Independence Day II


Bonnie M. Wells

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Some Strange June Nights


This "Independence Day" drama actually began with a dream around the first part of June 2005, and at first had little or nothing to do with Independence Day - well, maybe my own, but other than that, nothing at all.

In the first dream, I was sitting in a gold colored lounge chair that had belonged to my ex-husband's grand parents. I recall nothing else.

In the second dream, that same ex-husband and I were walking down Main Street in Belpre. It was a bright, sunny day and we chatted as we walked merrily on our way toward the Colonial Restaurant. End of that dream. I do not recall anything we talked about.

In the third dream, a male voice kept talking about when I lived at 618. I repeated every address I'd had since my first husband and I had lived on Tiber Way in Marietta when I was 17 years old, and there was not a house number, apartment number, anything that was 618.

I tried telling the speaker that when I was married to J.M.W., we had lived at 816, which is 618 reversed, but that I'd never lived anywhere that the number was 618.

No matter what I said, it just didn't do any good, and the person just kept harping about me living at or on 618. Finally, I said to whoever this was speaking - and I never saw anyone in the dream - but I said, "Oh, Wild Bill used to live on Washington Boulevard in Belpre and when he did, he had a woman named Bonnie who lived there with him, but it wasn't me. And, within the city limits that street is known as Washington Blvd. but does automatically turn into route 618 as soon as you leave the city limits." End of that dream:

I woke up from all three of these dreams and wondered what was going on. J.M.W. and I have been divorced since 1973. Mike Wells and I have been married since 1976. Never in all these years have I had any dreams involving J.M.W. or anyone in his family, or any of his friends. So this threw me into a tailspin for awhile.

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Mariah Faye

My granddaughter is Mariah Faye Anderson, and the kid can sing!! She's the first in the family with a real good singing voice, and so we've all tried to be supportive of her whenever she wanted to sing at any type of functions. That's how we ended up at the talent show that the first page of this story was written about - but, for now, let's get back to the beginning of this:

On June 18th [6-18] Mariah went to West Virginia to spend the night with one of her friends. The girls were all gathered into the family room, chatting about "boys" and other topics of interest to 13 year old girls - "boys, boys and more boys, no doubt!!" when one of the girls got up and walked into her bedroom, which is located just off the family room. Suddenly, an unseen force slammed the girl into the wall with such force it rendered her unconscious!! Of course everyone panicked and started screaming - which immediately brought the girl's father into the room. He revived his daughter, who wasn't hurt but certainly was shaken up quite a bit.

Mariah came home the next day - bright and early!

She said the father told her that there had been several "strange things" that has happened in that house since they recently moved into it.

I suggested they move back out of it as soon as possible!

Mariah hasn't said anything else about going to visit or spending the night - and I'm glad. Anything that would attack a child is evil, simple as that, and I don't want to be around it and don't want any of my family around it.

Our dreams and other paranormal information comes from God, and not from Satan. It is sent to help people, not hurt them, and I want no part of the evil side of the spirit world.

But I did recognize that 618 within what happened to Mariah and we did discuss it. I had a strange feeling it was a strong warning ---

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Terri & Ronda


On the evening of August 27th [ 2005 ] Christina, Mariah and I went to Belpre to listen to the Karaoke singing in the building where the bowling alley used to be. It had been an empty building for several years now, and I was glad to see someone had finally came up with something the building could be used for. And I was pleased that it was something that the whole family could enjoy and not have to worry about the kids getting hold of alcohol. Belpre was "dry," and most people liked it that way.

I didn't say anything to Christina or Mariah, but even before we got to the event my mind had swung back several years to two of our murdered girls.

The only picture I'd ever seen of Terri Roach - the one that my husband thought was a picture of Christina - had been taken in front of the bowling alley in 1990, shortly before she was murdered. [ And I'm still wondering if her killer took that picture of her and then gave it to her! Sounds like something he'd do.]

And Ronda - Ronda Manley had been murdered two years after Terri. Her funeral had been held on August 28th. I hadn't attended. Years later I'd wish that I had gone because her father was quoted in the news paper as saying he saw some "gruffy looking guy in a white truck," that appeared to be watching the procession closely.

