Jameika Porch

& The 814 Trio


Bonnie M. Wells


August 14th, 1994.

Around 2 in the afternoon, Chattanooga police get a call of a missing 4-year old at 1708 Tunnel Boulevard.

Little Jameika Porch has disappeared.

Tim Carroll of the Chattanooga Police Department says they initially looked at it as a missing person case, and a possible abduction.

"The grandmother woke up, and the child was missing, she thought, she just assumed that her daughter had come to pick the child up."

Chattanooga police immediately launched an all out search for the girl, using dogs, and search and rescue teams.

Investigators later learned that Jameika had actually disappeared from her bedroom sometime in the early morning hours of August 14th.

The girl's aunt, who also lived there, heard noises in the house around 5 or 6 in the morning.

Whoever took Jameika may have come in through the back door, where a window payne could be removed near the door knob.

Police say it was a well known way to get into the house if you didn't have a key.

In the days and months that followed, national exposure of the case brought in tips from across the country.

Despite the information, the searching, and help from others like the F.B.I., none of the leads panned out.

It would take more than 5 years to find out what happened to little Jameika Porch.

Fast forward to October 21st, 1999, when the Medical Examiner's office receives a skull.

A worker from a tree trimming service had found it at 1548 Riverside Drive, at the Riverside Industrial Park.

Police brought in Cadaver dogs to start searching the area.

The next day, a class from the Chattanooga Police Academy helped find the rest of the remains.

D-N-A proves it was the body of Jameika Porch, according to Police Lt. Tim Carroll.

"It was ruled a homicide. It was a ligature strangulation, and you know, that's terrible a 4 year old, a 4 year old child being murdered that way."

All these years, the big question remains: who killed Jameika Porch.

Police have potential suspects, but not enough to make an arrest.

That's why Lt. Carroll says investigators need your help.

"There was a person to come forward later on with some information that was interesting, and I would hope that, or we'd like this to corroborate that little piece of evidence. I think if somebody could come forward with what I already know, then we could proceed on with making an arrest."

Chattanooga, TN -- April 25, 2000 --

Genetic experts are testing a skeleton discovered two miles from where a pajama-clad girl disappeared from her grandmother's house five years ago to determine if it is the missing child, police said.

A Hamilton County forensic anthropologist has determined that the bones belonged to a 4- or 5-year-old child of African descent, and the bones have been sent to a private lab for verification, said Chattanooga police spokesman Ed Buice.

Four-year-old Jameika Porch vanished in the early morning hours on Aug. 14, 1994.

The skeleton was found Oct. 21 by a worker who was clearing brush by some train tracks in a remote area near a river, Buice told APBnews.com.

Authorities have recovered about 60 percent of the skeleton with the help of cadaver dogs, he said. "Given that the bones may have been there for five years, that's about what you'd expect," he said. "Bones can be displaced over time by dogs and other animals or flooding," he added.

Buice said he doesn't believe the area was ever searched by police looking for the girl.

The remains don't appear to match the profile of any other person reported missing in Chattanooga, said Buice, but whether the search for the child will end in that remote spot remains to be seen.

When the girl vanished, she had been sharing a bed with an 8-year-old cousin, authorities said. The cousin didn't notice anything amiss, and Jameika wasn't reported missing until later that afternoon when her mother arrived at the house to pick her up, Buice said.

An aunt sleeping in an upstairs bedroom later recalled hearing steps on the stairs at about 5 that morning, and Jameika's grandmother told investigators that a Plexiglas windowpane in a door had been removed during the night, authorities said.

Family members thought nothing of the discovery at the time because they often removed the pane to unlock the door. The pane was put back into place before Jameika was discovered missing.

Once notified, police and volunteers swung into action, Buice said. Posters covered Tennessee and surrounding states, said Jenni Thompson of the Polly Klaas Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding missing children.

A reward fund grew to $6,000 and leads poured in, but none panned out.


April 29, 2000 -- Elizabeth Dixon said she was stunned when her son Greg called with the news that her granddaughter Jameika was dead.

"I couldn't say anything right then," said the grandmother of five. "I couldn't cry, even though Greg was crying on the other end of the line."

Chattanooga police announced that DNA testing of bones found last October off Riverside Drive revealed they belonged to Jameika Porch.

