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Psychic Dishes Out Advice, Aids Police

By Greg Stone

Staff Writer / Charleston Gazette / June 4th, 2000

VIENNA - As a child, Georgia Rudolph saw dead men walking.

Not ghosts."I saw spirits. I don't do the spooky of Halloween."

*She told her grandmother about it one day, as the two sat on the stoop of a Columbus, Ohio, housing project snapping beans.

*"I know I'm different," she told her grandmother.

"Yes, dear, you're adopted."

"No, I know that," Rudolph replied. "I mean I have a special gift."

"I can tell. And don't ever let anybody make you feel bad or evil about it."


Quotes From Gloria #5 - Page Two:

It was her adoptive grandmother, Lucille Smith, who was the first one who actually pointed out Rudolph's psychic abilities.

"She saw it in me," Rudolph said. "I was 10 years old and I was sitting on the porch with her one day and she said, 'I'm not going to be here forever and I want to talk to you about something serious. You know you are different." Rudolph said she replied, "Yes, I know -- I'm adopted."

Her grandmother said, 'You have a special gift and one day you will discover what I am talking about. It is important for you to never allow anyone to make you feel different or strange or bad over this.'"

"At 10, I had no earthly idea what she was talking about," Rudolph said.

BMW Comment: In 1999 she told writer Brett Dunlap a story that was completely opposite of the one she told Greg Stone in 2000! Something awfully bad wrong with this picture. But, lets go ahead with the Greg Stone interview and see what else she reverses or changes. I'm betting there will be several things. Perhaps it's her dyslexia ..... that's a learning disability, you know. And to think they called me a mental case!!! Ha,ha,ha ..... that's absolutely hilarious!!!

Rudolph, a 51-year-old former *registered nurse, makes a living with her "gift." For a fee she won't disclose, she does "readings" for clients. Rudolph gives advice, based on a psychic inventory of the person's mental and physical abilities.

BMW Note: This is the first reference to Rudolph being a former * Registered Nurse. She's bragged before about "being a nurse," but there's a difference between being an LPN and being a "Registered Nurse." It's about 3 years of education and training! Personally I'm wondering how safe it would be to be treated/medicated by someone who couldn't discern the difference between .10 and 1.0 and 10!!! Not to mention some of those medical terms that Registered Nurses have to learn and be able to spell. I know, because I have a cousin who is a Registered Nurse, and I've spoken with her before about such matters. One mistake is all it takes to cost someone their life. Actually, since Rudolph showed up, I've begun asking nurses and doctors if they are dyslexic! So far I haven't found any that are ..... but I'm still looking! By the way, dyslexia is a learning disability. It hampers a person's ability to read and write and makes achieving a degree in anything that deals with reading and writing almost impossible.

Is there anybody in my reading audience who can explain this statement to me? .... "gives advice, based on a psychic inventory of the person's mental and physical abilities." Please send me an email and explain this if you can. How can a person who quickly warns that she doesn't know what she is looking at, even the number in someone else's dream, be doing "psychic inventories of other people's mental and physical abilities?" That sounds like a medical doctor and a mind reading psychiatrist all rolled into one dysfunctional expert!!!!

Readings pay the bills. Rudolph's more exciting sideline is in helping police solve crimes.

BMW Note: With talent like hers, I'd think she could do a "psychic inventory" of the "mental and physical abilities" of some of the criminals and perhaps send warnings to the cops that would "prevent" some of the crimes! Come on Rudolph ...... show us what ya got. Make a few predictions ..... We know you can guide Garvey's sleigh, but let's see if you can out-perform the old BMW!!!

Three years ago this summer, information Rudolph provided to a local woman helped convict former Ohio State Trooper Jack McCrady of killing his wife, Jennifer, and burying her body in a shallow grave.

