Hayes Strike Two?


Bonnie M. Wells

*This page modified February 2007:

Some nick names changed to actual names for Symbolic Case identification and clarification:



Skeletal Remains Believed

That Of Missing Woman


Alpena, Arkansas (AP) - Authorities in Boone County are awaiting positive identification of skeletal remains that are believed to be that of a missing woman from the area. The remains were found in a pasture on Friday [1-27-06] near Alpena.

Boone County Sheriff Danny Hickman says authorities believe the body is that of 38-year-old Tracy Jean Hayes who was last seen about the second week of October walking just off Highway 62. When she was last seen, Hayes was wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt and was not wearing shoes, Hickman said.

A rancher reported to the sheriff's investigators that he found a pair of what appeared to be women's jeans in a pasture on his ranch in the Sand Flat area. State police and local investigators searched the area. The remains were sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab in Little Rock for positive identification.

The above information was sent to me by a person who works missing person cases. Prior to receiving it, on or about February 1st, 2006, I had no knowledge of the disappearance of Tracy Jean Hayes, and had never worked a case quite as far "south" as Arkansas.

The closest I'd come, at least to this point, had been the disappearance of John Thrasher of Tennessee.

Looking back now, I wonder if the dream I had at that time was not also a premonition of things to come .....



The First "Hayes" Strike

In 1996, the husband of a friend of mine was accused of making obscene phone calls to a woman by the name of Hayes. On October 16th, 1996, Ms. Hayes claimed that she received a warning call just minutes before the caller walked through her front door. The entire story can be read at By Hook Or Crook:

October 2009, Ms. Hayes Son Dies In House Fire! Coincidence?

In 1996 Wild Bill lived with Bonnie Hickman.

Bonnie had three sons, the youngest of which was .....

"Danny Hickman "

.... same name as the sheriff in the above story!

[Please see The Real Dummy]

Eventually charges were dropped against my friend, and even though there was ample evidence, no charges were ever filed against Wild Bill.

In 1998, Bonnie Hickman confided to me that Wild Bill admitted that it had been him who went to the home of the Hayes woman, and who had set my friend up to go to prison. I'd been right again - and yet, nothing was ever done to stop this madman.

In 2005, after working several "symbolic murder" cases, I'd returned to my "By Hook Or Crook" story and done an update and said ----

"Within hours, probably by the time I get this posted, we will be into September 2005. It's been [*9] years since the 1996 strikes that cost several people their lives. Things come in increments of [3], as I've warned repeatedly. If I'm correct, we are deep into the duplication pattern that I discovered years ago. And if I'm correct it will continue both far and near until someone takes this lunatic off our streets."


Coincidence Or Connection?

You Decide:

In 1998 Wild Bill moved in with *Cindy B. who lived less than a mile from my home. Her first name is the same as my friend that I call "Mysde" in my stories: Misty-Mysde Strike [Note: *Mysde's real name is *Sindee. Same as Wild Bill's girlfriend, but spelled differently so my readers can tell the difference.]

Years ago I noticed that many of our murder victims have the same first or last name as individuals that I know. Perhaps I should have said "they have the same names as individuals that Wild Bill knows -- or should I say 'used to know' - as there is always a 'distance' involved!" Maybe they are the ones who 'got away' .... the ones he wanted but never could 'posses.'

Wild Bill continued to live with Cindy B. until late July or early August 2005, at which time she claims that she threw him out because she caught him in bed with her daughter. It certainly wasn't the first time, so I couldn't understand why it mattered all of a sudden. Never the less, they remained separated until December 26th, 2005, at which time he returned to Cindy B's home.

Some very strange things happened during this four month span of time. I won't go into great detail here, but the world can rest assured I'm aware of several things, and will continue to look into them.

Meanwhile, authorities in Arkansas need to know something -

On more than one occasion, between the years 1998 and 2002, Wild Bill accompanied Cindy B. to Blytheville & Jonesboro, Arkansas to visit her son who was incarcerated in a facility for youthful sexual predators!

Now I know old Wild Bill.... apparently better than anyone on earth! I know him well enough to know that while Cindy B. was "visiting her son," he was scouting the area, and learning his way around.

So, once again, Wild Bill can be placed in the general vicinity of yet another missing or dead woman. And, once again, the names, times, dates or places sound so very familiar --- only the dead bodies can verify the difference --- only the living can verify the similarities --- and I have done that time and time again.


Although I have written to a couple of people and requested additional information on Tracy Hayes, I have received no response. One such example follows:

An Email To A Reporter

Ms. Barksdale,

The [name removed] For Missing Persons in [state] has picked up the story of your missing, and possibly discovered dead, Tracy Hayes. The story was sent to me by the [name removed] because I have been tracking a possible serial killer for the past several years.