The 4-year-old child disappeared from her maternal grandmother's home in Eastdale early on the morning of Aug. 14, 1994. The missing person case was featured nationally on "America's Most Wanted" and "Unsolved Mysteries." Police said the case now will be handled as a homicide.

Detective Tim Carroll said the cause of death was "ligature strangulation," but he wouldn't say what was used to strangle the girl.

He said police believe the child was killed shortly after her disappearance. The condition of the remains suggested Jameika had been dead for years, Sgt. Carroll said.

For more than five years, Ms. Dixon said, she was tormented by the uncertainty of Jameika's fate. Knowing now that the child was slain makes her angry, she said.

"I know she's in Heaven," Ms. Dixon said. "She's a little angel that nobody can hurt anymore."

Mr. Dixon said he's still in shock. "All these years I was holding on to hope ... that we would be able to be reunited," he said.

But when police found human bones in October, Mr. Dixon said, it "woke up old thoughts and I had a weird feeling.

"There's something about the spirit when you're connected with a child that you can feel," he said.

When Mr. Dixon learned that forensic anthropologist Tom Bodkin had examined the bones and determined they were those of a young, black child, it "took the breath out of me," he said.

Efforts to reach Jameika's mother, Joyce Porch, were unsuccessful. Ms. Porch's sister, Janice Underwood, said that Ms. Porch didn't want to speak about Jameika. Ms. Underwood said the family supports the police department in its investigation, and asks that anyone with any information report it to authorities.

Police will now go back and review the extensive evidence that was gathered from the Tunnel Boulevard home where Jameika was last seen, Sgt. Carroll said.

From the very beginning of the investigation, police treated the case as something more than a missing person case, Sgt. Carroll said.

"We processed what we had like we normally would in an undetermined death," he said. "In this case we had no body, but we processed it like there had been a body."

Sgt. Carroll said that the crime scene on Tunnel Boulevard had been "compromised." He said the family first noticed that the child was missing at about 7 a.m. on a Sunday. Jameika wasn't reported missing until about seven hours later. By then family members had touched things, and had replaced a broken-out Plexiglas panel in an outside door. Members of the family routinely would remove the panel to get in the house, Sgt. Carroll said.

Jameika's family had an explanation for the time gap, he said. Anne Tatum, the child's maternal grandmother, thought Jameika was with her mother, Sgt. Carroll said. When she spoke with Ms. Porch she found out that the child wasn't with her. Ms. Porch came home and searched the neighborhood without success. That's when police were called, Sgt. Carroll said.

Mr. Dixon said he is hopeful the person responsible for his daughter's death will be caught. But with five years having passed between the crime and the discovery of the body, he's realistic.

"I've got strong faith in law enforcement," Mr. Dixon said. "But it's going to be a tough nut to crack."

May 4, 2000 --

Friends and family members gathered to say goodbye to Jameika Porch on Wednesday, closing another chapter in the August 1994 disappearance of the 4-year-old, but leaving tough questions unanswered.

"It's still an open case, and that's another episode, something else we will have to go through," said Jameika's aunt, Janice Underwood, after the little girl's funeral.

"We're praying it (her death) can be solved," she said. "It would be better, but it also wouldn't because she's still gone from us. We miss her so much."

On Wednesday, hundreds of mourners packed Wesley Chapel Christian Community Church in East Chattanooga, spilling out onto the sidewalk as the service began. Cars were parked three deep for nearly two blocks, jamming the street.

Throughout the service, friends and family members walked outside to cry on the church steps. Jameika's white, flower-laden casket was so tiny that the funeral director alone was able to carry it in his arms from the church to the hearse.

Jameika's father, Greg Dixon, said prayer has been the key to getting through the last week. Mr. Dixon said goodbye to his little girl on Tuesday, at a private memorial service. He did not attend the funeral.

"I was able to sit in there alone and have some quiet time, and I said what I needed to say to Jameika," he said. "I was able to become peaceful through prayer."

There is comfort in knowing his daughter is with God, Mr. Dixon said.

"She's been with God all these years. She's been with him ever since they laid her out there in the woods."

Detectives have not named any suspects or made any arrests in the child's death.

Jameika Porch Murdered 13 Years Ago Today .. August 14, 2007

Thirteen years ago, four year old Jameika Porch vanished in the middle of the night; she was taken from her bed. Her body was found five years later, but her killer has NEVER been found. The case was even featured on "America's Most Wanted." Today, Jameika's family prays for answers.

