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Bonnie M. Wells

This page consists of news articles as well as bits and pieces of news articles, concerning the four dead women who were found November 20th, 2006 in New Jersey: As I prepare to post this page, authorities have not confirmed that the women are definitely murder victims, but I am going to say that [in my opinion] they are all murder victims, and were all killed by the same man.

News items will be presented in [this color.] My comments will appear in [this color,] and will follow the statements made within the articles: Important things that I want to point out to the reader will be in [this color:]

Similarities In Bodies Of Four Women

Fuel Speculation Of Ritual Or Serial Killer In New Jersey:

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Autopsies on the bodies of four women found in a drainage ditch behind a string of seedy motels just outside Atlantic City determined that two were murdered - strangled by a rope or cord - but the other two bodies were too badly decomposed for authorities to say for sure what caused their deaths.

The mystery deepened when investigators revealed that shoes and socks were removed from all of the victims, each body was left in the same ditch within a few hundred feet of each other; and, each woman's head was facing east, toward Atlantic City's casinos.

Those revelations fueled speculation — and fear — on the streets that police were dealing with a ritual or serial killer, possibly targeting prostitutes in the area.

Atlantic County Prosecutor Jeffrey Blitz said there are indications the women may have been placed in the ditch at different times, based on varying degrees of decomposition of the bodies.

"The fact that they're all being dumped at this common dump site and they're all there without their shoes and socks on, then we've got to presume at this point, that we are dealing with one killer," former FBI profiler Jack DiMarco told FOX News. "But you also have to presume at this point, that they were either prostitutes, drug users or they were just people that were in the wrong spot at the wrong time."

The fact that one body was placed in the water - yet not deep enough to hide it - may suggest the killer was trying to destroy evidence on the body, DiMarco added.

"The perpetrator is probably thinking he's doing away with evidence," he said, adding that the shoes and socks may have been taken by the killer as "souvenirs."

The first two victims' autopsies indicated they had died a few days to as long as a week before they were discovered Monday. An autopsy on the third victim concluded that she may have been in the water for at least two weeks.

The only woman authorities have been able to identify thus far, 35-year-old Kim Raffo, died from strangulation.

Raffo was described as "the mom of the year" by her sister, before a streak of marital discord and drug abuse four years ago.

Bill Southrey, president of the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, said Raffo stayed at the mission for one day last year, and two days in January.

Southrey said the people he helps are upset, even if they did not know the one victim who has been identified.

"It's very shocking when there's a horrific crime committed in their backyard," he said.

Anyone with any information on the killings is encouraged to call a tip line at 1-800-658-8477 (TIPS).

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Their dead bodies ended up face-down in a muddy drainage ditch in the shadow of Atlantic City's glittering casinos, four barefoot young women discarded behind a strip of seedy motels in an area long known for drugs and prostitution. Three were blonde's; one had darker hair, and all were white:

The first two victims' autopsies had them dead from a few days to as long as a week. An autopsy on the third victim concluded that she may have been in the water for at least two weeks:

The bodies were within about 250 feet of each other behind three motels on a seedy strip of Route 40, known locally as the Black Horse Pike, / Golden Key Motel, behind which the drainage ditch runs and where the first body was found:

The bodies had no identification on them and were in varying states of decomposition:

One victim was in her 20s, while two others, including Raffo, were in their 30s:

It was not clear whether the women were killed nearby and dumped in the ditch. - No physical evidence had been uncovered to show anyone had been killed in the nearby motels:

The bodies were found about 100 yards from Route 40:

After Ms. Raffo and her husband separated about six years ago, she went to Atlantic City with a boyfriend and got involved with drugs and prostitution. Later, she worked for her ex-husband's construction business on Long Island:

The first and second bodies discovered were 148 feet apart; the third body was 90 feet from the second, and the fourth was 83 feet from the third:

Jiniece Hamlett, 25, a cocktail waitress said she was afraid the killings were related to a recent incident in which she was approached by a man driving a gray Plymouth van. Ms. Hamlett, who leaves for work around 3 a.m., said she noticed the man in the van driving up and down the Black Horse Pike for weeks. She said he often stopped to leer at women, including her:

Commentary By Bonnie M. Wells

Those individuals who have followed my writings and work for the past several years, will remember that when Allison Foy-Jackson disappeared from Wilmington, North Carolina on July 29th 2006, I said - "The next victims will be 'north' and 'west' of Wilmington; highway [17] was important. From a map search, it appears to me that if a person drove highway 17 and headed north out of Wilmington, they would eventually end up in the vicinity of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. I also said ..."Random victims will probably involve drug users, hookers or school children; hair color and length unimportant: Age range 12 to 45."

