Her Name Was Jill


Bonnie M. Wells


This story is part of the "Lookin' For A Killer" Series as well as the Pure Coincidence Book Series:

Jill Bohl

I can't recall the first time I heard about the death of Jill Bohl, but it must have been sometime in the 1980's.

There really wasn't much to hear. They said she had shot herself with her own gun. The body had been found near a restaurant a few miles from my home.

Suicide doesn't bother me as much as murder. I guess I figure if a person wants to end their life, then that's their business. However, I've never believed that decision should be granted to anyone else. No one has the right to take another's life, regardless of their wishes. Only in self defense could I justify killing another human being, and even then it would be something I'd find difficult to live with.

Wild Bill

I met Wild Bill character in September of 1990, and by the end of the year my family, friends and I were assisting him in relocating.

Wild Bill worked in the garage area while my daughter worked in the kitchen and I worked in the family room and adjoining bed room. We had stacks of empty boxes that had been marked....."storage," .... "personal" .... and "junk."

We'd built a fire in the fireplace and would occasionally gather beside the fire to sort out items that we weren't sure about. Old phone books, calenders, odds and ends .... if Wild Bill didn't want them, they were tossed into the fire.

When Wild Bill's wife left him in August and filed for divorce, she had taken most of her personal possessions. However, there were a few things that I ran across that I was certain belonged to her or her daughter so I laid them aside so Wild Bill could decide what to do with them.

I reached into the closet for the stack of pants that were neatly folded and lying on one of the shelves along the end of the closet. The stack was too thick and when I tried to take them all at once they responded by tumbling all over the place. "Now look what you've done," I mumbled to myself as I began picking the pants up one pair at a time.

It didn't take me long to realize there were several pictures mixed in with the pants on the closet floor. They had to have been tucked into the stack of pants because I'd already cleaned the closet floor and there wasn't anything lying on it when I reached for the pants.

It was dark inside the closet so I gathered the pictures and laid them back on the shelf until I had all the pants picked up and placed into a box. Then I went back after the pictures, which I arranged face up and laid on the dresser until Wild Bill came in. I noticed the pictures all appeared to be teenage girls posing with Wild Bill's motorcycle. I didn't know any of them, but was sure they were either his or his wife's family or friends.

By the time Wild Bill returned to the bedroom area I had everything packed and ready to go except the pictures that I'd recovered from the closet floor. They remained on the dresser.

"What do you want me to do with these? Do you have an album to put them in or are they yours or your wife's? I asked as I picked the stack of pictures up and casually glanced through them. For the first time I realized some of the photo's were a little on the provocative side .... not obscene, but not exactly the kind of pictures I'd want my husband snapping of teenage girls. Maybe they are friends of his step-daughter, I thought ....

"Oh, you can throw those away, they are all girls I dated in high school and right after I graduated. I don't even remember their names," Wild Bill said.

"Some very pretty girls here," I said as I continued to look through the pictures.

They all wore cut off jean shorts and I could tell it was summertime when most of the pictures had been taken.

The man had just told me that he didn't remember their names, so why I selected one picture from the stack, held it up and asked ....."Who is this?" I haven't a clue, except that there must have been something bothering me about his comment even then. It would be quite some time before I realized what it was that bothered me.

"Her name was Jill," he replied as he took the pictures from my hands and walked into the living room and tossed them into the fire.

By 1992 we'd had several murders in this area, and I was getting a little concerned for the teenage girls. Still, there was Marie Blough ..... she'd been murdered and she wasn't a teenage girl. She had been married and had children. But the average murdered girl was a teenager or in her early twenties.

Wild Bill and I were still friends in 1992, but I was beginning to see things that concerned me. His ex-wife and I had become pretty good friends.....in fact both of his ex-wives talked to me quite a bit. There was several things they couldn't figure out about old Wild Bill too. Like where he went in the middle of the night! That had always bugged me. I wasn't surprised to discover it had bothered them even more!

Both told me about going to bed with the man, only to wake up hours later and discover he was nowhere to be found! He always said he'd been unable to sleep and had gone for a drive. Strange.

Mother's Friend

My mother wanted to go see an old friend of hers so I agreed to take her. The woman's daughter was the mother of a girl that was my closest friend when we lived in Belpre and I was a small child. We were about the same age, but hadn't seen much of each other in adulthood.

We hadn't been at Peggy's house very long before the subject turned to something we heard on her police scanner radio. Mom and I made a couple of comments and then Peggy spoke up and said something about how things happen in this area and then you never hear anymore about them. I agreed. That had been going on all my life.