Her family prayed for the strength to go forward today. They say however, it is hard for this grieving family to move forward when they can't forget about the past... the day 4-year-old Jameika Porch disappeared. The family marks the 13 anniversary with pink flowers at her gravesite. Pink was her favorite color.

Her grandmother, Annie Tatum, said, "It just never has been easy because I think about her all the time."

So Jameika's grandmother tries to remember only the good times, like when Jameika would dress up, wearing her favorite boots.

"She would get her hair fixed up and come to you and say, 'am I pretty?"

Memories that bring a smile, but not enough to forget completely the events of what Annie tatum calls "a horrible day." It was a Sunday morning in 1994, Annie Tatum says she woke up and discovered her granddaughter gone, taken from her bed. Detectives searched the home and surrounding areas, but nothing until five years later.

That's when a tree-cutting crew found Jamieka's remain in the woods off Amnicola Highway.

Tatum said that "at least we didn't have to wonder who had her or if she was being mistreated."

Some closure for the family, but still no answers as to who killed Jameika.

Tatum says she was told by detectives it may have been somebody who knew Jameika's mother.

And as the family prays for Jameika and strength for themselves, they also pray for her killer.

Joan Guy, Jameika's Aunt said, "I pray that one day they decide "I can't take it no more,' and turn themselves in.

Jameika's mother, Joyce Porch is living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lt. Tim Carroll with Chattanooga Police says anytime there's a domestic situation, family members are considered "persons of interest," including Jameika's mother. However Jameika's grandmother says she doesn't believe any family members were involved.

The Never Ending Odyssey


I never heard of Jameika Porch until September 2010, at which time my computer buddy (R.W.) mentioned looking into the case.

As soon as I started reading the news articles about Jameika Porch I began noticing things that I'd seen in other cases - common denominators - or some extremely odd coincidences, if that's what one chose to call them. Personally, the way I figured things if it was all coincidence some of these old, cold cases would have been solved long ago. No, I figured it was by design - a well thought out plan that actually required several years to pull together.

Already I'd seen the same pattern in at least a dozen cases, so I wasn't too surprised to see it again. What I was surprised at was how elaborate the game had become .... so many duplicate details .... so few to look and see them .... even fewer to care.

Jameika Porch's case is one of three that fit into the same pattern or theme which I have dubbed The 814 Trio.

The 814 Trio consists of three cases - none of which have been solved as of this writing.

Case number one is four year old Jameika Porch who was abducted from her home as she lay sleeping on August 14, 1994 in Chatanooga, Tennessee.

Case number two is nine year old Jennifer Short who was abducted from her home as she lay sleeping on August 14, 2002 in Bassett, Virginia.

Case number three is twenty one year old John Thrasher of Livingston, Tennessee who went to a Putnam County fair on August 14, 2004, and has never been seen again.

I suppose I could just as easily have called the three cases my "J Trio" as the 814 Trio since all three victims had a first name that began with the letter J - which is odd in itself - and even odder still that they all disappeared on August 14th - different years but the same day, with John Thrasher's disappearance being the 10th anniversay of Jameika Porch's disappearance. I'd seen that 10th anniversary thing before in the Jenifer McCrady / Janet Miller & Maria Blough cases .... but everyone said it was coincidence. It wasn't then and it isn't now either.

On John Thrasher's page, I told how the case and name reminded me of my grandson Joshua Thrasher whose birthday is 8-17, so, can you imagine how surprised I was to learn that Jameika Porch was abducted from 1708 Tunnel Boulevard?

And, before I go any further, let me assure my readers that my suspect knew my grandson for several years 'before' Jameike Porch ever disappeared, and is well aware of Joshua's birthday.

I also want to mention the fact that Joshua's step-mother is Jamie, and the name Jameika contains the name Jamie - and yes, my suspect is well aware of this fact too.

Back to the other 10 year anniversary cases that I mentioned. Janet Miller was murdered the night we buried my brother Mike Martin and from that time forward the name/word Martin has been a re-occurring theme within many of the unsolved murder cases that I have looked into. It is not a 'deciding factor' for me. I do not go in search of the name and only consider the case if it is there. That is not how I work, and in many cases I don't even know it is present. Such was the case of Jameika Porch. Until I recieved word from another computer friend K.S. I didn't even know that Martin Street is the next street you come to when you go south of where Jameika lived.