I stand by my predictions today, just as I did 3 months ago.

Since so many people travel to the casinos in Atlantic City now days, it is going to make it difficult for authorities there to determine if the killer is actually a local man, or if he is someone who has visited the area in the past few weeks.

Although I've said this many times, I'm going to repeat it again ---

In my opinion, the killer is a traveling man. He's a 'water' man - meaning he works around water, and is drawn to it after he commits a crime. These victims were 'random' strikes, not premeditated and chosen. He was [NOT] trying to hide these bodies. When he hides bodies, it takes a long, long time to find them. We have seen several 'hidings' and are still looking for most of them, so these women were not 'hidden,' but were intended to be found .....probably in mid November.

It is very possible that two of the four women were selected [picked up] at the same time for a group sexual encounter. I believe that one woman may have been bound and forced to watch as her companion was killed. Then it was her turn. I believe the other two were killed at different times ... possibly a week or more apart.

The fact that the women were [posed] is important. I told a Kentucky cop in mid-July [before Allison Jackson-Foy disappeared,] that "the killer would soon begin [posing] his victims." [That cop was Detective Tim Rascoe, in case anyone wants to know ..... and yes, I still have copies of everything I sent him.]

Barefoot is a signature and part of this killer's ritual. It is not new to him. I believe it began November 28th 1986, and hasn't changed since.

He is an 'eastern' states man, and therefore the reason for the turning of their heads. It has little or nothing to do with Atlantic City, except to say that's the direction the women came from, and will not be returning to.

I have to agree with the person who said -- "It's very shocking when there's a horrific crime committed in their backyard," -- but I also have to remind everyone that I have been tracking a serial killer for nearly 17 years now, and have seen many cases in everyone's 'backyard.' So far it's done absolutely no good because authorities do not seem to be able to comprehend that you cannot catch a serial killer simply by looking in your own back yard! By the time the bodies show up in your yard, he's moved on to someone else's yard.

I honestly believe at this time that these murders were random and the killer may not have even known the women's names. I believe he was simply acting out a fantasy .... one that he's had for some time now.

**** Before moving on to more news items, I'm going to issue another warning. He will soon be switching MO's, and he will be switching states and jurisdictions. I anticipate the next case [or cases] will be in December [with the *8 and *12 being preferred strike dates], and will be further west.... possibly Pennsylvania / Maryland / West Virginia / **Ohio:

PS: "Watch your shopping malls."

{2007 update: They said there was no evidence that the above women were murdered 'in' a motel room. Was I right, did he switch MO's, and kill the next hooker 'in a motel room'? Was I right about him 'switching jurisdictions', and skipping states? Did I hit the right 'number 12-8 [128],' but the wrong month? Did I pick the right state? Or, is this the most bizarre 'coincidence' yet? You decide:

Sandra Clark / Oct. 5-2007 / Ohio / hooker, room *128

Philadelphia to Egg Harbor Township

54 miles

1. Starting in PHILADELPHIA, PA on S BROAD ST - go 2.8 mi

2. Bear onto I-76 EAST toward WALT WHITMAN BRIDGE - go 5.8 mi

3. I-76 EAST becomes RT-42 SOUTH - go 7.7 mi

4. RT-42 SOUTH becomes ATLANTIC CITY EXPY - go 31.7 mi

5. Take exit #12 onto S WRANGLEBORO RD - go 0.8 mi

6. Turn to follow CR-575 SOUTH - go 2.0 mi

7. CR-575 SOUTH becomes BLACK HORSE PIKE[US-322] - go 1.4 mi

8. Turn on RIDGE AVE - go 1.8 mi

9. Arrive at the center of EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, NJ

More News Articles:

N.J. Police Suspect Serial Killer in Four Slayings


Nov. 28, 2006 — The third of four women found face down in a drainage ditch outside of Atlantic City, N.J., has been identified by New Jersey authorities as a prostitute, leading police to fear that a serial killer is on a murderous rampage targeting hookers at the low end of the city's thriving underground service industry.