It wasn't the first mention of a "white truck," that had been made. Someone mentioned a "dolled up white truck," that was seen racing from the cemetery where Ronda was found the next morning.

But that was long ago. Someone had actually confessed to Ronda's murder - to heck with the facts that he didn't look like the man that her father had seen, and didn't own a white truck at the time of her murder. That was all irrelevant.

I brought my thoughts back to the present. I had to let these cases go - especially the ones that everyone else on earth considered solved!

Last Saturday was strange enough [see first page of this story]. I'd been reminded of Wild Bill and a dead cop, only to discover the singer who won the adult portion of the contest was either the same man that Wild Bill had sold his shotgun to, or he had the same name as that guy! That was bizarre.

Tonight, I just wanted to relax a little and listen to Mariah and others sing some songs and have a little fun - for once.

I don't think anyone could blame me for that - could they?

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The Old Bowling Alley


The building hadn't changed much. The restaurant still remained in the front portion of it, and nowadays there were pool tables and game machines lining the wall, which divided that area from the back room where the karaoke was taking place.

Someone said the building was also being used for auctions. I thought that was a nice idea too, and vowed to attend some of them in the future.

Several people sang, and did a real good job.

Some of the kids began getting up and singing and I especially enjoyed their songs - especially the little tykes that looked like they might have been all of four years old! They were adorable.

Some guy that looked a lot like Wild Bill got up and sang "Follow Me," - one of my favorite songs.

"I swim through your veins like a fish in the sea ---"

"And if you should leave - I can guarantee - you won't find nobody else like me." ---

Yeah, I loved that song, and for some unknown reason it did always remind me of Wild Bill. Possibly because I had left - with the job unfinished. But in all these years I'd found nobody else like him - always there, but never involved!!

After we'd been there an hour or so it was Mariah's turn to sing. Of course she was starting the evening off with Independence Day.

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Mariah Sings Independence Day - Again!


Mariah could really bring the house down with Martina McBride's song! {Sooner or later I'm going to have her tape it and I'm going to download it so everyone can hear her sing it!! - but not today. Today, I've got more pressing matters to attend to.}

When she belted out - "Let freedom ring - let the white dove sing; roll the stone away - let the guilty pay - it's Independence Day - it just brought goose bumps to my arms!

I know it sounds silly, but the song reminded me of my Native American ancestors - Running Bear in particular. "Running Bear loved Little White Dove" - with a love that couldn't die.

Both songs spoke of a "white dove" and I recalled my mother's dream of a white dove. For some strange reason, I always felt there was a message within these verses, because anyone who knew anything about doves knew that doves cooed but they did not sing! I know. I raise them, and have for years.

"Roll the stone away - let the guilty pay." That too was odd. Terri Roach was buried at the foot of her step-grandmother's grave. The woman's name was Stone! Weird? Yep, think so. Even stranger is the fact that most people believed that Terri was murdered on Independence Day 1990 ....

There I went again ... right back into those old murder cases...

Mariah did a fantastic job on the song and then returned to the game area where she and another girl were shooting pool.

Christina and I decided to get something to eat, and when the waitress came to our table I ordered the roast beef sandwich, mashed potatoes and gravy over all of it.

I had no idea how large the portions were, and realized when it was brought that it was enough for all three of us!!

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I Tried To Avoid Weird!


The first bite of the food took my mind racing backward to 1972 and the Colonial Restaurant. It tasted exactly like the same thing I'd always gotten there!

"This is so strange," I told Christina.

First I dream that J.M.W. and I are walking down to the Colonial, and now I'm eating food that reminds me of it! What the heck is going on?

Whatever it was, it started every time Mariah sang Independence Day!

Again I thought of Terri Roach. She had worked at a restaurant that was located across the street and up about half a block from where the Colonial had stood. Neither restaurant remained in Belpre today. The Colonial had closed many years ago - back in the 1970's, and Elby's had closed a dozen or so years ago.

