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Bonnie M. Wells


The Dream

Date of Dream: 12-10-05:

Dreamer:Code - 6C25DE

Dreamer and I were walking along a street in Jackson, Ohio near the pizza shop, when we noticed a woman who appeared to have had a little too much to drink.

The young woman had long, straight, dark hair and wore jeans and a silky wind-breaker type jacket.

As we passed, I spoke to the woman - "Hi Tammy, how are you doing?"

"Not very well right now, but it's fixin' to get better," she replied as she staggered on her way.

"With Wild Bill on the prowl, we'd better trail her and make sure nothing happens to her," I told the dreamer.

Dream changes: Dreamer enters an older style house of eggshell or off white color and noticed her father sitting in the house.

Dreamer enters the bathroom and notices an old, metal trash can sitting where the commode should have been. In the can, dreamer saw several items - a metal object that looked like a gear shift/ hand break for a bicycle; an empty Pepsi can, a Dorito package and an old, rusty piece of dog chain.

Dream changes again: Dreamer and I are in a small, dark colored, sports car of some type with me driving.

We go to a corner gas station, where we see CJ, who is all dressed up in a black, shiny outfit and wearing black sandals. Dreamer notices the dark red, shiny nail polish on CJ's toenails, and thinks to herself that the weather is far too cold to be wearing sandals.

End of dream:

In The News

[Early morning hours of December 10th, 2005] The Washington County Sheriff's Department says a 76-year-old man died in an early Saturday morning fire at his home.

Sheriff Larry Mincks says Jack E. Wolfe was alone in his home at 1144 Rocky Point Road in Fleming when the fire broke out.

The fire was reported to the Belpre Police Department by a passing motorist.

The Washington County Detective Bureau and the State Fire Marshall’s Office are conducting the investigation which is continuing. Barlow, Durham and Wesley Township Fire Departments were called to respond to the fire which completed destroyed the residence.

More News

Mr. Wolfe supposedly had "free gas" on his property, but had it turned off while working on some new gas lines, and was therefore using a kerosene heater at the time of the fire.

I have been told that he had a little too much to drink the night of the fire, and fell over the heater, thus knocking it over and causing the fire. Supposedly, he passed out at this time, and therefore could not escape the flames.

One or two dogs died in the fire with Mr. Wolfe.

The fire has been deemed 'accidental' with no 'foul play' involved.

Other Interesting Things

Jack Wolfe once owned a motor cycle repair shop that was located right next door to Wild Bill's house.

Wild Bill and the woman he lived with for '7' years have split up. He is once again on the prowl for a new woman. I'm betting on a dark haired one this time round. One that drinks a little too much sometimes.

Back in 1992, my husband and I sold Wild Bill a motor cycle. It was a wine colored Honda Gold Wing, almost identical to the one he had when we met him in 1990, but was one year newer than his. I still recall the license number of the old cycle - C N J 46. [6 plus 4 equals 10.]

Wild Bill rode the cycle for several years and had no problems with it. However, about the time that I discovered some of the vile things he did in his spare time, he began having a few problems with 'my old motorcycle.' I wasn't exactly surprised, but didn't bother explaining it to him - or anyone else, for that matter.

Sometime in 1998, Wild Bill bought a white, Honda trike. I assumed he'd traded the old wine colored cycle in on the new one. I was wrong. He still had it and was still trying to figure out what was wrong with it. I wasn't about to tell him!

At some point, he took the wine colored cycle to Jack Wolfe to have it repaired. I'm sure that he expected it to come home in 'new condition,' even though that expectation was unrealistic. Still, I know Wild Bill, and how he thinks, so I'd guarantee he expected the bike to be 'bright and shiny like new, and running like it had years ago.'

I'm told that Jack Wolfe had Wild Bill's motor cycle for over a year, and when he got it back it was still not running right. I'm also told that he absolutely despised Jack Wolfe after this.