Last week, the bodies of four women were found in a watery ditch along "Black Horse Pike," a seedy, destitute strip of cheap motels along Route 40 in Egg Harbor Township, N.J., located a few miles from Atlantic City.

The bodies were found within a few hundred feet of each other, all face down in several inches of water, heads turned east, wearing clothes but no shoes or socks.

At least one of the victims died of strangulation; another, officials said, died by asphyxia "by unspecified means."

Based on the decomposition of their bodies, authorities believe the women died on different days, from two days to up to a month before their bodies were discovered.

The three identified victims had worked as prostitutes. Atlantic County prosecutor Jeffrey S. Blitz said dental records had identified the third victim as Barbara V. Breidor, 42.

She had been in the drainage ditch approximately two weeks before she was found, Blitz said.

Hallmarks of a Ritual Slaying

The killings have many of the hallmarks of a ritualized, serial killing, experts say.

Most serial killers develop a signature style, which in this case could be the creation of a "burial ground," meticulous positioning of the bodies, and removal of only the victims' shoes and socks, according to Eric Hickey, director of forensic studies at Alliant International University in California.

This crime, Hickey says, also suggests paraphilia — a sexual fantasy or sexual deviance acted out with horrific consequences.

The killer probably receives sexual gratification from grotesque imagery and tortuous acts, and may be reliving and sexualizing traumatic events from his own life, Hickey says.

According to forensic psychologist Stephen Raffle, the seemingly ritualized nature of the murders may also indicate that the killer has a disdain for prostitution that stems from an exaggerated good mother-bad mother mental split.

[[ BMW Comment: [My suspect] has this same problem. One minute he's talking about how he hates his father because his father picked up whores and embarrassed his mother -- next minute he's saying that his mother laid around with an old Catholic priest for years, and that his dad always believed he belonged to the priest! Personally, I determined long ago that 99% of what he says about his family [sister and brothers included] never happened at all and has been his distorted imagination from way back.]]

He aggrandizes wholesome women while denigrating and abusing "depraved" women, blaming his own depravity and sexual problems on the women he victimizes.

My [suspect] does this too. He stalks women that he perceives as 'wholesome' and he puts them on a pedestal for awhile. That admiration doesn't last long though because he begins tearing the woman down, until in his mind she is the same as any prostitute walking the street. That's when the hooker phase sets in and he begins picking up hookers again. He likes to 'pay for sex' because he feels this entitles him to whatever action he wishes to take against the women [or girls.] Every problem he's ever had was the fault of some woman -- well, actually, it's all my fault -- but we won't go into that right now! Let's just say I was the only woman he ever met in his life that he just absolutely could not control, bribe or break -- and he still resents the hell out of that fact.

The most recent endeavor in which [my suspect] got into trouble {and should have gone to prison } was in 2000 when he was indicted for raping his girlfriend's 12 year old daughter. Eventually the charges were dropped against him {as usual} and within a few days he was at his former girlfriend's house 'explaining' that he had not 'raped' the girl -- although he had in fact had sex with her! He explained that 'it was not rape' because she 'owed him.' He had taken her places she wanted to go and he had bought her things she wanted, therefore he was entitled to have sex with the child!]]

I recall one of my guy's girlfriends. She had a pretty bad reputation - but she also had the right first name! - so he picked her up and moved her in with him -- promised to marry her and take her away from all the bad things in her life. I felt sorry for the woman because I knew what he was going to do to her. He brow beat her to the point that she didn't know if she was coming or going. He'd start a big fight and throw her and her three kids off his property, only to coax her back as soon as she got settled somewhere else. This happened so many times that I lost track ....... but I never stopped watching.

Finally the night came when he tried to kill the woman. He tried to smother her to death with a pillow -- and might have succeeded had her boys not been in the house. Never the less, she was unconscious by the time the paramedics and cops arrived. It was touch and go for some time before they could transport her to the hospital.

He calmly watched as the paramedics tried to save her life, and explained to the cop that 'if she had done the chore list he left for her to do, then he wouldn't have had to try to kill her -- but she hadn't done the chores, so it was all her own damned fault.'

I'm told that the police officer advised him to stop talking because if the woman died he 'might be charged with attempted murder!' He was arrested for domestic violence that night -- however, his lawyer was successful in talking the woman into dropping the charges -- and he got by again!]]

