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The Hootin' Honey

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Bonnie M. Wells

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Heads Up, Winstanley!


It had been three days since Roda Snyder had been found dead.

Wild Bill was acting very strange, to say the least.

It appeared he and his "Bonnie" were having some serious disputes over something.

Actually, it appeared to me that the trouble began the night of February 5th.

Maybe she had caught him sneaking back into the house that night and he couldn't exactly explain what he'd been doing out prowling the streets until the wee hours of the morning. Maybe.

I had my doubts. He was pretty good at getting in and out without being noticed.

Personally I thought he was drugging his live-ins and then doing as he pleased. Of course, I had a very suspicious mind where that man was concerned.


Reprint from page one of this story:


Wild Bill came home from work on February 11th, 1996 and started a rip-roaring fight with Bonnie and her boys.

Sgt. Harper arrested him .... after advising him that he really needed to stop telling him and the paramedics how it was Bonnie's own damned fault that he had to try to kill her!!! Harper told him he'd better stop talking because if Bonnie died ....remember, she was on the floor unconscious with two paramedics fighting frantically to bring her back while saying...."we're losing her, we're losing her," {her boys were all standing there and heard everything, and then they told me!}.... but Harper informed him that "if" she died he might be charged with attempted murder!!!! Wow, whatta cop!

And he was hauled off to the Washington County jail for the night. He was charged with domestic violence and of course appointed a tax-payer fed lawyer to defend him, and then released.

Although he was placed under a restraining order....which just made my day!! after the remarks he and his sister made about me!!! .... of course he ignored the restraining order and went right back home.

Well, he had a story to tell ...


Wild Bill's Story


According to Bonnie and her kids, he began showing them scratches and bruises that the damned cops had put on him!

He said it was all their fault since they had him arrested.

And, as if this bunch of pansy-assed, scratching, slapping cops was not enough !!! the stinking inmates had raped him while he was there over night!

Cancel that water bed order Winstanley! I ain't coming to your damned jail no matter what!

I'd joked with Winstanley about putting a water bed in one of the jail cells for me ever since the sheriff had told me that if he caught me interfering in one of his investigations he'd throw the book at me! Smart ass that I was, I'd replied...."Make sure it's a big one Bobby, 'cause I like books.....especially "the book!"

I wasn't interfering in any of "his" investigations. Hell, I was carrying the man information by the ton on all the cases. I wanted to find this killer and get him off our streets. What he wanted, was any body's guess. Help Wild Bill intimidate the only woman who was stupid enough to try to help him, I guess. Well, I didn't intimidate easily.


An Interview With The Other Bonnie & Her Kids:


Although it would be some time before I could question the other Bonnie and her children about the dented truck, I did finally get my answers.

The entire family told me the same story. Wild Bill had left real early one morning for work and he'd come back to the house with the truck damaged a short while later. He had put the truck into the garage and had Bonnie's oldest son help him straighten the fender out enough that he could drive it to work. A few days later, he took the truck back into the unheated garage, did some body work on it {putty work}, re-painted the entire fender area, and the next time I saw it, there was no visible damage to it.

If MJ and I had not seen it when we did, no one would have ever known. Not that it mattered anyway.


Paint On The Fender


"What did Wild Bill tell you happened to the Toyota when he brought it home all dented up?" I asked Bonnie and her kids. It seems he told them that an elderly woman had slid out of control when she hit a patch of ice and had slammed into his truck. And he, being the gentleman that we all knew he was, didn't want to upset the poor old woman any further so he just told her to not worry about the damage. He'd just fix it himself!

"Must have been a "low rider" I said as I listened to the story. The damage was from underneath the vehicle! She must have slid right up under that Toyota. Gee, I wondered what she was driving.....a sled! Hell, maybe it was Mrs. Santa Claus. Wonder if he checked to see!

"Was there any paint on the Toyota from the other vehicle?" I asked the oldest boy ....whom I dubbed "Chevy."

