In Memory Of

Jennifer Renee Short

July 13th, 1992 - (** August 14,) 2002

Presented By

Bonnie M. Wells

Bits & Pieces Of News Articles:

Michael and Mary Short were found murdered in their Henry County, Virginia home August 15th, 2002. Their 9-year-old daughter Jennifer Renee was missing from the home at the time of the discovery. Her skeletal remains were found September 25th, 2002, under a bridge just south of Stoneville, North Carolina, Rockingham County, about 30 miles south of the Short home.

The Short family:

Michael Wayne [50], Mary [36] and Jennifer Renee [9]:

Michael Wayne Short, operated the family's mobile home moving business from the family house on U.S. 220 in the Oak Level community of Henry County just south of the Franklin County line.

Michael Short, was shot on a couch; Mary Hall-Short, in her bed in the bedroom.

The Short family recently put their brick home on the market. Nester said authorities have obtained records from real estate agents to determine who might have toured it.

Jennifer's skeletal remains were found Sept. 25, 2002, near a bridge on Grogan Road in Rockingham County, N.C., about 30 miles south of her home in Bassett, Va. The bridge has since been named as a memorial to her.

The cause of death for each family member was determined to be a single gunshot wound to the head with a **.22-caliber bullet.**

Investigators found that the phone lines at the house were cut, and said at the time that the shootings of the parents appeared to have been "quick and surprising," and probably done by someone who knew the family and the residence.

"Over the last week, the Shorts worked on cleaning their home to prepare it for sale, said Marlene Dalton with Berry Elliot Realtors..."

What few clues there are, point to a crime carried out with considerable deliberation. Phone lines outside the house were cut. Michael and Mary Short were each shot at very close range, possibly while they were still asleep. The weapon used, a [.22-caliber gun,] is unusual in that many bullets of that caliber cannot be traced back to an individual gun.

******** BMW NOTE: **********

I'm wondering if the gun was a .22 caliber Phoenix .... serial no. 4121---: I just happen to know a guy who had access to such a pistol at the time the Short family was murdered. Another coincidence, no doubt. ********** ATTENTION: I have access to two test bullets from this .22 caliber pistol. Anyone want to see if they match the bullets found in the Short family members?? Anyone out there that gives a t-diddly damned about this case? Anyone care that EVERY EXPERT I've spoken with assures me that a .22 caliber bullet most assuredly CAN be traced to the gun from which it came. Wonder why the cops in Virginia want people to believe otherwise?


Though Jennifer's bed was unmade, there appeared to be no sign of a struggle.

Investigators have seized guns, ammunition, business records and videotapes from the home. Some of the most curious items found there, including an answering machine tape that contains an obscene message, still haven't given detectives much to go on.

Without one thing to focus on, investigators are exploring in many directions. They're still trying to find all the people who have worked for Michael Short's mobile-home-moving business. Because Short employed many transients, the sheriff's office may never find them all, Cassell said.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Two Say They Saw Jennifer Short, Armed Man in Same Area

Police spent several hours Tuesday night investigating two reports from people who said they saw an armed man with a girl who looked like the missing Jennifer Short:

Police said that both reports were credible, although they had no way of knowing whether the girl in either case was actually Jennifer Short.

A man who called police said he saw a girl who looked like Jennifer in a dark-blue truck. The man said that the truck was stopped at a light, and when he looked at the truck, the driver pointed a handgun at him, said Sgt. R.L. Nelson of the Winston-Salem Police Department.

The caller, Ray Steven Childers, said he then ran. Childers described the man in the truck as a white male, 35 to 38, with gray hair, a beard and mustache, Nelson said.

On Sept. 1, a horde of motorcycles thundered down U.S. 220, honking horns as they rode by the Shorts' empty house, in an event that raised about $2,700 for the Henry County CrimeStoppers program.

My First Clue

Just a few days before Jennifer Short was abducted from her home and ultimately murdered, I received the following comments on my guest book from a woman named Jennifer Short, so can you imagine my reaction when the news came across the tv that "Jennifer Short" had been abducted and her parents had been murdered in their own home?

The Guest Book Comments

Name: Jennifer Short



I hope this gets to you, Ms. Wells.

This is very important, I need to hear from you.

