In God's Glory

Snowflakes In May

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

It was a beautiful spring day, and my three year old grandson Joshua and I were traveling to Marietta, Ohio with a friend of ours.

Suddenly, Joshua says .... "Mamaw, do you think Jesus will make it snow if I ask him to?"

I glanced at the small, trusting, upturned face, and knew my answer had to be something that he could accept, but that wouldn't sway his faith in our Lord.

"Well, Joshua," I replied. "It's a little late in the year for snow; the robins are all back, and they don't like snow very well, but if you want to ask, then you go right ahead."

My friend and I exchanged uncertain looks as Joshua bowed his little head and said a silent prayer.

We were on a straight stretch of highway when Joshua asked his question and said his prayer.

We continued onward for about two minutes, and rounded a bend to discover the air saturated with white 'snow flakes!'

"Look Mamaw, it's snowing!" Joshua exclaimed.

I gently explained that the fluffy, white flakes, softly floating on the breeze were blossoms blowing off the cherry trees that lined the highway as you enter Marietta.

Unscathed, Joshua replied ..... "Jesus sent the kind of snow that the robins like, Mamaw!"

And so it was .....

Joshua will be 21 years old this August. I hope he remembers how strong his faith was when he was but a babe ....... and will always hold tightly to it ..... because his Mamaw remembers, and will never forget...... and now, this page is done so everyone can know and remember, even when I'm gone.


"Be Cop, Mamaw"

These were some of the first words I remember my grandson saying when he learned to talk and put words together and form a sentence - or partial sentence - as a normal toddler tends to do.

As the years crept past I kept listening for the career change to come, as I knew it surely would.

Most little boys want to be a dozen things as they grow up - depending on the age when asked 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' A fireman - a baseball player - a football player - a coach - dozens of answers are possible - but Joshua's never changed.

"I want to be a cop, Mamaw," he always answered.

Nothing would please me more, I thought, year after year, and at the same time I did my best to let it be his decision, not pushed into by a grandmother that had loved 'the Law' from her own childhood forward ..... and yet, one who had been surrounded by so many lawless, so many who had nothing but contempt for man's laws and for God's laws.

He played football in high school, but it wasn't his love as it seemed to be with so many young men.

Josh & Meagan / Going To The Prom: Josh / graduation

After graduation he took the first job available and worked at a little convienence store/service station, and I bit my tongue to keep from asking -'what about your 'cop' training.'

Next he went to work in the oil fields ... it was good money and very hard, dangerous work .... he liked it, and I feared that he would forget - be cop mamaw. But Mamaw never forgot, and prayed daily for the Lord to guide his way, as He had from day one.

The oil well job fizzled out and after a couple of other odds and ends jobs, he walked into my home one day and informed me he'd just enrolled in Police Science, and intended to be an FBI agent! That's my boy!!

2011: Josh is engaged to one of the sweetest girls a person could ever meet. She is a registered nurse and he's still in college, continuing his lifelong dream of becoming a cop.

Joshua & Ashley

He's still my sweet, gentle, and at the same time rugged little tumbleweed grandson .... and I'd support him in anything he wanted to do. I could not be more proud of him.

Josh, feeding one of my baby goats: Jeff & { Josh - with helmet, of course!}

Josh has just gone into spring break with a 4.0 grade average! Quantico, make room for one more, because this kid's going to come marching in one of these days!

I thank my daughter Christina for giving us all such a special boy.

Christina 2010

And I thank the Lord for both of them.

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