What Would Jesus Drive?


Bonnie M. Wells

This story is part of the Pure Coincidence Book Series, "book #23:"

The first time I saw a bumper sticker that said...."What Would Jesus Drive?" .... I thought, "what a stupid question." Then, it seemed every time I turned around there was another bumper sticker or someone on national television asking the same question. Eventually it became quite irritating to me .... and to almost everyone I knew.

Still the question persisted, and increased until it was almost a battle cry for those individuals who were opposed to a war with Iraq. It seemed to be their contention that the only reason for the war was so we "gas guzzlers" in America could drive SUV vehicles.

The hatred for SUV's and those who drove them increased as the weeks went by, until I decided I'd just answer that original stupid question and get it over with!

It was not an easy answer. Once reflected upon, the question took on a life of its own! But I was determined ... as usual, to find the answer.

The Bible said that when Jesus returned to this earth, to establish his kingdom, and rule the nations with a "rod of iron," ... he would be riding a big white horse. Banners would proclaim.....Lord Of Lords and King Of Kings!

Okay, I didn't have too much trouble with that part .... He'd be driving a "Ford" .... invert the F and remove the center bar....converts easily to an "L" and then spells LORD!! And they were called "King" of the road, so that was it....

But ... the big question remained .... what kind of "Ford?" .... I figured it had to be a Pinto, Mustang or a Bronco!! But....how to determine which??

Apparently I was not alone in my quest for the answer, because I heard on tv that some guy said he didn't know for sure what Jesus would drive but that God had driven a Plymouth with a big V8 in it because the Bible said after eVe ATE the forbidden fruit, God "drove them out of the Garden of Eden in a "fury!" .... and we all know a Fury is a Plymouth!

The apostles, on the other hand must have been a more conservative bunch ... not to mention small built ... because they apparently cruised around in a Honda!! The Bible says ..."The apostles were of one accord," ... and there again, we all know an Accord is a Honda!

Still, my dilemma persisted ..... What Would Jesus Drive? The question nagged and nagged at me.

Pinto .... Mustang .... Bronco .....

I eliminated the pinto pretty quickly. Pinto was an Indian term for a paint pony. Well, mustang and bronco were Indian terms too.... but they applied to horses instead of ponies...

The Bible didn't say the Lord would be riding a "pony" when he returned, so that left ... mustang and bronco:

I just could not make up my mind. Then, as often happens with me, I found the answer right there in the Bible just like before .....

Apparently Jesus was having a discussion with his apostles concerning work on the Sabbath day, and he asked them which one of them would refuse to pull his neighbor's ass out of the ditch on the Sabbath ..... and I knew ...... suddenly it became crystal clear .....

No doubt about it ...

Jesus would drive a big, white Bronco, because everyone knows it takes a four wheel drive vehicle to pull your neighbor's ass out of the ditch!!!

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