I am pretty much the only friend Dennis Rydbom has and my jaw hit the ground when I saw your webpage.

I guess I just want to pick your brain. Dennis has had such shitty luck getting anything related to the case, and this could be helpful.

I personally know he is innocent, for reasons I can explain. Please write me back, you may be able to help an innocent man!

Thanks-thanks for having the guts to try to blow this wide open. I went to college at MC with Dennis and Sheree.

Jennifer Short

I emailed Jennifer Short and we discussed her knowledge of the Rydbom/Petry case, and how her information was never permitted into the court room, which is typical in many cases in this area, so it came as no surprise to me.

Within one week of receiving this message, nine year old Jennifer Short was abducted and murdered.

Is Someone Monitoring My Web Site?

Could 'someone' have been watching my web site and guest book? It was almost as if whoever kidnapped Jennifer Short in Virginia and murdered her parents had been doing that very thing, and knew exactly where a kid by the name of Jennifer Short lived.

But, who could know me and be interested in my work to that degree? Where could he live? Was he here in Ohio, with me, or was he in Virginia?

Did he live in one state and perhaps work in another - or even several others?

Was there anyone who came to my mind when I read all the news releases and studied the case? Oh yeah, there was someone who came to my mind alright. But, as in dozens of other cases, it didn't matter who came to my mind. As long as he never came to the minds of prosecuting attorney's, sheriff's and police officer's in other states, then he was as safe from detection and prosecution as any person could ever be.

And so, after three and a half years, with no arrests, no real suspects, no answers, I think I'll just show the world my suspect, and my reasons. From there they can decide for themselves, because the Short cases were not the end of this nightmare for me - any more than the murder of "Jenifer" McCrady [who was shot in the head once] was. It all continues to the present day, with no hope of ever being stopped, simply because authorities cannot bring themselves to believe that any one man could be this evil, this calculating, this cold blooded. I suggest they remember Ted Bundy, and take off the blinders so they can see what's happening off to the sides of their "jurisdictions."

Without further ado, I now present my facts, and the world can decide whatever they want to, because I no longer care one way or the other.

Red Flags - Or - Coincidences:

Wild Bill lives in Ohio and since 1995 has worked for a "river company" and does a lot of traveling to other areas. Many of our murder victims have been found next to water - creeks and/or rivers - as was Jennifer Short.

Wild Bill moved into Cindy B.'s mobile home in the fall of 1998, thus putting him less than a mile from my home:

Cindy B. supposedly owned 'her own business,' - a 'house cleaning business.'

In the winter of 1998, Wild Bill was accused, charged and in 2000 indicted for the rape of Cindy B.'s twelve year old daughter, whose last name is Martin.

In one of the articles I ran across concerning the Short family, I noticed they were related to a person named Martin.

Martin was my maiden name, and it is part of the name of the company that Wild Bill went to work for in 1995: (As of 2011 he is no longer employed by the ‘Martin’ company, and is now back at the same place that he worked when I first met him in 1990.)

Wild Bill's ex-wife's name is Renay/Renee, and her birthday is in July, just like Jennifer Short: [Renay = 7/29]

My husband's name is Michael:

My grandson's name is Joshua Wayne:

At the age of nine, my granddaughter Mariah bore a startling resemblance to Jennifer Short. Enough in fact, the photo of Jennifer Short fooled both Mariah and her brother Joshua. They both thought it was a picture of Mariah. Even my husband agreed that they look remarkably alike. This reminds me of another murdered girl - Terri Lee Roach who bore a startling resemblance to my daughter Christina.

Mariah Jennifer

Wild Bill and Cindy B. continued to live here in Little Hocking [Ohio] in her mobile home until June 13th, of 2001, at which time they had the mobile home moved to a location on the outskirts of Marietta, Ohio, where it remains to this day.

The family lived near route 220 which is the exact address of where another murder victim worked - Marie Blough [Belpre, Ohio 1986], who was also found beside the river, and whose case remains unsolved:

On June 13th, 2001, one of my friends, my grandson Joshua and I watched from a safe distance as Cindy B.'s mobile home was hauled to the new location. Even at that time, I remarked to Sindee and Joshua that I'd never seen that moving crew in this area before, and I wondered where they were from: Today, I still think that is a valid question, and I'd love to know if the Short family knew Cindy B. or Wild Bill, or if the "Martin's" in the picture were related in some way!