Although I never knew Jack Wolfe personally, I remember his repair shop, and I remember when he closed it down and moved his business to his home. That was years ago, and therefore I know that at the time Wild Bill took the old Honda to have it repaired, he had to have taken it to Wolfe's home. The news paper listed his address as Fleming, Ohio. I always thought the area was called Vincent, but I guess I was wrong.

Regardless, I'm told that Jack lived out state route 339, and to get to his house, one had to turn off 339 by the former Three 'Son's' market, which is now a 'pizza shop,' which is located just a short distance from the gas station on the corner, of 339 and 550.

Wild Bill has some new vehicles now days. Some I've never seen - or if I have, I didn't know they were his. I will the next time I see them though! I'm told he has one that's a small, black sports car which is a convertible. Of course, everyone knows it's too cold in this area in the month of December to be riding around with the top down, but I've seen Wild Bill do even stranger things. I remember the night he took the old Honda out 339 in several inches of snow to get a rabbit! He stopped by my house to show me the rabbit - which was scared half to death after being tucked into a saddle bag and driven several miles. Strange man.

A Forgotten Warning

Several years ago, back when John Winstanley was a detective with the Washington County Sheriff's Department, I sent him many warnings of things to come. Sometimes I told him not to expect the things over night because sometimes the warnings were based upon dreams and often, dreams don't pan-out immediately.

By the time Jenifer McCrady was murdered in September of 1996, I'd been writing to Winstanley for several years, and had told him an enormous amount of things - mostly pertaining to future murders - but sometimes giving details of past crimes that remained unsolved. And, by the time Jenifer McCrady was murdered, and her husband Jackie was arrested and ultimately convicted of her murder John Winstanley was no longer a detective with the department. He was teaching Criminal Law at the Career Center and remained active with the department as a regular deputy. I didn't send him quite as much as I once had, but I still sent an occasional package of materials.

One such package contained a warning of something coming his direction from out state route 339; in the Vincent/Veto area; in which we would be reminded of the Kimberly Fulton case; the McCrady case; and of the death of Jill Bohl.

Now I haven't driven the distance between Jack E. Wolfe's home and where Jill Bohl was dumped, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that it is 2.2 miles.

Those who have followed my writings will know what I mean about the 2.2, as well as reference to the "42 Day" connection. I think it's really strange that Jack Wolfe died 42 days after my first husband's birthday [October 28th] and 42 days before my birthday [January 21st.] Isn't that something? Really unusual coincidence there folks, really unusual.

Anyway, back to my warning to Winstanley - which, by the way, I'm not the one who forgot it - I said there would be "reminders" of McCrady. Look at Wolfe's first name and middle initial - Jack E. anyone see a similarity to "Jackie?" And then, there's that statement in the dream - "It's fixin to get better." This is word for word what a woman who claimed to have seen Jackie McCrady in a 'service station' said he'd replied to her when she asked him if he'd had a rough day. -- word for word.

Jill Bohl was shot with a .357 magnum, as was Jenifer McCrady, but of course that has nothing to do with Wolfe since he wasn't shot - or at least I hope he wasn't shot! No, there was "no foul play," - I remember now.

Never the less, Jill Bohl was found along route 339 also, and of course when I think of "Jack and Jill," I remember that they "went up the hill to fetch a pail of water." Wonder if it was to put out a fire? Neah..... don't suppose so.

And then, there's Kimberly Fulton - who also lived just off state route 339. She had been murdered and then her home set on fire to destroy the evidence. It must have worked. Her case has remained unsolved since 1995.

The connections to Wild Bill are more obscured in the murder cases than they are in the accidental cases in this area, and that's something I've always marveled at. It appears that those individuals who have any kind of relationship with the man, tend to be very accident prone, especially if he's angry with them over something! Sure glad he isn't angry at me!!!

