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This page is story number 9 in the Duplication Series of Pure Coincidence: Before reading it, you should read the following stories:

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Where Do We Go From Here?

On June 16th, 2005 - under the title of "Where Do We Go From Here?" - I made the following comments and predictions:

It appears our killer has reverted back to his 1998 schedule, and is "finishing up" what he began at that time.

If this is correct, then I'd venture to guess {unless someone stops him} he's headed straight for Jackson, Ohio.

So for here and now, I'll just say - "Another strike is coming."

There are a few "important" dates within the next 3 months. -- "Mysde's" birthday - June 25th:

If the killer continues with the "Misty/Mysde" theme, then Jackson, Ohio better get their butts in gear. If he switches tracks {he won't "switch hobbies," folks, just tracks! He's a natural born killer and he's not ever going to stop, so don't think that's what I'm saying about him "switching."

And I have good indication that "he'd rather fight than switch," so - I am saying here and now - The next strike will also be against someone who is within my group of family or friends. It will probably be another "symbolic" strike, since that seems to be the path he's on, and been on for several years now. However, the day comes when we will switch from fantasy to reality.

News From Jackson, Ohio

On June 28th, Jackson school superintendent Steve Anderson received 2 shotgun blasts through his window at 10:27 pm.

A $2,500.00 reward has been offered for information leading to the identity and arrest of the shooter:

There are no suspects, and no motive has been established:

What Can I Say?

Well, I could say it's coincidence - but I won't. I could say it was just a lucky guess on my part - but, since it's about the fifteenth "lucky guess" in a row - I won't say that either.

There is one thing that I will say though - it reminds me of our murdered deputy Ray Clark. See link: Ray Clark

And I will remind everyone that my daughter's last name is "Anderson." Mysde is my friend and she now lives in "Jackson, Ohio": The shooting occurred within the "3 day spread" of Mysde's birthday - the same 3 day spread that I have warned of repeatedly, and since Christina & Mysde were "combined" in the beginning - "Carol Gordon's murder on Mysde's birthday" - and then "combined again" in the "Misty" Gwinner murder and the Jane Doe in "Anderson" Township - so it appears the "double trouble" continues:

The shooting occurred 42 days after Misty Blu Gwinner's birthday, which was on "5-17": I could say that was another "coincidence," - but I won't. I just let those within law enforcement make this claim, since they seem to be soooooo good at it! See 42 day link: Forty-Two Days & Holding

Meanwhile, there's something else that's happened - actually, it happened "before" Anderson's house was shot at with a "shotgun."

Remember what I just said about our deputy "Ray" Clark? Take a look at the following story, and then see if you can understand my "reasoning" on any of this.

Hopeless In Ray

Bob Nelson of "Ray," Ohio, located in Vinton County, was found shot to death, in his room, at the David Lee residence, on "June 22nd, 2005." It is estimated that he had been dead about 10 hours before his body was discovered. He died as a result of a shotgun blast, and the medical examiner has not determined if his death was a suicide or a homicide, but is "leaning toward suicide."

See Maps:

Map of Rosine, Kentucky:

Notice "Clark" Lane:

Map shows route from Richmond Dale, Ohio to Ray, Ohio:

Notice "Clark" Road:

The preceding page of this "ongoing drama" was posted on 6-16-05. That's 6 days "before" Bob Nelson died and 12 days before the Anderson shooting. And yes, I sent that page to dozens of people so that NO ONE can accuse me of conjuring up these stories "after the fact," - which is exactly what some people have been doing to me for a long, long time. The game is over folks.

Here's the link back to the preceding page so anyone and everyone can check the posting date. It's at the very bottom of the page. Misty/Mysde Strike

Also, the following link might be of some interest to someone: Ray Knows


It doesn't matter in the least to me what the coroner finally decides, or which direction he is "leaning," toward concerning the death of Bob Nelson. I remember Jill Bohl and how the coroner decided she's killed herself with her own gun, and had bled to death - only there wasn't any blood at the scene! Her car had been found {2.2} miles away and there wasn't any blood in it either.

And I remember Dawn Holiday, and how the coroner decided she too had shot herself - and I never believed it for a second. And then I met her cousin, and now I'm absolutely convinced that Dawn Holiday did not kill herself.