K.S. is a newcomer to my world of bizarre twists and turns that, at first glance don't seem to add up to anything, but for those who are actually willing to read and follow along, will eventually lead directly into another murder mystery.

I noticed the same pattern in the Kimberly Krimm case - "Kimberlie's decomposed body was found July 6 on an overgrown hillside in Versailles cemetery, about a block from her ( Evans ) Avenue home in McKeesport, Pennsylvania." - (last seen 6-30-98) I said at the time that I thought 'Evans' was a clue. I wasn't wrong. In that same three year time span that I'd been watching since the early 1990's we saw the murder of Stephanie Evans in Richmond Dale, Ohio - (4-2-01). Oh, I know, they say they have her killer. They don't.

I also think it quite odd that right after Stephanie Evans' murder, Wild Bill and his girlfriend moved to Tunnel, Ohio.

Something Of Interest

I've heard it said that most serial killers only murder within their own racial group. I'm here to debate that issue, and to disagree with that statement.

Back in 1992 Wild Bill dated a bi-racial woman for several weeks. Actually, I believe he selected her to kill, but got caught dragging her from the night club and knew if he killed her there was a witness that could place him with the woman; and since it was a man, they probably would believe him! Women can't be believed, you know. They are all just jealous hearted bitches that like to tell lies on perfectly innocent men --- yeah, I've heard that before ---- EVERY damned time I've tried to tell them what this maniac is doing.

Anyway, he dated this gal for a few weeks and that was the end of it. I met her so there was no use keeping her around because he now had two witnesses that could place him with her.

We attended the Ohio State Fair in 1993, and he spotted a young black woman selling jewlery. He couldn't get his mind off her .... and she wasn't that pretty, believe me.

Once we were outside the building and seated on a bench, he suddenly had to go back inside the building to go to the rest room. I sat outside on the bench for a long time - got tired of sitting there and laid down! Yeah, I tend to be a little brave - or stupid, whichever.

The man was gone for nearly an hour, and when he came back he seemed very agitated.

I mentioned getting something to eat at the fair but no, he didn't want to eat there, he wanted to go to Bob Evans to eat .... okay, I agreed.

However, when we went to leave his truck wouldn't start and we were stuck there for quite awhile working with it until it did start.

Now he really was agitated -- and argumentive.

We headed for Bob Evans --- only we went right on past it! "What are you doing," I asked, as I saw we were passing the restaurant.

He had decided {without asking or even telling me} that we were going to go through the drive through at McDonalds .... and "I would take whatever the hell he bought me, and I'd eat it and I'd keep my damned mouth shut about it!" WRONG .... he done picked the wrong damned woman to order around!

He didn't ask what I wanted. He just pulled up to the window and ordered me a cheeseburger, fries and small coke. I was slowly lowering the window as he ordered!

He handed the food across the seat to me with an order to 'here, eat this and keep quiet,' --- I took the food and tossed it right straight out the window on my side of the truck! Talk about pissed. I figured he'd deck me, and then I would have beat him to death, and we'd all be rid of him!

The nut screamed at me almost all the way home, and said he was going back to Columbus to 'get that black girl.' When I asked what he was going to do about that bad case of the uglies she had, he said it wouldn't matter because if you put a sack over her head, you'd never know the difference!!! Duh!! And they wonder why Jenifer McCrady had a sack over her head!!!

Well, I don't know if he went back to Columbus or not -- and furthermore, at that time I really didn't care .... don't care today either, as long as the woman is still alive .... which I have no way of knowing whether she is or not.

That was our last 'trip' together. I didn't invite him to come along with me any more, and refused to go if he invited me. I had no interest in being very far away from home with him.

Now, the following information appears elsewhere on this web site, but I felt it should be put on this page also.

In *November of 2005, Wild Bill's girlfriend Cindy B. came to visit me. She wanted to know what was wrong with him. They had been split up since July and he was living several miles north of Marietta {and I'm still looking for the cases from that time period, so if anyone has one, send me the info!}

Cindy B. told me that she had found several items hidden around her home and property that didn't look just right to her. Most of those items are listed on my page about Jennifer Short - but for here, and this page, I want people to know what else she found {and yes, there is a man who is a witness to all of this.)

