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The Disappearance and Murder of

Alana "Laney" Gwinner


Misty Blu Gwinner

Alana "Laney" Gwinner was born in West Chester, Ohio March 18, 1974. She graduated from Lakota High School in 1992.

On **December 10th, 1997, Laney drove her black Honda Del Sol to the Gilmore Bowling Lanes in Fairfield, Ohio to socialize with some friends. It would be the last time her friends would see her alive.

On Jan. 11, 1998, Laney's lifeless body was found in the Ohio River. Her vehicle has never been found.

Fairfield to Westchester: 10.2 miles:

New Leads In Laney Gwinner's Murder

Cold Case Detectives are following new leads in the 1997 murder of Laney Gwinner. Local 12 CrimeStoppers Reporter Deborah Dixon shared the following report in April 2005, when the leader of the Butler County Cold Case Squad said her murder can be solved:

Laney Gwinner was killed in December of 1997, and no one knows why. The one clue that can lead investigators to her killer has yet to be uncovered. But as Crimestoppers Reporter Deborah Dixon says, investigators hope a hi-tech device can help shed light on the case.

Laney Gwinner drew attention wherever she went. She was beautiful with a big laugh, and loved country music the boot scootin' kind.

Several young men watched Laney play pool at Fairfield's Gilmore Lanes the evening of December 10, 1997. Laney left alone. But they never saw Laney, again. Her body was found a month later, in the Ohio River near Warsaw Kentucky, forty miles from where she disappeared. She was dead before going in the river, not raped or robbed, but definitely murdered.

Specialist Frank Smith, Butler Co Sheriff's Department: "From the information we've received, so far, looking at everything, I believe it's very solvable."

Frank Smith is one of the top cold case detectives in the country. A Specialist in the Butler County Sheriff's Office, he's now working the Gwinner mystery. Smith believes Laney's missing Honda Del Sol is a watery clue. Smith thinks the car was put in the Miami River south of Hamilton and Fairfield, and plans to use a high tech sonar search to find it.

"We're planning one of the most extensive searches in the history of the Sheriff's department of the Miami River."

The search will include a sonar signal that fans out and bounces off objects sitting on the river bottom. If the object is very dense, such as a car, the signal picks up the image.

"I had an opportunity to review autopsy photos, no way that girl was on the bottom of that river."

Smith thinks Laney's body was protected by her car until she floated out and down river.

"One of the most important things about the vehicle, wherever it was placed in the river, provides a generalized location where the suspect probably resides."

Sheriff Richard Jones, Butler County: "We're sharing resources with Fairfield. If Frank says it's solvable, I believe Frank. We've got some leads we can't discuss and we hope to have more."

Laney drove a black 1993 Honda Del Sol. Ohio license plate: AKP 3607.

If you have any information that can help cold case detectives, call our partners at CrimeStoppers. The number 352-3040. You don't have to give your name and can get cash for clues.

Detective Frank Smith of the Butler County Sheriff's Department in Hamilton, Ohio asks for your help! Please call 513-785-1236 with any information, tips or leads.


A possible break in a Butler County cold case has turned up nothing.

Detectives pulled a car from the Great Miami River, just south of Fairfield Wednesday.

It was a vehicle similar to the one owned by Alana "Laney" Gwinner, who was murdered in 1997.

Investigators say tests confirmed that it is not Gwinner's car, which has been missing since the crime.

They say the car they found was likely stolen and dumped in the river

Fairfield to Warsaw = 65.1 miles:

fairfield to Cincinnati = 19.9 miles:

The Disappearance And Murder Of
Misty Blu Gwinner

April 2005

The body of a woman found murdered on the bed of a Lexington creek {Fayette County, Kentucky} has been positively identified as 18 year old, Misty Blu Gwinner.

Gwinner's body was found April 5 on North Cleveland Road in a creekbed. Police were unable to identify her until now despite making photos of identifying marks on the woman's body public in an effort to learn her identity.

WKRC-TV in Cincinnati ran their story Thursday about two unidentified bodies found within six days. Reportedly, Gwinner's family, who are from Northern Kentucky, saw the woman's picture and thought it might be their relative. The family traveled to Lexington Friday for the identification.

Police have no suspects in the murder, and have declined to reveal the exact cause of death.

The Other 'Jane Doe'

In late October [2005] - six months after the discovery of the two bodies, my friend Mysde located a couple of news articles on the net and sent them to me. I scoured each one in hopes of finding a little more information about the still unidentified woman who had been found within days of Gwinner's discovery.

Unidentified Remains.Net had the most information about Misty Blu Gwinner, but even they had very little information concerning the other woman, except to say she was found just one hundred miles from where Gwinner had been found.

Local 12 News in Fayette County gave another clue or two: "Two children holding teddy bears, charms with the names Sandra and Sara. The woman found in Anderson Township [Hamilton County] along the Little Miami River loved them enough to wear the charms around her neck. Someone was cold enough to stab her in the heart."

"Someone likely believes he got away with murder in the Tri-State. In just six days, two women were found dead, both discovered within 100 miles of each other."