BMW Note: "Jack" McCrady was never convicted of anything. His wife's name is Iris, and Jack is a retired deputy sheriff from Wood County! If we're going to rehash this story then I insist we get it right. The man who was convicted based almost exclusively on Georgia Rudolph and Mary Dye's word was Jackie D. McCrady and, for the record, his wife's name is misspelled. It should be Jenifer...not Jennifer: / Back to the interview:

Rudolph said she was cooking dinner at home one night {in early October 1996} when friend Mary Dye of Williamstown called. Rudolph was living in Pittsburgh at the time.

BMW Note:The call from Mary Dye came to Georgia Rudolph in mid September, not early October:

{Dye, who also professes certain psychic abilities} told Rudolph that Belpre, Ohio, police were working on the disappearance of {Jennifer} McCrady.

See Dye Testimony - Page One:

Quotes from that page follows:

Q: And who is Georgia Rudolph?

A: She is the psychic, I am not.

Q: Did you know that Georgia Rudolph claims to be psychic?

A: Yes.

Q: Have you ever claimed to be psychic?

A: I never have.

BMW Note: Okay, so in the court room Mary Dye denies that she is psychic and says she has never claimed to be. Then, three years later, Greg Stone reports that Mary Dye "professes certain psychic abilities." Oh, I know, Greg Stone probably made this up. That's probably the entire problem in a nutshell ..... all these reporters and interviewers are telling lies about these unfortunate people. Yep, bet that's it. But, what are we to do about their tv appearances in which they themselves contradict each other and themselves?? Now that's a problem isn't it? Well, maybe not today, but the day comes when it will be .... and that's a promise.

McCrady, her husband said, left town with her money and clothes but made the bold gesture of leaving her wedding band on the kitchen counter.

Immediately Rudolph told Dye that "the reason you can't find Jennifer is she's not missing. Jennifer is dead. She's in spirit."

BMW Note: Remember, this interview was done in 2000. By the time Court Tv presented the Psychic Detective show in 2004, this story had changed dramatically. Rudolph herself is shown speaking to the dispatcher at Belpre police department, while looking at some pictures of Jenifer McCrady. She now claims that she told the dispatcher ..... "Whoever this is {as if she didn't already know who they were looking for!!} she is in spirit, she is dead." She goes on to claim that she told the dispatcher that Jenifer had been shot by a man who was built like a lumber-jack, and that the letter "J" encircled him so his name might be John or Jack. {Winstanley, give thanks now!!! Sounds to me like you might have been choice number two!!!} Of course, when I heard her say John or Jack, I couldn't help but wonder how she'd chosen those two names from the dozens of men's names that start with the letter J! A few that came to my mind were ... Joshua {my grandson's name}; Joe, Jeff, Jerry, Jake, Jeremy..... Oh well, it's just another in a long string of distortions of the truth that everyone here seems more than willing to go along with and even add their own lies in order to make hers look better. Doesn't change anything. I remember how it actually was, and so does every news paper that carried the stories. If I was a reporter, I'd be ticked about being manipulated and used. But then, I'm not a reporter either .... am I?

Rudolph told Dye that police could find Jennifer McCrady's body on a {rural road,} off 982, or some similar configuration of numbers.

"I'm dyslexic," Rudolph said, "so you'll have to figure it out."

BMW Note: Well, here we go again. Rudolph claimed it would be a "county road," not a rural road as stated above. It was not even a "county road," but was in fact a township road: In the Psychic Detective Rudolph, {and several others, including Belpre Police Officer Dave Garvey} claims that she delivered this information directly to Officer Garvey. In 2000 she claimed that she told Mary Dye. {If} she told this to Mary Dye, it was told to her several days "before" she bothered to pass it on to Belpre PD and Officer Garvey. Personally, I wonder why Rudolph didn't pick up the telephone and call Garvey and tell him where Jenifer was. But then, considering she pretended not to know who the missing woman was when Garvey mailed her pictures of Jenifer, I guess she couldn't have told them where she was, now could she? Come to think of it, I did tell the cops where Jenifer was going to be found, and I didn't make any bones about it. I didn't know her name until she disappeared, but 10 days before she disappeared I told Detective Winstanley that ..... "The killer is coming into Little Hocking. I can feel his presence in Little Hocking. Tell Belpre they got another strike coming. We're going to lose another Belpre woman. It will be a woman connected to a cop. The name Lee will be prominent. It will bring back portions of the Marie Blough case and the Janet Miller case. She will be brought across the bridge and dumped facing the Ohio River. She will be on a graveled driveway or turn-around area and it will overlook the highway." Yeah, I told Winstanley, and when Jenifer McCrady disappeared I spoke to several people right here in Little Hocking. I also spoke to certain people who knew Georgia Rudolph real well. Perhaps they didn't think I realized how often they were calling me and talking about the missing girl. They were mistaken. I noticed.

