Sgt. Harper's Call &

The Hootin' Honey


Bonnie M. Wells

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I awoke from the dream on April 12th, 1994, and within hours of my own dream one of the dreamers that I work with reported a dream that I would title "The Zappa Dream."

By April 14th, 1994, I had reason to believe the dreams were "in play," and April 17th saw the Zappa dream pan-out to perfection.

However, my own ... "Sgt. Harper Dream" appeared to go into "remission" .... for nearly two years.

Sgt. Harper's Call


My phone rang. When I answered it, I could (see) Sgt. Bradley Harper of the Belpre Ohio Police Department in his uniform on the other end of the line. "We got 'our' killer," Sgt. Harper informed me.

"Oh my God, is it Wild Bill?" I cried.

"No, his last name is (the same as Wild Bill's) but he's...... (and there was a long pause here)....he's Wild Bill's uncle!" "He's been using an "ice pick," and 'we' finally got him," Harper replied.


Zappa Dream Fulfilled


Two days after my Sgt. Harper Dream, the Zappa dream was fulfilled.

At first I thought my dream was going to pan out also. But it was not to be, because there were no details revealed other than Wild Bill's arrest.

However, he was not arrested by the Belpre police department or Sgt. Harper, so I knew the Sgt. Harper dream had not been fulfilled.

I wrote the dream up in a report and sent it to Sgt. Harper as well as Detective John Winstanley who worked with the Sheriff's Department in Marietta. I wanted both cops to have the dream because I believed it would "pan-out" eventually.

After sending the dream to the two officers, I dismissed it from my mind. I was certain I'd know it when it was fulfilled, and could pick it back up at that point.

[2007 Note: John Winstanley is now a Major with the Washington County Sheriff's Department.]


September 1995


The woman who drove the little gray Chevette moved in with Wild Bill in October of 1994. She was still there in September of 1995, but he didn't "need" her help as much as before. He'd managed to get a new job with the "Martin" Company earlier that same summer and although "Chevette Woman" {as I'd dubbed her} still thought they were getting married, I knew better. I'd already seen him with a new woman and I knew her days were numbered. I just didn't realize how few they really were!

September 16th, 1995

My cousin and I went shopping .... well, we eventually went shopping.

First, we played cat and mouse with Wild Bill for awhile, and were finally able to dodge him long enough to get out of town and go where we wanted to go without him tagging along."

Is that man ever going to leave you alone?" MJ asked as we traveled toward the store. I had my doubts. He'd been stalking me since 1987, so why quit now?

On our way home we decided to drive through Parkersburg and see what was going on or if we saw anyone we knew.

"Have you been in Aunt Edna's club since she died?" MJ asked as we drove down the street the "Riverview Inn" and later called (The Dutchess Club) was located on.

"No, I haven't. Park and we'll go in tonight," I replied. MJ hesitated. She wasn't sure we should go into the old club alone. It was now called Hooter's and it was not the same little night spot that our Aunt Edna had once owned.

But, we did go in, and as if by design there was a small table near the front door with two chairs sitting at it. It almost looked as if we were expected! We both took a seat and ordered a coke.

Neither of us drank alcoholic beverages, but we both enjoyed listening to a good band and dancing. We figured we could listen to the band for awhile and then leave. Actually, I wondered why I'd felt we should come into the club to begin with. I felt out of place.

"Oh no.....look who just came through the door..... and who's that woman with him? That's not Chevette Woman.....who is that?"

I didn't have to turn around and look. I'd felt his presence before he walked through the door, and it didn't make any difference who the dark haired woman was.

He wouldn't remember her name tomorrow anyway, and I'd never know her name, so it just didn't matter who she was.


The Hootin' Honey


Since we were in "Hooter's" Club and I didn't know the dark haired woman's name, I promptly dubbed her "The Hootin' Honey," which MJ got a real charge out of!

Wild Bill and his "Hootin Honey" took a seat in the far corner of the room. I couldn't see them and they couldn't see me. Suited me just fine. I glanced around and noticed a good looking guy sitting at the end of the bar. He had undercover cop written all over him! And besides that, he was sipping a coke just like I was! Now there were three of us who looked "out of place"! At this rate, we could take the joint over by midnight and have our own party!

