In God's Glory

Flowers For Tiffany

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

The child was born in 1982, and only lived a few hours before dying.

I had not known either of her parents then, and would not meet either of them until 1990. For a few short years we were friends ....

By 1994, even though we were no longer communicating, I checked on the child's grave from time to time. And there was always a nice bouquet of flowers that the father had placed there, although I never saw a flower from anyone but him.

My daughter Christina and I usually went to decorate the graves of our family together. 1994 was no different.

Even though we'd already decorated on Memorial Day, I decided to re-decorate the graves for the Fourth of July, using the patriotic colors of red, white and blue, and small flags for the service men of the family.

We'd already finished our decorating and was heading home when I decided to go check Tiffany's grave.

I knew her father had not decorated it for Memorial Day and I knew he was not available to decorate it now. I hoped that someone else in his family would have remembered the child's grave.

However, when I pulled alongside the grave, I saw that no one had been there at all. The vase remained empty, the marker covered with grass and dirt. It was sad .... and yet, I had bought no flowers to place on the grave either!

"Why didn't we get some flowers," Christina asked.

"I just never thought of it until we were on our way home, and I honestly thought someone would have had decency enough to decorate the grave." I replied.

I took my cleaning supplies out of the car and began clipping the grass and sweeping it away from the marker. That was the least I could do.

Christina stood watching me and remarking about what pretty flowers the surrounding graves had. It was true. They all looked real nice.

"I'm going to walk up along the edge of the cemetery, because sometimes people will leave extra flowers -- and sometimes the wind will blow flowers ...." I mumbled as I began walking slowly along the row of pine trees that edged the cemetery.

"Oh no you don't," Christina said as she followed me. "I'll just go along to make sure you don't take flowers off of someone else's grave to put on this one!"

I was mortified! "What is wrong with you, girl? I've never done anything like that in my life," I said, as I turned to face her.

I was about ten feet ahead of Christina, and she too had stopped walking, but started to take a step toward me when she nearly tripped over something .....

It was a bouquet of white roses! They were directly under her feet ..... and they had not been there only seconds earlier!

Christina was actually tangled up in the flowers, and freaking out because she too realized they had not been there a few seconds earlier!

"Where did these flowers come from," she cried. "There's no wind; we're the only people here; they weren't there when I stopped; where did they come from?"

"The Lord sent them," I replied as I scooped them up, and headed back toward the child's grave.

"Well, these red roses will go nicely with the white ones; and those blue ones are just what I asked for," I said as I reached down beside the pine trees that we'd both just walked past, and picked up a bouquet of red roses, and a few feet away a bouquet of blue roses!

Christina was beside herself! I couldn't tell if she was trying to dance the jig, or do the two step out of the cemetery, but she certainly was cutting a shine of some sort!

"You explain this, right now," She cried ...... and I do mean cried. The tears were spilling down her cheeks by this time. "Those flowers were not there when we walked up that way. Where did they come from? They are brand new, and anyone could see that ..... how did they get here?"

I simply bowed my head and said -- "Thank you Lord. Thank you for sending flowers for Tiffany."

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