I was told that a video tape had been found; made by Wild Bill, of two little black girls (ages 5,6,7 yrs) outside on a playground {or possibly even in a yard somewhere}. Cindy said you could hear Wild Bill telling the little girls to 'spread your legs way apart,' while he took crotch shots between their legs!

Cindy said she had dubbed me off a copy of the tape. I advised her to take the tape to the FBI office in Parkersburg, West Virginia because she thought the children may have been at the City Park, thus making it a West Virginia offense.

Instead of taking the tapes to the FBI she took them to the Parkersburg City Police Department and gave them to Sgt. Ritchie.

She surrendered both copies because she was told if she or I were caught with the tapes we could be charged with child porn! I agreed. I didn't want anything to do with those tapes, that's why I'd told her to take them to the FBI.

Well, maybe we could have been charged, but obviously Wild Bill couldn't be charged with anything because absolutely NOTHING was ever done with him about those tapes.

I spoke with Sgt. Ritchie myself and he said in his opinion it was child porn, but in his superiors opinion it wasn't. He seemed to think it was voyorisim, and West Virginia doesn't have a voyorisim law but Ohio does. I asked him to bring the tapes to John Winstanley at the Washington County {Ohio} Sheriff's Department. He said he would take them immediately. I phoned Winstanley and told him the tapes were on their way. That was the end of that.

Apparently he can do whatever he wants to do to whomever he wants to do it to, and small children are no exception.

As I said, I've told this before on this web site. It's done no good, and I'm sure it won't this time either, but for thsoe {cops and others} who want to believe that this man will not go after small children, and therefore should not be considered in Jameika Porch's case, I have only one thing to say --- "You are wrong. This man will go after any female regardless of age, race, or anything else.


Special Note: January 2012: I know that as of April 1994 Wild Bill did not own any video equipment. I also know that from June of 1995 he had a job which provided him enough money to buy whatever he wanted. And I do know for certain that as of 1997 he did own or have access to video taping equipment as well as other things that he had not had when I knew him (1990 to March 1994). I do not know when the tape was made, but from what Cindy B. told me it sounds as if it was between June 1995 and November 2005. I realize that's a ten year span, but it's the best I can do.

If anyone reading this page is aware of anything happening to one or two black girls that would have been within this age range during the years I mentioned, please contact your local police and send them this web page. I have witnesses that can verify what I have said here today, and the Parkersburg police should be able to verify that the tape was turned over to them in November 2005.


Don't forget that nine year old Anna Marie Brown was bi-racial; and don't ever forget that I have reported this man's activities repeatedly, to EVERY branch of law enforcement --- because I certainly don't intend to forget anything connected to this man. So far the FBI has ignored my reports just as much as the local cops have.

Here's a copy of an email I received just this evening. Thought everyone would like to see it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010 5:49 PM

From: {Name removed for obvious reasons!}

To: bmw_fastasu@yahoo.com


I ran onto your page when I was talking to a friend about the murders in Marietta.

I grew up in Marietta, and think I had a run in with Wild Bill myself - gives me chills now when I think about it.

I am 41 now but when I was about 12 or 13, me and a friend was walking around Marietta. We were by the dime store near Harts Department Store and a man walked up to us and asked us if we had change for a dollar.

We told him no, and went on our way. We cut through the woods behind the store and took the path to the very grave yard Rhonda {Manley} was murdered in.

There he was again with it pulled out and taking a pee in the grave yard!

We just kept going and we went through an alley, and there he was again!

He asked us to come to the car and my friend said don't go over there but I did. I just wanted to see what he wanted.

He asked me if I saw what he did in the grave yard. I lied and said no. Then we ran to my house on Marion St. He must have followed us there too because we left there and walked to the West Side of Marietta and there he was again.

He made sure we saw him and he dropped a note that said if you want to see more, meet me by the train bridge.

So we went and got another one of our friends and told her what happened and she said let's go to the bridge, so we did. But the 3 of us must have been to much because we never saw him again.

And thank God! I might not be here today to tell about it!

When I read what you wrote about him and saw his picture I could not say for sure but I think it was him. I think you are right about him.

I sure hope he gets what is coming to him before someone else gets hurt.

I'm going to go read what you have about Patsy because I knew her. But I read Terri's page and I just had to tell you about what happened to me.

Take Care....