"Oh hell," MJ moaned as Wild Bill and the Hootin' Honey approached the bar and ordered cold beers. "Lets get out of here before he starts something and we all end up in trouble," she said. "Nope. I came in here first. I'm not bothering him or anyone else and if "Billy The Kid" wants a show-down, then maybe it's time he face "The Pistol Packin' Mamma." I replied.

MJ paled. "Oh my you have a pistol on you?" she sputtered.

"Hell no you fool.... I'm the "mamma"..... I thought you had the pistol!" I giggled."

MJ howled with laughter.

"Oh, you really are a lunatic!" she cackled.

Not so ..... not so at all. The "moon" had absolutely nothing to do with my mental condition!!!

Well, you just had to have a little fun once in awhile. Of course I had sort of a wry, Irish sense of humor to begin with, and murder and arson only made it worse. But occasionally I tried to pretend that it was all my imagination.....or it was all coincidence. And sometimes........for a little while..... things almost seemed normal in my life. But "normal" never lasted for very long .... especially if Wild Bill was in the picture! And try as I might, I could not get him "out of the picture."


Watch Me Now .... Now, That I Can Dance!


I'd noticed the tall, long haired, good looking guy who took a seat on a bar stool directly across from the table I was sitting at. I'd even noticed the guy who I believed to be a cop acknowledge his presence although they never actually spoke or talked. Still, I believed they knew one another.

The band began a fast number and Wild Bill and his Hootin' Honey hit the dance floor. He knew that was the one thing that I loved to do. He was just trying to tick me off. He saw that MJ and I were alone and had no one to dance with. I should never have put myself into this position. I was silently scolding myself when the guy at the counter reached a long leg across the narrow isle and nudged my leg with his shoe. "Let's dance," he said as I looked around. And dance we did. We danced to the fast songs and even the slow ones, which was out of character for me.

I normally only danced slow songs with my husband or a friend. However........when in Rome.....and if I wasn't in Rome, I didn't know where I could be!"

Wild Bill glared at me as if he could kill me right there in front of everyone. I was having fun. "Jeff" was a good dancer and he seemed to be a decent person. I noticed that he even spoke to Wild Bill once! "Do you know that guy?" I asked as we began to dance to a slow song. "No, not really, but I've seen him around." he replied. I dropped the subject, but continued to wonder.


Help! Don't Just Sit There!


Jeff was sitting at the bar sipping his beer, and MJ and I remained at the little table where we'd first sat down and were sipping our second round of cokes for the evening. It was about time to bail out and I was getting ready to suggest that idea when Jeff suddenly left the bar stool and draped his long, lanky frame entirely across my body!!

"Marry away with me.....come home with me...." He said as I pushed at him and tried to get him off of me!

MJ almost fell off her chair laughing as I fought frantically to push him away from me. Finally, in sheer desperation I turned my head her direction and screamed....."HELP....don't just sit there, get this thug off of me!" It was in that "head turning instant" that I saw Wild Bill make his way past our table and into the rest room .....and it was in that instant that I realized that "Jeff" had seen him leave the table that he shared with the Hootin' Honey and head my direction.

I didn't know who this guy was, but I believed he was "protecting" me from Wild Bill because he had almost every portion of my upper body covered with his own. ("Thank you Jeff. Thank you good looking detective sitting at the end of the bar.....whoever you are.")

Jeff and I only danced one more dance after that. In fact we were on the dance floor (where he'd all but carried me as soon as Wild Bill went into the rest room!) when Wild Bill and his dark haired woman came onto the floor. I'm still not sure of the title of the last song we danced to, but Wild Bill made his way through the crowd so that he could dance right next to Jeff and me.....and every time the lyrics said...."there's nothing cold as ashes after the fire is gone".... he'd glare at me! A "colder" glare, I'd never seen.

Wild Bill was angry enough to chew lead and spit bullets! I don't think I ever saw him as angry as he was that night!