"Just like that girl *Keena found dead out there by that restaurant," *Anna was saying .....

"What girl?"

"Her name was Jill," Anna replied.

The words hit me like a ton of bricks.

I knew who she was talking about. Someone else had told me the dead girl's name was Jill Bohl, but I'd had no idea that my friend Keena had been the one who found the girl. I was going to have to look into this situation.

By 1994 Wild Bill and I were no longer friends. Some of the things that I discovered he'd been doing were not things that I could tolerate, so we went our separate ways. I can't say the parting was pleasant because it wasn't. I mourned his loss almost as if he had suddenly died. And in a way it was a death ..... it was the death of everything I'd ever believed about him. He was absolutely nothing like the man he originally portrayed himself to be. I'd never been so wrong about another person in my life, and it shook my self confidence. On top of this blow to my ego, I had to deal with the horrible crime he had committed and try to explain to my family and friends how I could have been such a good friend to the man and not have guessed that he was a sex offender and a pervert! Talk about embarrassing.

After I began talking to Wild Bill's second ex-wife, it didn't take me too long to realize what had bothered me about the pictures at his house that night.

The girls were pictured with his motor cycle. He had graduated in 1973, and the motor cycle was a 1980 model!!

I went to the little restaurant where Jill Bohl had been found. It was years after the fact, but I just had to talk to someone about the case. Things didn't sound just right to me. I'd been gathering bits and pieces of information for years now, and something wasn't right. I could feel it.

It turned out that my old friend Keena had not been the person who found Jill. Keena was a regular at the restaurant and did some of the mowing for the owner in the summertime, but it had actually been the woman who owned the restaurant that had found Jill's dead body.

She couldn't remember for sure if it was March, April, or even early May, but did remember it was right after a spring snow.

Jill had been in the U.S.Army and had come home to discover there wasn't very many good jobs available, so she decided to re-enlist. And she had. According to several reports, Jill had left for Kansas so she could re-enlist. She had been an MP in the service and that was why she owned a .357 magnum. She was supposedly shot with her own gun ...... although, after learning more about the case, I even wonder about that.

I was told ..... Jill was shot through the main artery in the left leg and bled to death. There was no blood at the scene. Her vehicle was found a little over two miles away from her body and there was no blood in it either. Measuring from where she was found to the area where I was told her car was located, I clocked 2.2 miles. It was the beginning of my 2.2 mile investigation ..... an investigation that would eventually involve several murdered women.

The restaurant owner flagged down a state trooper who was patrolling in the area. He notified other authorities. The coroner (reportedly) eventually showed up but refused to get out of his car to view the body. I was told that he simply drove to an area where he could look from his car and see the body, said "suicide," and drove away!

According to witnesses, there was a set of tracks plainly visible in the snow that ran right up to where Jill was laying. Her body appeared to have been dumped from the trunk of a car or the back of a truck, and her gun was tossed a few feet beyond her body.

I have been told by people who went to school with Jill that she was a quiet and reserved girl, somewhat shy.

Those who knew her in school all seemed to like her. She reportedly played ball in school and enjoyed outdoor activities.

One person told me they had heard a rumor about a married man who Jill might have been involved with. I was never able to dispel nor confirm this rumor.

All I know for certain is ..... Wild Bill lived precisely three miles from the restaurant where Jill Bohl was dumped.

Ted Bundy

Years after Ted Bundy's killing spree ended FBI Profilers were still gathering information about him. They said one of the things that eventually attracted attention to Bundy was the fact that he was "always in the neighborhood," when a murder occurred.

Wild Bill is not only in the "neighborhood," with many of our unsolved cases, but is actually in the backyard in most of them ..... and yet, he is never involved. He is, without a doubt either the most fortunate man who ever lived or the most unfortunate! I'm having a difficult time determining which I believe!

Unfortunate because he's "always there," .... but extremely fortunate because "he's never involved."

It's always someone else that gets tried for the crime ..... and invariably convicted, regardless of the evidence in their favor. Or the death is deemed a suicide or accident.

This web site is filled with such cases, not so much because I think Wild Bill is responsible, but because I have never heard of this number of coincidences in my entire life ...... especially all centered around one man!

He always said he wanted to get his name in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Perhaps some day I can do him one last favor and put it there ..... "The innocent man who showed up around more murder victims than the average serial killer was convicted of killing!"

Perhaps they will add my name to their book also ...."The woman who documented more coincidences than any other human being!"

