Help Me Fulton


Bonnie M. Wells


October 27th, 2002


Although my sister, Patty Martin-Fulton, had become a semi driver, (besides being a licensed heavy equipment operator and a licensed beautician!!) she had taken some time off as summer ended.

Now, with winter approaching she is considering heading south for the winter again.

I remember telling mom that I didn't know where Patty came from. I was convinced they switched baby's on us in the hospital because she absolutely had to be part Gypsy! I never seen anyone like to burn up the roads like she did.

Patty was starting to sort and pack and I knew she'd be leaving soon. So when she phoned me, I assumed it was to tell me where she was headed this time, but I was wrong.

She called to tell me about something very strange that was occurring at her house. I immediately called my friend Judy Kay S. and my grandchildren, who loved any kind of "spooky" stuff, and off we all went to Patty's house. I had to see this for myself.


Strange Things


The strange things began to happen about four days ago at Patty's house. At first she thought it was her son Caleb playing tricks on her because it was so close to Halloween time.

Then, she realized Caleb had been telling the truth when he said he had nothing to do with the writing that appeared on the bathroom mirror!

In fact, it was Caleb who first noticed it.

As the weather had cooled, they had stopped turning the exhaust fan on when they took their showers and allowed the steam to help heat the room.

Caleb had noticed the words that appeared through the fog on the mirror and called Patty to see them. But she had thought he wrote the words ..... H E L P ..... M E ..... and scolded him for trying to scare her.

The next day it was she who went to take her shower and Caleb was not home that evening so she knew he could not have written the words.

She emerged from the shower to find the same words in the same place on the mirror!

By the time I arrived, the mirror in Patty's bathroom had been cleaned a dozen times or more, and was becoming quite the neighborhood attraction!


A Steamed Up Mirror


Judy, Joshua, Mariah and I all crowded into the bathroom with the other six people who were already there. "Lord, I hope the cop's don't stop by for any reason," I joked, as I squeezed through the door while Patty urged us to "shut the door quick,don't let the steam out!"

We stayed at Patty's for a couple of hours and repeated our "steam" experiment several times. After each session the mirror was cleaned with glass cleaner and wiped dry. There was absolutely nothing on that mirror.

We used candle light, a flash light, regular lights and finally a black light in an effort to make absolutely certain there was nothing written on the glass with wax or invisible ink or anything. Nothing was there and no words appeared until after the room was well steamed and the mirror had frosted over. Then, ever so slowly, the words began to appear. But HELP ME were not the only words written on the mirror. Eventually, after nearly suffocating ourselves in an effort to see all that was written, we all agreed that what was actually written on the mirror was ....

Starting to the left and reading across to the right hand side of the mirror, it said .... 305 .... P B.... DIE .... HELP: Under "help" was the word ..... ME

Down near the bottom of the mirror was another word - a long word. It was not as plainly written as the other letters and number.

The writing appeared different- smaller, more slanted..... and none of us could determine what it was.... or even if it was a word at all. To me it just looked like a bunch of letters that didn't actually spell anything.


What Does It Mean?


"What does it mean?" Patty asked.

I slowly shook my head. "I don't know what it means Patty. I don't even know that it means anything at all."

"It must be another of those coincidences that I just keep discovering. I honestly don't know why there are so many. And, even if it is a message - I don't know who it's from; who it's to; who it refers to. I don't even know who I could tell that would listen or even be interested."


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