After that dance, Jeff went to the rest room...... I knew Wild Bill could not see us so I told MJ it was time to run!

And run we did! We made a dive for her car and got out of there fast.

A trip back through about fifteen minutes later revealed that Wild Bill's Toyota truck was gone. I didn't think he'd stay after I left.

I was right....again.

Down By The River ... Again!


Sindee was sitting at the end of the bridge when MJ and I hit Ohio. She didn't look too happy! "Where have you been? I was worried sick.

I've called Mike, Diane and Judy and drove a hundred miles tonight looking for you!" She scolded.

Sindee got into MJ's car and we headed for my house. I figured I'd better go home and let Mike know I was still alive and well!

On the way to my house, we passed a well known "parking spot" that lay along the Ohio River. Most people used it as a parking area for their vehicles while they were fishing in the river. I didn't think "fishing" had anything to do with the reason Wild Bill's white Toyota was parked there though! "Having unprotected sex with another stranger," I said as we drove by.

I wondered if Chevette Woman would welcome him back into her bed if she only knew. Telling her was out of the question though. He was sneaking out after she went to bed and was turning the phones off so she couldn't hear them case I tried to call.

It was hopeless.

Another One Bites The Dust


September 21st, 1995: I sat in an alley and watched Chevette Woman load all her belongings and three children into the little Chevette and drive off Wild Bill's property for the last time.

Their "engagement" had lasted eleven months ... which was probably eleven months longer than it should have lasted, but she had not known about all those other women that he'd been picking up. She still thought he was a good man. I knew better.

There was no "good" in him. He was cruel, conniving and treacherous. The only questions that remained in my mind was..... why had he chosen her? Who was she? Where did she come from? What was his angle? What was he after or trying to prove? I didn't know, but felt it had something to do with me. Almost everything he did came back to me eventually.

{It took me awhile, but I finally discovered Wild Bill's reasoning as far as "Chevette Woman" was concerned.

See "The Lion Roars And A Wild Cat Takes His Mate," for shocking details:

Run.....Don't Walk ..... Run!


Chevette Woman called me for the first time on September 23rd, 1995, and we discussed Wild Bill and his actions at some length. She said he'd came home in the wee hours of the morning on September (17th) and woke her up in order to rant and rave at her. He said it was all her fault that he'd had to go out and get himself another woman and have sex with her... {he actually told the woman this!!!} so he could show me that he had a woman in his life!

She said he nearly dismantled the kitchen and she was afraid he was going to hit her because he was so angry. In all the months she'd known him (or thought she knew him!) he had never acted the way he acted that night, and it scared her. And well it should have scared her. Her self preservation instincts were still working!

Run.....don't! Get as far away from that maniac as you can get and stay there. ..... That was my motto.

And Chevette Woman did. She never went back, never looked back except to ask for her Christmas decorations that he'd taken hostage! He always stole something from any woman who got near him. I figured the items were "souveniers"..... little reminders of his conquest and whatever control he'd managed to exert over her life.

I asked what items he refused to give back and she said it was all her miniature lights. No problem. I went to town and bought enough to replace them and took them to her. I'd been picking up the pieces of shattered lives for a long, long time. Why stop now? He'd stolen twenty-five strands of lights from me. The way I figured it, he and his next "victim" could probably decorate his entire property with stolen Christmas lights! Of course the victim wouldn't know they were stolen. He'd tell her that they belonged to him, and he'd get her and her children to do all his work for him while he hauled another woman past the house and offered her his kingdom if she would move in with him! Of course the current victim wouldn't know anything about his new plans.....well, for awhile. Then she'd be thrown of the property just like the last one and the game would start all over again! What a mess.

My Duplication Begins


The other woman named "Bonnie" moved into Wild Bill's house on September 27th, 1995. He'd barely had enough time to clean Chevette Woman's finger prints from the bed post when he had another woman in the water bed he'd bought from me! What a man!

Just call him Studly.......provided you were brave enough to call him at all, that is! Personally, I didn't call him and hung up when he called me........and yes, he continued to call me. Usually just before one of our dozen killers murdered someone, or one of our other dozen arsonists burned someone's business or house to the ground!