"Yes," Chevy replied. "There was some dark red paint on the fender. I touched it with my fingernail and it fell off."

Any "body men" out there in my reading audience? Ever see a white vehicle that had been sideswiped by a red one? E-mail me your thoughts on this "paint that fell off" when touched with a fingernail! And by all means, tell me where the damage would be located. Would it be about midway up the body? Would it be above the tire on the fender? Or would it be in front of the tire and at the bottom of the fender well, like Wild Bill's truck's damage was? And, since I'm not real good on vehicles, body work, and that type of thing .... can someone tell me .... if a vehicle slid into another one, would the metal dent inward or buckle outward? Duh!

******** my interview continued: ******

"Why did Wild Bill take the good tires off the Toyota and replace them with those slick things that he should have thrown away?" No one knew the answer. Bonnie said she had asked the same question but got no reply from Wild Bill.


Offer Ignored


Sammy Davis didn't remain a free man for very long. Within weeks after I'd supplied the state police my information, and charges were dropped against him, the state turned around and re-arrested him, and charged him with the murder of Roda Snyder.

After Sammy Davis was re-arrested, I contacted his attorney, Bill Kiger and supplied him all the information that I'd already given to law enforcement. Kiger employed an investigator by the name of Nancy Skinner to look into the Davis case.

For shocking details, see The Task Force Farce:

Skinner promised to set up an appointment with Kiger, so I could bring my written information and go over it with him. It never happened. She promised to get a picture of Roda Snyder that didn't show her after death, like the tv one did. I wanted to see a picture of the woman. I pleaded to see a picture.....even calling Bill Kiger and asking him to show me a picture of Roda. He and Skinner both promised to show me a picture. I never saw one from anyone!


Roda Snyder


Roda Snyder is dead. No one can bring her back. Sammy Davis sits in prison with a second grade education and can neither read nor write. I never knew Snyder nor Davis, and I suppose it shouldn't matter to me what happened to either of them. But it does. It continues to bother me, and I'm sure it will for the rest of my life.

Two men testified against Sammy Davis. Both were drunks and drug users. It is a well known fact that people who abuse drugs, especially alcohol can be convinced of almost anything. The "pink elephant" saying is an example. These people actually believe they see things that are not there. The testimony of both state witness against Davis changed a dozen times in the court room. Nobody noticed.

Snyder was reportedly another one of our local "hookers," although she hailed from Athens County just like Mabelle Clark did. I find it strange that both Snyder and Clark came from Athens County, were living in Wood County when they were killed, and both were hauled toward Charleston, West Virginia to be dumped. Almost sounds like a pattern to me.....

Sammy Davis was accused of raping Snyder before he murdered her..... A woman that he'd lived with for some time and who he considered his girlfriend. Why would he rape her, I wondered? And who would know or care if he did?

The coroner's report said Snyder had sex some twelve hours before she was murdered....and the DNA did NOT match Davis or either of the two men who testified against him!!!!

Witness {A} testified that he had not participated in the rape of Snyder, but that he was there and saw Sammy Davis stab the woman in the throat with a little knife {immediately after the rape!} When the prosecution saw this was going to present a problem based upon the findings of the coroner's report, Witness A's testimony changed. {It changed time and again} He said he did participate in the rape, and they {he and Davis} became fearful that the woman was going to report them, so "they" killed her. Then he said he didn't actually kill her. She was already dead when he got there. Then she wasn't dead.

Witness {A} reversed himself on several things in the court room. He was NOT at the apartment when Davis killed Snyder and only arrived after she had been wrapped in the sheet from the bed. However, he saw scratches on Snyder's dead body......quite a feat, I'd say since he had to be looking through a sheet.....and besides that, the coroner said there was no scratches on her body!!! Jury obviously didn't pay any attention to the coroner's report either!

Before the trial was over, court room testimony had the witnesses participating in the rape, and then not participating: At the apartment when she was murdered, and then not there. Seeing her killed at the apartment, and then taking her to Windy Ridge and killing her there. And on and on the insanity went, until the state of West Virginia got what they wanted.....a conviction.

