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Psychic Dishes Out Advice, Aids Police

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Greg Stone interview of 6-04-2000

REPEATING: Garvey said no one would mar the barrel of a .357 Magnum, a collector's item. The gun would not shoot properly, he said.

"You'd have to shoot that gun 100,000 times.

The evidence was enough to secure a conviction for Washington County, Ohio prosecutor James Schneider.

BMW Note: The gun in question was Jackie McCrady's retired service revolver. When the Ohio Highway Patrol replaced the .357 with another type of gun, the officers had a choice to either turn their gun in or purchase the gun as a keepsake. Jackie purchased his and kept it in a gun case that was stored in a storage area {away from the children}. The gun was found in the same storage area that the pillow shams, outgrown children's clothing and toys, and other stored away items were found. The gun was only a "collector's item," to Jackie McCrady. It would not have been of considerable value to anyone else, as there are millions of .357 Magnums on the market.

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Schneider wrote Rudolph a letter, thanking her for her involvement in the case. He admits, however, that a cynic might doubt that the story transpired just as Rudolph and Dye said it did.

Dye might have indeed received the information from Rudolph and acted accordingly. Or, she might have simply been playing armchair detective, Schneider said, and {followed McCrady out onto the road.}

BMW Note: This is real close to what Schneider said during closing arguments at Jackie McCrady's trail. I had one thought back then, and it has remained constant. If the woman lied about the dream. If she lied about anything, then how and why should any portion of her word be considered the truth? You cannot have it both ways.

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Either way, Schneider said, the tip from Dye proved invaluable.

"Until they got this tip from Dye, they had no basis whatsoever to say foul play," Schneider said.

BMW Note: Whoa ..... hold them ponies right there. Mary Dye's "tip" was received on September 30th. Dave Garvey is interviewed on the Psychic Detectives, along with Mr. and Mrs. Barrett, and they are all now saying that they knew it was Jackie all along! Garvey says from day one he suspected "foul play" and the Barrett's claim they had to be careful and not let Jackie suspect that they knew, because they were afraid he'd do something to his boys!

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Schneider said he has {no particular reason to believe that Dye and Rudolph cooked up a story.}

"I frankly got no indication that she was BS'ing or doing what my cynic side said she might have been doing," Schneider said of Dye.

"My initial reaction was, how was I going to sell this in court? People told me, 'A lot of people make up this world and a lot of people are more attuned to this kind of feeling stuff than cynical Jim Schneider."

Schneider said the experience has made him more open-minded about using similar information.

Rudolph bristles at mention of some kind of collaboration. She did not even want to be named in the case, she said.

BMW Note: Rudolph didn't even want to be named in the case? Wonder which "name" she's talking about? .... Georgia S. Rudolph; Georgia A. Rudolph; Georgia Lee; Gloria J. Rudolph; or just plain old Gloria like she told me! Sure is a lot of names for one woman .... one trustworthy, dependable, reliable woman that has even more "addresses" than names!!!

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"When Mary talked to Dave Garvey, she had no idea who the suspect was," Rudolph said. "All she knew was that they had a missing person."

BMW Note: Oh really? That's certainly strange because in court she said that seeing the cruiser on the oil well access road frightened her and she took off back toward Belpre. On the Psychic Detective she is shown driving along and looking back and saying ..... "Well now I know what he looks like," and "Georgia said his name would be Jack."

She talked to Dave Garvey on September 30th and told him about seeing Jackie McCrady on the access road, so she most assuredly did know who the "suspect" was when she talked to Garvey. Besides that, Rudolph claims that she told Dye and Garvey .... {Garvey, the cop who testified, in a court room, under oath, that he did not speak to Georgia Rudolph, did not call her. Yeah, the same cop. What a damned mess.}.... that Jenifer was dead; had been shot in the head by a man whose name began with the letter J .... probably John or Jack, and that he was a cop! Now the story has changed yet again.

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Dye said she had already dreamed that Jenifer McCrady was dead.

"I saw her being murdered," she said, "but I had no idea where she was."