Belpre was changing, and not always for the better. The entire area was changing - so many factories closing, people moving away, jobs being lost.

I was probably wrong, but I felt as if it had something to do with these unsolved murders. Almost like - if their lives weren't important, then neither is anybody else's.

Like - if their murders is nobody's concern or business, then nobody will have any business!

I know, it sounds strange, and I'm sure things don't actually work that way - do they? I mean, wouldn't that make each of us - "our brothers/sisters keeper," and make each person an important part of a free and functioning society in which the law was an important part of our lives, and law breakers unimportant enough to be reported?

There again, how many times had I reported things on Wild Bill? How many times were those things ever investigated? What was ever done?

How many crimes could have been prevented [if] something had been done right in the beginning?

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PJ And Bill


We'd finished our dinner and was sipping on a Pepsi while other people sang.

Mariah was scheduled to sing Proud To Be An American at some point in the evening, but there were several people ahead of her.

Christina decided to walk out front and see what the kids were doing while I stayed seated and listened to the singers.

She had no more than left the room when the announcer said - "Now we will hear a song from PJ and Bill."

Lord, I was going to have to stop coming to any of these singing things!! This was unbelievable - PJ was the girl that had testified about a yard sale in the McCrady trial!!! Her husband's name was Bill, but he wasn't the Bill that sang the song with her. It wasn't Wild Bill either.

They said today [August 27th] was PJ's birthday. She and Christina had gone to school together. They must be about the same age. Christina will turn 40 on October 1st. --- October 1st. That's when Jenifer McCrady was found murdered here in Little Hocking - Jenifer McCrady, whose father is a veterinarian and owns the "Colonial" Animal Hospital.... What the heck was going on???

Just as last week - when the "Cowboy" Rick Petty sang, - I have never remembered what he sang, and now I don't know what PJ & Bill sang! I think I go into shock or something!

Last Saturday I was reminded of a murdered cop - this Saturday I'm reminded of a murdered woman and her cop husband sitting in prison --- and "Bill" --- always I'm reminded of Bill - looks, names, songs -- it's always Wild Bill peeking around the corners with that "I ate the canary and got by with it" sneer of his. "Let the white dove sing" ----

Well, Little White Dove was singing in the only way she knew how - she was writing it all down in tear stained letters and singing it to the far corners of the world.

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Weird Just Couldn't Be Avoided!


Before we went to karaoke, Christina had told me about running into a woman who was once a client of hers at another beauty shop Christina had worked at before opening her own shop a few years ago.

Apparently the woman had tried to find Christina's new shop [ Kountry Kurls ] but was unable to. They chatted for awhile and Christina asked what she was doing now days and S.S. told her that she now had a Country and Western band.

Of course Christina mentioned Mariah to her and S.S. said she'd be at the karaoke that night to listen to Mariah. If she was good enough S.S. thought she could find some places that Mariah could perform and get her name out into the music world a little.

Christina had pointed S.S. out to me when she arrived, and had gone over to the woman's table to thank her for coming. I remained seated since I did not know the woman.

Right after PJ and Bill sang, Christina went back to the table where S.S. was sitting to tell her that Mariah would be singing another song at some point. The next thing I knew S.S. and Christina were back at the table where I sat. I was surprised when S.S. said -

"Well, hello Bonnie. I didn't know you were with Christina or I would have come over a long time ago!"

I'm sure the woman thought I was a complete idiot [as some have recently accused!!] because I stuttered and stammered like a fool. I had no idea who this woman was and wondered how she knew me. Eventually I regained my composure enough to ask her -

"I'm glad you came over, and it's nice to see you, but could you please tell me how you know me? Have we met before?"

"Oh yes, we met years ago. My sister P. [same first name as the P.J. that sang the song!!] married your ex-husbands brother Rick We met when you and J.M.W. were married, and Rick and P. were dating. Do you remember P. ?