There were no other suspects in the Snyder case, although there should have been.

Roda Snyder was choked to death with her own bra and then stabbed four times in the throat after death! This is usually a "message," and not the work of a first time killer. However, no one here wants to believe anything.

Perhaps I was nuts, but it looked like a message to me...."This one is {for B.R.A.} Bryan Ray Anderson." ..... I continue to believe the dead woman was intended to be my daughter, and the man who went to prison was supposed to be my son-in-law. Someone had been trying to frame him for murder ever since Terri Roach was murdered in 1990. They would not give up with Roda Snyder!


Was Roda Snyder - My Hootin' Honey?


The coroner said Roda Snyder was four and a half months pregnant when she was murdered. Sammy Davis insisted they had not been living together for quite some time, and that the child she was carrying was not his. I suppose that went a long way in helping the prosecution come up with a motive for the murder, and worked against Davis. Never the less, I owned a calendar and a calculator, so I got them out and started counting!

If Snyder was in fact my Hootin' Honey, as several people now believed she was, and we'd seen her and Wild Bill having sex (which he'd already bragged to Chevette Woman about!) on September 16th, 1995. How many days was between then and the date she was murdered?


From September 5th


There are one hundred and forty-two (142) days between those dates. I then divided 142 by 31, and I'll give you one guess as to the answer....4.5!!! Isn't that the same thing as four and one half? Yeah, I think it is folks....

The sheets and Davis' entire house, vehicle, everything the man owned was evidence was found .... the coroner said Roda had sex with someone twelve hours before she was murdered. Semen collected did not match Sammy Davis or the other two men who testified against him, but who were also convicted but on lesser charges....a plea bargain, I believe they call it....

Sammy Davis obviously had no signs of a struggle .... scratches, bruises, etc. on him or they would never have released him the first time he was arrested. He insisted the child was not his. I begged for the fetus to be DNA tested. It wasn't.

I continue to work "my cases," and Roda Snyder is one of them. I do not believe that Sammy Davis murdered Roda, and my opinion is not based on emotion or sympathy because I knew neither one of them. My opinion is based upon the facts of the case. Evidence did NOT prove beyond my reasonable doubt that Sammy Davis is a killer. But, I wasn't allowed to present my information and evidence to the grand jury or to the court room. I was silenced in the Davis case just as I would be silenced in other cases on down the road.

Sammy Davis has a second grade education. He is an alcoholic. He can neither read nor write.


Not The First Hooker Murdered


As previously mentioned, Roda Snyder was not the first hooker to be murdered in this area. Mabelle Clark had been murdered in August of 1994 ... on a night when Sindee and I saw Wild Bill pick up a woman who fit her description! {That story can be found in Pure Coincidence Book # 5, and is titled This Bell's Gonna Tell. Mabelle's case remains unsolved:

Nor would Roda be the last hooker killed. Within one month of her murder, Chasity Dawn Cottrell, a fifteen year old hooker from Charleston, West Virginia was brutally murdered. In fact, she was murdered on my mother's birthday .... 3-03 ... and no, Wild Bill wasn't home then either! He'd had another fight with Bonnie and ran her and the boys away from their home in the middle of the night. Sindee and I watched them check into a local motel right at midnight, and then we watched Wild Bill leave town in another rage. He didn't return home until after Cottrell was murdered ... but no one cared. The Cottrell murder remains unsolved:

Columbus, Ohio has lost its share of hookers too. They are named on other pages of this web site, namely within The Tonya Trio, in case anyone wants to check it out .... but for now, I want to mention something that a hooker once reported about Wild Bill. I think it is very important, and needs to be told.

This information came to me via a private detective. When a certain hooker, whom we shall call 'Sherri' for now, although that is not her correct name .... when she learned that I was "looking into the murders of some of her fellow citizens," she asked the detective to tell me ...