Likely to Strike Again

If the perpetrator follows the pattern of most serial killers, he will strike again, Hickey said, but probably in a different location after some time has passed.

While serial killers typically know they could be caught, they hope it happens long after the crime, he added.

These killers, Hickey said, often enjoy the media attention, giving prosecutors and police another reason to withhold information about the crimes.

Serial killers tend to target prostitutes because they are easy prey, Hickey said. Prostitutes, particularly at the low end of the industry, have obvious vulnerabilities: They are alone with strangers, live and work in dangerous neighborhoods, and can sometimes go missing for days without being missed.

For research psychologist Melissa Farley, the problem runs much deeper.

She says that prostitutes are "considered worthless human beings" and that our society denies the social realities of prostitution in order to allow it to continue.

Farley conducted a study that showed that 82 percent of a sampling of prostitutes had been physically assaulted. Murder accounts for approximately half the deaths of prostitute women, according to a 2004 study published in the Journal of Epidemiology.

The so-called "oldest profession in the world" is also one of the most dangerous.

The four victims in the Atlantic City slayings were discovered just miles beyond the bright lights of the casinos, hotels and tourist attractions in a dark underbelly of drugs, crime, poverty and prostitution.

"It's a little city with big-city problems," Maj. Kathleen Calvo of the local Salvation Army told ABC News.

On the edge of affluent Egg Harbor Township and bordering Atlantic City, Black Horse Pike shares these big-city problems.

A largely forsaken strip, it is home to derelicts, out-of-luck gamblers, drug dealers, prostitutes, the working poor, and in some cases, according to Bill Southery, president of the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, those with social and mental problems who were relocated there and have no other place to go.

Another Article:

A serial killer is likely responsible for the deaths of four women found lying in a ditch behind a West Atlantic City motel, criminologists suggested Wednesday.

However, Atlantic County Prosecutor Jeffrey S. Blitz was reluctant to say all four deaths were the work of one person until more conclusive evidence can be found. Blitz would say only that there are certainly similarities, such as the way the bodies were placed.

[[ BMW Comment: I am repeating AGAIN - he is a serial killer: These women are NOT his first victims and they certainly will not be his last. In fact, I believe he's already killed since these women were murdered:]]

“They are women in a similar age range. Their bodies were dumped in the same area. They were similarly dressed,” Blitz said.

Preliminary information released by Blitz indicates a serial killer is to blame, said Gregg McCrary, a former FBI Agent who is an adjunct professor of forensic pathology at Marymount University in Virginia.

“The chance of you having individuals dumping the bodies in the same area ... we can't ignore the obvious,” McCrary said Wednesday. “We can't stick our heads in the sand here. Certainly you have a similar type of victim and the chance of different killers is remote.” [[ BMW Comment: I agree wholeheartedly, and have been trying to show the similarities in cases spread across several states and several years. So far no one is interested. However, I refuse to let go of this because there's entirely too many similarities for it to all be coincidence. It just cannot be coincidence folks -- especially since my guy always seems to have been in the neighborhood a short time before the disappearance or murder occurs.]]

McCrary said because at least one of the victims — Kim Raffo — was allegedly a prostitute, that would make the case harder to solve because of the risky lifestyle.

“The lower-risk victim would be a housewife in a nice suburban neighborhood,” McCrary said. “Prostitutes in general are at the high end of the high-risk scale. You have problems with hair, semen and other forensic evidence. They have been in and out of a lot of cars and with a lot of different men.”

He said often the killer will not even have sex with the prostitute he is planning to kill.

[[BMW Comment: This is absolutely correct ..... He is not having sex with the ones he kills -- at least not at the time he kills them. He's possibly been out with them and had sex with them before -- perhaps enough to build their confidence in him, but when the killing mode hits, he does not have sex with them. There is one hooker who went out with [ my suspect] several times. He treated her nice; paid well, etc. then the night came when he informed her that he didn't have to have sex with her that night because he could 'get off' if she would allow him to insert a knife into her vagina and 'wiggle it around!' Thank God she refused, and actually lived to tell about it. However, that was back in 1990. He's had many years of practice since then, and he's evolved. He doesn't make the same mistakes today that he did back then. In fact, he's not making a lot of mistakes today. His worst mistake should have been fatal .... but, so far no one wants to listen to her..]]

Prostitutes are often the chosen victims for a couple of reasons, he said.

