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News Paper Article / February 13th, 1991

Rudolph's Mystery Will Air Tomorrow


Roger G. Kalter / The Marietta Times

"Georgia Rudolph plans to be among the millions of people watching her story unfold Wednesday night on 'Unsolved Mysteries.'

Rudolph's goal for 'Unsolved Mysteries' is to tell her story about her belief that she previously lived in Newport around the turn of the century as Sandra Jean Jenkins.

She also wants people to accept the seemingly unexplainable metaphysical or supernatural portions of their existence.

The program is scheduled to air at 8 p.m. Wednesday {February 14th, 1991} on NBC.

She had hoped to watch it from Marietta, where it was filmed in early December {1990}, but said she couldn't organize a move from Macon, Georgia quickly enough.

"There just aren't any jobs up there," she said.

Although trained as a nurse she would like to find a job involving writing. She also does workshops about metaphysics, a branch of philosophy that seeks to explain the nature of being or reality.

'I just want to be someplace more comfortable,' Rudolph said.

She grew disenchanted with Macon when she recently gave a seminar about reincarnation.

'A lot of work went into it,' she said. 'A lot of heart and soul and money went into it.'

Advertising should have reached 225,000 people, but just six showed up, she said.

Rudolph,*41, said since she has gained wide attention because of her story, some people in the Macon area have accused her of satanic worship.'Some tell me I'm weird,' she said. / BMW / Rudolph claims her birthday is October 13th, 1948: If so, she would not have been 41 in February of 1991, but would have been 43: /

What is weird, however, is people's repression of similar experiences they have had, she said.

Reincarnation doesn't go against the teachings of Christianity, she said.

'People are where they are supposed to be. Some have chosen to learn and grow and some have not. 'I don't stand in judgment of them any more than I want them to stand in judgment of me,'

Although Rudolph was well treated in Marietta during the five days of filming the 23 1/2 minute segment, it wasn't without stress.

'I came back to the hotel each evening with a headache,' she said. 'It was emotionally draining.'

People here don't seem to be judge mental, she said.

'Even if people up there [Marietta ] disagreed and found what I was doing wrong, they had sense enough, common decency, and class enough not to insult me.' Rudolph said.

Rudolph said she held up reasonably well under the strain of the filming and the focusing on her inner self until near the end.

'I was doing everything OK through the week,' she said. 'Everything was under control until the last day of filming.'

She was standing on the river bank. A boy was playing on the river bank as the stern wheeler Claire-E came to shore.

'He blew his whistle - it also happened in 1984 - and the sound of the paddle boat whistle just went right through my soul. It goes so deeply into my soul.' " /BMW/ She would have been 36 years old in 1984:

....... end of article .......

Article in local news paper at time of McCrady trial 1997:

All headings are my creation and "not" part of the article: My comments appear in pink:

Psychic In Murder Investigation Believes In Life Everlasting:

The 'Who Called Who' Debate!

Pittsburgh psychic Georgia Rudolph [sat quietly one day in Washington County Common Pleas Court] listening as testimony unfolded in the highly publicized murder trial of former state trooper Jackie D. McCrady.

To some, Ms. Rudolph might have been just another court room spectator, but investigators said it was an *indirect tip from her that led them to the muddy grave site where McCrady's 30-year old wife, Jenifer, was buried with a bullet in her head.

BMW / Indirect tip? This means the "tip" did not come directly from Rudolph to "Garvey," but came to Garvey via someone else ... which is what he testified to in the court room also. Hang in there ... lets read some more of the same article: 2004 update: I've just watched Court TV's "Psychic Detectives" and the story has changed yet again folks!!! This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever encountered in my life. Be sure and see my new page..... Another Version Of The Truth

Psychic Powers Used To Solve Crime

The 15-day trial did more than test the investigative skills of local law enforcement officials, it also raised the issue of psychic powers used to solve serious crimes.