Recently, we had a 13 year old boy convicted of murdering his grandmother and his aunt with a 410 shotgun. The cops got a "confession" from the boy, and he's gone now, so I don't suppose anything I can say will make a difference in his life or anyone else's. But, I'm going to say it anyway - just in case there's still a thread of decency left in this nation.

There was absolutely no evidence in the case to implicate the boy. Someone else's fingerprint was found near the trigger, and DNA not belonging to the accused or either victim! There was blood spatter around the victims but absolutely none on the boy's clothing. He was accused of "washing his clothing" to remove the evidence - and an ignorant jury bought the lie that this could remove it!!! But beyond that, the boys shirt was found out in the woods where he'd thrown it when it became full of burrs. It had NOT been washed and there was NO BLOOD on it!

There were three shots fired, two striking the victims and a third that went into the chair the grandmother was sitting in. Three shots were heard by neighbors at around 8:00 pm that same evening, but these people were never called to testify at the boy's trial. There was ample proof that the boy had returned to his own home long before these shots were heard at his grandmother's home.

This boy's mother was the cousin of Dawn Holiday. I questioned her at length about Dawn because I remember the night Dawn died - and I will always remember it, as will Mysde because she was with me that night.

Sometime around 1:00 in the morning we'd seen Wild Bill washing his Toyota truck which had red clay mud all over it. It was New Years Eve, and far too cold to be washing a vehicle in a car wash.

By 4:00 am, that same truck was parked under the dusk to "dawn" light at the "Holiday" Inn.

The next day the news paper contained the story of Dawn Holiday. And for several years I knew nothing more of the case. Then I met her cousin and as soon as I discovered she was Dawn's cousin - before I ever told her the story of the red clay mud and Wild Bill's activities that night - I asked her if Dawn had been found on a red clay mud road. She replied - "Yes, it was an old fishing road that no one ever used in the winter time."

I continued to question this woman because I could feel something - something lurking - Wild Bill peeking around that corner again - and eventually I found what I was searching for.

Wild Bill is shacked up with a woman whom I call "Mysde No. 2" because she has the same first name as my friend "Mysde." Mysde No. 2 is the woman who broke up the marriage of Dawn Holiday's cousin - the mother of the boy convicted of murdering his grandmother and aunt.

Dawn Holiday did not kill herself folks. Chris Sturm did not murder his grandmother and aunt. But only a miracle from God is going to be able to overturn this nightmare and straighten this mess out. I am looking forward to it myself - and pray that it comes quickly.

A Man Named Bob Nelson

Many years ago - back in the mid 1970's Wild Bill moved into a mobile home that was located on County Road # 3 here in Washington County, Ohio. The area was known as Veto, but was just a short distance from another little community called Vincent.

My sister Patty {Martin} was friends with a girl named Stacy who lived in Vincent. Patty sometimes walked from our farm in Little Hocking, across the hills, and over to Vincent to visit Stacy.

The two of them sometimes walked from Stacy's home down the country road and to the little store located on the corner of State Route 339 and County Road 3. The trip took them directly past Wild Bill's home.

There was a man by the name of Bob Nelson who was a close neighbor to Stacy. Patty and Stacy knew Bob and would often ask him for a ride down to the store instead of walking. He seldom refused them. In 1976, Patty and Stacy were 16 years old. Bob Nelson was a few years older, and some of us thought he had a crush on Patty. Dad did not approve and tried to keep Patty away from the area as much as he could.

Stacy's father would sometimes come to mom and dad's house and get Patty so she and Stacy could go somewhere - skating, etc. Dad didn't approve of that either, and if he was not at work {he was a railroader} he seldom permitted Patty to go. However, she knew his schedule and knew when to make her move because she knew mom didn't drive and couldn't chase her down!

Wild Bill raised rabbits back in those days and purchased his rabbit food from another neighbor of Stacy and Bob Nelson, so I am convinced that he knew Stacy's father as well as Bob Nelson because all the people back in those hills knew each other. I'm also convinced that this is the time period in which Wild Bill wrote my sister's name in his phone directory. That story is told elsewhere on this web site and in my books.