“They are easy to find. They are all about sex,” McCrary said.

In general, serial killers are often just one step above the victim socioeconomically, McCrary said.

[[ BMW Comment: Correct again - at least where this one is concerned. Actually, in my opinion he's lower than any hooker that ever walked the streets. He's a real piece of trash, and he just keeps getting by with whatever he wants to do to whomever he wants to do it to. ]]

“They are comfortable out there on the street getting these victims. I have seen some cases where the offender was a regular client of the street walkers,” McCrary said, adding that whoever killed the women had to know the area to pick a dump site such as the one in the dilapidated area in the township's West Atlantic City section.

[[ BMW Comment: Remember serial killer Gary Ridgeway? He was a regular client of hookers, and so is [my guy]. He's been picking up hookers since he was 20 years old. There's at least one lawyer and one cop that I know of that read a letter [my suspect] wrote to his second wife, during their divorce action. He told her that he was 'sick of the whores' and if she would come back to him, he would 'stop picking up whores.' Of course she knew he was lying. He will never stop, because he can't.

Personally I recall a comment he made one time concerning a nightclub fire in Parkersburg, West Virginia. He said he wished all those dives would burn down because all they had in them was drunks and whores. I remember that I replied .... "Well, if they bother you so much, why don't you stay out of them? Ticked him off ..... again. Personally, I think he's an arsonist, besides a serial killer!]]

Clint Van Zandt, a former FBI profiler who runs a forensic consulting agency in Virginia, said “I think you've got the potential likelihood of a serial killer working in the neighborhood and in the area and he's going out and identifying prostitutes and drug users … because they may be engaged in activity where they won't be missed.” [[ BMW Comment: Absolutely correct. My suspect kept a diary for several years {and may still keep one, for all I know}. In his diary he would make comments such as -- 'went out and met someone on the street and got bj; or met a 'real nice' woman and had sex;' These women were almost always hookers, and he paid them for their services. He also made notes in his diary {and on calenders} of what the women looked like -- how tall they were, what color hair they had, whether the hair was long -- and it was almost always long hair. He's got a real fetish for long hair. And here's a word to the wise -- He's also a 'picture taker.' ]]

The drainage ditch where the bodies were found sits obscured behind the cheap motels and marsh cattails behind the Black Horse Pike near the Atlantic City-Egg Harbor Township border. Only someone with knowledge of the area would know about the hidden track, residents had said Tuesday.

“This is someone who stayed in the local community, he either lives there or works there or has some type of business that takes him in and out of the community.”

An autopsy on the fourth woman could not determine the cause of death, Blitz said Wednesday night.

The woman — who was white, 5 feet tall and weighed 160 pounds — had several distinct markings that authorities are hoping can lead to her identity, since her body was decomposed the worst of all four victims. She was dumped anywhere from two weeks to a month ago, Blitz said.

The victim has a red and black tattoo of a bulldog at the small of her back and a tattoo of a Playboy bunny in a heart on her upper right shoulder. She also had a faded tattoo that reads “Yolly” on her stomach around her belly button, the prosecutor said.

The other victims were dumped between several days and three weeks ago. The cause of death for two of the women was determined to be homicide — strangulation of one victim, Raffo, and death by asphyxia of the other. The remaining two are undetermined until evidence leads to more clues.

[[ BMW Comment: Remember the girlfriend I mentioned that he tried to smother to death? Asphyxia means suffocation: This same woman came up to me in a grocery store one time and showed me the big black hand prints around her throat where he had tried to choke her to death: His second wife {whom I remain in contact with} also claims that he tried to choke her to death before they divorced.]]

Like the other three women in their 20s to 30s, the victim autopsied Wednesday was discovered on her stomach, fully clothed, with no socks and shoes — her face pointing to the east.

The bodies were in a row — stretched over 320 feet — of the obscured access road. The bodies — whether purposely positioned or not — all were discovered with their faces pointing in the same direction and none of them was concealed.

Van Zandt said the arrangement of the bodies could be a message from the killer.

[[BMW Comment: A message from the killer?? Wow, these guys are starting to sound like me! I remember another murder case in which I said the killer left a message -- That time he said .... "This one's for B.R.A." She too was a hooker. No one listened. No one cared back in 1996 - then came the 'duck cases' in July and September .... still, no one cared; no one believed ...... well, one did, and she still does.

