In God's Glory

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

This is a new series that I have intended to do for several years, but just kept putting off because of other commitments.

The stories within this series are all true. None have been fabricated or altered in any way, with the exception that in some instances I have chosen to withhold the names of some of the people. These will be noted though, so that there is no confusion.

Some of the stories are personal - meaning they either happened directly to me - or I witnessed them myself.

Others have been told to me by my mother or other sources within my family. There again, I will make note of where the story comes from.

Read and enjoy some of the 'spiritual' endeavors I have had as I've traveled this road of life. Perhaps then, some may see why I am so incredibly stubborn about certain things -- especially those things which I firmly believe came from God.


Bonnie M. Wells


Snowflakes In May

Flowers For Tiffany

Snow For Christmas

Get Fire-Water

Buy Food, Without Money!

A Christmas Miracle {2010}

Bibical/Spiritual/Religous Articles

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