My "person of interest" has made several trips from Ohio [where he actually lives] into Arkansas, so it's possible that he could have been involved in this woman's death.

If you could help me out with a little more information, I would certainly appreciate it.

First of all, is there a facility in or near Alpena in which youthful sex offenders are housed? The young man in question was listed as a sexual predator, but I do not know if his record has been sealed or not. This person is the son of the woman my suspect is living with, and the reason he made trips into your state. However, I know him well enough to know that while his girlfriend was visiting her son, he was casing the area, and picking up any available women, scouting out others, etc.

Many of his targets work in restaurants or convenience stores located near the main highways.

Next, if at all possible, could you give me the exact date of when Hayes was walking along Highway 62? I am looking for October 16th, as that would have been the "anniversary" of an event that occurred in my area back in 1996. I know that my suspect was involved in this event.

I also know he was living with a woman at that time who had three son's - one of which is named Danny Hickman - just like your sheriff!

Also of considerable interest, is the fact that the "victim" in the 1996 incident was named Hayes!

Any assistance you can give on this matter would be appreciated. I am currently designing a page for my web site about Tracey Hayes, and hope to have the needed information so that I might post it. Thank you very much. I will look forward to your response.


Bonnie M. Wells

home phone - [removed]


PS: I sent the above email on February 3rd, 2006. I'm obviously no longer waiting on a reply, and could care less if I ever get one.

I'll be sending a copy of this page to Sheriff Hickman - provided I can find an email address for him. What he does with it is his business because I've done my civic duty, and am now moving on to the next case....

2/8/06: This page has just been sent to the Boone County Sheriff's Department: Officers working Ms. Hayes' case are - Bill Graves & Brent Jones: Email for Jones is invbjones@alltel.net

Anyone who wants to talk to me about this case [or any other that appears on my web site] is welcome to email me.



Remains Identified

Boone County authorities say remains found in a pasture have been identified as those of Tracy Jean Hayes, who had not been seen since October.

The skeletal remains were found by farmer. Nearby were jeans that were consistent with what the 38-year-old Hayes was wearing the last time she was seen.

Boone County Sheriff Danny Hickman says the remains have been positively identified but no cause of death has been determined.

The investigation is continuing.


While They're 'Investigating'

While the system takes its good-old time investigating the death/murder of Tracy Hayes, we got a damned killer out here folks. He hasn't stopped - in fact he's picking up speed! And you poor folks only have one crazy old woman who's trying to track him and stop him! My sympathy to you all.

Someone better take a look at this dude .... and by 'someone' I'm suggesting a few FBI Profilers are NEEDED here as soon as possible! Better contact me boys.

Here's a few other cases that I've ran across since the Tracy Hayes case came and went 'unnoticed' by the world.

Allison Foy-Jackson

[Allison looks like old Wild Bill's girlfriend / has the same birthday as she has and disappeared on his former wife's birthday: Coincidence, right? Uh huh, sure it is.]

Teresa Butler

[Teresa has the same first name as Wild Bill's girlfriend's 'sister' - just like "Patsy" Sparks had my sister's first name, and Kimberly "Fulton" had her last name: And just like E. "Christine" Ullman had my daughter's first name, and Carol "Gordon" had her last name --- and on and on it goes. None of these cases have been solved yet either - in case anyone cares. By the way, Teresa's husband worked at the same place that Wild Bill's girlfriend's ex-husband worked at - back when he and she went to that exact area to visit her incarcerated son! More coincidence, no doubt:

Amanda Tusing

[Amanda is connected to the same area that Teresa Butler is connected to:]

Brandi Ellen Wells // 8-03-06

[ Well, what can I say? Is there ANYTHING I haven't already said -- well in advance of these cases? Here's your 'B. Wells' .... anyone want to guess as to who's next?

The question 'who's next' was asked in 2006, when I posted the story about Tracy Jean Hayes. Here's the answer:

Leah Hickman // 12-14-07


2007 // 2008

Not one single person on the face of this earth has responded to this page, or shown any interest in who murdered Tracy Jean Hayes. So be it. I posted the story in 2006, and I'm re-posting it as we move into December of 2008. The cases remain unsolved, and few if any are ever mentioned any more. My work continues ..... and so does a killer's. I can't stop him, but I can certainly show how those who could stop him have failed to do their jobs; failed to care about who he murders next. Well, that disgrace on their heads, and the blood is on their hands, not mine.


New case posted! October 2009, has the son of the original Hayes been murdered - or was it an accidental fire that took his life? You decide.

October 2009, 13 Years Later, Another Hayes


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