The Abduction Of

Heather Teague


Bonnie M. Wells

Heather Danyelle Teague

was last seen at the Newburg Beach in Spottsville, Kentucky on August 26th, 1995: A witness reported seeing a "bearded man" come from the woods, snatch Heather and drag her into the woods. She has never been seen again.

Although there have been a few "persons of interest" in Heather's case, no one has ever been charged or arrested.

I didn't know about the abduction of Heather Teague until the night of January 5th, 2006. Perhaps if I had things could have been different. Then again, possibly not.

The "bearded man"

that had been acting incredibly strange for several years, and that I had grown ever suspicious of, had lost his job with a "river company" when he exposed himself to, and threatened to rape a woman on a Marietta, Ohio street in April of 1994. He'd spent 60 days in jail for his actions, and lost the job he'd had for the past 18 or so years, but by July of 1995 he'd landed himself a new job with an even better "river company;" one that allowed him to travel all over a several state area! It was perfect for his "extra curricular activities," - absolutely perfect!

And, even though one might think his reputation would precede him and warn future "victims," that never seemed to be the case where he was concerned. He picked up women and girls everywhere he went, and there seemed to be a never ending string of them that were willing to "help" him, and willing, in fact eager to believe his twisted version of the truth about him.

And so it was in 1995. He'd been living with a woman, and engaged to marry her for about ten months by August of 1995. Perhaps she thought they were going to get married, but I knew better. I'd been watching him sneak in and out of the house after she went to sleep for months. The relationship wasn't working. His mind was roaming. He was back into the fantasy/trolling stage, and it appeared I was the only one who saw the signs and recognized them for what they were.

Then again, perhaps I was the only one who cared. Regardless, I figured it was time for him to skip town for a few days, and for another woman to disappear or be found dead. Actually, I figured things a little differently [obviously] than the police did ....

Since August 25th was the anniversary of the murder of an 18 year old girl with long dark hair [whose case remained unsolved in 1995], and since this girl had been murdered and dumped, I figured the "anniversary strike" would be a "hiding."

Back in those days, I often wrote to Detective John Winstanley [Washington County Ohio Sheriff's Department] and reminded him of approaching anniversaries and predicted strike dates. Sometimes I even tried to pinpoint the area of the strikes - like "this one's a local," or "watch him, he's going to swing wide - or swing south, etc." - forever trying to get the cops in front of him instead of dragging along behind him. It didn't work - obviously - or I wouldn't be sitting here ten + years later writing this.

Today, John Winstanley is a major with the sheriff's department, and I'm still tracking a killer, and wondering how many victims there really are. Maybe some day I'll find out. Then again, perhaps I never will.

Regardless, here's a brief outline from my diary for August 1995, in case anyone's ever interested in a serial killer that's been terrorizing the tri-state area [as well as a few others] for the past 25 years .... fifteen of which I have been documenting his bizarre behavior, and predicting murders with a 95 percent accuracy in strike dates and descriptions of victims. Some want to believe it's all coincidence. Actually, I'm to the point that I don't care what they believe anymore because records live and opinions die, and I've got the records!

From My Own 1995 Diary:

August 25th, 1995: "Bearded man" was gone from his house at 5:50 am - driving white Toyota truck:

August 26th, 1995: No sign of "Bearded man" since early morning hours of 8-25 - not home all day, all night:

August 27th, 1995: 7:00 pm: Truck and Bearded man still not home:

August 27th, 1995: 11:00 pm: Bearded man and white Toyota truck have returned home: Mission accomplished:

August 2006

When I first learned of Heather Teague's abduction, all I had to contribute was the above information from my 1995 diary. And so, I designed and posted this page with the hope that the information might help solve Heather's case -- or at least provide information that was not previously known to authorities.

As soon as I had time, I checked into Heather's case by doing an Internet search. It was then that I discovered the composite drawing of a man who an eyewitness had described as the abductor of Heather Teague.

Upon looking at the pictures of the only two men who had ever been considered 'people of interest' or suspects in Heather's case, and then comparing the composite drawing to both of them, I felt that authorities and everyone else involved in Heather's case should be made aware of the man I call "The Bearded Man" on this page. Elsewhere on this web site, this same man is consistently referred to as - "Wild Bill."

And so, I went back to work and designed yet another page -- one with a picture of "The Bearded Man / aka Wild Bill" and I sent it out to a few selected contacts for review. I felt that I needed a few other opinions, rather than just my own.

That page can be found at the following link:

Same Guy, Or

Just Another Coincidence?

After receiving enough response to let me know that if I was 'imagining' things then so were several other people !!! I designed yet another page. This time I provided even more information, and this time I turned it into a rather extensive survey in which a lot more individuals were polled.

Although the responses are still coming in, and probably will be throughout the month of August, I have decided to go ahead and post the "Seeking Your Opinion" page, as well as the "Results" pages, and to invite anyone and everyone who reads this page to take part in my survey.

So far response has been good, but it can be even better.

Please check out the following page, and then send me "your" opinion. Thanks / Bonnie

Seeking Your Opinion

Bonnie M. Wells

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