I'm also very much aware that there was some serious damage done to Cindy B.'s mobile home the day it was moved, and the equipment being used was defective in some ways. The mobile home shifted, almost ended up in a ditch along the highway in the Belpre area, and sat there for quite some time, while Cindy B. climbed out of the big truck and directed traffic! It was a sight to see.

After correcting the problems, the procession moved slowly toward the final destination. Upon arrival, the moving company promptly ran off the road with the trailer and nearly dumped it into a ravine! Instead of jacking it back onto the road, as they should have, they simply continued to drag the trailer along the ditch until they were able to get it back up onto the driveway. Even from the distance that I stood watching, I could hear the seams ripping as they crept along!

I told Josh and Sindee that the first rain we had would bring Wild Bill and his woman out of there like drowned rats! Sure enough. The first time it rained, I drove into Belpre, to a motel that I'd watched the other Bonnie flee to several times while she lived with Wild Bill, and there sat their vehicles!!

It was all amusing, and yet, I knew Wild Bill well enough to know he would be in a rage for a long time to come.

In August of 2002 Wild Bill was 48 years old, but could [and often did] pass for several years younger.

In August of 2002 Wild Bill drove a dark blue Chevy s-10 truck [ I dubbed the color Pepsi Blue, as numerous people can confirm - including several cops].

By August of 2003, the blue truck was gone and Wild Bill was driving a teal green, Ford truck [my husband bought a teal green Ford truck in 2003 "before" Wild Bill showed up with his.]

In August of 2002, Wild Bill had gray hair, a full beard and mustache.

When I met Wild Bill back in 1990, he was riding a maroon colored Goldwing motor cycle with a bumper sticker on it that said - Virginia Is For Lovers: He had followed Renay to Virginia when she went there to visit her brother [ who still lives there.] She told me that he came riding into the driveway as if he had known how to get there all along. But, even though he said the reason he followed her was because he couldn't bear to be away from her, he didn't stay long, and went "riding around the area" on his motor cycle 'alone,' and didn't return until the early morning hours. I knew exactly what she was talking about because I remember the motor cycle vacation he took to Kentucky with my husband and me. NEVER again!

In 2002 Wild Bill was riding a white, three wheeled [trike] Honda motor cycle. Back at that time, he usually wore a silver helmet [that I gave him back when we were friends] when he rode the cycle.

In 2003 Wild Bill and Cindy B. won a motor cycle poker run, and was mentioned briefly [until I ran across it!] on a web site. They are members of a motor cycle club and often take part in rides to raise money for various causes. I wonder if they rode in the one for Jennifer Short! Why wouldn't I be surprised if they did? Any FBI guys out there that could venture an answer on that one? Neah, probably not.

Some of the news article I ran across mentioned that the Short's were preparing to sell their home in Bassett, Virginia. Where were they planning on moving to? Were they moving to another state, or just to another location within Virginia?

Obscene phone calls: I realize that many people make obscene phone calls, but I know one man pretty well that makes them on a regular basis. He made them to me and he's made them to several women that I've spoken with. Wild Bill makes obscene phone calls - usually from pay phones because he doesn't think they can be traced. And, even though I promised "nothing psychic," I want to say that recent dreams have revealed that he has a car phone or a cell phone. If the dreams are correct, and if he's the one who made the obscene call to the Short household, then that should be easy enough to trace. Also, there are at least two women who could identify his voice - if anyone is ever interested.

The Short murders are not the first, nor the only murders within the state of Virginia that I have been interested in and felt a connection to. The 1998 murder of Carol Gordon in Front Royal, Virgina remains "one of my cases," even though no one wants to discuss it with me or anyone else. She too was shot, inside her own home. As far as I know the case remains unsolved. And, in case anyone's interested - Gordon was my daughter's maiden name - Christina Gordon. And, in case anyone's looking, Carol Gordon looked remarkably like my former sister-in-law Joyce Martin!

By the way, here's a personal message for miss Cindy B. - "It was on the motor cycle web site that I first learned when your birthday actually is! You lied to me when you said it was November 28th. Why? November 28th is when we buried my dead brother Mike Martin. November 28th is when Janet Miller was murdered [ her case remains unsolved also]. Did Bill tell you to tell me your birthday was November 28th, or did you come up with that date yourself?  