"I don't talk about my work with law enforcement -- mainly because I don't want murderers coming after me," Ms. Rudolph said, smiling broadly over a cup of steaming coffee after testimony ended for the day. / BMW / This policy certainly changed as soon as the McCrady trial got underway. She was "talking about her work" with every reporter she could lay her hands to:

*What is known of her assistance in the McCrady case came from court testimony. / BMW / This is incorrect. There were several articles published about "her assistance" long before the case came to trial:

In opening arguments at McCrady's trial, Assistant Prosecutor James Schneider and defense attorney William Kiger both talked about the reported assistance officials received from a psychic.

Schneider said it was through information provided by Williamstown resident Mary Dye that Belpre police found the remote, wooded area off Belpre Township Road 298 where Mrs. McCrady was buried in a shallow grave./ BMW / True. This was the first case I'd ever heard of in which the prosecution tried to discredit someone who was on his side!

Kiger tried to poke holes in the credibility of the case by asking jurors if they had ever heard of a woman called Georgia Lee.

Ms. Rudolph, who sometimes uses the last name Lee, is said to have told Mrs. Dye where to look for the victim's body. / BMW / Wonder if she began using the name 'Lee' before or after I told Winstanley the name/word 'Lee' would be present in the next case? Have no fear, I also predicted that Rudolph and Dye would resurface from their hiding places. I thought Winstanley had sense enough to 'be on guard,' but apparently he didn't.

I Can Feel His Presence In Little Hocking

Mrs. Dye confirmed under oath during the trial that she was directed by Ms. Rudolph to [travel to the Little Hocking area because that was where the victim was buried.] / BMW / Yes, and I had directed Detective John Winstanley to "come to Little Hocking" way before Jenifer was murdered, and told him that the killer was coming to Little Hocking his next strike ... a strike that would be against a Belpre woman, a cop's woman. This had also been repeated several times to a friend of Rudolph's who continually called me and asked questions about my work:

Her curiosity piqued, Mrs. Dye drove with her mother to the location around ['Saturday' - 2 p.m. September 28th] -- eight days after the victim was reported missing by her husband./ BMW / She testified that she was desperately trying to get in touch with Dave Garvey for several days 'before' she says she saw this cruiser:

Mrs. Dye said on her second trip down the township road she spotted an Ohio trooper cruiser driving very slowly out of an oil access drive off the main road. When she stopped to let the car out, she saw McCrady at the wheel of the vehicle, she said.

On the following 'Monday,' she arrived at the Belpre police station./ BMW / In another article...in this same series... Rudolph claims she told Dye and Garvey that "Jenifer McCrady was dead; had been shot in the head by a man named Jack who was a cop" .... so, all this considered, wonder why Mary Dye waited two days to inform Officer Garvey and the Belpre police department that she had seen State Trooper Jackie McCrady coming out of the access road? Sort of strange, isn't it? Oh believe me, it gets a whole lot stranger.

The Only Lead We Had

Sgt. Dave Garvey, the lead investigator, previously had ignored Mrs. Dye's telephone calls, but when she met him at the station, he listened. It was, as he recalled, *"the only lead we had." BMW / Not true. The sheriff's department had at least a hundred clues that I sent them prior to Jenifer's disappearance.

Garvey said he had heard of Ms. Rudolph and does not dismiss her abilities.

Who Called Rudolph?

"My secretary suggested calling her, and *I believe she did," he said. /BMW / Oh, it was Garvey's secretary who phoned Georgia Rudolph. Okay. Just keep reading:

Ms. Rudolph believes Mrs. McCrady's body would still be buried there with a bullet lodged in her right temple [if she had not told - Mrs. Dye] - where to look. /BMW / Okay, so Rudolph 'told' Dye where to find the dead body, and I assume Dye told Garvey .... right? We'll see:

When 'WHO' Called Rudolph?

*"When *Garvey called, I knew I could help." Ms. Rudolph said. / BMW / Now the story changes. Rudolph claims that Dave Garvey called her, whereas he claims he 'thinks' it was his secretary who called her! Oh, don't worry, he didn't have it quite straightened out in the court room either! First he testified that he had never met the woman, never talked to her, and then he eventually admitted under cross examination that yes, he did know her after all because Detective John Winstanley introduced him to Rudolph and Dye in his office a couple of years earlier!