BMW Note: If Mary Dye had "no idea where Jenifer McCrady was," why was she in Little Hocking and lurking around Township Road 298 on September 27th? And if she found nothing from her dream on that road on the 27th, then why did she return to that same road on September 28th? And if she sat out for 298 to further investigate her dream, then what was her purpose for "driving around Belpre" awhile before heading out of town and toward Little Hocking? Isn't it ironic that Jackie McCrady and his partner were both in Belpre that day? Isn't it strange that they both headed out of Belpre at the same time, and Jackie continued into Little Hocking while his partner went out 339 toward the Veto/Barlow area?

Mary Dye testified in the McCrady trial that "the woman in her dream was still alive and struggling to get free. Her hands were tied - spread eagle style - and she was inside an old building, which Dye could not describe, neither inside nor outside. {See * Cross Examination Of Mary Dye} {{And by all means, PLEASE see *The Real Dummy }}

In other words, Mary Dye did not testify that she witnessed the murder of Jenifer McCrady. However, she did testify to the fact that she did NOT find any of the elements from her dream on Township Road 298. Nor were they located up on the oil well access road. Bill Kiger accused the police of "shadowing Jackie McCrady." Perhaps he was right, at least about the shadowing!

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She did not follow McCrady to Township Road 298, Dye said. "I don't know where he was before I saw him."

BMW Note: Well, according to court room testimony and log books of both troopers, McCrady and his partner were both in Belpre before they headed out of town on Route 618. They were in Belpre at precisely the time that Mary Dye was "driving around Belpre" before heading out route 618 toward Little Hocking. Another one of those damned irritating coincidences, I suppose.

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Rudolph said she has helped law enforcement officers in other states either locate bodies or suspects. A few years ago, she said she helped Monroe County (Ohio) Sheriff Fred Siriani locate a murder suspect who had fled to St. Mary's, Ga. Attempts to reach Siriani were unsuccessful.

She also does readings for the Chicago Police Department.

BMW Note: Perhaps attempts to reach Siriani were unsuccessful because they weren't made in the right place. If I wanted to "reach him" I'd try the Washington County Sheriff's Department! -- well, either that or NYPD, whichever 'hat' he's wearing nowadays!

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Rudolph says she doesn't visualize things as much as sense {"vibrational patterns."}

"It's all knowledge," she said.

BMW Note: That's weird. She "visualized" everything in the McCrady case. She "saw" pink all around Jenifer, "saw" the road she was off of, "saw" her killer and said his name began with the letter "J" because she "saw" the letter circling around him. "Saw that he was built like a "lumber-jack," .... whatever that is. My brother Mike used to work with and hang out with a bunch of guys who were "timber-jacks," .... "hey, hey Weekly boys, do ya remember Mike Martin?" She also "saw" a badge and a gun involved and told Garvey Jenifer's killer was a cop named Jack ..... or was it Mary Dye she told that to? Then again, maybe it was the dispatcher at Belpre PD .... well, who knows who she told it to at this point?

"It's all knowledge?" That's an unusual comment. Let's see how the dictionary defines knowledge:

Dictionary: The act, fact, or state of knowing; spec.. acquaintance or familiarity with a fact, place, etc. / 2. acquaintance with facts, range of information, awareness or understanding. / 3. all that has been perceived or grasped by the mind; learning; enlightenment.

Like I said, this is an unusual explanation for any kind of "psychic work," as most psychics {myself included} will tell you that they had no "knowledge" or "facts" of the case that they were working. Police work with "knowledge and facts," not psychics. If a psychic has prior knowledge of a case, and knows important details, then they have difficulty working the case because they cannot determine if the information they receive is actually psychic/spiritual in nature or is simply those things which they have been told about the case. Never the less, I find Rudolph's statement "It's all knowledge," extremely peculiar.

Vibrational Patterns: This is a term which applies to "living" things .... both human and plant life produce "vibrational patterns." Dead things do not produce vibrational patterns, thus it is impossible to track a dead person using vibrational patterns such as Rudolph claims. There are some people who use what is known as "vibrational healing" to fight disease and afflictions of the body. Some say it works. Others are more skeptical. I remain a skeptic, as I've seen no actual evidence that it is successful. But Rudolph was not "healing" Jenifer McCrady, so this cannot be what the woman was referring to when she said she senses vibrational patterns.