"She 'dated' Wild Bill back in the early 1990's. At first he seemed like a pretty nice guy, but as he became more familiar with her he began to push for stranger and stranger things. There were some dates that she claimed he showed up wearing women's silk underwear. That's strange enough, but her story got even stranger.

She said he always paid well ... in fact usually paid her more than she would have charged {I would never have admitted that! Guess I wouldn't make a good hooker!} and sometimes took her to cheap motels, but more often they had sex in his red and white Ford Ranger. {He was in fact driving a red and white Ford Ranger when I met him in 1990!}

On one date, Sherri claimed that Wild Bill had showed up with an axe in his truck. It was around Halloween time so she jokingly asked him if he planned on dressing up as an ax murderer and going trick-or-treating. He claimed the ax was a toy that belonged to his son: {I'm here to tell you it was no toy, and it did not belong to his son. I have seen it. I have used it and watched him use it to cut Christmas trees, etc. He always carried in behind the seat in his truck.}

On the next to last date that Sherri had with Wild Bill, she said he offered her extra money if she would allow him to pull one of her long fingernails off with a set of pliers! Apparently she declined the extra money and the request!

And on their last date, Sherrie said he proudly produced a knife and informed her that they didn't have to have sex that evening, because if she would allow him to place the knife into her vagina and wiggle it around, he could get off that way!!!!"

Sherri steered clear of Wild Bill after that, and she began warning other women about him.

To this day, I wonder if she was the hooker who saw my sister talking to Wild Bill in a bar one night and after he left came to Patty and asked if she was "dating" that man. Patty said no, he was a friend of her sister's, but neither of us "dated" him. He was just someone we knew.

The woman told her to tell me to be extremely careful around him and not trust him because {in her words} "He was one warped, dangerous son-of-a-bitch that she wouldn't go out with for any price!"

Sherri was not the first person, nor the second.... to warn me of Wild Bill. The first had been a little gal that was a friend of my daughter's. Lori was a beautiful girl and as talented as any kid I'd ever seen. She sang with a local band occasionally and tended bar once in a while. She was tending bar the night I walked into the club with my daughter and her boyfriend, who was the head of the band that was playing there that night.

"Hey Mom, {Lori called me mom, just like my own daughter} come here," Lori yelled above the music.

I walked over to the bar....

"Is that guy with you? He calls himself Wild Bill, and he's dangerous. He's a stalker. He follows the girls home to see where they live and then he waits out of sight for them to come back out. He's dangerous Mom, get rid of him quick."

I assured Lori that I'd be okay, but I made another mental note about old Wild Bill. Things weren't looking too good for him.

A few months later, Lorie moved to Columbus, Ohio. She got a day job in a mall, and continued to sing and work with the band at night. She had been living in Columbus for several months, when one day, while working at the mall, she felt she was being watched. She glanced around a few times but didn't see anyone suspicious. The feeling persisted. She took a better look around her, and standing across the mall, and leaning against the corner of another shop was Wild Bill! She said he was staring so intently at her that it took several seconds for him to realize she saw him. He smiled, waved at her and disappeared around the corner and out of sight! Lori moved back home!

And then there had been *Dixie, a girl who lived next door to Christina in Marietta. Wild Bill and I had taken some of Christina's clothing to her when she was moving into the apartment, and Dixie had seen us as we were leaving.

She asked Christina if Wild Bill was my boyfriend. Christina said no, he was a friend of the family, but why? Dixie said she had dated him shortly after high school and that she had to get away from him because he wanted to do weird and dangerous things to her sexually!

The man is a rapist, a stalker, a pedophile, a peeping tom, and a pervert ..... and yet, no one in this entire area is willing to believe that he might possibly be a serial killer. Well, there is one person who is willing to believe it. She's been gathering evidence and witnesses {victims} for nearly thirteen years now, while the dead bodies pile ever higher, and men with no "history" ends up in prison for the few cases that are "solved."

What else can I say? Nothing that hasn't been said a million times or more.


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Bonnie M. Wells


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