found wearing pink pajamas./ / BMW / Not exactly correct: In the first place "the investigating officer was Dave Garvey, and he testified in a court room, under oath that he did NOT call Georgia Rudolph, but that he thought his secretary called her! In the second place, this "pink thing" did not materialize until the "Beyond Chance program" several years 'after' the trial was over. And then there's the fact that Jenifer McCrady was NOT wearing 'pink pajamas' at all! In fact, she was wearing 'pink' silk pajama bottoms, and a mis-matched night shirt. She was not 'surrounded by pink' as Rudolph claimed she told Garvey {who didn't call her!}, but was actually wrapped in a bedspread and then stuffed down inside a teal-blue colored sleeping bag .... one that was NEVER connected to her husband either!

Almost all 'witnesses' in the McCrady case hailed from one location .... the Marathon Service Station in Little Hocking. I remembered the day that Officer Garvey came to my home to speak to me about a fire. I remember the other cop who was with him that day, and I remember the odd feeling I had about that man. It wasn't anything that I could put my finger on at the time, but I'm certain Garvey noticed it too because he tried to assure me it was "okay to talk in front of him." {There are some cops I will not deal with. Actually there are a few more today than when Garvey came to my house!} Anyway, that cop's brother owned and operated the Marathon Service Station here in Little Hocking, and I thought it was quite odd that almost all the witnesses came from right there.

Thinking back to the day that Garvey and the other cop was here, I remember that as they were leaving something came to me, and I suddenly looked at Garvey and said ....

"Dave, your evidence is blue. I don't know what evidence it is, or what case it fits, but your evidence is blue." Whether the man remembers this or not {or would admit it if he did} I don't know. He apparently never thought of it during the McCrady case ..... but I did.

Lisa says they will be presenting an interview with Jennifer’s parents, the first public interview for the couple. Filming will begin during the second week of October and the show will air in early winter, 2004. The crew will remain in the area for about a week and may employ some local talent to participate in the filming. PL

.... end of article ......

Remember - all comments in "pink" are mine and are not part of the news article: BMW

PS: I watched the above program when it aired, just like I've watched each one before and after it --- and yes, I taped them all, and still have them!

"Little good is accomplished without controversy,

and no civic evil is ever defeated without publicity."

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