That's when I got the no one there calls.....and yet, I knew there was someone there. I even knew who he was. I just wondered how he knew when one branch or the other of the "Dirty Dozen" was going to strike!

As soon as the other Bonnie moved in, I began telling friends and family members that I thought Wild Bill was "duplicating" or "symbolically replacing" me!

Most people looked at me a little strangely at first. But it wasn't long until those same people were coming back saying.....

"I think you are right. That man is sick. Someone should tell Sheriff Schlicher about all this." Hahahaha....that was funny as hell....

Yeah, someone should tell the sheriff. Go my guest.

See "The Duplication Of Bonnie Martin-Wells" for enough circumstantial evidence to hang anyone except Wild Bill!

February 5th, 1996


Wild Bill's "Bonnie" was waiting at home for him and he should have been home in bed, but he wasn't. Instead, he was prowling the area where Christina worked. He's going to make his move tonight when she's on her way home," I told Sindee. She thought I was right.

"Well, it's going to be over my dead body," I said, as I swung the T-bird onto the parking lot where Christina worked.

Sindee watched in wide eyed amazement as I got out of the car and marched inside the building to inform Christina that she was to meet me at Hardees after she got off from work at 2:00 am, and she was going to listen to me, one way or another!

She agreed to meet me at Hardees. I took no chances, and stayed right there until she got off from work and then followed her to Hardees.

Meanwhile Wild Bill seemed to have disappeared from the streets. Didn't change my mind any.

Sindee, Christina, a private detective friend of mine, and I were still sitting at Hardees when Christina's husband Bryan Ray Anderson drove around the building at 4:00 am in search of his wife!

He took one look inside the restaurant, saw all of us sitting there and went back home! Smart guy!

A short time later, Sindee and I escorted Christina home. We saw nothing of Wild Bill.

However, that's the night that I learned that Christina had seen Wild Bill's truck parked along the river {in the same spot that MJ, Sindee and I had seen it parked the night of September 16th, 1995} a few days earlier.

I wondered who he had in the truck with him.

Christina said it had been in the early morning hours ...

I'd guarantee it wasn't Bonnie in the truck. I didn't figure she even knew he was gone from the house.

{This would ultimately prove to be correct.}

February 8th, 1996:


I continued to stare at the tv screen even though the picture of the murdered woman had already been taken away .... the phone was ringing .... I don't know how many times it rang before I finally picked it up and stammered... "Hello."

"My God Bonnie, call Winstanley the the God Bonnie, I just saw your Hootin' Honey on tv. She's been murdered. He murdered her, Bonnie..... Call Winstanley..... the Hootin' Honey's been murdered!" MJ's hysterical voice screamed across the line.

I did as MJ asked. There was no response. I waited and watched to see what would happen next. Actually, I figured I knew what it would be, but....perhaps, for once, I'd be wrong. No, I wasn't wrong.

A day or so after the murdered body of Roda Snyder was found on an old logging road on Windy Ridge in Wirt County West Virginia, [ just a short distance from where Wild bill was working at the time] her former boyfriend Sammy Davis was arrested for the murder. He said he didn't do it. I believed him.

I sat up all night and wrote everything I had pertaining to the Hootin' Honey. Sindee and I hand delivered it to the West Virginia State Police Officer Max Henry, who was investigating the case. I received no response of any kind. But within hours after my information was delivered, the state of West Virginia dropped the charges against Sammy Davis and he was a free man... for awhile... a short while.

February 5th


That's when the coroner said that Roda Snyder had been murdered.

February 5th .... hum....that was the "anniversary" of the last time Wild Bill and I ever went anywhere together.

February 5th, 1994 ....That's when I told him to go to hell because I wasn't taking any more of his lies and tricks.

Meanwhile, Wild Bill and his "Bonnie" seemed to be having problems. Just since February 5th though, I noticed.

My, my what a coincidence.

Tire Tracks In The Snow


MJ and I found Wild Bill's truck sitting in front of Hooter's one February night, right after Roda's murder, and couldn't help but notice how the front, driver's fender was buckled.