Yes, I remembered P. Davis I'd always liked her even though J.M.W. and R.W.'s grandmother had thought she wasn't good enough for one of her grandsons. That had been part of the problem in that family for years - big feeling, arrogant, self centered - it was one of the main problems for me, and I eventually walked away from the stuck up snobs, that wouldn't have had two pennies to rub together if it hadn't been for the working class people of our area.

I wasn't surprised to learn that P. and R. had also divorced. Not surprised at all.

I remembered P. she lived with her mother just around the corner from the Colonial Restaurant ..... and once again, I was reminded of *Terri Roach, Ronda Manley, Jenifer McCrady - and how two of those three cases were "solved." And I thought ---

Yeah, right - that's why I'm being bombarded with supernatural experiences because everything is solved correctly, and no one has anything to worry about now.

If it's all the same to the world, I'll go right ahead protecting myself and my family, because I don't think either case is solved correctly, and I'm convinced time is very short before we get another strike ... same theme, same style, same killer. I'm just curious about who will go to prison this time, and am going to do everything I can to see to it that it's none of the men in my life. I'd suggest everyone else did the same thing.....

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And It Comes Full Circle -

But Who Will Notice?


As I write this update tonight, I honestly believe that I have witnessed yet another Miracle of God, just as surely as I'm sitting here.

As told on Mariah Faye & Independence Day, the events of that hot August day back in 2005 went far beyond normal. I knew even then that I was once again stepping into obscure territory, but even so, I was confidant that when the time was right, the Lord would reveal the picture to me, and then I'd write it up for the rest of the world to see.

In August of 2005 I was reminded of Wild Bill; our murdered deputy Ray Clark, and Rick Petty.

A week later I was shown things from my past, and once again reminded of our murdered girls -- especially Terri Roach.

On the evening of February 6th, 2008 - three years after witnessing the events mentioned on this page and on Mariah Faye & Independence Day - Judith Petty disappeared from Parkersburg, West Virginia.

My reaction was immediate and unwavering. She was murdered - and that's all there was to it. My conclusion was based on the fact that she had disappeared on the eve of the anniversary of Ray Clark's murder! And I was certain she was murdered shortly after midnight, making it an 'anniversary kill,' as we'd seen several other times.

Some three days later authorities discovered Ms. Petty's remains in the charred ruins of the uninhabited family farm house. I said again --- 'She was murdered. She was dead before the fire was set." And once again I thought of another murdered girl - 'Kimberly' Fulton - She'd been murdered first and then her home set on fire. I could see the cases, and all the duplications within them - but apparently no one else could.

May 4th, 2009 should have been Terri Roach's birthday -- but instead it was the day that news was finally released concerning Judith Petty's case. They said it was to be re-opened. Heck, I'd never 'closed' it. I faithfully posted the news article - and then repeated what I'd been saying all along -- "she was murdered before the fire was set."

Today, May 6th, 2009, the media released the information that lab results show that Judith Petty was murdered before the fire started: 'Started' is their word - not mine: I said then, and I say now -- "She was dead when the fire was 'set.' Someone deliberately set the house on fire to cover his tracks.

Funny thing about tracks - a good tracker can follow them to the pits of hell and back - I know because I have done that very thing.

Once, long ago, I told John Winstanley -- "Know that when the beginning is the end, you have come full circle and the answer is trapped within."

He probably thought it was just some stupid remark. It wasn't.

Ray Clark was the beginning of this particular 'circle.' Judith Petty is the end of it.

It reminds me of my friend Judy's recent dream about an octopus's in Father Highland's pond. It was sticking it's head out of the water, and reaching it's tentacles out in all directions, trying to grab those around the edges of the pond.....

If one follows the links below they can see how these cases fit together:

Begin with Ray Clark

Then move to Sheree Petry, because her business partner was Ray Clark's step daughter, and Sheree lived at house number 203

The Scene: Act One: Sharee-Sheree

The Scene: Act Two: Sheree-Sharee

Now, moving from the {Petry} case and to prepare you for the {Petty} case, you might want to read the Kimberly Fulton case: Don't get sidetracked into my sister's duplication though or you'll get lost!

Kimberly Fulton

Moving along: Now go to the Judith Petty case: Judith Petty

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