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Bonnie M. Wells

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September 22nd, 2004

I received several emails from people the first time Court TV aired their Psychic Detective program a year or so ago. The McCrady case had been featured as part of the program that evening, but I'd not seen the program because until just the past few weeks, we could not get the channel where Court TV was shown.

This time was different. On the night of September 22nd, 2004 I was ready and waiting when it came on, and so were 3 brand new tapes, so that I could tape the entire program as well as the special that was being hosted by Nancy Grace.

It had been seven years and three days since Jenifer McCrady disappeared from her Belpre home and had been reported missing by her state trooper husband Jackie D. McCrady. I suppose to the rest of the nation the case is old news, and to be honest, it might be old news to me also if the facts didn't just keep changing!!! Every time I heard the case presented on tv and the individuals involved were interviewed, they told things differently. They changed players as if it was a checker game and changed details so much that even I was having difficulty keeping up with them. That's why I always taped everything. It was actually difficult to believe that the people involved could tell so many half-truths and outright lies and expect that no one would notice!

Well, it appeared that I might actually be one of only a handful of people who had noticed .... or objected ...... or cared.

It Became Apparent

I noticed Belpre police officer Garvey's repeated use of the statement ..... It became apparent to me," and thought, 'That's different. Things weren't quite as apparent to Garvey back during Jackie McCrady's trial' ..... or at least that's what he said .... in court, under oath.

Garvey stated .... "After I talked with the chief {Ira Walker} for a period of time, it became apparent to me that the chances were excellent that there was foul play involved and Jenifer was not coming home."

Now this is considerably different from what this same man said when he was interviewed for the **Beyond Chance program only a couple of years ago. When he was on national tv that time, and had a chance to tell the world what happened in the McCrady case, he said the reason he thought Jackie McCrady was guilty of murdering his wife was because when he interviewed him {9-23-96} Jackie McCrady had asked him ..... "How am I going to tell my boys she's never coming back?" As the expert "seasoned detective" said at that time .... "She'd only been missing 48 hours {which is incorrect also!} so how would Jackie know she was never coming back unless he'd done something with her?" On the tv program, he claimed he walked into Chief Walker's office and told him that he thought they had a problem because of what Jackie had said to him.

Strange thing was .... I sat through the entire McCrady trial, heard all the testimony ..... especially Garvey's ...... and later read ALL the transcripts, interviews, police reports, autopsy reports ..... everything, every word, and nowhere, at no time did Officer Garvey tell anyone that Jackie McCrady had made this statement to him. He absolutely did not tell this under oath in that court room.

Now the story has changed yet again. He's not telling the world that Jackie McCrady "said" his wife was never coming back ..... he's no longer saying that he drew {jumped to} this conclusion after speaking with Jackie McCrady ... now he's changed the story again and says he came to this conclusion "after speaking with the chief of police for a period of time!!!"

Even the mention of "foul play" has changed. In reality it was Jackie McCrady who asked Dave Garvey several times ...... "Are you sure there is no foul play involved?" That's when Garvey told McCrady that he wanted to believe she'd just taken off with some guy. On the Beyond Chance program, Garvey said it was McCrady who "wanted to believe she'd ran away with some guy." It was a lie then, and it's a lie now. McCrady is not the one who said these words, but Dave Garvey is.

The Interview

Like I said, I've read the interview that Dave Garvey conducted with Jackie McCrady at the time of his wife's disappearance. I also listened to it in the court room because even though Jackie McCrady did not take the witness stand {just one of his attorney's numerous bad advice moves} the taped interview was played for the jury. I wasn't on the jury, but I certainly was in the court room and listened to the tape.

On Beyond Chance Garvey claimed it was during this interview that he became suspicious of McCrady because of his statement about Jenifer not coming home. However, in the Court TV's Psychic Detective program, Garvey claims that he became suspicious of McCrady .... in his own words .... "It became apparent to me that it was hard for him {McCrady} to go to the middle of the tale. He would sometimes have to go back to the beginning and tell the tale again."

Well, I suppose I can understand how this could make a person suspicious. Especially if every time they told the "tale" it was different!

I have no idea what this cop is talking about. Like I said, I have a copy of that interview, and may damned well post it on this web site when I get time, because the only person I remember "going back" to anything was Dave Garvey in his insatiable quest to determine if Jackie McCrady thought Jenifer "had a boyfriend!" I thought that was odd in 1996, and it still seems odd to me.

