The Man In The Gray Suit


Bonnie M. Wells

Before getting into the dream, I'd like to introduce the dreamer:

Shirley D. is the mother of the friend that I call Mysde in my stories.

The war with Iraq began on Shirley's birthday.

On to her dream, which I have titled ........

The Man In The Gray Suit

Shirley, Mysde and I are walking somewhere. With us is a dark haired little boy about 8 years old.

The dreamer doesn't actually remember seeing the child, but knew he was with us.

Mysde walked way ahead of Shirley and me. For awhile we tried to catch up with her, but finally Shirley said to heck with it....we'd just catch her later.

Then we came to a building that the dreamer thought was a hospital. But after entering the building she realized it was not a hospital at all, but appeared to be some type of shelter area for homeless or misplaced people.

Mysde and I wanted to stop there to speak with some woman that we knew but that Shirley did not know.

There was a long table against one wall and a heavy set woman sat at the table. A man in a gray suit was also present. He had dark hair and was "kind of tall" (Shirley is just about 5 foot tall herself!) The rest of the room was surrounded with beds. Beds of many sizes and types, all sitting close together with just enough room between them to allow a person to reach their own bed. As we entered, the woman got up and she and the man in the suit came over to ask if we were seeking a bed for the night.

Shirley glanced at Mysde and me and replied that she didn't know about us but that the little boy needed a place to stay the night.

The woman told her the child could stay.

*********** End of Dream **********

The common denominators between this dream and the one I had are as follow....

The man in the gray suit:

A woman at a table in a large room:

Beds in a large room:

Walking outside:

People staying at a shelter area of some type:

Me, walking:

A woman "going ahead" whom I'd "catch later."

A young woman with long, red hair:

{Mysde has shoulder length red hair. Not quite the same shade of red as the woman in my dream, but close.}

Talking to a woman at the shelter that Mysde

and I knew but that she didn't.

{She does not know Katie Wilk but Mysde and I do.}

Children staying at a shelter:

Interpretation for Harkback & The Man In The Gray Suit

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Bonnie M. Wells

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