In God's Glory

Buy Food, Without Money

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

I first met the elderly Wilda when a friend rented an apartment from her. We quickly became friends.

After my friend left the apartment, I continued to stop and see Wilda from time to time.

Her health was not good and I worried about her, but her sister kept a close eye on her, and I was thankful for that.

On this particular day in 1995, there was a storm brewing out of the west, and I needed to get my Avon order to Belpre and get back home before it hit.

I bundled the order, slipped the check into the envelope, sealed it shut, and grabbed my car keys.

I dropped the envelope off at Deloris' house and headed back home .... well, I thought I was headed home anyway!

My plan had been to come out to Main Street, make a left, go down 618 and home .... however, my plan didn't seem to count for much.

I pulled up to the stop sign and cut the wheel to the left ..... something said, "Go right," ..... so, I went right!

Okay, I thought, there must be something wrong, and I'm to take the four lane home ..... no more than had I thought this and the same 'something' said 'Turn left now' -- and I did.

I came to a stop in Elby's parking lot. "What am I doing at this restaurant?" I asked out loud.

I wasn't hungry; hadn't even brought my purse or any money with me ..... Maybe it had something to do with Terri Roach, I reasoned.

Terri had worked at Elby's at the time she disappeared and was later found murdered. Her case remained unsolved. Maybe it had something to do with Terri.

I looked the parking lot over real good .... nothing jumped out at me as being unusual or irregular ...... "What am I doing here?" I questioned again.

"Get food," --- "Oh no, I have no money, and I have absolutely no intentions of going in that restaurant, in front of a crowd of people and asking for food!!! NO INTENTION, ya hear me? You cannot make me do that." I argued, as I put the car in forward gear. Mistake no. 1.

I will just go visit Wilda until the storm {which was getting closer by the minute} passes ... and I will NOT go into that restaurant and 'get food.'

I knocked on Wilda's door and waited, and waited .... finally I could see her making her way to the door .... or trying to.

As soon as she unlocked the storm door, I opened it and caught her before she collapsed .... "Where is your oxygen," I asked .... she pointed. I ran and got the oxygen and put it on her, and sat her down on the couch.

After making sure Wilda was comfortable, I asked if I could get her anything, and she told me she was very hungry, and didn't have the strength to get anything .... for a fleeting second 'get food' went through my mind, but I dismissed it ..... mistake no. 2.

I offered to fix Wilda something to eat, but learned that she had nothing in the house to fix ..... Okay, I would go to the store and buy something, come back and fix it for her ...... no, that wouldn't work either, she had no money, and neither did I ..... 'get food,' ..... "NO, you can't make me" .... mistake no. 3.

"Bonnie, would you call over to Elby's and ask them if they will let me write them a post dated check for a dinner, and let you come over and pick it up?" Wilda's voice mingled with the thunder overhead ... That thunder didn't sound exactly right to me .... I swear I could hear laughter!!!

I made the call .... no problem .... come over and pick it up....

"I'm going to walk over and get your dinner Wilda. I'll be right back." I said as I started out the door.

"Oh Bonnie, honey, that storm is awfully close, please drive - take my car - don't walk, you might get struck by lightening," Wilda pleaded.

"No, Wilda, I won't get struck by lightening," I assured her.

'How would anyone know if I did get struck by lightening,' I mumbled to myself as I walked to Elby's. 'I just have this 'country fried' look to me anyways ....... probably comes from all the shocks I've received from ABOVE ..... which some folks obviously find very amusing ..... '

No, I wouldn't get struck by lightening. I figured I was about the safest person on earth ..... at least until the Lord saw me walk into that restaurant and 'get food' without any money, and take it back to Wilda.

After that ..... well, who knew where they'd send me next, or what 'order' I'd be given? Whatever or wherever it was .... I might argue ..... might rant and rave .... but, I'd be moving right along as I protested ..... and the Lord knew I would ...... he'd dealt with me many, many times.

Note: This story appears elsewhere on my web site, as well as in my Pure Coincidence Book Series. Originally it was titled To Feed A Wild Bird.

This was to be the last time I'd ever get to see Wilda. She passed away not long after this incident.

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