"Dr Emily Craig, Kentucky's Forensic Anthropologist: "So many times when it comes to the missing and unidentified, the only person that knows they're missing is the one that killed them and they're not about to report them missing."

"Police think the young woman with the name Jaden on her neck [Note: this was Misty Gwinner] was tossed over this bridge not far from 1-75 south. Two Jane Does found within a week and 100 miles of each other. They may be unidentified just because the killers drove a bit before dumping them."

May 27, 2005 Anderson Township , Ohio: -- Sheriff Simon L. Leis, Jr., Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, reports that the unidentified female homicide victim located in the Little Miami River, Anderson Township , on April 13, 2005 has been identified.

The victim is Dalila Chacon-Lazaro, date of birth June 03, 1975 (age 29), an undocumented Hispanic immigrant from Cintalapa , Chiapas , Mexico . Ms. Chacon-Lazaro was last known to reside at 84 Princeton Square Circle, West Chester , Ohio and she has two children by the name of Sara and Sandra who reside with relatives in Chiapas , Mexico .

Ms. Chacon-Lazaro resided at the above residence with Ignacio Lopez-Vazquez, male Hispanic, age 29, also from Chiapas , who committed suicide and was located in their West Chester residence on March 4, 2005.

Information obtained to date indicates that this incident may be murder/suicide; however, investigation into the death of Ms. Chacon-Lazaro continues.


Well folks, what can I say - that I haven't said a thousand times or more?

I don't understand why there are so many 'similarities' in names, dates, times, places and events, and I don't know why I seem to be the only person who can see it, or who thinks this is strange.

Did Ignacio Lopez-Vazquez kill Chacon-Lazaro before killing himself? Or was she killed by someone else?

I guess I can't answer these questions tonight, but, the one thing I can say tonight is, the above comment -- "Someone likely believes he got away with murder in the Tri-State. In just six days, two women were found dead, both discovered within 100 miles of each other." -- sounds to me as if 'someone' thinks Misty Gwinner and Chacon-Lazaro may have been killed by the same man. And, whoever this man is, he did 'get away with murder in the Tri-State,' because the cases remain unsolved. And, in my opinion, 'he's' been getting by with murder for a long, long time.

February, 2011

Was Laney Gwinner's murder a warning of things to come? Did the date of her death predict the date of another young woman's death? Was the county she was found in a forewarning of the name of another victim?

Are the Gwinner girls related? I don't know, and it seems I'm the only one who's even asked the question.

Does it matter if they are related? No. They have the same name and that's good enough. We have been running on the 'double' pattern, which actually began several years ago but remains mixed into the equasion even to this day.

Examples: - 729/729; Renay/Renee; Bonnie/Bonnie; Christine/Christina; Terri/Terri; Lynn/Lynn; Marie/Maria; Martin/Martin; etc. etc. But, anyone following my work should already know this, because I have stated it repeatedly, and gave full information to show my reasoning.

Are we dealing with a sophisticated serial killer who is planning his strikes well in advance, and skipping state lines and jurisdictions, knowing no one will ever put the pieces together .... or is it all just a long line of bizare coincidences?

Victim Identification Characteristics And Patterns:

Laney was born in West Chester, Ohio

Dalila Chacon-Lazaro's last known address was West Chester, Ohio

Laney Gwinner disappeared on 12-10-1997, from Butler County {Hamilton area} Ohio / 1997 totals {*26}

Teresa Butler disappeared on 1-24-06: Let's look at this case in comparisson to Laney's case.

In Laney's case Butler was the county. In Teresa's case Butler is her name:

One of the most fascinating parts of this study are the numbers involved in the two cases: Laney = 12-10, whereas Teresa = 1-24-06: Slide the 1 and the 2 together = 12, now add the 4 and the 6 = 10: Odd, huh?

And, even if we want to look at the years sepearately, we can still see a possible message. 1997 totals 26 which is basically the same thing as 2 00 6 .

So, is it a coincidence, or a message? Is this the first time I have noticed this type of phenomena? No. It appears in many of the cases that I have worked.

Are these 'messages' deliberately left by the killer {or killers}, or are they so much a part of his {their} subconscious that it's being done unintentionally? Has it become a signature?

But then, that raises even more questions. How many different men would operate with this same characteristic within their crimes? Doesn't it point more toward one person - a serial killer?

Even then, one might ask - Who would ever notice such a thing? Certainly none of the cops working the Laney Gwinner case in Ohio ---- nor any of the cops working the Teresa Butler case in Missouri.

Who would ever figure it out? And who would ever pay any attention to her if she did figure it out?

They tell me that it's this kind of stuff that ViCAP looks for .... is it?


The Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) is a unit of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation responsible for the analysis of serial violent and sexual crimes, organizationally situated within the Critical Incident Response Group's (CIRG) National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC).

The pattern that links serial homicides is what is commonly referred to as "signature". VICAP operates under the knowledge that serial homicides are almost always sexually and control driven with a consistent evolving signature present in each murder.

In the summer of 2008, the ViCAP program made their database available to all law enforcement agencies through a secure internet link.

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Amanda Tusing: Another girl who drove a black car and was dumped 'in water' - several miles from her vehicle:

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