It looked like he'd brought the front driver's wheel down on top of a stump or a rock. I wondered where he'd had that truck.

I looked the truck over real good that night. The damage to the fender wasn't all I noticed. Wild Bill had taken his snow tires off the truck and replaced them with the smoothest tires I'd ever seen him have on a vehicle in all the time I'd known him!

"Why would he do that?" MJ asked. There was only one reason I could think of .... Neah, it couldn't be ....

The cops tried to match up tire tracks that were found where Roda Snyder had been dumped. They were never successful. The tread pattern they found didn't match the tires on Davis' vehicle.... I figured I knew whose tire tracks they did match, but no one cared.

A Man In A Red Cap


The news paper reported that Roda Snyder had shown up at the home of J. Stephens on January 26th, with a man who was wearing a red ball cap and driving a {black} Ford Escort. {An earlier report claimed the car was gray.}

Sammy Davis' mother, Nancy Davis claimed that Roda had called her around 5 a.m. on January 27th to say she was going to Richmond, VA, with a truck driver.

Davis claimed to have last seen Snyder on January 26 after he left his mother's home.

One of the first things Wild Bill did for Bonnie #2 was buy her a car..... a gray Ford Escort.

I recalled how Sindee and I always said "get ready" when we saw Wild Bill wearing his red cap....and I usually wrote to Winstanley and told him we were going to have another murder or arson because Wild Bill was wearing his red hat again!

This time was no different. I wrote to Winstanley and said...."Get ready buddy....if I'm right, Wild Bill will do something in an effort to explain scratches and bruises on his body. He can't keep them hidden like he did when Terri Roach was murdered. He now has a house full of people. Someone is bound to notice sooner or later.

February 11th, 1996


Wild Bill came home from work on February 11th, 1996 and started a rip-roaring fight with Bonnie and her boys. In fact, he admitted that he tried to kill Bonnie that evening! He tried to smother her to death with a pillow from their bed, while she was resting on the couch with an asthma attack!

If one of her son's had not came downstairs and saw what he was doing, he probably would have killed her that night. And probably would have gotten by with it by blaming it on the asthma attack!!!

Bonnie was on the floor unconscious when the paramedics got there!

Sgt. Bradley Harper of the Belpre police force responded to the emergency call .... after they traced it back. Wild Bill had jerked the phone from Bonnie's hand and ripped it from the wall, so she couldn't get help! Harper arrested him! He spent that night in jail, and was released the next day .... but only after he'd been charged with domestic violence!


Sgt Harper was "in uniform" that night; he did talk to "Bonnie, and there was a "phone call" involved. Granted, the "Bonnie in question wasn't me .... but that didn't matter. My dream was panning out and I knew it! Wasn't "domestic violence a close relative of murder?"

In the dream, Sgt. Harper had told me ....

"We" got "our" killer. I thought of Roda Snyder. She was not a "Belpre" woman. She wasn't even from Washington County, although I understood she did hail from Athens County, Ohio originally.

No, "our killer" referred to whoever killed "our" women .... Marie Blough and Terri Roach. Those were the Belpre women who had been murdered.

Those were the women that I had been trying to find the killer of. And there was only one man that "Sgt. Harper and Bonnie got" that night!

I thought back on the dream. Harper had said ... "He's been using an ice pick, and 'we' finally got him." He had repeated - "we got him" - twice in the dream. Roda Snyder had been murdered on one of the coldest nights in recorded history.

The night of February 5th, 1996, our temperature was 6 degrees below zero. The night of February 4th had been 10 below. Both nights broke all records.

I found it amazing that the dream had pinpointed a "time period" as well as names of people involved.

A person would not use an "ice pick" in the summer time.

Also of considerable interest to me, was the fact that Roda Snyder had been stabbed 4 times in the throat after she was choked to death with her own bra.

"Using an ice-pick." The words just kept running through my mind. The dream had revealed a "very cold" time when Bonnie, Sgt. Harper and a murdered woman with "stab" wounds would be in the news.

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Bonnie M. Wells


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