2007 Special Note:

As soon as I get the rest of my September pages finished, I'm going to do another page and post the Garvey-McCrady interview. It's something that still needs to be told in its entirety, because several television programs continue to re-run the McCrady case, thus keeping it in the publics attention. So be it. Every time they tell their lies, I will come back out with the truth - every time. And yes, most of the television programs have been notified that they are deliberately broadcasting lies, and fabricated stories concerning a very serious matter that affects many, many people.

Here's the Garvey-McCrady Interview, as promised!

Mary Dye / Dave Garvey / Jim Schneider

In the trial of Jackie McCrady, Mary Dye of Williamstown, West Virginia testified about a dream she'd had involving a woman whom she believed to be Jenifer McCrady. She told how **she phoned her psychic friend Georgia Rudolph, and told her about the dream and the number involved in the dream, but she could not remember the order of the number. It was either 89 or 98.**

She testified that Rudolph told her to "go to Little Hocking" in search of this number.

Mary Dye was eliminated from the Beyond Chance program ...... no mention of her or her dream, but by time for the Psychic Detectives program someone had made a remarkable recovery and Mary Dye was re-introduced. Not quite like she was in the trial and all the glowing news paper reports at the time {all of which I still have, just in case anyone is wondering} but reintroduced none the less.

This time, Mary Dye is shown speaking over the phone to Rudolph and it is Rudolph who tells Dye about the numbers 98 or 89 {the excuse is used that Rudolph is dyslexic. Guess it's as good as any.} and Rudolph tells Dye that these numbers can be found "just out of Belpre." Little Hocking is never mentioned in the Psychic Detectives program, even though that is where Jenifer was eventually discovered. I'd noticed {and commented} on this same oddity during the early days of the case when all the local news reporters refused to say the woman was found in Little Hocking. I thought I understood their reasoning then, and I think I understand it now. Nine days before Jenifer McCrady disappeared I'd sent Washington County Detective John Winstanley another warning .... "I can feel the killer's presence John. He's coming into Little Hocking. For God's sake John, get me some back-up out here ...... he's coming right at me this time."

In Jackie McCrady's trial Mary Dye said she had a dream about Jenifer McCrady and the number 98 or 89 was presented in the dream. Even at trial time she claimed she could not recall which order the number was presented in. Personally, I figured it was both ways since Little Hocking's phone prefix is 989, and since I'd already warned every lawman in a hundred mile radius that the next murder victim was going to be brought to Little Hocking; taken across the river and dumped somewhere facing the river. There really wasn't much guess work involved in this part of the case. I recognized it immediately. However, Rudolph claims to not be able to determine which way the number is presented because she is dyslexic. This is as big a pile of BS as anything else these people are feeding the American public. It doesn't matter if Rudolph is dyslexic if it's Mary Dye's dream! That's why it's all been changed AGAIN! In the Beyond Chance program Rudolph told Garvey ..... "The numbers that come to me are ...298 / 289 / 928, etc .... you'll have to scramble them." I said then, and I'm repeating it ..... THE REASON THE NUMBER 298 CAME TO GEORGIA RUDOLPH WAS BECAUSE IT HAD BEEN GIVEN TO HER BY MARY DYE." The original number was either 89 or 98. There was no {2} attached to it. Mary Dye had been prowling around Little Hocking on September 27th {anyone out there remember this number? How about you Winstanley? Do you remember what 9-27 is, and why it was important? Sure you do. It's the same reason I was down on 297 and 298 on September 27th ..... now, can anyone tell me who was following ME around, and why? Sure you can .... but you won't. You never would, and it looks as if you never will. } Mary Dye admitted in the trial that she discovered Township {not County, as Rudolph says} Road 298 on September 27th. She also admitted that she found no portion of her dream on that road on September 27th, and yet, she returned to the very same road the next day. No one bothered to ask why. I knew why.

In the court room Mary Dye testified that she phoned Georgia Rudolph and gave her the information about the missing Jenifer McCrady on or about September 24th, 1996. They discussed the case several times "before" Mary Dye was able to contact officer Garvey, and many days before anyone in the Belpre police department contacted Rudolph: That story too has changed. First Garvey didn't call her, then he did. In court he testified {under oath} that he never called Rudolph, never spoke to her, but thought that one of the girls in his office might have. Now it's told entirely differently. For the first time, the dispatcher is shown and interviewed, and given credit for mentioning Rudolph to Garvey. After the investigation "went cold," {which seems to have happened almost immediately!} Garvey agreed to speak to Rudolph although he originally told the dispatcher that he did not want to speak to her! Confusing? Yeah, that's an understatement.

