The Harkback Drama Continues


Bonnie M. Wells

In The Beginning

Shirley and I both had dreams in the month of March, and within days after the United States went to war with Iraq. I felt both dreams were important and pertained to the national crisis instead of being of a personal nature.

I wrote the dreams out and did an interpretation for the two of them combined because, once again, I felt the dreams supported one another in telling a story, or forwarning.

Never being a person for gathering information "before" interpreting a dream, I hurridly worked the dreams up so that anyone and everyone might be able to see what I'd said and when I'd said it, and I posted them on this web site on April 2nd, 2003.

Time Moves On .... The War Progresses

I've had three books laying on my kitchen table pretty much since the beginning of the war with Iraq: The Bible ... opened primarily to the 38th chapter of Ezekiel, but going back and forth to Daniel and Revelations a great deal: The United States And Britan In Bible Prophecy, written many years ago by Herbert W. Armstrong, and two new books that I've found to be as compelling and fascinating as any that I've ever read. The Bible Code and The Bible Code II were both written by Michael Drosnin, and are highly recommended by this author if anyone is interested in Bible prophecy and how it is working in today's world.

And of course my own work has continued, as has the war.

Code Numbers

Many had made fun of my "number system." I'd worked it out years ago, and been watching it "pan-out" all along. I wasn't surprised to see "my numbers" in full play in the Iraq war....the 319 set it off, while jets flew successful missions under the 305, 603 and several other numbers. Tanks rolled into Baghdad under the 314, the 121 and several other "protection" numbers that I'd watched and used for years. I watched it all in the "awe" that our president promised, but had the feeling I was the only one who was really in awe of it! I guess I'm still waiting for the "shock" portion, because I haven't been shocked yet .... a little surprised here and there....but I wouldn't call it shock.

Like when I found "Frank," from my dream. I was a little surprised then. He's a general. In fact I'd say he's the general in charge of operations in Iraq. His name is Tommy Franks!

But, I suppose that could be considered common knowledge, and there are those who will say that I heard the general's name before I had the dream. Perhaps I did. I don't believe that I was aware of it, but perhaps subconsciously I was and somehow that fit into the dream. I'll give the doubting Thomas's that much ...... but that's it.....the rest is my miracle, sent to me from God and delivered to my nation with pride and integrity.

Jessica Lynch

I posted the Harkback information in the early morning hours of April 2nd, 2003, and crawled into bed at the crack of dawn.

By the time I got back out of bed and flipped Fox News on to see if we were all still alive !!! there had been a new development in the war. Pfc Jessica Lynch, a 19 year old Palestine, West Virginia girl had been found alive in Iraq and rescued! I was thrilled. The entire country was thrilled!

Jessica had been part of the 507th Maintenance Company that had been "ambushed" on March 23rd. No one expected to find any of the members alive. But Jessica was! {Her story can be seen elsewhere on this web site: Link at bottom of this page}

It was the rescue of Jessica, on the very day I'd posted my dream info that caused me to return to the dreams and start watching closer.

Jessica had been found in a "hospital." However, even though the building was plainly marked as a hospital, when our troops got inside they discovered weapons, ammunition, bio-chemical suits and even a tank hidden in the hospital. It reminded me of Shirley's dream. "She thought it was a hospital....but it turned out to be a place where "displaced" people were staying." Jessica Lynch was certainly a "displaced person, and she was staying there because she had been taken prisoner." In fact, it appeared she was the lone survivor of her company ..... or so the story went. I went back to the dreams myself. Oh, I kept an eye on Fox News ..... so I'd be sure and hear "the rest of the story" when it came in!!

By mid month, five more members of Jessica's troop had been found .....alive! They were walking along the road, when our troops came along and picked them up! And what I found to be absolutely amazing {not shocking, but amazing} is the fact that the soldiers were all wearing pajamas! And I said, well good golly miss Molly, would ya look at that! Did ya ever see such a beautiful sight?

Along with the five members of the 507 were two pilots ....Apache helicopter pilots! And I recalled my own dream in which Native American wall decorations was emphasized. The pilots had been shot down in Iraq, and were apparently being housed with the prisoners from the 507th. They too were wearing pajama's. This brought to 8 the number of captives that had been rescued, two of which were women.