It would only be appropriate that we'd be there ......side by side .... Billy Bonnie. Some spell it differently, but it's a name that will live for all time regardless of how it's spelled.

I am not convinced that Jill Bohl took her own life. Nor am I convinced that a few other dead people died by accident, but I am only one woman. I can only do so much. If the friends and family members of the dead people cannot take a stand on the behalf of their loved ones, all I can do is what I am doing, and have been doing for several years now. Write what I can, talk to those who will talk to me, and eventually close the book and walk away.


I finally got to meet a family memebr of Jill Bohl's. Jill died in early May of 1987, and her family does not believe she took her own life any more than I have ever believed it.

Her relative confirmed the same things that I'd thought all along .... the 'evidence' indicated that someone had killed Jill somewhere other than where she was found. She had bled to death, but there was no blood where the body was found. Her car was located a couple of miles away from her body and there was no blood in it either. There was a set of tire tracks plainly visible, leading right up to Jill's body.

Jill Bohl was murdered folks, and her murder was ignored. And if you think it can't happen to one of your loved ones - think again.


I have spoken to another family member of Jill Bohl, and gathered even more disturbing information:

Although very late in the year, there was snow on the ground and roads when Jill left this area to head back to base on May 5th, 1987. She never made it.

Jill was found lying on a black trash bag and another black trash bag was found three feet or so from her body. (Jenifer McCrady had a trsh bag over her head)

Jill Bohl had a relative who worked with Jenifer McCrady:

Jill's car was found 2.2 miles from her body; there was no blood in the car, and in fact it appeared the vehicle had been wiped clean of any finger prints, although outside the tires and underneath were caked with mud. (Remember Dawn Holiday)

The bullet that was removed from Jill's left leg was a .38 caliber. She was shot with her own .357 magnum, and the .38 casing had been removed: (Remember Jenifer McCrady; shot with .38 caliber bullet, supposedly fired from her husband's .357 magnum. The casing was never found. No blood was ever found anywhere.)

Jill was left handed: She was shot through the main artery in her left leg and bled to death. No blood was ever found anywhere:


I noticed many common denominators between the Jill Bohl and Jenifer McCrady case long ago, and have made note of it on some of my McCrady pages.

In my opinion, there's far too much to all be considered coincidence ..... however, with the Bohl case being closed and considered a suicide and the McCrady case being 'solved' by convicting Jenifer's husband, no one has taken the time to compare the cases. Why would they. They accepted the conclusions in both cases. I didn't accept them in either case and therefore went that extra mile to compare the cases.

And, had I stopped there, I might have concluded one of two things. Either Jill and Jenifer were both murdered by Jackie D. McCrady - in which case he's sitting behind bars and can't hurt anyone else. However, therein lies the dilemma. Either Jackie McCrady is a serial killer ---- or ---- a serial killer continues to walk among us, and an innocent man is still sitting in prison for murdering his wife.

I made my choice a long time ago. It was not based upon any personal opinion because I never knew any of the victims or Jackie McCrady or any of the other men convicted of crimes that I just don't think the evidence supports. My decisions have been based upon facts as I have continued to dig them out, case by case, year by year.

I conclude a serial killer continues to walk among us. Although Jenifer McCrady was special to her family, as was Jill Bohl and each and every one of the victims, they were not special to the killer. They were simply pieces of a warped jigsaw puzzle in the deranged mind of a psychopath.

The name 'Martin' is connected to Jill Bohl ..... as it has been to almost every local {and several non-local] victims since November 28th, 1986. That's when it began. It has slowed and then picked back up over the years but it has never stopped ..... not even during the years that Jackie McCrady has been sitting in prison.

No, Jackie didn't murder his wife, but the case afforded so many people an avenue to vent their frustrations and anger, and to provide so much sympathy for family and friends, that no one went that extra mile. Had they walked along with me, I would have shown them their killer, for he has never left my mind since I met him in 1990, and eventually realized he'd been stalking me, my sister and my daughter since 1986.

He's still out here ---- but so am I, --- at least for now.


The Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) is a unit of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation responsible for the analysis of serial violent and sexual crimes, organizationally situated within the Critical Incident Response Group's (CIRG) National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC).

The pattern that links serial homicides is what is commonly referred to as "signature". VICAP operates under the knowledge that serial homicides are almost always sexually and control driven with a consistent evolving signature present in each murder.

In the summer of 2008, the ViCAP program made their database available to all law enforcement agencies through a secure internet link.

Bonnie M. Wells

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