A 2005 Interview With Miss Cindy B!

From July 2005 until Christmas time 2005, Cindy B. and Wild Bill were separated: He supposedly lived a couple of counties north of Washington County, Ohio during this separation - in a cabin, along a river.

Cindy came to my home in November of 2005: Here's some of the things she told me during her visit [and yes, I can prove she was here, so just drop that issue.]

The crew who moved her trailer in 2001 were NOT from Ohio or this area. She did not know their names. Her father had hired them to come in here and move the trailer:

After Wild Bill left Cindy's place she found several things that he'd had hidden.


pictures of women and girls that she did not know.

a skirt, blouse and bra that would fit a young girl of 9, 10 or 11 years of age:

a woman's silver wrist watch:

women's wigs:

Wild Bill owns a small, silver camping trailer, which he takes with him when he's going out of town to work for several days at a time.

Wild Bill only has one grandchild - a little girl who lives in South Carolina. Cindy says he goes to visit the child a few times each year, and usually turns the trip into a mini-vacation. On the times that she has gone with him, she said they visited towns all up the coast, and even went into Washington D.C.

He works all up and down the east coast - Ohio River, Allegheny River, Mississippi River and has been sent into other areas by the company he works for, which is one of the largest aggregate companies in the nation. He is often gone for a week at a time.

2012 note: He is now employed by another company and is no longer traveling (in his line of work) west. His work related travels is (east) of Ohio.

Cindy says Wild Bill attends car shows by himself because 'he embarrasses her' by hauling a mannequin around with him, dressed in sexy lingerie and provocatively posed on the seat beside him!

Personally, I think the message is -- 'Here's the real dummy,' -- and I'm not talking about the mannequin either!

2007: Recently I have been told that Wild Bill traded off his 1965, red/orange, Chevy show truck and got himself a 'blue' Harley Davidson motor cycle.

He no longer has the blue Chevy truck either - or the teal green Ford that he got when he got rid of the Chevy. I'm told he's now driving a black Toyota truck.

This man switches vehicles [and women] faster than a dozen normal men would.

2012 note: He no longer has the blue Harley:

2013 Note: He’s now driving a maroon colored Ford truck.


Foot Note: At some point, while still trying to find information on the Short case, I came across an article that said the report of Jenifer in a blue truck with a bearded man had been 'checked out,' and found to be unrelated to the case. It seems what Mr. Childers actually saw was simply a man with his own daughter!

I guess that is a simple enough mistake, however, I'd like to know why the man pointed a gun at Mr. Childers! Is this common practice in Virginia? Does most people drive around with a pistol in one hand and the steering wheel in the other, while a child sits beside them? Odd behavior, if they asked me ....... but then, they didn't ask me, now did they?

Ok, have it their way, dismiss the bearded man in the blue truck. Dismiss everything that connects to Wild Bill and see if I care. It's been (ten) years now, and it seems to me that good old Wild Bill is about the only person above suspicion, and there's still no answers in the case .... or in at least a dozen other cases where the 'circumstantial evidence' points directly at dear old Wild Bill. Wonder why.

2016 UPDATE:


As far as I know Bill is still driving the maroon colored Chevy truck:

He is no longer employed by the company that had Martin in its name, but is doing river work locally and within a hundred mile or so radius of home.

Bill and Cindy B. separated several years ago. He is now married to a woman who is or was a bar tender:

In December of 2015, just four days before Christmas, Cindy B's oldest daughter died of a gun shot wound. She supposedly shot herself with her own gun .... a .22 caliber Phoenix pistol. I would love to know if the bullet matches the bullet that killed Jennifer Short ..... but, I suppose I am the only one on earth that is interested, or cares one way or the other.

Just a short time before Cindy's daughter died, a young woman that worked with Bill's wife at the bar also shot herself ..... supposedly. So there's two more girls dead and gone that dear old Wild Bill had access to.

Of little or no importance to anyone else is the fact that one of these dead girls' first name was Chrissy, and the other ones last name was Martin.

My daughter is Christina, and many people calle her Chris or Chrissy. My maiden name was Martin.

The coincidences around this man are just staggering, and they never end.

Bonnie M. Wells

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