{The next day} Dye drove out Township Road 298, a country route outside Belpre. Off 298 spurred a seldom-traveled {dirt road}. With her mother in tow, the two of them could make out a cruiser turning off the dirt road. She positively identified the trooper as McCrady.

BMW Note:There's only a couple of things here that are incorrect. Dye drove out to township road 298 in Little Hocking on September 27th. That's when she claimed to have discovered the road while searching for the components of a dream that she had and claimed was about Jenifer McCrady. She found nothing from her dream in the area, but returned to the same road on September 28th. It was at that time that she claimed to see the cruiser with McCrady driving it. That so called "positive identification" was made by her looking into an outside rear-view mirror {on a very rainy day} and seeing the face of the trooper driving the car: The "seldom-traveled dirt road" is actually a graveled driveway which leads onto private property. It was referred to as an "access road" in the trial.

{Dye quickly made a visit to Belpre Sgt. David Garvey,} recommending that he investigate the dirt road. Garvey had dealt with Dye before. Her "thoughts and dreams" had never given him anything concrete with which to work.

BMW Note: This is inaccurate also. Dye claimed that she "saw" the cruiser on September 28th. She drove right through Belpre, right past the police department and went back home to Williamstown, West Virginia. She did not "report" what she claimed to have seen to Garvey until September 30th.

"This time I was given a combination of numbers south of town," Garvey said. "I felt obligated to go on it."

BMW Note: Actually Dave Garvey had absolutely no "obligation" or "authority" to investigate anything that was found in Little Hocking. He is a Belpre city police officer, not a sheriff department officer. Little Hocking is "county territory," and if there was to be any "investigation" within the county, Dave Garvey's actual "obligation" was to notify Washington County. He could have accompanied the sheriff's department, but his obligation was to notify the county first. He failed to do that, but when one considers his future failures, this pales in comparison!

As far as Garvey's comments about the "combination of numbers south of town" is concerned. That same "combination of numbers" exists even closer "south of his town" than Township Road 298. He didn't even consider that and neither did Rudolph or Dye. Why? Because they were not located "in Little Hocking." My forewarning of Jenifer's murder boldly proclaimed "He's coming into Little Hocking. I can feel his presence in Little Hocking." I did not send this warning to Dave Garvey. I sent it to the Washington County Sheriff's Department because I knew it was their jurisdiction, not Belpre Police Department's.

When {Garvey and his officers} arrived, they found a freshly dug grave in a wooded area. {A crime scene crew later unearthed McCrady's body.}

BMW Note: When Garvey and "his officers" arrived !!!! Garvey is an investigator for Belpre Police Department! He doesn't have "officers"!! He and the rest of the force work for Chief of Police Ira Walker. They are all "Walker's" officers, not Garvey's! Besides that, he and Chief Walker made the original trip to Little Hocking to check out Dye's story ..... or so the story goes. Actually, when the testimony was given in the trial, I got the impression that the real reason Garvey went to the access road was because the oil well tender had stopped by Belpre police department and told him he'd found "disturbed ground," that he thought might be a grave!!!! Of course we can't talk about that now days because it would take away from the psychic aspect of things and discredit Mary Dye and Georgia Rudolph ..... not to mention Dave Garvey and everyone else whose tooting Rudolph's horn for her.