On Psychic Detectives Rudolph is shown looking at some pictures of Jenifer McCrady that supposedly had been sent to her by the dispatcher at Belpre PD. Rudolph tells the dispatcher, .... "Whoever this is, is not missing ... she's dead."

"Whoever this is" !??? Rudolph knew EXACTLY who she was looking at and talking about because her friend Mary Dye had been keeping her well informed. Dye testified that she spoke to Rudolph several times about her dream and the missing Jenifer McCrady 'before' she ever spoke to Dave Garvey. {** See Mary Dye's complete testimony from the trial!!!}

On Psychic Detectives Garvey attempts to "make sense of the psychic's visions" when an "unexpected source joins the investigation." That source was Mary Dye, but the way it was presented would lead the average person to believe that Garvey had contacted Rudolph "before" Mary Dye contacted her. This is not accurate. On the Psychic Detective program I noticed that the McCrady case was about the only case in which absolutely no effort was applied to determine the credibility and integrity of the psychic involved. In other stories that were presented that same night, law enforcement made every effort to determine that the psychics were on the up-and-up and had no previous knowledge of the cases they were called in to work. They even checked to make sure the psychics had not been following the case in the news papers. But not here. Here, a local person, one who has proven herself time and time again, one who has been a resident of the county all her life and who has never changed her name or addresses; never had any kind of mental disorder, whether it be learning disability or the inability to identify what she was looking at!... is tossed aside and called crazy, accused of having a mental problem, slandered and ridiculed for her efforts, while a woman who freely admits that she can't tell what the hell she's looking at is chosen to be their psychic!!! Wonder why ...

In the court room and in all local news reports Mary Dye is listed as a Williamstown, West Virginia resident. Williamstown is located about a half hour drive from Belpre, Ohio. {see map page} However, on Psychic Detectives Rudolph tells the audience that her friend Mary Dye lives "in the Belpre area." The woman doesn't even live in the state of Ohio, much less in the Belpre area! I live "in the Belpre area," .... not Mary Dye. I live in Little Hocking.... five minutes outside of Belpre and in Belpre township, not Mary Dye.

Mary Dye is shown on Psychic Detective driving into Little Hocking and turning onto Township Road 298 {Gantsville Road} and then saying that she drove out the road a ways and "wasn't satisfied," so she turned around and came back. That's when she saw "something' coming down the gravel driveway to her left. Her ignorant sounding comment .... "Well it's a car," struck me as incredibly funny! I rewound the tape and watched it several times, each time with the same reaction! "Well it's a car." What the hell did she think would be coming out of a driveway? She claims she saw an emblem on the side of the car and realized it was a highway patrol cruiser, looked in her rear-view mirror and said ...."well, now I know what he looks like." .... and "Georgia said his name would be Jack." This is all incorrect. There was absolutely no mention of the name "Jack" until long after Jackie McCrady had been tried and convicted of his wife's murder. Also, since that time, there have been a few printed interview articles, as well as the Psychic Detective program in which Rudolph claims that she told Dave Garvey that there was a "gun involved; the killer was built like a lumber-jack; the letter J encircled him and his name would be John or Jack; and he was a cop." None of this information materialized until well after Jackie McCrady's conviction. And for the millionth time ..... Jackie McCrady's name is 'Jackie,' ..... not Jack. Jack is his father, and Jack also was a cop.

Chief Walker is shown, and tells us that Mary Dye and the trooper "exchanged glances." That's a new term that hasn't been heard prior to 9-22-04. Too bad she didn't say that in court. It would actually have made better sense than looking into the rear-view mirror.

Walker also mentions the fact that Jackie McCrady contacted his department one day, several days after Jenifer disappeared, and asked if they had any information. This is presented in such a way as to shed suspicion on Jackie McCrady, as if he's trying to insert himself into the investigation or something. On the other hand Jenifer's parents are interviewed and Mr. Barrett tells of how he went to the department every day to inquire about what they were doing to find his daughter. There is no "suspicion" hinted at on his part though, and Garvey uses his best 'poor little me' voice to tell how he tried so hard to tell Mr. Barrett that there were things he had to do in order to solve the case. Personally I figure that's why Mr. Barrett was there. He was probably trying to find out exactly what Dave Garvey was doing, which is something I'd still like to know!