I was going to list some of my own experiences with "vibrational patterns" but have decided to do a separate page for that subject, rather than adding any more confusion to this page:

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Rudolph has been the subject of an "Unsolved Mysteries" TV show. She is convinced by dreams and psychic abilities that she originally lived in Marietta, Ohio, as a girl named Sandra Jenkins. A Sandra Jenkins did live in Marietta from 1894 to 1913, records show.

Her psychic abilities were allowed to flourish, she said, because no one squelched them. She said she was given up by her mother and raised in a foster home.

"I never had anybody pay enough attention to me to stop it."

End of the Greg Stone interview of 6-04-2000

BMW Note: In one interview article Georgia Rudolph claims that she was "one too many" children for her mother {there's never any mention of a father} and was placed for adoption. This makes it sound as if she was singled out from the rest of her siblings and "gotten rid of" in much the same way a person might dole out puppies that they do not want. This is not factual in Georgia Rudolph's case. There were six girls in her family, and all six were removed from her mother's custody.

In this article she claims that she was raised in foster homes; while in other articles she claims that she was adopted and raised in the Columbus, Ohio area.

2006 Update: In the past several years I have continued to gather information on the McCrady case because it never made any sense to me. Some of the information that I have gathered, when put together with other information that surfaced at the time of the McCrady case, is adding up to suggest that the McCrady case should have been investigated much further than it was. There should have been other suspects in the case instead of just grabbing Jackie McCrady and saying 'case closed,' and then setting about to force the so called evidence to fit the crime.

The stories of many, many people have changed over the years. Some claim to have seen and heard things that they never mentioned to anyone back at the time that they should have. I'm not in that group of people. I'm saying the same thing today that I said back in 1996 and 1997. This makes no sense. The evidence didn't add up.

Once .... many years ago, I hoped that some attorney would come along and help Jackie McCrady. None have. Several have lied and ripped his parents off for even more money. One made a real bad mistake ..... he came to me posing as a man of God, a believer, a Christian, and he gathered witness statements and evidence that should have helped Jackie McCrady, and he promised .... I wouldn't want to be in his shoes, and that's about all I'm going to say about the man, because that's about all that he's worthy of having said about him.

I have posted the vast majority of information that I have gathered because I didn't know what else to do with it, and I didn't want to take a chance on something happening to me and it all going to the grave with me.

In the beginning I honestly didn't know if I believed Jackie McCrady had committed the crime or not, but as I've said, my interest in the case has never gone away. And it's been my experience, if something just sticks with me, no matter what, then there's something laying there that needs further inspection. And I'll say this here and now .... the more I inspect, the more convinced I become that Jackie D. McCrady was framed for a crime he did not commit.

I've seen far too many things that indicate he did not murder his wife, and after all these years, I honestly believe I know who did .... and even why, how and where he did it. But as long as people insist on ignoring everything that doesn't point to Jackie McCrady, there is no way of ever showing them that the truth did not come out. It was never told.... except in bits and pieces over several years, by several different people - non of which knew how important their little pieces of information really were.

But I've known all along, and so, I have gathered them up like little torn pieces of paper, and pieced them back together in hopes that someone will come along and read them, and know that Jenifer's real killer continues to walk our streets, and continues to kill. She was not his first victim, and she certainly wasn't his last.

I've done about as much as any common person can do ..... today. Maybe tomorrow I'll think of something else that I haven't tried; someone else I haven't spoken to, and in the meantime, I will always remember what Jack [Jackie's father] said to me the last time I ever saw him. He said .... "Jackie said, Dad, if anybody can get me out of this hell hole it's Bonnie Wells."

At the time of the trial I didn't know either one of Jackie's parents, but thanks to Gloria Ritter in Texas, I finally got to meet them. Jack and I became pretty good friends before he passed away with cancer. He was a wonderful guy, and he believed so wholeheartedly in his son's innocence.

If we have an Innocence Project in Ohio, and if my pleading and begging would do any good, then I would plead and beg for them to re-examine Jackie McCrady's case. Re-enact the testimony... or try to, like I have done. There is something awfully bad wrong in this case, and I honestly believe the case needs to be re-tried. And I'm not saying this because of anything personal. I continue to respect the Barrett's and their feelings. I know that losing their only daughter was one of the worst things that could have ever happened to them. But if Jackie McCrady is really not guilty, then who benefits from his sitting in prison? The real killer benefits, that's who.

Bonnie M. Wells

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