Belpre isn't the only law enforcement agency to *seek Ms. Rudolph's assistance.[She has worked with investigators in Chicago, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Texas, Georgia and federal agencies such as the FBI.]/BMW / Thought she didn't talk about her work with law enforcement because she didn't want killers coming after her!

Although some might question the use of psychics, [Washington County Prosecutor Michael Spahr said he would not hesitate to seek assistance from someone like Ms. Rudolph.] /BMW / Guess that leaves me out, because I'm certainly not "like Ms. Rudolph," in any way, shape or form!

{insignificant portions omitted}

Impeccable Character & Integrity

Ms. Rudolph --- freely talks about her psychic gift. She refuses to accept any reward money or other gifts for her assistance in police investigations.] "I figured up one time that I turned down more than $250,000.00 in reward money, but I still wouldn't take any," she said. /BMW / This is wonderful of Rudolph. There are so many unsolved cases all across our nation, so many police departments and individuals who 'need' her help.

Snapping Green Beans

Her awareness of this ability came slowly.

"I've always felt different. I realized I was different when I was (*5 and my adopted family) and I were in a Columbus restaurant," she said. "I walked up to a gray haired man in the restaurant and [ I pointed to ] his chest and said, 'You have something wrong here and you're [ going to die,]' and I pointed to his heart." / BMW / apparently she's been 'pointing to people' and saying they are going to die all her life! This is what she did the night I met with her and Dye at Shoney's in Marietta in 1992! // See story, this page "Prior Life" for 'age': // {see how the story changes on page 3, done in yellow:}

When she was 10, she had another experience which gave her further insight.

**"My grandmother (Lucille Smith) and I were [**on her front porch snapping green beans,] when she said 'Honey, I want to talk to you," Ms. Rudolph recalled./ BMW / See email section:

{insignificant portions omitted}

Ms. Rudolph was featured on "Unsolved Mysteries" because of her past-life link to a [12 year-old Newport girl named Sandra Jean Jenkins, who lived at the turn of the century.]

Ms. Rudolph makes her living doing personal readings for individuals, but she never forgets where she came from or where she is going.....

{insignificant portions omitted}

End of news paper article:

Remember ... All headings and words in 'pink' are my words, and not part of the news article:

Bonnie M. Wells

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Starlight Inner-Prizes

18-a 'The Early Warnings'

September Story Page

GLORIA / Part 1

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Georgia Ann Smith Rudolph


Georgia Ann Smith Rudolph was born Oct. 15, 1948, and passed away at the age of 64 on Feb.   12, 2013, in Parkersburg, W.Va.

Georgia attended Medina High School in Medina, Ohio, and graduated with the class of 1966. She enjoyed taking care of older adults, and followed her dream, attending college to become a licensed practical nurse. Georgia became well known for her psychic abilities and was featured on several local and national radio and television programs over the years. She was also credited with using her abilities helping in police crime work. Georgia will be most remembered by her surviving family as a caring mother and fun-loving sister. She loved practical jokes, playing bingo and telling a good story. She was a dog lover. She enjoyed writing poetry about God, spirituality, heaven, angels and American patriotic ideals. She especially loved to reminisce over a good cup of coffee, and talk about those happy times with her family, friends and fond childhood memories. She had a special bond and cherished the love and memories of her grandmother, Lucile Mason Smith, all her life. Georgia had a generous and giving spirit, and was very adamant that her body be donated to science as a way to make a contribution to benefit others, for greater knowledge and discovery, to help save lives, and to advance medical research and education.

Her wishes were carried out with a human gift donation to the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. "Greater love hath no man than this" John 15:13.

A private memorial service will be planned at a later date.

Georgia is predeceased by her mother, Marjorie Heaney Smith; father, Robert Wesley Smith; and beloved soul mate and best friend, James 'Bear' Williams. She is survived by her son, Robert M. Rudolph; and grandchildren, Zachary, Taylor and Skylar of Mitchell, Ind.; sister, Holly Morris of Jacksonville, Fla.; and many other extended family members and friends.



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