The Patriotic Playing Cards

Right after the war started I set up a section in my front yard in honor of our military. The white deer wore red, white and blue bows, while the Memossa tree behind them held red, white and blue ribbon streamers to represent the people we lost in Iraq. The small Rose Of Sharon in front of the deer held small white bows to represent each person that was listed as "missing in action."

On a trip to the grocery store, I found a deck of regular playing cards with the American flag across the backs, and bought the deck with the thoughts of putting the names of our dead on the cards and hanging them from the tree with the streamers. Mike talked me out of it, saying the first rain we had would ruin the cards. He was right. I laid the cards down beside all the books I'd been reading, studying and researching since the war began. Thank goodness I have a larg table! Of course, I sometimes pile everything on a chair if I need the table space, but it's not long till it's all back on the table with me rumaging through it again.

I was sitting at that same table, watching Fox usual...on the kitchen tv, when the report came in about 55 people who were considered terrorists in Iraq. I was a little perplexed though when they titled them The Dirty Dozen! I just shook my head and mumbled...."They really need to stay off my web site, and stop trying to copy my work. A dozen is twelve, not fifty five!" I'd tagged our killers..The Dirty Dozen ..... and our arsonists....The Dirty Dozen....long ago. That way I could say one of the Dirty Dozen(s) struck again ....while Wild Bill wasn't looking....of course!

And then I got another "surprise" ... Fox News informed everyone that the U.S. Military in Iraq had just been given "decks of playing cards," with pictures of the wanted terrorists!! "Hey, that's a great idea. Wonder who thought of that?" I said to my husband as he walked past the table where I sat shuffling my patriotic deck!

He didn't answer .... but he looked at the deck of cards in my hands, a little strangely.

Saddam Hussein was pictured on the Ace of Spades ..... and I wondered if Winstanley thought of me, and what I'd said about "always holding the aces," and playing them when the time was right. In fact, I wondered how many people thought of me as this war progressed. I recalled telling President Bush that .....

And "before" he was officially declared the president, I had told him .....

"Ye shall not start the fight/war, but neither shall you run."

The Old 417 Comes Again

I obtained a healthy respect for the number 417, back in 1994. All local cops and anyone who knows me, knows my reasoning.

Today was April 17th ... 4-17. I hadn't gone to bed yet from "yesterday," and was sitting at the kitchen table watching a few minutes of Fox News and waiting for my dog {Copper /Cop for short} to come back inside so we could go to bed. Everyone said I had my days and nights mixed up. Probably so. Didn't matter. I still got everything done that needed to be done...daylight or dark.

The reporter was talking about President Bush and when I glanced at the tv, there he was in a very pretty gray suit. The dreams came back to me immediately as I listened to the president's plans for the Passover/Easter holiday.

They said he was heading for his ranch in Texas, but would first stop over in St. Louis.

Without hessitation, I reached for the deck of patriotic cards that still lay on the table, flipped the lid back and poured them out into my right hand. Using a slide shuffle (not a poker shuffle) I began to shuffle the cards while listening to the rest of the news broadcast. The national security alert level had been reduced to yellow earlier in the day (the 16th) and General Franks had gone to Baghdad for the first time. They said he made a phone call to the president from Saddam Hussein's castle. I thought that was cute. I'll bet old Hussein liked it too ..... wherever he is. Some say he's dead. I don't get that feeling. As I was "walking in the city where I lived," in the dream, I believe he's doing the same thing. He's still in Baghdad somewhere, on foot, just mingling in, hanging out, waiting for the troops to go home, as I waited for my husband to finish his work and come home.

After bringing Cop back into the house, I returned to my deck of cards and wondered out loud: "If the president is in danger, I wonder who is behind it."

I'd no more than thought the question and a card lept from the deck and landed face down on the table. I stopped shuffling and looked down at it for several seconds before flipping it face up. Well, I was getting closer to "shock and awe" .... It was the Ace of Spades!