In Psychic Detective, the trooper's car was shown as turning right onto 298 and heading up the hill. In the court room Dye testified that he must have gone up the hill because he wasn't on the road and he didn't follow her onto the four lane. You all might want to check out my **Access Road photo pages . They are not only interesting, but very detailed and revealing.

Prosecuting attorney Jim Schneider was interviewed on Psychic Detectives and made the statement that the oil well access road is not a place where one might normally see a police cruiser of any kind, even a highway patrol cruiser. This too is incorrect. That road overlooks the four lane. It is a good spot for the troopers to get out, stretch their legs and move around a little bit instead of sitting for hours at a time in their cars. Back during the trial I interviewed enough people from that area to determine that it was NOT uncommon to see a highway patrol cruiser sitting on the top of the hill overlooking the highway or even at the bottom of the gravel driveway where the highway is still visible. Many, many people had seen cruisers there long before Jenifer McCrady's body ever showed up there. None of those people were in the court room to testify. I guess one cannot blame the prosecution for that fact, but I continue to wonder what the hell was wrong with the defense!

Schneider also made another statement that I caught ..... one I suppose everyone involved hopes no one noticed. Then again, I don't suppose it will matter here. Nothing ever has.

He said that Mary Dye testified in the court room just like she had told them {the prosecution} time and again.

Here's an insert from Mary Dye's cross examination in the court room during the McCrady trail. Decide for yourself .....

Questions by Kiger: Answers by Mary Dye:

Q: How many other times have you talked to Detective Garvey or Mr. Schneider or Mr. Rings about this case?

A: I don't know.

Q: Half a dozen?

A: I don't think so.

Q: Four?

A: Maybe.

Q: How many times have -- including those four times, how many times have you sat down and discussed what your testimony would be here today?

A: We haven't went over that.

Q: So they didn't know what you were going to say when you walked in?

A: No.

To see the complete cross examination of Mary Dye, click on this link ....** Cross Examination of Mary Dye

Georgia Rudolph

Rudolph's story has changed even more dramatically than Mary Dye's and Dave Garvey's, although I wouldn't think that possible if I hadn't heard it for myself!

Every time it's told it becomes more and more elaborate, more and more "psychic" .... even though all anyone has to do is compare the stories and the testimony and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out it's full of contradictions and outright lies ...... all of which seem to be heartily supported by every cop involved as well as the prosecuting attorney.

Come to think of it, it seems a new cop has joined the circle of Rudolph supporters even though I've complained all along that he really was not involved in the case. That cop is John Winstanley. In a news paper interview he has been quoted as saying that he too believes in Rudolph's psychic abilities and appears to support everything that's being said about her.

I can't get over how differently this woman is being treated than me. I remember a time when a news reporter went to John Winstanley and wanted to interview him about me and my work with the sheriff's department. That was along about the same time period in which the sheriff decided he had no respect for me because I "thought I was psychic" and he just didn't believe in psychics. Things have changed I guess. But I haven't, and neither has the truth, honesty, integrity and character. Those who had it years ago still do. Those who didn't, still don't.

In the court room Jim Schneider asked Mary Dye if Georgia Rudolph had been a "local resident" at some time in the past, and she answered that she had been. And it's true. Rudolph lived in Marietta in 1992 .... and was probably a resident of the city even at the time I met with her and Mary Dye in February of 1992 in an effort to interpret a dream that Mary Dye claimed to have had about our murdered Terri Roach. A computer background search on Rudolph reveals many things. Perhaps some of the most interesting are the number of times the woman has relocated and how many times she has been "local." Yet, each and every time she is interviewed about the McCrady case she professes to have no knowledge of this area ..... as if she is relying exclusively on her psychic abilities to take her to the location of Jenifer's body.

I have asked this before, but I'm going to ask it again. Why is Jenifer McCrady's case the only case in this area in which Rudolph has been successful in assisting the police? Why is Jenifer the only murder victim she has been able to find? Why is Jackie McCrady the only killer she has been able to identify?

Why does the following cases remain unsolved in this area?

Washington County Deputy Ray Clark / Anna Marie Brown / Marie Blough / Janet Miller / Jill Bohl / Terri Roach / Patsy Sparks / MaeBelle Clark / Kimberly & Daniel Fulton:

There is also a case in which a man has been missing for the last three years. Rudolph is very well aware of the case, as she is closely connected to a member of the man's family, and yet, there is nothing said or done about the man's disappearance ..... not by Rudolph, not by the police. Why?

