Harkback & The Man In The Gray Suit


Bonnie M. Wells

I believe some dreams can be prophetic in nature, just as they were in Biblical times. And I believe that the dream I had on March 26th and the one that Shirley D. had on March 28th, fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. Perhaps there are other dreams that would also go along with these two and reveal even more information. If so, they have not been presented to me, so I cannot work them.

There are many dreams that are not of a personal nature, but actually warn of things that are going to happen to family members, friends, or strangers. Some are even of national or international things that are about to happen.

As the war in Iraq rages onward, I believe that our own nation is in danger, and that our president especially is in danger from the Fanatics of Terror, as I have come to call those that would attack our people and land in hopes of instilling terror and killing however many they can kill.

Some American's respond the way the terrorist want them to. They protest against any kind of action, regardless of what has been done to us, and their cowardice is embarrassing ..... at least to me.

I think these two dreams combine to show the American people something important. More to the point, I believe they warn our president of approaching danger. I will do my best to show my readers how I reached this conclusion:

The dictionary defined "harkback" as ... To return to an earlier point so as to pick up the scent or trail again: To go back in thought or speech: Revert:

It defined "hark" as .... To listen carefully; usually in the imparative, with the effect of an exclamation: To listen to: To hear:

Mike and I never lived in Marietta, Ohio. Gary Gordon and I did. But that was back in 1965, so my first clue was to "look back," or "return to" a time in the past. But of just as much importance is the name Gordon even though it did not occur in the dream. I have learned in recent weeks that my daughter's cousin is tracing the Gordon family's roots. She was amazed when she traced the name Gordon to "Turkey." Now, we have an area pinpointed, so we have time and location.

Turkey plays a part in the war with Iraq. They refused to allow us to cross their land or use their air bases.

The time in the past when Iraq was a problem for the US and our president had to deal with it, was under the presidency of George Bush senior.

I know that the dreams warned of something for this time period though because of the Pontiac that Mike and I own at present time; and yet, I remember that Gary and I owned a Ford when we lived on Tiber Way, and since I am "looking back" and our vehicle is emphasized, I must keep this in mind: The charcoal gray Pontiac that I own today looks exactly like an FBI agents, government issued vehicle:

Clues from the two dreams as presented on preceding page:

The man in the gray suit:

A woman at a table in a large room:

Beds in a large room:

Walking outside:

People staying at a shelter area of some type:

Me, walking:

A woman "going ahead" whom I'd "catch later."

A young woman with long, red hair:

Talking to a woman at the shelter that Mysde and I knew but that she didn't.

Children staying at a shelter:

Frank / frank = A masculine name: A member of the Germanic tribes, of the "Frankish Empire" which originally extended over what is now France, Germany and Italy.

Considering the fact that these are the very people who refused to do anything about the situation in Iraq ... need I say more?

The dictionary also lists frank as ....Francus, a Frank, hence free man. Which seems to tell a story in itself since President Bush intends to "free the people" of Iraq from the stranglehold that has already cost thousands of them their lives.

And of course it is also symbolic of our own nation since we are "the land of the free."

And finally the dictionary defines "frank" as ... open and honest in expressing what one thinks or feels: Therefore it is my opinion that George Bush is indeed being honest with the American people, and stands firmly on his convictions of God, family and country: You have to admire that in today's world.

Now, without further delay, let us get right to the heart of this matter:

Marietta is in Washington County Ohio.

George Bush is in Washington DC.

Dark skinned men singing gospel songs = Men of darker skin than President Bush or I, coming to Washington under the cover of darkness, and in the name of God:

{May be same nationality as attacked the Twin Towers:

Target = George Bush II: Warning / May be vehicle attack:}

Bush at church: Might have double meaning:

1. After church services.... on a Sunday:

2. The presidents ranch in Crawford, Texas.....Prarie Chapel:

Light colored, woven material, purse on air conditioner =

Warm weather / south; something that comes from behind; Behind the President's ranch would be ... south of the border / Mexico:

Mariah = Desert Wind:

Dark skinned men - Texas / Mexico border:

{At this point in our dream work, I believe we have narrowed the field to a group of men, dark skinned men, who will attempt to cross into our country from Mexico: Who these men are remain a mystery for right now. We will eventually get to their identity:}

People walking = May be of dual meaning: May be a larger attack than we think, maybe in two places at once, both connected to President Bush. Perhaps Washington DC and Crawford, Texas:

Terrorists that walk into our country. This would almost have to be from Mexico:

It could also symbolize people displaced / homeless, staying in shelters: This could be American's, but I am more inclined to believe it is the terrorists themselves, and indicates they will seek shelter in Salvation Army's {one is located across from the apartment on Tiber Way .... also there is a Goodwill Center} I believe this indicates the terrorists will make it into our country, on foot, and will seek shelter from within our community services.}

Red haired woman = Laura Bush:

Time when Mr. & Mrs. Bush will be together, and after some type of "gathering" of people, such as at church services:

Almost all the people seen within either dream were dark haired strangers.....even the children were dark haired.

Those that were known and identified may give additional clues as to who these invaders are. For this purpose, we must remember harkback:

Harkback = go back, return, revert { reverse:}

Let's "reverse" the names of the people within the dream that we know:

And this is going to be a challenge because I am not using Mysde's correct name!!

Okay ... Let's just say I reversed her correct name and the clue was .....hate NYC!!! And even I am impressed by this one!! The fact that Mysde walked "out in front" of Shirley and me is an indication of something that has gone before, or already happened. I do believe New York City remembers 9/11 !!

Katie Wilk ....

Reverse Wilk = Kliw {Clue}!

Reverse Katie = Eitak {Attack}!

The "clue" is an "attack" by terrorists coming in from "Mexico" and made by the same people who hate New York City .... the "Twin" Towers. The "twins" in this picture are the two presidents, both named George Bush. The terrorists in question have to be people that "hated" both of these men. I'm guessing it is Saddam Hussein, but let's see if the dreams can reveal any further information that might confirm this suspicion:

In warm weather / Washington and possibly Texas / the main bulk will come at night / Madalyn Bulknight:

Continuing with the names we have, and the reversal of those names:

Madalyn - reversed = Nyl a dam:

Nyl is not a word, but corresponds to Nil which means "nothing," and a dam reminds me once again of Saddam Hussein.

Bulknight - reversed = Thg {thug} in klub {club}! Wow!

We now have a thug in a club, that hates New York, hates our president, intends to send terrorists into our country from Mexico; un-reversing {notice that word sing!] Bulknight....we see that the main "bulk" of these terrorists will come into our country at "night" ..... even as the dreams indicated. My dream also indicated that my "husband, was working over time! Also of note is the word "band" within husband; a "band" is usually thought of as "musical" in nature or as a "band of thugs." We've seen both.

President Bush says that Hussein's regime is nothing more than a "band of thugs" that have taken the Iraqi people hostage. I believe the man is right.

Lets look at Saddam Hussein and reverse his name:

Saddam reversed = Mad das ...... looks like Mad ass to me!

Hussein reversed = Nie ss uh Nice? Uh!

Continuing with Hussein reversed .... Nie does not compute, but sounds like nigh, which means to draw near.

SS = Nazi troops / SS south...southern /

Uh = not a word, but sounds like "you."

And it sound to me like we have identified "who" is a "mad ass," that hates "the twins" and everything American. And who has vowed to send terrorists into our nation and destroy anything or anyone that he can destroy.

This only leaves two names within the dreams to be decoded and reversed. My own and Shirley's.

Bonnie = Pleasant, pretty, nice .... "have a bonny day, have a bonny trip....Irish." Remember "the fighting Irish!" Some fight in different ways, but they all fight!

Bonnie reversed = Ein nob: Ein = "to differentiate a compound that could be confused with another spelled similarly but with the suffix ine: Nob...1. "slang" the head: 2.cribbage - the jack of the same suit as the card cut from the pack; it counts one point: British slang = Nob, a person of wealth and high social status:

The British are the ones helping us in Iraq, and that's about all I'm going to say as far as my own name reversed is concerned:

Shirley reversed = Yel {yell} rish, close to Irish. Breaking it down further....Yel-r-ish; looks like "yellow eyes" to me and I am reminded of yet another person's dream which I titled....The Yellow Eyed Woman Dream. In that dream the dreamer was told by a "yellow eyed woman" to {pay attention} to everything; the times, dates, places, everything or she would not live through this.