{name removed}

And here is part of the email I sent in response:

Thank you so much for writing. Yes, I'd venture to say you did run into dear old Wild Bill himself. Lord only knows how many girls [women now] that could tell the same story about him .... and how many didn't live long enough to tell it! I've been tracking that piece of crap for nearly 20 years now, and why he's been allowed to continue to operate right here in the midst of us, I honestly don't know. He should have been stopped years ago.

You said you are 41 now and this happened when you were 12 or 13 years old. That takes us back to about 1981.

Now we know for a fact that Wild Bill was exposing himself to young girls in Marietta during that time period because he went to jail for it!

On December 26, 1980 he exposed himself to 2 under-age girls somewhere in Marietta, and someone saw him - or the girls reported it - because he was arrested at his home and carted off to jail.

When I first made this discovery I questioned him about the incident and he said he had came out of a nightclub and needed to pee so he'd stepped around the corner to pee into a storm drain (see, he's had this 'storm drain' thing for years - don't forget Sheree Petry who was dumped head first into a storm drain!) anyway, he said two girls saw him and reported him and he went to jail.

This story didn't ring true to me.

What would 2 underage girls be doing hanging around Marietta bars after they were closed? This would have been 2 or 3 in the morning.

Back in 1980 and 1981, people didn't let their little girls run the streets of Marietta all hours of the night like they do now days.

I waited a few months, got him good and pissed about something else and then threw that back at him again. In his anger he forgot he'd already told me the story about peeing in the storm drain and blurted out --- "They were old enough. They knew what they were getting into." Then he immediately clammed up and wouldn't give me any more details.

But, I wasn't surprised, I knew there was more to the story than him peeing in a storm drain. But, I have never been able to find out exactly what he did do - or to whom.

I've hoped all these years that the two girls, who are women now, would some day find me and tell me their story.

I know it's considerably different than his. I've also wondered all these years if Ray Clark was the cop that arrested him and hauled him off to jail.

The following comes from my own emails to R.W., and has been modified for this page.

October 1, 2010:

..... "Backing up - 1975, Marietta, Ohio ..... little nine year old Anna Marie Brown was murdered and dumped within a few feet of her own home. She was bi-racial. She was murdered in (August).

If you will notice on the Case Directory page: Maybelle Clark (8-6 -94) {WV} Shaylene Marie Farrell (8-8 -94) {OH} Kathryn Menendez (8-21-94) {OH}

It appears someone was quite active in August of 1994.

Now, I've said this before, but it is worth repeating. I know coincidence does occur sometimes, however, I continue to believe that killers establish a pattern, and if you can figure out that pattern, that's half the battle. The other half involves law enforcement, and getting them to see that there really is a pattern and then do something about it. So far, that's where I've come up short.

In Jamieka's case I noticed a few things that were red flags to me:

1. She was found near some train tracks, by a river. So was Stephanie Evans in 2001. Is it a repeat pattern? I think so, but they say they have the killer of Stephanie. They don't.

2. Jamieka's grandmother lived in Eastdale: Stephanie Evans lived in Richmond Dale.

3. Jamieka's remains were found just off Riverside Drive: 'Riverside' has been a theme in several of our cases, including Sheree Petry whose car was left on Riverside Drive. Several other cases have involved the 'river side.'

4. Jamieka disappeared from Tunnel Boulevard: When Wild Bill and Cindy B. left Little Hocking, they moved her trailer to Tunnel, Ohio - on the outskirts of Marietta.

5. Jamieka disappeared on August 14th from Tennessee: Go back to the Case Directory page and look at my August 14th (2004) case:

John Thrasher disappeared from Tennessee on August 14th.

(My grandson is Joshua Thrasher. His birthday is August 17th.)

I cannot believe this is all coincidence. You just can't have this much coincidence - and always have it lead to another murdered body! Someone is killing our people, and they are doing it by design, not coincidentally. This is not to say that another killer can not murder someone on the same date - possibly even someone with the same name - but how many times can this happen? I've watched it over and over for years now. (Check out my Renay/Renee girl's page!)

I'm posting Jamieka's case, and linking it back to John Thrasher's case. Seems odd to me --- two disappearances, same date, same state, precisely 10 years apart. I've seen that 10 year anniversary thing several times too.

And by the way, my grandson's step mother is Jamie ..... and yes, Wild Bill knows Joshua and he knows the names of all our family members."

The 814 Trio:

Jameika Porch 8-14-94 / John Thrasher 8-14-04 / Jennifer Short 8-14-02

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