Location of bodies = "1. Moat 'a deep, broad ditch dug around a fortress or castle, and often filled with water, for protection against invasion': 2. tell = 'to make known': [base word = Motel]

Positioning of bodies: 1. belly down, head turned: 2. clothed but no shoes or socks: 3. among the cattails and grasses: = Ducks: Ducks are 'fully clothed, but do not wear shoes or socks. They could be found in a 'moat' or other 'watery' area. They swim, walk, sit, etc, belly down.

Message left by the killer: 1. "This was easy. They were 'sitting ducks' just waiting to be plucked: 2. The dead ducks are 'all in a row' and all 'looking over their shoulders, as ducks are prone to do."

“We are investigating them as homicides,” Blitz said. “I need (all) their identities before we can come to any conclusions about their backgrounds. I am confident that we will identify the other three.”

He said the identities of the women may give authorities the location of where they were last seen.

The prosecutor said he and investigators will be in the office today and there will be someone at the phone in the Prosecutor's Office fielding calls from anyone who has the information about the homicides or any missing women in this age range in the past six to eight weeks.

He said he would not comment about suspects but said investigators are working in shifts in a couple of areas.

Meanwhile, Van Zandt said the killer appears to have a level of comfort because he placed the bodies on the same location days apart.

“They (serial killers) are apt to continue,” Van Zandt said. “With that number of victims out there, the potential is likely that he will strike again.”

Staff writer Timothy Puko contributed to this report.

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Closing Remarks

By Bonnie M. Wells

I intend to send this page to Madelain Vitale when it is finished. If anyone else wants to send it to someone, please feel free to do so.

Christmas is rapidly approaching. It's a 'crazy' time of year for my guy. I once told a local cop [many times] that he 'goes bonkers at Christmas time.' I have no reason to think he's changed [at least for the better] in recent years.

I'm hoping that I'm wrong about a second message that I see within the above case. Therefore, I'm not going to say what that message is -- just in case he hasn't thought of it yet.

In fact, I'm hoping that I'm completely wrong about [my guy] and it really is all coincidence. I can't really believe that it is though -- otherwise, how can one explain how he fits the profile so completely? And he does .... he fits every profile I've ever read by any FBI agent, or any profiler. He's already done so many things that should have gotten him off our streets, but the system has failed to protect us from this monster - as well as many others in our nation.

Granted, prostitution and drug use is wrong and illegal. That does not give anyone the right to kill these people. The fact that both business are thriving is simply more evidence that our 'system' is broken.

How so many 'red flags' can be ignored is beyond my understanding. But there is one thing that is not beyond my understanding, and it should be understood by all .... I am obligated in no way except by the moral code to do that which is right, when it comes to this killer [and several others.] And I have given my all in each and every case. I will continue to do that as long as my health and the Lord permits, mainly for selfish reasons, I'm afraid. When the day comes that I meet my maker, I don't want to have to answer one simple question -- "Why did you stand in silence after you saw all the warning signs, and say nothing as your people were murdered?

No, I want to be able to say ... "Lord, you can send me to hell for a multitude of reasons, but 'silence' is not one of them! I screamed louder and longer than anyone I ever heard of .... I wrote volumes, and studied the psychopath to the point that I almost felt like I must be crazy because I could see so many things that no one else seemed able to see. I spent hundreds of hours talking to friends on the telephone, hashing and rehashing old, cold cases that most people never heard of and could have cared less about ....... and I spent almost every night of my life for 17 solid years working on cases all across our nation until the wee hours of the morning -- but I never stood in silence and allowed a killer - any killer - to go undetected. And yes Sir, there were many times that I wondered if a 'citizens arrest' was possible. Thankfully, my friends were able to talk me out of it, saying if he didn't break my stupid neck, one of the cops would!!!

2008 Notes & Quotes

There has been nothing more said or done concerning the above murder victims. Meanwhile, I've ran across a few things on the internet that I thought were interesting.

The following comment concerned serial killer John Eric Armstrong - Michigan area, 2000:

"When you kill three people on three separate occasions, and leave them in the same location, then yes," you have a serial killer, Detroit Police Chief Benny Napoleon told the Detroit Free Press.

Note: Eric Armstrong grew up in New Bern, North Carolina,

Bonnie M. Wells


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Sandra Clark / Oct. 5-2007

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