In the past there have been cases of child abuse ... abuse that eventually led to the death of the child in question. I stepped forward "before" the case and gave John Winstanley information that, had it been followed up on, might well have prevented the child's death, just as Jenifer McCrady's death might well have been prevented IF Winstanley or anyone else would have read the reports I sent to them and paid some attention to my predictions.

A couple of nights after the Psychic Detective show on which the McCrady case was profiled, Court TV presented a program in which another psychic was shown working Pittsburgh cases. I wondered why Rudolph wasn't called since she lived in Pittsburgh while the psychic called into the cases lived three hours away. Never the less, psychic Nancy Myer worked side by side with detectives in order to identify a serial rapist before he could become a killer. She also was able to "get ahead of the offender" and actually predict the area of his next strike, as well as provide a partial name of the next victim. I was impressed .... and very saddened. I worked for 3 solid years, with the last six months intensifying to the point that I was sending Winstanley information almost daily, on an approaching case. And I had it right. I had it all right.

My information has never changed, and neither has my story .... or "tale" as Garvey likes to call it. I predicted the murder of Jenifer McCrady, and I told them where she would be found "before" she was ever killed.

Perhaps it seems to some that I got hung up on the McCrady case and have not moved forward. This is incorrect. In fact, it appears to me that it was the entire pack of them that has gotten hung up and are at a stand still. They are the ones who continually throw the McCrady case in everyone's faces, as if it's the only case any of them have ever worked or ever solved.

Garvey's final comment on the tv program sent a chill down my spine .... "Every detective wants to "do a homicide," he said ..... "but I don't want to ever do another one."

Well, I suppose it's just my weird way of looking at things, but I never 'done a homicide' in my life ...... although it's obvious that I've worked far more of them than officer Garvey ever has -- according to his own words! But, Belpre is a small town, and he is 'restricted' to that area, I suppose, whereas I'm not restricted by jurisdiction or prejudice. My work spans the entire nation and has included cases such as Dru Sjodin in North Dakota; Mary Badaracco in Connecticut; Alice Donovan in North Carolina and Samantha Burns; Chastity Cottrell and Cheryl Flippo in West Virginia. There are dozens of cases profiled on this web site as well as within the many books that I have written over the past ten years. I have shown my psychic work. I have explained how I came to my conclusions in each and every case and my reasoning is quite simple. I have nothing to hide. I've told no lies, misrepresented absolutely nothing and done nothing to be ashamed of.

In the closing arguments of the McCrady case, Jim Schneider did everything he could do to discredit the psychic portion of Mary Dye's testimony. He went as far as to say he believed she had followed Jackie McCrady to the oil well access road that September day, but just chose to tell it differently.

Back in 1997 I sat in that court room, heard Schneider's statement and silently wondered, if the prosecuting attorney thinks his star witness - his 'only' eyewitness to anything, is a liar even on one point, then how in the world could the jury or anyone else believe she was telling the truth about seeing a cruiser on that road?

Dave Garvey said that Dye was not called to testify because of the "psychic" information because that didn't count. Instead she was called because of what she had seen.

Seven years down the road, [2007 makes 10] it would appear that the "psychic" information is indeed the important factor in the McCrady case because as they said on Psychic Detective, without the psychic the case might never have been solved.

Of course I had to smile at Garvey's comments about how it was the first time he'd experienced "psychic information" in one of his cases. Guess he doesn't remember coming to my home in response to a car fire in Belpre. But I remember it, and so does most of the people that I know. The story is told in one of my books and is titled 603 And The Fire. Of course within a few days after I spoke to Garvey about the fire, a source came to me and told me about overhearing a conversation in which a police officer said to a fireman ..... "Either that woman in Little Hocking is psychic, or she had something to do with that fire .... and I don't believe in psychics!"

Well, like I said, things have certainly changed. They all believe in psychics .... well, at least one psychic ..... but I'll say it again for the record .... "I had nothing to do with the fire in Belpre that night Garvey. I didn't start the fire. I wasn't even out of the vehicle and my friend was driving the vehicle so she can tell you we didn't do anything to anyone's vehicle or any other possessions. I've never done anything like that in my entire life, and never will, and that's a promise. The information I gave was true, correct and accurate enough to have been used to solve the case ..... but as with so many other cases, it wasn't.

That is not my fault, any more than it's my fault that they failed to "protect" Jenifer McCrady even though they had ample warning. It does not say ... SERVE & PROTECT .... on the side of my car.


Yet Another Version Of The McCrady Case Is Shown On TV! See Following Link!

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