{Rudolph said she told Dye} that she "felt pink all around this girl."Jennifer McCrady was buried wearing pink pajamas.

BMW Note: In this interview Rudolph claims she told Dye that Jenifer was surrounded by pink. On Psychic Detectives she is shown telling Dave Garvey. Okay, perhaps she told both of them. I'll give her that much, however, Jenifer was not clad in "pink pajamas," as everyone wants to report. She was in fact wearing pink pajama bottoms, but the top she was wearing was a Mickey Mouse Christmas night shirt of a different color. Early reports said it was red. Later ones said it was white with multi-colored cartoon characters on it. So, to be honest I don't know what color it was, but I do know that the top that actually matched the pink, silk pajama bottoms was never found even though a thorough search of the McCrady house was done.

Investigators later found evidence linking Jack McCrady to the crime.

BMW Note: The man's name is Jackie, not Jack: As far as evidence linking him to the crime is concerned ..... well, he's sitting in prison .... so they must have convinced someone they had "evidence."

Jennifer's pocketbook stashed behind drywall in the attic; a .357 Magnum that {might have been used as the murder weapon} - someone had bored out the lands and grooves of the barrel, making ballistics tests impossible; a white eyelet comforter in which Jennifer was buried, which matched pillow shams hidden in the couple's Belpre home; and soil samples from the grave site that matched dirt found on {a rounded shovel in Jack's garage.}

BMW Note: A .357 Magnum that "might have been used as the murder weapon" !!!! The man was convicted of murdering his wife! They convinced a jury that he used that gun to commit the murder, now we are told "it might have been the murder weapon!" They should be damned glad I wasn't on that man's jury.

As far as the dirt on the "rounded shovel" is concerned .... this is incorrect. There was no dirt that actually "matched." What they said was .... "It was similar." Like I've said time and again, the dirt in my front yard is probably "similar" to the dirt in your front yard, and I don't care where you live! Besides that, the dirt that was "similar" to that of the makeshift grave was actually found on a flat edged shovel, and NOT the pointed shovel that would have been used for digging the grave! **{and it was established that a pointed shovel had been used to dig the grave}**

The "similar material" that was found was "cinders." Jackie used the flat edged shovel to remove snow from his driveway {just like anyone else would do.} The Belpre driveway had dark colored cinders along the edge of it. I have been all over the area in which Jenifer was found, and have seen absolutely no sign of "cinders." The only thing there is heavy slag, and even that runs out by the time you get to the grave site. {See my photo pages.}

The pillow shams were not "hidden" in the attic. They were found in a storage area, and were inside storage bags along with several other items. In other areas of this web site I deal more extensively with the "comforter and pillow sham issue," but can say that I have reason to believe that the comforter was sold in a yard sale a year or so before Jenifer was killed. The shams were in all probability stored away even at that time.

The way this story is being told now days, it sounds as if Jenifer's body was found almost as soon as she was buried. It sounds as if Belpre PD {Dave Garvey in particular} went into action the second she was reported missing. This is not the case. {IF} Jackie McCrady murdered his wife, he had 12 full days and nights to "get rid of the evidence," before anyone searched his home, vehicles or anything. The man continued to work as a highway patrol officer while the search for Jenifer was being conducted. He had access to all of Washington County and even counties to the north and south of Washington. Evidence could have been tossed into any ravine, any river or creek, any dumpster in any town within the area. Hell, it could have been placed into an empty box car along the railroad tracks and ended up in some other state. There are many, many things that Jackie McCrady could have done with the "evidence" they found in his home if he was the actual killer.

I have not dealt with the .357 Magnum issue at this time, but intend to post a page titled "The Murder Weapon," in the near future. There are many, many questions about that gun and "who" bored it out ..... and why.

Garvey said no one would mar the barrel of a .357 Magnum, a collector's item. The gun would not shoot properly, he said.

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Greg Stone Interview of 2000

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