Patty married in 1978 and moved away from this area for a few years. She remained friends with Stacy, who also eventually left this area. Stacy's father passed away a few years ago, and I know nothing else about the people who lived in that area back in those days.

Whether the Bob Nelson that was found shot to death, is the same Bob Nelson that Patty knew and that lived near Stacy, I haven't a clue. I do know however, that "Christine" and "Gordon" were not my daughter, but simply made up her maiden name. And I know that I've been watching this "duplication" puzzle being worked out since it began in 1992 - if not 1990 with the murder of Terri Roach, who the killer may actually have thought was my daughter.

I've always thought it began with my sister, and then got transferred to my daughter and me, with my sister still remaining an active part in it. And, I have seen Patty's friends fall, one by one with Sammy Lyons actually being killed; Jackie McCrady ending up in prison for a murder that I remain convinced he did not commit; and now Bob Nelson being shot.

Either someone is killing off Patty's friends, or she was involved with an exceptionally large number of suicidal lunatics - which I guess is a possibility! Oh, by the way, Patty married in 1978, but divorced a few years later. Her first husband was dating the other Bonnie {the one that lived with Wild Bill off and on for about 3 years!} just before Wild Bill met her! Another coincidence, no doubt. Like the fact that within ten months of Sammy Lyon's death, Wild Bill was shacked up with his widow and three children! Lots of coincidences in this picture. Lots of the same names, same dates, etc.

Bob Nelson of Ray, Ohio died on June 22nd, 2005:

Wild Bill's grandmother died on June 22nd, 2005:

The {22} has remained an important part of this nightmare for many, many years. Sometimes it's 2.2 miles. Sometimes it's an address such as 202, 220, etc. Sometimes it's a date - the 22nd day of a month, etc. But it's almost always present.

Stephanie Davis News:

I have just learned that the death of Stephanie Davis in Point Pleasant, West Virginia on April 26th, 2005, has been ruled an accidental death due to drug overdose.

I'm not going to make any more predictions, and I'm not answering Mysde if or when she asks - "What's next, or where do we go from here."

I'm getting tired of predicting all these accidental deaths, suicides, and coincidences, and I just think I'll quit this damned job! The pay is lousy anyhow and no one will miss me, so I'm off to play with my dogs, goat, pigeons, cats, ferrets, and the rest of my critters. And we're just not going to say anymore about "Jackson," - 'cause we've been talkin' about Jackson, ever since the fire went out - and I'm bored with it!

Nope - not this time. Someone else can figure out what comes next. Think I'll just check all my water hoses and make sure their working!

8-25-05: Okay .... you all knew I couldn't let this rest for very long, didn't you? Well - I'm back, saddled up my boys, gonna draw a hard line - because JUSTICE is the one thing - Bonnie and Billy can't find!!

Look at what we all missed - and it wasn't because I was playing with my animals either! It was because certain people down around Ross County didn't want me to know about it!!!

See how a June 2001 warning to a sheriff was completely ignored, and even when it "panned-out" some 30 days later, NOTHING was said. Then, if there's anyone brave enough, won't someone please speak up and tell me this is all COINCIDENCE - again?

The Anderson Strike - Ross County Ohio 2001!!!

Coming Soon!

When I get finished playing with all my animals and ignoring the "warnings" that are flashing all around me - I'm going to build a "response page" for all the Duplication Stories. I'll do everyone the favor of withholding names and email addresses, but I want the world to see the responses and reactions that I have received to these stories and cases.

And - I have decided to write yet another book in the Pure Coincidence Series. It will be book number 26 and it will be titled - Symbolic Revenge - and should be ready for sale by Christmas time 2005. The price of $25.00 will cover shipping and postage. I will be accepting orders for the book from today until November 1st. If interested, send me an email and let me know.

The 2.2 Connections

Want to see how the "Jackson Strike" connects to an old 1993 case

and warns of an approaching case?

See the following link:

September 15th, 2005


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This page is dedicated to Terri Lee Roach who was found murdered on July 11, 1990. Her case remains unsolved in Washington County, Ohio.

This page has been updated 8-25-05, and is also hereby dedicated to Ronda Manley, murdered 8-25-92: They say her case is solved.

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