And so I believe it is in this case also. Those in authority must "harkback" to 1991 and realize that from that experience came the reward of 911....same number, same theme.

Although I will not list Shirley's last name here, I will say that it contains the name of the Hindu god of destruction! And that should be a real warning! And there is another "connection" that only those with "inside" knowledge will know. It's something about Shirley's granddaughter, who is not in the dream any more than mine is, but who is very much emphasized, just as mine is.

With the war starting on Shirley's birthday, me having my dream on my granddaughter's birthday, and Shirley's granddaughter being very much shown through reversal, it goes a long way toward convincing me that Saddam Hussein is the man that we should be concerned about.

And of course there's my last name ...Wells: Forward it is one concern in the Iraq war .... the oil wells that we feared Saddam would set afire. And reversed it tells an even greater story ....Sllew {slew} = to slay many! Saddam look out; ya got one spooky lady workin' for the grand old US of A! You cannot win.....coming or going, forward or backward, you are done!

I have listened closely to Fox News ever since the war began. Several times I've seen large groups of people demonstrating against our presence in Iraq. Often these people call our troops invaders instead of liberators, and they insist Saddam Hussein has good reason to be angry at us since we "invaded" his country.

Now I'm not a politician .... and obviously not a "nob"!! but there is something about me that is a little different from other people {ein?} For some reason I seem to have the ability to look back through time and pick out bits and pieces of history that can then be moved forward and attached to present events and give pretty accurate predictions for the future. I do not consider this "fortune telling, or soothsaying," and could care less what the rest of the world considers it.

In the present situation, I guess it's up to me to "explain" why Saddam is such a "mad ass!" It has nothing to do with the United States invading his country. He was mad at us long before we ever got there! He's been mad ever since the first George Bush stopped "his invasion" of Kuwait, and ran him back to his own damned sand pile!

And that's the Iraqi war in a nutshell folks. Hussein is ticked and he's joined forces with any and all angry groups such as BinLaden's group and others, simply because he is the aggressor, he is the killer of the Iraqi people; he is all the things he has accused us of being.

I predict a victory for the coalition forces in Iraq, and I predict a victory for the Iraqi people who would do well to remember this valuable lesson and never let such a thug in control of their nation again.

However, I do have a message for President Bush.

Do not let down your guard, for a "door that you are certain is closed, will creep open ever so slightly, and allow someone to come into our "home"land. I believe this "door" is our southern border between us and Mexico.

And there is something else I want to say (since I'm on a roll here!) ... I was told many years ago of a "revival of Native American"....and I have seen many things in our own military named after Native hawks, tomahawks, Apache, etc. In the dream Katie asked the other woman to visit my home and see all the pretty decorations that I make for my home. Those items are all "Native American" style items, as many people in my home area could attest to.

Here's a word to the wise leader... The Native American people are the greatest warriors that ever lived. They too are American's. Their reservations are located along almost every coast line this nation has. Employ them! They will come by the thousands. They will stop the terrorists from flowing into our nation.

PS: President Bush has called for a "National Day Of Prayer And Fasting." Many are "up in arms, so to speak," about the idea, saying this is not something the president should do as it combines politics with religion and supposedly our constitution forbids this. I say "they" are wrong ... usual. A National day of fasting and prayer is a great idea whose time has "already come." Pay no attention to the negative. Go right ahead, for God will reward us openly, and even the enemy within will be amazed!

And, in closing ... I'd like to remind our leaders and our people of something. Just a little something that it would seem too many people have forgotten .... well, some haven't ....

In his proclamation of April 30th, 1863, Abraham Lincoln said..."It is the duty of nations, as well as of men, to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God....and to recognize the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord...."

Motto of the state of Ohio:

"With God, All Things Are Possible"

Believe it or not, this story continues with yet another page and more startling developments which were revealed in the dreams. At the time I did the dreams and interpretation, many of these things had not happened. To continue with the story, click on following link.

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