Well, I might have been sleepy and ready for bed, but that was two minutes ago! Now I was wide awake and shuffling cards, big time!

Copper jumped up on my lap so I could ask her questions instead of having to talk to myself at four o'clock in the morning!! and I asked the same question again .... "Who is President Bush in danger from?"

Out flipped the Jack of Spades! But... I didn't know who the jack of spades represented. Back to the computer for the information....

Knowing that the jack of any suit can represent a young man, usually the son of the man in question, I wondered if the Jack of Spades represented one of Saddam Hussein's son's. I'd no more than framed the question in my mind when out flipped the Three of Clubs. The way I figured it, Saddam was the ring leader and his two son's were next in line. If the card represented his son, it had to be the younger of his two son's, and I don't recall his name right now, but still, he concerned me. I don't know where he is, and my dream indicated people coming into our nation from the south, possibly Mexico.

I was intrigued by the fact that the 3 of clubs had no picture on it, and was not representative of either of Saddam's son's. The black silhouette again reminded me of my dream and the dark skinned men who sang songs on the blacktopped parking lot. Could it be a warning ... or was it just a card that fell from the deck? I tried to determine more ....

Ever since 1994 I'd been a little uneasy about the 17th of April. If I lived to see the sun come up again ..... it would be the 17th. I recalled Bush was heading for his ranch {Prarie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas,} and I not only thought of the dream, but wondered....

"Is there any certain day that President Bush and possibly Mrs. Bush should be very careful, or perhaps have extra security?"

I shuffled the cards for several minutes this time before one came flying out of the deck. Again, it landed face down, and I wondered what the chances were for 4 cards to flip out of a deck of cards, each at different times, and each land face down. I wondered if that was symbolic of anything. Guess I didn't know enough about that type of thing to make an accurate determination.

I turned the card face up and was looking at the Seven of Clubs. I didn't know "who" it stood for in the terrorist deck, but "who" had not been my question. I'd asked "what day," and was now looking at the number 7.

Easter Sunday approached. Christians considered Sunday the 7th day, the day of rest. But it was also Passover for the Jewish nation and those of the Jewish faith who considered Saturday the 7th day, the sabbath ..... and when I looked at the word sabbath, I could easily see the name of Saddam Hussein's ruling party...the Baath Party. I decided I was lookimg at "Saturday," but I tried another angle .....

"When and where will the danger be greatest to President Bush?" I asked.

Again I shuffled the cards for several seconds before two came flying out together, and landed one on top of the other, both face down again! So this time I turned them over together and was looking at the 10 of Hearts with the 9 of Diamonds beside it.

Although the terrorist cards held pictures of the two men that were represented by the 10 of hearts and the 9 of diamonds, I again reminded myself that the questions asked were not "who" but..."when and where."

I see the "heart" card as representing the old saying ..... Home is where the heart is: George and Laura Bush were "going home to Crawford, Texas for the holiday.

And the "diamond" card reminded me of my dream again and how Bush had responded that he had to behave himself after he married Laura. And "diamonds" reminded me of marriage, and I was reasonably certain that President and Mrs. Bush were married in Texas.

Looking at the cards strictly as numbers, I added the 10 and the 9 and of course got 19. And I laid the deck aside, and glanced at the calandar as I headed for the computer again. The 19th of April is on a Saturday.

And now, I'm posting this page on my web site, and then I'm going to bed and I'm going to pray that God will send a legion of angels to protect our president and the first lady in these very troubled times. Perhaps the national alert level has been reduced to yellow. Mine remains on red, and will until further notice! And I ask those who read this page to bow your heads in prayer for our president, our troops, our nation. The Lord will hear and answer....

Motto of the state of Ohio.

With God, All Things Are Possible


The Man In The Gray Suit

The Interpretation

Pfc. Jessica Lynch

Catch Twenty-Two

Pure Coincidence

Starlight Inner-Prizes

Posted: Night of 4-17-2003 / BMW

This is 4-22-03, and President Bush is alive and well. I am thankful. My "alert color" remains red though until 5-17. Hopefully, by that time Saddam and all his goons will have been located and it really will be over.