In God's Glory

Snow For Christmas

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Joshua was just past four years old that winter, and we both waited breathlessly for snow as Christmas approached.

Our friend Bill had asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I'd replied .... "snow."

He'd laughed, and said he didn't know if he could get that or not ..... especially since it wasn't in the forecast!

Didn't matter to me or Joshua what the weather forecaster said ..... we wanted snow!

Joshua was spending the night with me that Christmas Eve. and before he went to bed he'd asked if I thought God would send us snow if he asked.

The child had a way of putting me on the spot!

"I don't know Joshua. We can ask if you want to," I replied.

And we both bowed our heads and asked God to send us snow for Christmas.

Joshua climbed into bed, and I went back to work on the pine wreath I'd been making for my brother's grave.

It was after dark, and I knew I shouldn't go to the cemetery alone, and that late, but I'd already helped family and friends decorate their family graves, and when it came down to Mike's grave, I was all alone.

So be it, I thought as I backed the car out of the garage and headed for the darkened cemetery.

It was eleven o'clock when I made my way to Mike's grave and placed the wreath upon it ..... and as I stood looking into the night sky, I felt the first snow flake land softly upon my cheek.

I came home .... past Bill's darkened house ..... past all the sleeping people who awaited Christmas morning.

My husband was just going to bed as I got home, and was surprised to learn that it was snowing ..... not much, but it was snowing. "Good, and good-night" he said as he kissed me. "Joshua is still asleep. He hasn't moved while you were gone," he said as he closed the bedroom door.

At 4:00 a.m., I gently woke Joshua and carried him to the door to look out at the three inches of snow that we had, and that was still coming down hard!

"Thank you Jesus," he said, and laid his head down on my shoulder and went back to sleep.

Bill told me later that when he got up and looked out his window at around 4:30 that morning, he about fell over, and all he could think was -- Bonnie wanted snow for Christmas.

It should have told him something .....

Joshua will be 21 years old this August. I know he remembers this experience because he mentioned it to me not too long ago. Hopefully it will always stay with him, and he will never doubt the existence of God/Jesus and the power of faith and prayer.


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