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I-75 Serial Killer

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by John Wesley Brett

Two years ago, the skeleton of a woman was found in Lexington. She still has not been identified. Some are now wondering if she might be linked to more than a dozen other women who've turned up dead in the last decade.

This story began in the rural Tennessee woods just over the Kentucky border...where it's rare to find a body. Rarer still that police have found two in two years within two miles of each other. You figure the odds that both were women, both nude, both stabbed and both unidentified.

The latest is a Native American with tattoos: "Mom 77" on the right shoulder, a peacock on the left, "Delilah" on her leg and "Ricky" on her hand. Last week experts put a face to the skull of the first woman found near Jellico in Campbell County, African American lady who bears an uncanny resemblance to another unidentified woman found during the same time line.....but more than a hundred miles north in Lexington.

"We have all of her clothing, we have all of her teeth, we have her hair." said Dr. Emily Craig, Kentucky Forensic Anthropologist.

But there are few other clues to who she is or why she was found two years ago dumped two years ago in a wooded area just off I-75. Or is there?

"We think we have a serial killer type thing going on." said Todd Matthews of the DoeNetwork, a volunteer organization that catalogues hundreds of "John and Jane Does" across America and beyond. Four years ago, Matthews helped put the name, Barbara Ann Taylor, to another unidentified woman found in Scott County Kentucky, back in the 60's called, until then, the "Tent Girl."

He now believes that the body found in Lexington and those found in Tennessee, and along other areas of I-75, maybe be related.

"The fact that the body was found near I75 as well is a possible tie-in. At least it is something to be considered," Matthews said.

The basis for his theory is found on the DoeNetwork's database which shows a startling new picture. In the the last couple of decades, not three but 12 bodies of women, still unidentified have been found along the I-75 cooridor.

Matthews believes the police could be helped by taking a more regional approach to their investigation; as the bodies found in Tennessee might well have been from Kentucky or other states.

"They were found just inside the Tennessee border, which is associated more with the south, than possibly the northern states where she could have been from. " adds Matthews.

The Sheriff investigating the Tennessee women believes Matthews' theory deserves more attention. After all, he says, taken separately all of these cases have gone nowhere for years.


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