By the way, Winstanley's back - full force with the Washington County Sheriff's Department. He's no longer a detective, but is now a Major, which puts him 3rd in charge of the department. That's good - and it means by the time Jack E. Wolfe died in an accidental fire in the very area in which I'd previously predicted 'something' that John Winstanley was in fact part of the team that were involved in the case. [2013 note: John Winstanley is now retired from the sheriff's department and as far as I know is no longer involved in any type of police work.]

Guess that's another 'coincidence' for my books - huh? One thing about it, I'm very, very good at predicting coincidences - especially where Wild Bill and John Winstanley are concerned. I hit Wild Bill's departure date right on the nose, and gave it to dozens of people years in advance. I said "He'll bolt after 7 years, and all hell will break loose." Well, he's bolted - but I think he's getting too old to raise much hell. Sounds like he's retired and went from a real bad boy to a real good man - oooohhhhhh yeah - a real good man!

Come to think of it, I've been pretty good at predicting John Winstanley's comings and goings too! Wonder if he ever figured out why that pendulum won't swing for him?? [See the Warlock John dream for details!]

And the whole danged 'accident' reminds me of another cop - a detective back in those days - a sheriff today - and another 'accidental fire' in which 2 people died. That case too had involved a dog. His name was Bo, and he'd stayed with Wild Bill until I sold him. I remember how angry Wild Bill got because I'd 'sold his dog!' It never was 'his dog' .... it had always been mine. And the fire on Vanderhoof Road had gone down in the 'accident' files too. So be it.....

A Look At The Dream,

The Warning &

The No Foul Play Case:

The dream occurred within hours of the fire at Jack Wolfe's home. The dreamer once lived north of Marietta with her parents. Her father passed away in the home and several years later she and her mother sold the home and moved. The new owners of the property have a daughter who is married and now lives in the same house that the dreamer and her parents lived in. This woman's last name is Wolfe! This is the reason the dreamer saw her father sitting in the house.

Wild Bill's old Honda is a dark red, like the toenail polish that CJ wore in the dream. I've already told the license number on the bike back when I knew Wild Bill. It contained the letters CJ, which are in fact the actual initials of the woman that the dreamer saw in the dream. This in itself is amazing. The 4 and 6 total 10, and the fire at Wolfe's home was on the 10th of December.

The black sandals were an indication of something usually seen in the summer time - something that was open and airy - a convertible. The dreamer actually accurately identified Wild Bill's sports car as small, and black. And as far as me driving it is concerned - I've been the 'driving force' for many years now.

The Pepsi can reminds me of the 'Pepsi blue' colored S-10 truck that Wild Bill used to have. In all probability, he was driving this very truck when he took the cycle to Jack Wolfe to have it repaired.

And the trash can in the dream with the old piece of dog chain and the item that reminded the dreamer of hand breaks or gears from the handlebars of a bicycle, only reminds me of the fact that the old Honda should have been trashed a long time ago. It also shows me where some of the problem with Wild Bill's motor cycle is actually located. I don't think I'd want to trust it too far myself - but, if he's not afraid to ride it, then I'm certainly not afraid for him to ride it - [Pride rideth before a fall - off, to Jackson town, one and all!!]

I don't know who the dark haired "Tammy" is that appeared in the dream. I know two girls by the name of Tammy - both are blonds.

And, in closing this story, about the only thing I can say is this - over the years I have come to realize that most [if not all] of the dreams that I once thought were warnings of crimes, have in fact turned out to be warnings of coincidences and accidents - at least that's what I'm told. Granted, Wild Bill always seems to be lurking behind the door in each and every instance, but you see, that's the 'coincidence' part of it. And, granted, the dreams have all warned of things that were going to happen [accidentally, of course] to people who were unknown to me, but who I would learn of shortly after their fatal accidents. So, I think the year 2006 is going to be a little different than previous years. I've worked my guts out to prevent some of this stuff from happening, and in some cases, to find the guilty party. But I'm not going to do that anymore. I think I'll just sit back and watch things for awhile. It may get real interesting....

Bonnie M. Wells


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